Dragon Box


By Max21Biceps

In the crowded ballroom at the evening's charity auction, Mark stood out from the rest. Tall and tan with ice blue eyes and layers of thick blond hair, he cut quite the handsome figurein his formal attire. His tailor had done an excellent job creating a tuxedo which would accentuate the beauty of his thick, muscular physique without gaudily displaying it like so many men his size often tried to do. The subtlety was exquisite as the silken fabric flowed gracefully over the rounded contours of his massive shoulders and pectorals, never bunching or riding up. The jacket was cut away just enough in the front to reveal the flair of his thighs and the bulge of his ample package. The cummerbund cinched in at his waist. As he weaved though the crowd, he felt the warmth of casual glances, bolstering his confidence and causing his cock to swell ever so slightly with confidence and pride. More than one hand casually brushed against his arms or back or tight buttocks as he cruised through the room. Used to this sort of attention, Mark continued unaffected on course toward the display of antique Chinese artifacts which were the highlight of this evening's auction event.

One of the more generous philanthropists of the charity auction world, Mark was often given free license to handle and examine the auction's articles before the actual bidding began. Tonight, a finely ornamented dragon box had caught his eye from across the room and he was making his way toward the display to examine it. As he approached, the detail and beauty of the piece came more clearly into view, and the ornamentation of an incredibly muscular beast, half man / half dragon, seemed to beckon him, becoming ever more focused in his minds eye as the rest of the room blurred into the background. He knelt by the table to examine it more closely.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" came the voice from behind him, bringing Mark back into the present. The voice was gentle but deep and resonant and sexy, sending a sound wave through Mark's chest and abdomen and causing his cock to plump just a bit more. "This particular item is quite unusual. It has appeared in folk paintings dating back at least four thousand years. Despite its exceptional quality and exquisite detail and despite robust interest from the experts in the collecting world, its exact age and author are unknown. It has only been sold once at auction in 1928 when it sold for a mere $4000. It is said that this item instills in its owner certain powers of strength of character, body, and mind." The voice was so rich and deep. Mark could feel the warmth of the voice working into his body -- relaxing him -- exciting him -- almost expanding him. As he stood, Mark could feel his back brushing against a much larger mass than his own. He could feel gravity and heat emanating from the owner of the voice.

As he turned Mark found himself facing the most beautiful creature he could ever imagine. Tall and dark with chiseled features, thick black hair, and hazel/amber eyes set off by thick layers of long black lashes; a shadowed but smoothly shaven face of the most flawless skin; a perfect lips and mouth -- the lips parted and smiled, revealing rows of brilliantly white teeth. "Alexander Caufield," he said, offering his hand. "My friends call me Alex. This piece has been in my family for 75 years. I believe it may be meant for you now."

Shaking Alex's warm, strong hand sent a bolt of sexual energy through Mark further engorging his cock, which was becoming more than a little noticeable through his perfectly tailored attire, "Mark Maxwell. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. CaufieldÉ"

"Alex, please."

"Alex, then. You seem so familiar to me, and yet I don't think we've ever met."

"No, I'm sure we would remember. But there seems to be a kindred amongst those to whom the dragon speaks. As you will notice, only you and I seem to be interested in this little piece. As I insinuated before, the box has a certain mystical appeal."

"And what will be the opening bid for this precious item tonight?"

"Oh, it's not for auction. As I said, I believe it is meant for you. I merely brought it out to attract your attention. After the auction is over, we will work out the arrangements. I am staying in the penthouse suite of this hotel. We will make the exchange there." Alex then handed Mark a key. "Use thiskey to open the blue elevator in lobby level. The elevator opens directly into my suite. I will be waiting."

With that, Alex retrieved the box, smiled and nodded to Mark, and walked away through the crowd. Marks eyes trailed after the muscular back of the beautiful man as he disappeared into the crowd. Interesting. Odd, but definitely worth investigating. God, he was sexy, and what a body.

He was still flushed from the encounter and more than a little erect. He needed desperately to find a men's room to jack off a load so he could last through the auction, but none were in sight. And the auction was starting; so he would just have to put Alexander Caufield out of his mind for the next 3 hours. •

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