Revenge of the Muscle Slave


By Joe Iachetta

The week had gone terribly wrong for young 16 year-old Joseph 'J.R.' Ambercrombie. A star wrestler ever since Junior High, he was taken out in the first round of the State Tournament by an opponent he'd defeated several times before. As the dejected 5'3", 140-pound boy returned home, his father, a huge strapping stud who was a 5-time All-American wrestler himself, stood there with a very serious look on his bearded face.

"I am VERY disappointed in you, J.R." growled the 6'6" 275-pound dad. "You should have whooped that punk, but instead he made you look like a total wimp! Then to make matters worse, I find these in your training room!" He produced a small pile of magazines. "PORN! Not just any porn, but All-Male porn no less!! I find out that my son is a faggot!" "But Dad I..." "No buts, boy. This does it, you're no longer my son! Get out!" "NO-O-O-O-O-O! You don't mean that Dad!" cried Joseph. "I do mean it, boy. I didn't raise no faggot, or so I thought. Just when were you planning on telling me?" spoke his father sternly.

"I didn't know HOW to tell you, but now that you've found out, I'll tell all. I've been gay since the age of 13." Joseph confessed. "THREE FUCKING YEARS!! Did your mother know before she died?" growled the big, muscular dad. "No, she didn't. I kept it hidden because I knew how you'd react," the dejected boy said as he turned and walked slowly away with his head hung down and tears rolling down his clean- face. Now he'd have to face an unforgiving world, especially hard for a gay teen.

Joseph made his way to the city and sat on a park bench, his head never raising an inch, even as a handsome stranger spoke him to. "Hey there young man, looks like you could use a friend," the 6'4" 280 pound man said, touching Joseph gently on the top of his brown hair. "What do you know about my situation?" Joseph asked, still not looking up. "More than you might think. Lemme guess, you ran away from home because your folks don't understand you," the stranger said, his big hand still on Joseph's head.

"Almost to the letter, except I didn't run away, my father threw me out after discovering my secret." Joseph replied, half-sobbing. The stranger wrapped his powerful arms around the boy and pulled him up to his broad chest. Joseph felt safe, wrapped his arms around the man's waist and nuzzled into the man's furry muscular chest. The two walked arm-in-arm to the man's large house.

Joseph was impressed with the stud's severely powerful physique, and silently wished he could be that big. "So you wanna be like me, eh little man?" the man said, as if reading Joseph's thoughts. "Yes! Yes I do! I'll do whatever I have to do!" Joseph replied instantly. "Anything?" "Anything." "Strip naked and kneel, boy," the big man ordered. Joseph obeyed silently, kneeling naked before him. The big man produced a pair of hair clippers and shaved Joseph's head down to 1/8 inch. "Go into the bathroom, shower and return here. Understand?" "Yes Sir," Joseph replied quickly, heading for the bathroom.

Joseph showered thoroughly, making sure he was clean everywhere before returning to the den and getting back on his knees. "Back as ordered SIR," he spoke. "Good boy. For the next indeterminate length of time, you are MY property, MY slave, and MY boy. I own you from the top of your head to the soles of your paws. I'm gonna whip you into shape, literally, figuratively and otherwise. Do you object to this, boy?" growled the Master. "SIR, no SIR! I am Master's property, slave and boy until Master says otherwise," Joseph replied militarily.

Master Kevin took a chain collar, put it around His new slave's neck and padlocked it in place. "Undress me slave, then we're going into the Weight Dungeon." he ordered. "Yes Master," Joseph replied obeying, stripping his Master of every stitch of clothing, revealing an extremely powerfully built physique. 280 pounds, 57" chest, 24" cannon arms, legs that looked like Roman pillars, and the biggest cock he'd ever seen--bigger than in the porn mags. The enormous sword that swayed between Master Kevin's tree trunks had to be an easy 12" long and 6" around. Joseph remained kneeling and gawking at his Master's equipment. Kevin beamed; he'd hooked the boy into his service.

Kevin ordered His slave to stand and follow him to the Weight Dungeon. The Weight Dungeon was just as its name implied, a Weight Room that doubled as an S&M Dungeon. Joseph gulped at the sight of all of those instruments of torture, knowing that he could do nothing about it. "How much weight can you handle comfortably, slave?" Kevin asked. "SIR, the best I've ever done is 5 reps with 250 on the Bench, and 10 with 300 on squats, SIR." Joseph replied. "Well by the time I'm through with you, you'll be able to bench press a large automobile! No one will be able to give you a hard time. Does that thought intrigue you, boy?" Master Kevin asked. Seeing the look on Joseph's face was all the 'yes' he needed.

