Yovani meets his match!

Yovani was well known at his school. Amongst most of his friends he was known as "The Big Y" because of his ample endowments. Y was a very charming guy, great looking, and as he matured you could tell he was going to be a fucking stud. Y had lots of good friends, who were well aware of his interest in big men, and several of Y's friends had gotten together, they really liked Y, but he was getting a little too big of an ego. Y was an extremely good lover, he could satisfy any partner, and he loved to be fucked. His cock was massive and extremely long, and for most of his partners, he was able to provide them with ample satisfaction. Whenever Y wanted a little gratification, he usually just stroked is long massive cock, and there was a line up to see who would be the lucky one. So many of Y's friends thought Y was an amazing man, and one day a few of his good friends had heard about another super hung guy at the highschool in the neighboring town. Y had never heard about this guy, but according to what Y liked, this guy was his perfect mate.

The guys at the gym all paid attention to Y's endowments, and on many occasions Y would walk around the change room totally naked and sporting a massive hard on. Y would often go into the change room followed by a dozen of his admirers and within seconds there was a line up of men waiting to service Y's needs, but on this occasion, Y hadn't noticed that nobody followed him. When Y went to turn around, not a single man was there, and then Mike appeared from the Steam Room. 6ft 2, tanned skin, and completely covered in sweats. The face was of a Greek god, perfect complexion, newly shaved face and chiseled features. His dark eyes looked directly at Y and that was it, Y's cock sprang to attention, hard, thick and massive in only two seconds. Just from the face, Y could tell this man was his desire. Mike walked towards Y, and as he approached Y, thought this guy was fucking cute, and massive. His broad shoulders were evident even in the sweats. and it was obvious from his face that Mike didn't have any body fat. There were standing less than a foot apart when Mike asked Y "Are you happy to see me", and Y was shocked, and although pleased, he was also a little confused. Mike said "Your friend Tim told me where to find you, and he was right, you are a beautiful man, would you mind if I undressed you", Y quickly removed his shirt when Mike said, "Slowly, I want to remove your shorts myself, but first, let me take off my sweats." As Mike raised his arms to remove his top, Y noticed the bulges of Mikes arms and shoulders nearly split the seams on the oversized shirt. As Mike raised his top, Y noticed the most awesome abs ever seen on a man, there was no six pack, and to say it was an 8 pack was demeaning, there was an obvious 10 pack, only seen on the most muscular of men, As Y watched Mike's abs flex and relax, he could feel his own cock lengthening in his shorts, and Mike deliberately flexed and relaxed his abs slowly trying to tease Y. As the lats and chest came into view, Y noticed how narrow Mikes waist was, less than 28 inches next to a chest that had to measure around 50 inches. Mike has shaved his chest earlier and the sweats slid easily over his smooth abs, massive chest, and man-sized shoulders. but when it came to the arms, the mass was definitely too large to easily uncover. Mike slowly lowered the top with his arms still covered, and asked Y if he would pull the sleeves from the cuff. It was like opening a Christmas present as Mike's 21 inch bulging biceps were fully revealed.. Massive, pumped and veins snaking everywhere. The forearms, measuring easily 16 inches, were bigger than Y's biceps. As the full torso was revealed, Mike made the most erotic groan, like someone being released from the confines of a cast. Mike spread his lats, and flexed his biceps, less than inches away from Y's face, If ever there was a teenager who was genetically gifted to be totally muscular huge with a cut ripped physique, this was the guy. He was only 17 but so muscular and beautiful.

Y just stood and looked for a few minutes as Mike flexed and stretched. It was a show just for Y but Mike was so relaxed and natural, it looked like he was ripped muscle flexing in the wind. When Mike stopped stretching, he was even bigger then before, or at least he looked bigger, His arms were not only pumped, but the biceps looked like two melons sitting on top of each other, and his chest, smooth with tiny muscle ripples and veins so large they were thicker than a finger. Those nipples, massive silver dollars with hard centers stretching the skin of his chest. His stomach was totally flat until he flexed and then mountains and valleys appeared, ripped muscles with veins everywhere, and as Y reached out to feel the muscle mountains, Mike flexed each muscle and made it hard as Y caressed it. Mike rose his arms again, into 22 inch bowling balls, hard, ripped and so many veins, Mike asked Y to feel the muscle, and with a gentle touch Y stroked the peak and encircled the arm down to the armpit which was totally smooth and warm. Mike asked Y to remove his shorts, and Y easily slid his shorts over his mansize cock which was throbbing and pulsating with each flex of Mike's biceps.

Mike looked at Y standing there, his cock half hard and nearly 11 inches, and said "The stories are true, you are pretty big, but not as big as me!" with that Y's eyes opened so wide, Mike said, "oh, you'll see it in time, first lets get me oiled up" Y's cock was bobbing and hardening with each word that Mike spoke, his voice was deep and as smooth as velvet. Mike took some oil from his gymbag and handed the bottle to Y, Mike said " warm the oil in your hands, and start with my biceps, there so pumped right now I'm afraid the skin will rip when I flex for you"

