Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Jack stirred and woke up. He looked up at Fred, smiled deliciously, and said, "I feel wonderful." His pleasant tenor had changed to a sexier, deeper baritone. Jack eyed Fred hungrily, his gaze falling to Fred's crotch, then a look of surprise crossed his face. "Dude!" Jack said. "You're bigger than ever!"

Surprised, Fred looked down at his cock. It was completely flaccid, but thicker and longer and bigger looking than ever. The rest of his body looked better, different, too. Fred looked back up at Jack. "Jack! So are you, Dude!"

"What? Oh my God! What!!? Oh my God!! Oh Fuck! My God!" Jack sat up, looking at himself in astonishment. "Jesus I am FREAKED!"

"You sure are Jack. Completely FREAKED MUSCLE!"

"What did you do? Did you....? Fred shook his head.

"No, Jack, I swear. I have no idea how it happened, except it must be Old Tom!" Jack jumped up to his feet, then almost fell over. His balance was completely wrong. He reached out and steadied himself against the shack. He looked out his long, muscled arm, and the bicep with the t-shirt bunched up at the top of his arm. He was incredibly sexy to Fred. Fred stared at Jack with longing as Jack flexed his left arm. The bicep jumped up like a cannonball, only bigger. The t shirt tore out at the arm and pec. Jack's hard nipple stuck out of the torn t-shirt. "Fuck me....!" whispered Jack.

"YEAH!" said Fred enthusiastically. Jack was about 5'11" tall now... he'd gained 2 inches in height, Fred estimated. And Jack was thicker than any bodybuilder Fred had ever seen in any magazine. Jack's arms were hugely oversized but packed with muscle so thickly you probably couldn't add any more mass and still flex them. His legs were thicker than any Fred had ever seen, even cruising the pro guys at the gyms. Jack was amazingly freakily proportioned, but somehow was both massive and proportioned. It was odd. There was not a bad angle or size or curve on this stud that Fred could observe.

But the weird thing was that Fred was now taller than Jack. Fred walked up to Jack and put his hand on Jack's oversized cannonball bicep, then felt his delts and pecs. Jack looked up at Fred. Jack looked considerably up at Fred. Fred was noticeably taller than Jack, probably about 6'1" tall. Fred realized he'd grown 4 inches taller while he slept. "Jesus, Fred you are so fucking hot looking!" Fred blushed. It made him feel very special to realized that even in the midst of this confusion Jack obviously noticed Fred, even when Jack was dealing with something so freaky. "Yeah, you should talk!" Fred told Jack.

"No man I'm serious!! You are a total fucking hunk!!! I'm melting just looking at you stud!!!"

"I am taller now... and so are you...!" Fred added hastily. Jack ignored the height comment.

"Yeah, Fred! You've grown taller all over, if you see what I mean!!!", Jack leered at Fred's crotch. Fred's cock did look bigger. It felt bigger. It was bigger. Fred lifted it. It was heavier by a lot, and thicker. It hung almost to his knee, lower than before. Fred remembered that he was 4 inches taller now than before his sleep. Somewhere he'd heard that people's height was mostly in their legs, that everyone's torso was about the same length. If that were true, and his cock hung lower, then... "Damn! You're right Jack. I'm not only taller, my cock is bigger than ever!"

"And that's not all! Come on Dude, I think I saw a mirror inside." They ran into the deserted shack and Fred and Jack stopped suddenly, seeing themselves in a large bureau mirror that was tipped up in the corner. Jack stared at himself. Fred stared at himself. They loved what they were seeing. Jack posed a double bicep and tore out the other arm of his t-shirt. Then he posed a most muscular, and tore clean through the overstretched fabric. The t-shirt fell into tatters. Jack's muscles swelled bigger, freed from the constraining fabric. Jack ripped the tatters from around his waist. Now he was wearing only his too tight shorts. He posed aggressively. Fred was thrilled. He saw Jack's muscles swelling bigger and bigger.

"Jack, Dude you are getting bigger as you pose!!"

"Yeah!!! I'm getting a real pump!!!! Feels good!! Feels really good!!!" Jack's chest was a marvel of massive chiseled muscle. His chest hair perfectly complemented his hot build. Fred couldn't have dreamed of Jack looking hotter, more muscular or more handsome. It was astonishing how hot he looked.

