Deal, The


By MagusX

Part 3 has only been seen (I think) in the Alt.Gay.Sex.Stories.Moderated newsgroup...years ago. I was still in university then, and received some of the best feedback from the story as a whole. I was kind of going someplace with this bit, but it turns out I like the 1st and 2nd parts better. Part 3 was tough to write, and even tougher to appreciate, but at least it closes the story.

He woke up in his room, naked. The phone was ringing.

Mike remembered everything, and although the entire situation should have filled him with fear, he felt instead exhileration. His memory wasn't perfect: he could only vaguely recall missing his stop on that first day, and meeting Alex, and could not remember much beyond that except that Alex had made him a promise. But he could remember seeing Alex after he exploded at the jock in the movie theatre, he remembered being enthralled by Alex's size, and needing to worship him. He remembered the sex (and as he remembered, his dick rose to attention, already nearing super-human in dimensions), the passion, the feeling of utter release and abandon.

The phone kept ringing, and suddenly Mike knew he had to answer it. Alex would want him to.

"Hello?" He asked as he picked up the receiver. He lifted the phone and took it with him into the bathroom.

"Mike? It's Gabe. What the fuck happened?"

Mike grinned at his reflection. With his free hand, he played with one of his nipples. He felt that strange tingling in his head again. He stretched, watching as his muscles flexed and writhed beneath his skin. Gone was the athlete's body, replaced with a body builder's. More than a body builder's. He knew that he would tip the scales at 240 pounds now.

"I'm sorry," Mike said, trying to sound innocent, but he couldn't help but add a touch of mockery to his voice. "I have some serious stuff that I have to deal with."

"Like what? You seemed like a great guy when we met. It's like you're two different people." Mike loved the anger in Gabe's voice. Hearing it, knowing that he was the cause, made the tingle vibrate, take on a frequency that sent pleasure through his body. He flexed his bicep, watching in amazement and pride as it peaked. How many inches around? 22? More?

"I know...I -" Mike paused for dramatic effect. Alex had predicted this, all of it. "It's difficult to explain it over the phone. Can we . . .could we meet somewhere?"

As Gabe hesitated before answering, Mike felt a small part of him feel like he really -did- want to explain, and appologize, and maybe try to set things right. He quashed the idea, and the part of him fled, going much more easily than before. The new Mike, the dangerous Mike, was dominant now. He had power, strength, both inside and out. He knew that he wasn't quite what Alex wanted (and what Alex wanted, the new Mike wanted), but that only through destroying those weak parts of him could he complete the change.

"Okay, Mike. Where?" Gabe sounded reluctant, but he agreed, just as Alex had promised he would.

"It's an old warehouse, by the dock yards," Mike said, and then repeated the directions Alex had given him.

"Okay, got it. We'll meet now?"

"Yes. I'll see you there." Mike hung up the phone. His grin remained. He only had vague ideas of what Alex intended, but he knew it wouldn't be good for Gabe. A small voice cried out against it, but more of him thought it would be fun. His dick rose to attention, and he began to stroke it, faster and faster until load after load erupted from him, matching the tingling blast for blast.


He dressed sparsely. No longer did he feel the need to hide his assets. Tight jeans were all he needed, tight enough so the outline of his enormous cock could be seen. He didn't need a shirt.

He left his building, and was about to go to the warehouse, when he saw movement from the corner of his eye.

It was the kid. Suddenly he felt an inner calm. The child's cherubic face and innocent eyes seemed to dispell the irritation and anger that roiled within him. He felt a need to follow the boy as he darted around the corner.

Mike noticed how powerful his run had become as he effortlessly caught up to the child. He flexed his muscles, and the tingling in his body increased. The boy seemed to ... waver ... for a moment, but then came back into focus.

"Michael." The boy said. His voice had a strange ethereal quality to it. It sounded musical.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I am a Child," the child said, and strangely, that answer seemed to settle things for Mike.

"Why are you here?"

"I am here because you have strayed." The Child stepped closer, a tiny hand reaching out and touching Mike's face. He gasped and jerked back. The touch had been painful at first, but then he'd felt something begin to flow into him, another sort of power, completely different from the power Alex gave. It felt cool, soothing. "You are in danger, Michael. Greater danger than you have ever known."

Mike took a step back. he wanted to feel that touch again, but it friughtened him. Beneath the child's fragile exterior he'd glimpsed a power so phenominal that he was not even worth its consideration.