They began working out on the bench. Joseph warmed up with 20 reps of 100 pounds, then did 20 with 120, and 20 more with 150. His arms burned like hell as his Owner pushed him to work harder; he didn't even feel it when Kevin stuck a needle in his arm and injected him with a mixture of Adrenaline and Steroids. "Come on boy, you can do more than that. I wanna see you do 20 reps with 200 pounds right now!" "Yes Master. I'll try my best SIR," Joseph replied, not knowing that he'd been injected. Kevin loaded 200 pounds on the bar, and Joseph took the bar and snapped out 20 perfect reps with almost no effort.

"WOW! Did slave just do that as easily as it looked SIR?" he inquired of his Master. "Yes slave you did. Think you can handle more weight?" Master asked. "Yes Master," slave Joseph responded confidently. "Next set will be 250 pounds and I want you to do 25 reps." Master ordered. "Understood SIR," Joseph replied. Kevin added the weight to the bar, and Joseph wrapped his hands around the iron and pushed out 25 flawless reps with the new weight. The more weight his Master put on the bar, the easier it became for Joseph, and the more his arms and chest showed the results.

"Holy fuck SIR! slave can't believe his eyes!" Joseph said looking at his arms and chest which had grown 5 inches after the injection. The 140-pound boy also gained about 10 pounds to 150, but still had a long way to go to get to his Master's size. "Now for the other part of today's workout," Master Kevin said, grinning at His property. He snapped his thick fingers and pointed in front of himself. Joseph quickly got up from the bench and knelt before his Owner.

"Suck boy. As much of it as you can handle at first; you'll be able to take it all eventually," his Master ordered. Joseph's inexperienced mouth opened and slowly took about 1/2 of the huge meat-stick. Kevin moaned with delight as he worked His slave's mouth. "Damn! What a hot mouth you got boy! I'm gonna enjoy having you for a long time!" he growled rubbing his slave's head as he skull-fucked his boy-mouth, causing Joseph to gag slightly as the fat cock invaded his virgin throat.

"Open that air-hole boy. I own that too!" Kevin growled as he forced his slave to take more of his thick tool than he could. Joseph somehow relaxed his air-hole and let his Master rape his throat. Kevin pulled his cockshaft out, freshly coated with slave spit, and ordered his slave to get into the giant sling. Joseph obeyed and was secured helplessly into the cuffs. "Now I get to have fun with my property without doing any permanent damage to him," he said with a sinister look on his handsome bearded face.

Kevin walked over to his table, grabbed a few things and returned to his slave. Kevin admired his new pecs, especially now that the nipples were about 1/2" long. "These are Alligator Clamps, they go on those tender boy-nips and they'll stay there unless I take 'em off you." Kevin told his boy. Joseph tensed up as the clamps were introduced to his nipples. "OWWWWW! UNHHHHH!" he complained. WHAP! came an open-handed slap to Joseph's exposed torso, "Hush, boy, before I give you a real reason to scream. In fact...." Kevin took a ball-gag, stuffed it into Joseph's mouth and fastened it in place so now he couldn't scream even if he wanted to.

Kevin produced what looked like a small leather cage next. He fastened it over and around Joseph's cock and balls. It was marked 'Property of Kevin; if found, return to 725 Brutal Lane, Beastville, California 96969 or call me at (HE'S) MYSLAVE [(437) 697-5283]' Kevin knelt at his slave's virgin butthole and introduced his wet tongue to the rosebud. Joseph's body jerked, earning another open-handed SLAP! from Master Kevin's huge hand. Kevin expertly tongued Joseph's virgin hole, lubing it thoroughly for what was next. The huge man picked up a small 6" dildo, and slowly put it into the extremely tight opening. Joseph did his best to relax, but found it nearly impossible, as his red belly would indicate from all the SLAPs he was getting.

Kevin stood, looked down at his slave boy and tugged on the chain the connected the nipple clamps causing Joseph's eyes to close tightly from the pain. The boy wanted to scream but couldn't due to the gag. Kevin grinned evilly at the sight of His property, helpless, gagged, and totally at his mercy. The big Master roughly shoved his huge cock into the virgin tunnel, taking the boy's cherry in one hard thrust. Joseph's eyes opened huge as he felt his hole being ripped open by his Master's huge dong. Kevin cared little how much it hurt; after all, Joseph was all His, so he could do as he pleased with the boy. Kevin pounded Joseph's hole viciously for hours, blowing three loads up into his hole, marking His territory. "This is going to be our regular routine. You work the weights, and I work you over," Master Kevin stated emphatically. Joseph nodded, as the gag remained in place.

Kevin withdrew his soft 8" from the freshly fucked boy-hole, removed the ball-gag and freed his slave from the sling. Joseph tumbled weakly out of the sling and slowly got to his knees in front of his Master. "We're done for today, boy. Let's go back upstairs and get ready for bed." "Yes Master," Joseph spoke, too weak to resist. Inside Joseph burned to get Kevin back for this treatment. •

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