Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Jack groaned and Fred dived back down on the huge cock as Jack came. A thick stream of cum spurted onto the back of Fred's throat and down into his stomach. Fred discovered he could keep his throat open.. all of Jack's cum shot down into his stomach. Finally, after about 15 seconds, the flow stopped. Fred sat back and looked up at Jack. He felt the cum slosh in his stomach. He felt wonderful. Jack gasped and stretched his huge muscles, then looked down at Fred and smiled that familiar feral grin, his eyes flashing with affection. He bent down and Fred kissed him, snaking his long tongue into Jack's mouth. Jack's tongue was amazingly thick and big too.

"Wow! said Jack when they broke apart. "WOW! That was incredible!!! I felt it all over my body!!!"

"Me, too," said Fred. "Like your whole body is the orgasm...!"

Jack stood and looked into the mirror. His cock, now becoming flaccid, was retracting back up over his balls. It settled back in about 6 1/2 inches long, but still amazingly thick. Jack felt it, wonderingly.

Fred started to laugh. "What?" asked Jack.

"A grow-er ? I never heard that before!!" Fred chuckled.

"You never heard that? Well, my hung friend, I must say you are certainly a show-er!!"

"MMMM!! Jack I wish you were a show-er and then a grow-er!!! " Fred laughed.

"You really like it big don't you Fred?"

"Definitely!!! I just never realized how big I liked it- how much I liked you- BIG!!!" Fred stood up and stared at himself next to Jack.

"What are we gonna do? How are we gonna go back to the hotel?"

"I don't know. We'll think of something later." Jack bent down and picked up a sheet of paper. "Here Fred, this is a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper. We can use it to measure you!"

Fred grabbed the paper and hefted his cock. He laid the paper longways out along the top of his cock. His cock stuck out from under the paper about 3 1/4 inches or more.

"Great. I'm well over 14 inches long... soft!" Fred was worried, but felt a thrill all the same. Fred tried to support his cock, compress it and see how short he could make it. It shrank up a lot, but not as much as he'd hoped. No way he could get it to 8" ever again. Before, he'd been able to get his 10 3/4 inch cock up to 8 inches in the jockstrap. Now, he could barely get his probably 14 1/2 inch cock to compress more than about four inches, maybe he could get it to stay at 10 inches if he had a jockstrap that would fit. Jack took the paper from Fred and folded it into one fourths lengthwise.

"This is 2.75 inches wide, Fred." Jack measured the width of Fred's cock. It was over the width of the paper by about 1/2 of an inch at least. "Looks like about 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches thick Fred!" Jack whistled. "You're huge Dude!" Fred hefted his cock.

"It must weigh a pound or more, Jack!"

"That fucking monster is well over a pound Fred, more like three pounds I bet!"

"Fuck man it is HEAVY!" Fred dropped his cock, and it slapped up against his thigh with an audible clap and bounced 3 -4 times before settling to a thickly arched monster hanging over his enormous balls. They looked bigger, swollen up.

"What's wrong, Fred?" Jack asked. "Disappointed?"

"Hell no, I'm just getting uncomfortable!!"

"What's wrong, Fred?"

"I'm horny as hell!! My balls are starting to hurt. I haven't cum since this morning!!!"

"Oh, is that all? I thought we had a problem." Jack reached down and stroked Fred's cock. It lengthened 5-6 inches instantly. Fred felt himself turned on... on fire. His cock grew fast, adding inches quickly, unlike Jack's slow growth to his massive erection. His balls ached a bit, but started feeling better. He reached down and started to stroke himself off with Jack.

He was at that half-erect state he'd found so wild, only this time magnified by his growth from the morning nap by 50% or more. Jack stroked Fred's nipple and the sensation aroused him further. Fred's mammoth cock grew yet another 3-4 inches longer under Fred and Jack's hands, almost twisting out of their grips. As Fred finally approached a new limit to his cock length his cock began expanding under his hand. It grew 2 inches thicker, even surpassing Jack's thickness.

"WOW!!" whispered Jack. "Look at that fucking Pants Python!!! And your cock head is so huge and flared and humongous!!!"

Fred leaned over and started to suck on Jack's nipple. Jack started to moan.

"Come on Stallion, come on you horse hung stallion!!", Jack whispered.

"Oh man! I'm gonna cum already!!!" Fred looked down. His cock was bigger than ever. It must be twice as long now and inches thicker than Jack's. Fred felt his balls start to pump, the sensation was incredible as the cum pumped up his long long shaft. He shot an incredible stream on Jack's muscle. Jack caught some of it in his mouth, some of it shot on his face, over his head, on his wide muscle chest. Fred came and came and came. His balls churned out an incredible amount of cum. Jack was stunned. Long thick streams of cum kept flying out of Fred's cock, hitting Jack, running down his muscle chest and abs and down his legs, dripping off of his thick flaccid cock.

Finally Fred stopped cumming. Jack stood there, covered with cum, and then he began to cum himself, his cock not even hard, just shooting and dribbling cum as Jack couldn't help but respond to Fred's remarkable sexuality.

As Fred started to get soft again, his cock receeded to 14.5+ inches in length and reduced thickness to 3 1/2 inches again. The weight of it was incredible on his hips, constantly fighting gravity, constantly reminding him of the size of his cock.

"Hey Fred! Your balls are smaller!! I mean, they're still huge, but they're smaller than they were!" Fred reached down and hefted his balls. They were smaller than just minutes ago, smaller than the apple-sized balls he'd had, not even the size of Jack's tennis ball sized testicles. Fred thought about it for a minute and then he laughed. "I just shot tons of cum Dude, the reservoir is empty for a while." He let go of his balls and they slid down low, hanging in the bottom of Fred's still enormous ball sack, about 6 inches below the base of Fred's cock.

"Yeah, until it fills up again. I wonder how long that'll take?" Jack leered at Fred, then posed a massive double biceps and side profile showoff to tantalize Fred. Fred grabbed Jack's ass and squeezed it. Jack reached down and grabbed for Fred's cock, but Fred jumped back and laughed.

"Not long I suspect."

"It that's true then it's the only thing about you that's not long!"

"With a muscle God like you around how could I be anything but long?"

"With a Hung Hunk like you around how could I help but pump up?"

Jack and Fred ran down to the ocean. They dove in and cleaned themselves off. They also took the remains of their clothes and rinsed them off in the surf, and then hung them up to dry in the warm breeze.

They splashed around in the surf, playing pull cock and grab-ass. Finally they climbed out, one sexy superhung stud and one musclegod. Jack laid down on the warm sand. Fred laid down in his arms, his cock draped over Jack's thigh, laying against Jack's cock. •

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