"You've made a deal with someone, but that deal can be broken. He tricked you. But you have to see through the illusion -"

"Get out of here, sprite!" a wind roared up, and Mike turned to see the imposing figure of Alex barreling toward him. He seemed larger than ever, and fire burned in his eyes. Power leapt from him in the form of blue electric arcs, sending showers of sparks flying whenever they hit something.

Mike heard a soft cry, and when he turned to look back at the Child, he was gone.

"Michael," Alex said, his voice commanding. Mike felt the familiar power wash over him, seeping into him. He longed to use his new muscles, to feel them grow again. He gave himself over to the greater power. "Come, we have work to do."


"Mike?" Gabe walked into the darkened warehouse, unable to see Mike from where he watched. Alex was preparing things. He'd said that Mike would know when to reveal himself. Not yet.

He watched as Gabe walked all the way into the warehouse, letting the door close behind him. The darkness that engulfed him was then washed away when a bright spotlight clicked on, the hum from its powerful generator filling the building. The darkness around the splotlights glare seemed to be even darker by comparison. Mike could barely make out the shadowy form of Gabe as he walked closer to the light.

Mike squirmed. He felt awkward somehow, guilty. Remembering how big he was, how big he could yet become helped, but still he felt a tiny pang of regret, of fear. A small voice kept asking him what he intended to do, did he really mean to go through with this? His answer was always yes, he did. The temptation of muscle lured him, called to him. He'd never known that changes like this could feel so sexy, that power could feel so good. Even thinking about it now made his dick hard, his hand absently stroked his giant pec, encouraging the gentle tingle deep in his muscle to vibrate pleasantly.

Still, he didn't feel wholly comitted to the pleasure, the temptation. He felt hesitant to serve Alex, even while he knew that it was what he needed to do. The image of the Child kept returning unbidden to his mind, the Child's words about danger echoed in his thoughts.

Then Gabe stepped into the light, and all doubts, all thoughts were taken from him.

"Mi-?" Gabe began, but he did not finish. His voice was cut off by the sound of heavy chains as four shackles darted out of the darkness like pythons, each one securing a limb. Gabe cried out in pain as the chains pulled tight, lifting him three feet from the ground, suspending him spread-eagled.

Mike could sense Alex's power in this, just as he could feel Alex's presence when some unseen hand ripped Gabe's shirt off his chest, buttons flying everywhere, and pulled down his jeans roughly.

Mike watched in rapt fascination, his right hand at his dick, fondling his cock through his jeans. The tingling returned full force, penetrating his mind and body. He knew that this was when Alex wanted him to show himself.

He stepped into the light, coming at Gabe from behind. Gently he touched the man's back, feeling his muscles, tiny when compared to his, but stretched and taut with strain. Gabe whipped his head about, trying to see who was behind him. Mike reached his hands around to Gabe's front, pressing his massive chest against Gabe's back. He stroked Gabe's torso, feeling the thin layer of chest hair. Gently, his fingers found Gabe's nipples. He heard Gabe sigh, shuddering with fear, but obviously caused by pleasure.

Then Mike twisted, hard.

Gabe cried out, his voice already harsh. Mike himself threw his head back. Ecstacy! It was almost as if he could feel Gabe's pain, except that it was twisted around, so that instead of hurting, it was pure sexual pleasure. His dick strained against his jeans, and he longed to let it out, but he knew Alex would not approve. Not yet.

Mike released his nipples and walked around so that they were facing each other.

"Mike?" Gabe gasped. He blinked, and Mike knew that he must look so completely different than when Gabe had first met him, so he nodded. "What happened to you?"

Mike wanted to tell him, suddenly. He wanted to describe the whole thing, the pleasure, the power that coursed thropugh his veins. He wanted Gabe to see what had become of him, to perform. But he also knew that that was not his role tonight. Gabe was the sacrifice, the innocent. He could not know what was going to happen. So Mike was silent.

Just outside of the light was a whip. Mike picked it up, enjoying how comfortable it felt in his hand. He cracked it a few times, for dramatic effect. He tried to imagine what he looked like, a muscle man, his arms bunching and flexing, like pythons were just beneath the skin. All he could do was look at Gabe's fear-filled eyes to know how impressive he looked.

Suddenly, the whip lashed out at Mike, leaving a bright red wound against his pale chest.

Mike threw his head back and roared. It was unbelievable! He laughed as he felt pleasure course through his body, filling every cell. He felt the tingling increase in fervor, reaching an almost frantic pace. He felt a sudden stretching in his skin, and when he held his arms out in front of him, looked down at his chest, he could see that everything was expanding. He could actually -see- his muscles growing!

