Dragon Box


By Max21Biceps

Putting Alex out of his mind was much more difficult than Mark had anticipated. As he took his seat for the auction, Mark couldn't help but think of how handsome Alex was. That beautiful face that couldn't be looked away from and that smile with the brilliant white teeth. The flawless skin that was so clear and radiant that it looked like it would be sweet to the taste. And those lips to which he longed to touch to his own, loosing his breath before penetrating the mouth with his tongue and loosing touch with reality as the embrace of their mouths and their bodies became more urgent, carrying them to levels of and satisfaction that would end in deep, luxurious slumber.

And what lay hidden beneath the cloth of Alex's tuxedo? Mark himself was a large and thickly muscled man. Standing 6'1", he weighed nearly 230# with thick slabs of pecs, delts and thighs, and biceps that peaked into high mountains of granite when he flexed. And how he loved to flex, to feel the strength and the power of his body and to see the effect it had on others around him. To feel his muscles flex hard into cramping while being squeezed and massaged and licked and sucked by another muscular man. Alex must be at least a few inches taller than he with at least another 30 pounds of muscle.

At the end of the auction, Mark fumbled through his pocket and quickly found the key which Alex had given him. Locating the blue elevator in the lobby, he inserted the key, and the doors retracted revealing a small but comfortable compartment. As he stepped in, the doors closed behind him, and the elevator automatically began to ascend. At the top of its flight, the elevator's doors opened into the center of a large, elegant room with windows floor-to-ceiling on three sides looking over the penthouse decks to breathtaking views of the city beyond.

As he stared into the beautiful room, he suddenly felt warm breath on his neck and a large mass of hard muscle pressing into his back. Strong hands and arms wrapped around him as the breath turned into soft kisses on his neck. Meanwhile, the hands were exploring his chest, removing his bowtie, and slipping his jacket off his shoulders. Mark could feel the strength of the man who was fondling him. As he reached to stroke his hand and forearm, he realized that they were bare.

Turning around, Mark discovered that Alex was stripped to the waist, and the physique he saw was much more magnificent than he had imagined. Deeply tanned and covered with soft, fine hair, the muscles of his chest hung heavy, deep and broad across his chest. Large brown nipples pointed at a downward angle, slightly hidden by the overhanging mass of pec muscle. A slightly denser trail of hair ran through the deep cleavage of his chest extending southward over deeply cleft rows of an abdominal eight pack. Smooth oblique abdominal muscles extended laterally, flaring in to immense wings of latissimus dorsi. Mark's hands traced the trail across Alex's chest, abs and lats, and as his hands again came to rest on the mighty pectorals, Alex flexed gently. "UHHMMM." Then, Alex reached up, unbuttoned Mark's shirt, and slowly removed it form his shoulders and arms, then tracing a similar trail with his hands across Mark's chest, down the center of his abdomen and back up the flair of his back. Then he reached across, placing one hand on Mark's biceps and using the other to raise Mark's arm by the wrist.

"Flex for me. Show me how that big biceps of yours peaks and hardens into steel. Oh yeah, that's nice and big and hard. You really like muscle, Mark, don't you?" Mark was moaning audibly as he continued to flex while Alex rubbed and licked his biceps peak. "How would you like to be bigger?" Alex gently broke from his embrace and slowly stepped back two paces -- "Bigger, like me." Alex flexed his sexy eight pack, then rolled his pecs back and forth and then together. "Oh yeah." Front lat spread, BOOM. Then he finally raised arms into a double biceps pose like Mark had never seen. The hair across the expanse of Alex's swollen chest blended over the tie-in at his deltoids, thickening in axillary recesses of his arm pits and tapering at the base of his upper arms. Heavy triceps hung thick below, while gigantic biceps which were more peaked than rounded rose mightily above. Lats flared widely underneath and tapered to a slim, muscled waist. Slim hips, flared thighs and an obscenely prominent package filled out the pants below. "Awe fuck, yeah," moaned Mark as he reached out to explore the mountain of muscle before him.

Alex and Mark re-embraced and kissed deeply, roughly handling each other's torsos, flexing biceps, groping asses, licking pecs and fondling each others cocks. Alex was so huge and hard and muscular that Mark nearly blew his load down his pants. His dick was so hard it hurt, and he could feel Alex's hardon pressing back against him as they ground pelvises into one another. At one point, Mark thought he had pushed himself over the brink of orgasm, but just at that moment, Alex pushed him away and again took two paces back.

Flexing pecs back and forth he again said, "Big like me? Or would you like to be even bigger -- maybe something like this�"

Mark watched as Alex took in several slow deep breath, closed his eyes, nodded his head forward,�and began to grow. Only an inch or two more in height, but the muscle expanded much more. The already massively thick deltoids and pectorals thickened and widened, directing Alex's nipples to point straight down., Widening lats raised monstrously growing arms further laterally. Thighs and buttocks further filled and stretched the fabric of Alex's pants which finally split down the seams and were cast to the side. The crevices of the eightpack abs further deepened, and the trail of hair leading into the waistband of Alex's briefs pointed to an unbelievable thick slab of cock bulge resting to the left. Again Alex raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed with all his might. His arms must have measure 25 inches. The peaks of his biceps rose more than halfway to his clenched fists, and beads of sweat formed on his magnificent, inhumanly large body.

Mark's knees were weakening underneath him as he watched Alex grow. Just as Mark was sinking to the floor, Alex scooped him up in his left arm and deposited Mark's mouth on his flexed right biceps. Instinctively, Mark began to nurse from the muscle, drawing from its power and size. Power and strength flooded Mark's body as he felt his body grow. In the distance, he saw the dragon box glowing and he slipped in to unconsciousness, ushered by repeated volleys of orgasm.

While he slept, he had the most erotic dreams of muscle growth and sex with Alex. Later he awoke, feeling deliciously groggy. The sun was high in the sky, and it was well into the mid portion of the next day.

"Welcome back, sexy. That was some sleep you had. How do you feel?" •

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