Fred looked at himself. He stood three inches taller than Jack now, although Jack was far heavier and wider. He'd grown from 5'6" to 6'1" tall as near as he could tell. And that was in the last 12 hours or so... Last night when Fred went to sleep he was 5'6" tall. That was 7" of growth in such a short time.

Fred looked at his face and body and gasped. He was a fucking angel. He was an incredibly handsome hunk, an incredibly handsome incredibly hung hunk. He was still Fred, but transformed. It was like a dream, a dream come true. But it was real.

Not only was his face beautiful, his skin bronzed and perfect, but he now had some muscle. Not anything like Jack, but sort of like Jack use to have. His entire proportions had changed into something incredibly sensual. His lower torso was slender, with his dark pubic hair running sexily up his tight abs to his chest. His upper torso mounded with tight muscles, lats flaring to a broad set of hunky shoulders, with long, strong arms complementing his six pack abs and square cut pecs. His nipples were large and sensitive, darker in color than before. His hips were slender, with long strong legs flaring down on each side of his monstrous cock. He looked into the mirror, and on a hunch stuck out his tongue. Then he stuck it out some more, and more. Fred's tongue stuck out of his mouth about 8-9 inches long beyond his lips, thick and strong. Fred posed his body. When he moved it was with a grace and sensuality and athleticism he'd always lacked.

He flexed a bicep, and a grapefruit sized bicep popped out. Fred gasped. He didn't think it would have been so big, to look at his bod. It was hot. Fred posed a double bicep, and was amazed to see the muscle bulge and flex out of his arms. His muscles flexed much bigger than they looked relaxed. He tried a most muscular. Again he gasped. It was incredible. His pecs and delts and traps swelled up thickly.

"Yeah, stud's got some muscle now!" said Jack. Fred nodded, speechless for the moment. Fred stared at his body in the mirror. Finally he said, "Damn. I can't believe my cock got bigger."

"I can! I couldn't believe anything else, looking at that monster cock of yours Fred!" Fred blushed. It was a major turnon that Jack talked like that to him.

"Careful Dude, you'll get it angry", Fred joked, "Damn! Its so fucking huge! And my cockhead is so big now too!!"

Jack apprised Fred's crotch with his eyes. "And that's not all that's gotten fucking huge, Fred. Check out your monster balls." Fred looked down again, and then lifted his heavy cock up and out of the way, and stepped so his legs were farther apart.

"What the hell you got in that ball sack, Fred, a couple of apples?"

"Fuck me!"

"With pleasure, Dude."

"Man look at these balls!! They weren't like this this morning!!!"

"I'll vouch for that. I got a good look. You had maybe a pair of AAA Extra Large Eggs in there this morning. Now I think you might be lucky to put those apples in your jockstrap. Forget about that monster cock, it ain't going back in there."

Fred's balls had grown enormously during his short nap. Last night they'd increased in size some, Fred was sure, but not enough that he even thought about it compared to the fantastic growth of his cock from 2" soft, 5" hard to 10 3/4" soft, who knew how big hard?

"Jack, how big do you think it is?"

"What's the matter, worried your cock is too small?" Fred felt a thrill at the friendly barb.

"Yeah, right, I wish it was even bigger! I'm serious Jack... how big do you think it is?"

"Well, we could measure it, is there a ruler around?" They looked about but there wasn't anything they could find. "Probably need a yardstick to measure you, Big Man."

"Right, I'd need more than a yardstick to measure your sexual appetite, Muscle Stud."

"I wish...!", said Jack, pausing for a minute with a grin on his face. "Love to go at it, be able to keep going...! Both of us, insatiable!!"

"You wish!" said Fred.

"And you!!!" retorted Jack. "Admit it!!" Jack smiled at Fred.

"Well...., yeah, I wish! Both of us going at it as long as we wanted to! And wanting too!" Fred admitted.

"And able to cum, to orgasm, ten, twenty times a day, or more!" Jack turned and smiled seductively at Fred. He gently swayed his body. His abs rippled. Standing in profile, Jack cut an awesome figure with his tightly packed shorts and pumped muscles. Fred felt a hot burn start in his chest. "Yes, I wish that too, Jack," he said softly. Fred suddenly realized that Jack hadn't cum yet. Jack had given him an amazing blow job, but he hadn't done anything for Jack's pleasure.

"Ready for some more, Mr. Big Stuff?" asked Jack.