The whip cracked again, another lash-mark appeared on Gabe's chest. Mike felt the power double. He flexed, his arms growing ever second. He could feel power and strength fill his legs, his abs, his back. He felt like if his back grew any wider, he would be able to glide, except that he felt the weight pull at him. Gravity seemed a strange sort of ally, pulling him against the ground, but at the same time, enhancing the feel of his own strength.

Dimly, as if from a distance, he heard Gabe ask "What happened to you?" He was crying. From pain, or from fear, Mike could not guess. He felt a touch of disdain, but more he felt a sudden sense of a different sort of power. Beyond the physical, he knew that he had the power of fear over Gabe.

He was barely aware of Alex as the tall man stepped from the darkness. Instead, he drew his arm back for another strike. Pleasure flooded him as the whip connected, and he barely paid attention to Alex as he explained.

"He's signed a deal, Gabriel." Alex's voice was calm, but a smile touched his words. "He will become my servant, all-powerful. But first he must sacrifice. He kill you, my angel Gabriel. Then his transformation will be complete, the deal will be finished, and he will be mine."

"Who are yo-agh!" Pleasure filled Mike again. His jeans felt too tight, and he took a moment to unfasten the buttons, his dick springing out. It was well over a foot long now, as wide as a beer can. He stroked his quickly with his left hand, and as he drew back his right arm for another strike, it throbbed in pleasure, seeming to get even harder, bigger, thicker.

"Surely you don't need an answer, Gabriel. Haven't you guessed already? I am the First Angel, the mightiest, the proudest."

Mike felt his jeans rip along their seams. He set the whip aside and stepped closer to gabe. He reached out and cupped Gabe's cock and balls in one hand.

"I am the Lord of my domain," Alex said. "And I will be the Lord of this one!"

Mike squeezed. Gabe cried out, his voice loud and harsh. Pain contorted his face as pleasure filled Mike's. This was right. This was what he was meant to do. This felt good, so goo-

Laughter, the laughter of an innocent child suddenly mixed with Gabe's cry. Mike's eyes opened wide, and he thought he saw a flash of golden hair in the darkness behind Gabe's body. His grip on Gabe's balls fell away, and Gabe's scream turned into sobs.

Mike felt all the pleasure bleed away from him, and in its place he felt a sudden and profound emptiness. All the voices and feelings that he had suppressed came back with a flood, a torrent trying to fill the void, but leaving only a greater emptiness.

"Gabriel...." He whispered, and he wrapped his huge arms around the man, pressing his face into Gabe's shuddering chest, feeling his own tear pour down his face. He could not hear Alex's scream of frustration, and barely even felt the man's touch as he tried to pull him away. Mike just held on, crying for everything he had lost.

"You aren't alone," a child's voice, -the- Child's voice whispered in his ear. "Gabe is still with you."

"Begone, Sprite!" Alex shouted. Mike turned and looked at the man, seeing for the first time the grotesqueness of his features. Fire burned in the man's eyes, rage twisted his once- handsome face into a demon's mask.

"No," the Child answered calmly. "He has refused you. Go back to your prison, Lord Angel, the First, the Mightiest, the Proudest. You will not own this world today."

With a cry of rage so pure that Mike felt his legs turn to jelly, Alex vanished. Mike turned back to Gabe's body, holding on. The shackles came loose, and Gabe fell into Mike's huge chest, and the two held on to each other, crying, pained, but free.


Gabe slept while Mike watched. The Child had not left, but as it spoke, Mike knew he would leave soon.

"You will not be bothered again, Michael." Mike only nodded. "Gabe will awaken, and he will not remember what happened. Your memories, too, will fade. But you two will be together, until death."

"What about this?" Mike asked. He held up his arms, their mass unchanged. His chest was still heavy with muscle, his weight seemed more burdensome than ever before.

"Some things can not be changed, once done." the Child said. "But I can help you in some other way."

From out of nowhere, the Child produced a vial of silver, shimmering liquid. "Drink half of this yourself, and give the rest to Gabriel. It will purify you, and it will give Gabriel the muscle that you have. Then you two will be more alike, and maybe this will bridge the chasm that you created."

The Child seemed to fade, and Mike looked at his new lover. his eyes glistened with tears, but he knew, deep inside, that everything would be fine from now on. . .

The End •

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