Part 2

Y put the oil on the palm of his hand and warmed it with his other hand. Gently reaching out, Y's hands shivered as he slathered the warm oil on the peak of Mikes right biceps, which within seconds was flexed and peaked to perfection,, Veins the size of his pinkie finger snakes across Mikes biceps and forearms, and Y's cock continued to harden as he massaged in the oil. First the biceps and the forearms, and then the shoulders. Mike gasped audibly as Y caress the rippling shoulder muscles and his chest expanded by at least three more inches as Y's hands stroked Mikes hard massive nipples. Y looked down and saw Mike's sweatpants tent out as his hardon increased in size, and tented the light fabric. As Y continues to Massage Mikes chest, the groans were getting louder and Y feared everyone in the gym could hear the groans and Y himself started to moan with delight as his own hardon started throbbing. Once Y had reached Mikes abs they were both sporting massive hardons, and the rippled 10-pack began to show signs of veins popping out with each stroke of Y's hands. Mike couldn't hold it any longer, and lifted his massive arms over his head flexing and pumping every muscle of his upper body, and slowly but with a great audible groan, his cock ripped the fabric of his sweats as it released itself from the confines of the material.. Y looked down as he heard the ripping and noticed the tenting of the material had revealed a massive tick mansize cock, grow and pulsating with each breath Mike would take. Within a few seconds the cock was exposed by at least 9 inches from the fabric which means it had to be at least a foot long at this point, and GROWING. Each gasp out of Mike corresponded with a stroke of Y's hands over his pecs and abs, and Y continued in amazement watching the mansize cock grow to mammoth proportions.

Mike whispered to Y "pulled down the sweats, and massage my thighs" Well that was enough to get Y on his knees and he used both hands to lower the sweats, stretching the waistband over the now massive cock, which was revealed at nearly 14 inches long, and at least 8 inches around! Y could not believe the mass as he continued to oil and massage Mikes thighs and calves. Y's mouth was at the perfect level to service Mike's mansize cock, but Mike looked down and in a deep velvet voice, he said, "No, not yet, you first"

Well Y nearly fainted at the thought he was going to be serviced by this muscle god. and standing in front of him fully naked, Y definitely thought Mike was a muscle god! Y stood for a second just admiring the bronzed statue in front of him, each muscle appeared to be etched into the body with perfect precision, each vein bulged and pulsated with blood, and so smooth, your tongue would think it had licked marble..

Y stood back watching as Mike lowered himself onto the bench, leaning for ward and opening his mouth in search of Y's tick long massive cock. Y's cock was fully engorged with blood and throbbing with each breath he took. stretching out his hand, Mike grasped Y's cock with force and gentleness. Mikes hands were warm and somewhat sweaty adding to the sensation of being grasped by strong long fingers. As Mike lifted Y's cock up to his mouth, Mike audibly gasped in anticipation of the treat he was bout to enjoy, and with little effort his strong fingers massaged and caressed Y's cock so quickly the massive meat was hard and throbbing in seconds, and both men knew it was time to get ready. Mike turned around exposing, man-sized, muscles flexed and ready for Y's meat to enter.. Gently releasing Y's meat and turning around, Mike bent over as Y's cock continued to throb and bend at the thought of Mikes warm hands. As Mike bent over the muscles in his calves and legs tensed and flexed revealing massive cuts and thick veins covering ripples of massive muscles. Mike refused to relax his but as Y tried to enter him, and the laughter and moaning from Mike made Y mad and horny and anxious. After a few seconds, and minutes before Y's hardening cock was ready to cum, Mike relaxed and Y slid his man-sized thick cock into Mike as Mike gasped and groaned in anticipation and pleasure! It took only two thrust of his cock and Y began to unload a massive package inside of Mike, the anticipation was only minimal compared to the pleasure of being inside of the massive muscle stud, and with each flex of his might ass, Mike gave Y reason enough to moan and he did, over and over for nearly ten minutes as Mike flexed and relaxed and Y thrusted in rhythm with each flex. As Y's back arched and his legs ached with pain, Mike continued to flex and relax his mighty ass holding Y inside him even while Y began to soften, but within a second, another rush came to Y and he shot another massive load which made both his cock and his balls ache with the pain caused by flexing muscles and exhaustion. Finally releasing his hold from Y, Mike's laughter and groaning ceased, and he turned to face Y. The look in his eyes was enough for Y's cock to instantly harden and stand at attention.. Mike looked down and said, "my turn' and with that his cock instantly hardened and turned to stone. Thick, white, and ridged with muscles and veins. With ease and the strength obvious from his musculature, Mike lifted Y at least three feet in the air and lowered him onto his massive pillar of stone, and easily flexed his cock making Y rise and fall as he slid onto the tickening pillar. with a gentle motion, Mike flexed his cock and watched as the full 14 inches easily disappeared inside of Y, and with continual flexing, Y felt himself rise and fall while his feet dangled in the air. The feeling inside him was only heightened as Mikes load began to be released inside of Y and with each throb and each thrust the warmth and sensation inside him made Y nearly faint and his head fell backwards onto Mikes shoulders. leaning backwards, the sensation caused Y's cock to harden yet again and as he felt Mike inside him and the groans of pleasure, Y shot a load across the room and his cock hardened and continued to throb without and outlet. the pain and the ecstasy was so great he fainted again as he felt Mikes massive arms around his chest holding Y in place as the thrusting of Mike's pelvis made Y jerk forward and within another few minutes Y was in such pain he fainted for a third time, waking minutes later laying on the floor cradled in Mikes massive arms staring into his dark eyes.

If Y had of had any energy at this point he would have been hard again looking into the eyes so deep and dark and mysterious, and Mike, whose grips was still so strong and gentle, his arms were comforting and warm, and the entire experience was so overwhelming, Y could not hold on much longer, he just fell into a deep exhausted sleep staring into Mikes dark eyes. •

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