"Ready for some more, Mr. Muscle Stallion." replied Fred. To Jack's astonishment, Fred got down on his knees in front of Jack. "Its your turn, Jack. Pose and show me your muscle...!"

Fred unbuttoned the shorts. He pulled them down a bit to reveal a pair of tightly packed Calvin Klein underwear. Then they wouldn't go down any further. Jack's thighs were too big, even for the baggy shorts. Jack quickly and easily pushed them down, tearing them and then they fell down and he kicked them off.

Standing there in just his calvins, Jack was astonishing. He was freakish mass, bigger than anyone, but also somehow proportioned, and his face was amazing.

His package was enticing too... Fred like big muscle, and big cock. He thought perhaps that he would find some changes there too on this muscle freak.

Jack certainly wasn't hung as Fred was, but he sure didn't look small by any means. Fred pulled down the calvins and Jack's cock and balls flopped out and descended.

"Wow buddy!" You got big muscle everywhere!" Fred shivered.

"Oh, Geez...! I had no idea!" Jack gasped.

"Too busy looking at your mountainous biceps to notice your basket stud!??!!!" Fred jibed.

"Yeah I guess, I mean I felt big, but I didn't realize!!!." Jack stuttered.

"Don't worry about it Jack... I'm very happy.. very happy for you! and for me!!!"

"Thank you Fred," Jack said. He had a few tears in his eyes. "Thank you!!"

"For what?" Fred asked.

"For being my friend, for getting me involved in this, for this," Jack touched his humongous bicep, "and for this," he said finally reaching down and hefting his cock. It was incredibly thick. His hand wouldn't go around it.

"It's so thick Jack, thick just like you... your muscles!" said Fred. Two tennis ball sized testicles hung close below his cock, pushed forward by the thickness of his thighs.

Jack's cockhead was thick and flared. It was huge, thick like his cock. Jack put his hand on the end of it, feeling it, hefting it.

Despite the size of his cock, Jack's cock was unusually proportioned. It was long, longer than most guys hard, about 6 1/2 inches long freed from the calvins, arching down over his tennis-sized balls. The thickness was amazing, however. Thicker than Fred had been erect when he woke this morning, so thick Fred couldn't put his hand all the way around it.

Fred grabbed Jack's coffee can sized cock with both hands and started to stroke it. "Ohhhh yeah!!! Fred!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!" moaned Jack. He posed like a Bodybuilding God.

Fred jumped back in astonishment. "You horse hung fucker!!!"

"Didn't I tell you Fred? I've always been a grow-er, not a show-er!!!"

Jack's cock lengthened, slowly growing longer and longer and longer, inch by inch by inch. Fred sucked back on Jack's manhood, licking up the precum and using his huge tongue to wrap around that monster thickness and lube it up. With both hands and his tongue and lips Fred worked his friend's huge cock. As Jack's cock lengthened, Jack responded vigorously. He reached down and ran thick fingers through Fred's thickly luxurious shoulder length long dark hair. Fred loved the feeling of Jack's hands in his hair. He looked up at Jack. Jack was completely totally pumped. Jack started fondling his nipple with one hand. Finally Jack reached what seemed to be full erection. Fred pulled back for a second to look at the full erection. Although not much thicker than when soft, Jack's cock had lengthened over the last 3 minutes to be about 2 1/2 to 3 times its length when soft, Fred estimated.

"Now who's Mr. Big Stuff, you horse-hung muscle stallion?" asked Fred.

"Ohhhhh!!!!" moaned Jack.

Fred took the cockhead into his mouth, and sucked for a minute. Jack was going wild. His huge balls were starting to draw up under the base of his cock somewhat. They were really fighting gravity. Fred pulled back for a second and said, "Come on you muscle stallion!! Show me how big your muscles can grow!!!"

Jack groaned and Fred dived back down on the huge cock as Jack came. A thick stream of cum spurted onto the back of Fred's throat and down into his stomach. Fred discovered he could keep his throat open.. all of Jack's cum shot down into his stomach. Finally, after about 15 seconds, the flow stopped. Fred sat back and looked up at Jack. He felt the cum slosh in his stomach. He felt wonderful. Jack gasped and stretched his huge muscles, then looked down at Fred and smiled that familiar feral grin, his eyes flashing with affection. He bent down and Fred kissed him, snaking his long tongue into Jack's mouth. Jack's tongue was amazingly thick and big too. •

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