Behemoth, The

By MsclPleezr

I woke up to find myself in a strange room, one that I did not recognize. I remembered going to sleep last night in my own bed but now I found myself awake in this strange new place.

As I turned around I found myself face to pec with a behemoth, he stood well over 6'8" and had to weigh a good 400lbs. Never in my life have I witnessed, or for that matter been in contact with such a mass mountain of pure rock hard bulging muscle. The stretch shirt he was wearing was a joke as it tried to contain that chest and arms of death. I slowly moved my focus through a deep canal between his pecs up to a face of a young, blue eyed, blond boy smirking back down at me.

"Watch it PUNK!" he said as he bounced his pecs, which threw me back two feet into the wall behind me. He chuckled and moved in on me towering over me seemingly more then enjoying, almost basking in the enjoyment of intimidating me with his massiveness.

"I decided to come out and play today, you look like a nice man, so I think I'll play with you. I can tell by the look of lust and desire on your face that you fit the qualifications for a play friend. Someone who is not only intimidated by my phenomenal size and strength" as he flexes his right bicep in my face, "but who also is a wimpy slave to this muscle man - HUH?" As he flex his left bicep on the other side of me.

I could do nothing but stand there with my mouth a gape in disbelief. This was a young kid with the body and power of at least ten bodybuilders.

"I have a feeling that I could easily have you wrapped around my pinkie by just sowing off my strength and flexing these massive mounds of muscle, huh little punk man." Then he threw his head back and just started laughing.

I saw this as my moment to escape from the wall behind me and this wall in front of me. Just as I moved passed him I suddenly realized that my feet were still moving but I was not gaining any ground. I look down to find my feet were at least two feet off the ground.

I look behind me to see that stud's face was just smirking away at me. He was holding me in the air with one hand with little to no effort. Then after shaking me around a little like a rag doll he laughed some more then pulled me up to his face.

"And where do you think your going you going you little pathetic weakling of a man. I said that I wanted to play and since I am as strong as all the Gods and your are as weak as my little finger I'd say that you are going to stay here and do what ever this muscle monster stud says - huh?"

With that he grabbed the front of my shirt with two fingers and started doing curls with me. Even after a hundred, he was still not breaking a sweat and still laughing at me as to totally intimidate and humiliate me, which was working quite well. Then he let go of me and I dropped to the floor.

"I just noticed something," he said, "that my massive forearm is bigger then your thigh." He proceeded to bend over me and flex his mammoth forearm next to my quivering leg. He was not exaggerating, his forearm was bigger then my thigh.

"Just look at that, this studs forearm is bigger then you tight isn't that a sight, little man? You know what this probably means as well you little bug? I'll just bet that this boulder of a muscle called my bicep is bigger around then your waist. Let's just see…"

With that he flexed his arm and I heard a tearing sound. He was totally ripping his sleeve right down the seam, with ease, as this huge rock solid hill, not rock, rose.

"I just love ripping my clothes to shreds like that, such power and strength, wouldn't you say you little man?" as he patted me on the head with his other hand as I stood there to stunned to move, starring at this incredible sight before me.

"Never seen anything that big in your life have you little man?" As he flexed and unflexed his arm the shirt ripped up to his massive shoulder and once again here was that taunting laugh followed by another patronizing pat on the head.

"Does this wimp of a man want to feel this stud's bicep?"

I started to reach for it and he stopped me and suggested that since my hands were so minute next to his mass that I use both of my hands to feel his God like body. Doing what I was told I placed both my hands on his one bicep. It couldn't be real, a bicep this big and hard, it just couldn't be. Seeing the stunned disbelief on my face and him eating it up, he flex and unflexed his arm over and over bouncing around what could only be compared to the size of a wrecking ball.

Then from behind and underneath my crotch came his other arm and he proceeded to stand up with no effort, smirking all the way over to a wall of mirrors so that he could watch himself playing with a full grown man like a little toy totally in his control.

"Look at that little wimp of a man sitting high atop my muscles. Wanna ride a little bronking buck?"

Before I had a chance to realize what he was about to do I found myself flailing around being tossed and thrown by the flexing power of this hulking God of a stud.

As I tried to grab on to his arm he just kept flexing watching me helpless and laughing at me totally helpless against his power. He stopped the bouncing and I found I had settled straddling, my legs bowed outward, around this huge round solid muscle.

"Go ahead try and wrap your legs around my beautiful bicep."

As I tried in vain more laughter filled the room this stud was triumphant with this game of domination.

"And what have we got here little man?" as a finger the size of some peoples hand, started flicking at my now throbbing, rock solid cock.

"So does this little wimp like this stud man's body of muscle that much? Well, I think we should rid ourselves of these clothes of yours so that I can watch this little man's dick worship my Godliness. What do you think little man?" As he brought his face to mine.

"Let's start with this shirt," and with that he held me by one leg upside down and ripped my shirt to shreds with ease. He then grabbed my wrist and dangled me high in the air as he, with two fingers, snapped and broke off the metal buttons on my jeans. Then, like the shirt, he shredded them with ease. Then he preceded to life me up and down fifty times or more just to show me how utterly helpless I was against his muscle monster.

"Your fun to play with little guy and just look at how that woody is so rock solid hard standing at such appreciative attention for the mass of muscle before him, wouldn't you say wimp?" as he started laughing at me again.

As he put me down, I now stood there in all my glory before this monster of a man, a man that I still could not believe existed. A man that could and would do to me what ever he pleases.

"Come here little man," he said as two of his fingers encompassed the head of my dick as he pulled me over to the bench and then placed both his hands underneath my arms and lifted me, as an adult would an infant, onto the bench. I found myself-staring right into this behemoths eyes.

"I think I'm ready to loose the rest of this confining shirt, what do you think?" With this said I was hit hard in the chest and stomach and my thigh with what felt like a bullet as the buttons of his shirt went flying against me as he flexed his mighty chest. Once again, he laughed at his power, took one of my hands, and placed it on one of his pecs and one on the other. He then started bouncing them as the sound of tearing material surrounded me again as his shirt burst into shreds around me. My hands looked like a miniature dolls hands compared to the massiveness of his huge plates of granite rumbling under my touch.

This is when I could take no more; I started blowing my first wade, all over this incredibly massive hairy chest. •

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