By Ilikmusc

I first met Ray while I was driving down Telegraph at 2 in the morning, downtown. I was going home after the Bench and Bar had closed. Ray was standing on a corner. The first thing I noticed was that one pant leg was rolled up high above his calf. He wore several layers of clothes on this cool night, but somehow he looked clean. He had a black wool cap on his head. Under it, his face looked sort of cute, as if he were an African elf.

He looked me square in the eye, indicating he wanted to go with me. It was a hustle, I knew, but I was horny, almost fifty, and not getting enough the old fashioned way. He looked sort of lanky, tall and lean; Not the right amount of muscle for me, I suspected, muscle freak that I am, but as I said, I was really horny. I drove around the block, came back and pulled over next to him. He smiled, confirming my first impression.cute. Small ears, a thin, early go-tee, narrow nose and complex eyes, almost Asian in shape, with dark distinct brows. His cheekbones were high.some Native American in him I would guess.

He introduced himself as Ray, and I told him my name. He said he knew I knew that this was not a freebee, but that he didn't need much, just enough to get through the next day. He said he was moving in with a friend. He told me up-front that he was not in any way asking for a place to stay the night, and would not think I was sane if I offered. "You don't know me," he summarized succinctly.

When we got home, his cleanliness was also confirmed. As he peeled off several shirts, he smelled fresh, with just the slightest trace of sweat, a rather sweet smelling sweat, actually. He was built more beautifully than I thought, with lanky defined muscles, a silky patch of rather straight hair on his chest, and a dusting of even more fine silky hair on his arms. His legs were sturdy looking, and a bit more hairy. Like many men of African descent I've known, his calves were set high and rather small. But his cock was simply stunning.

He looked into my eyes and then set his lips gently on mine. This surprised me. But we kissed a bit and I must say he was a good kisser. Quite passionate, actually. He nuzzled my neck, and I nuzzled his. I ran my hands over his body, very firm, a naturally tough body from life on the streets. A few months of daily gym workouts would turn him into a specimen in no time. His biceps were particularly well shaped, I noted, almost pointy when he bent his arms.

We got each other off after what seemed like an hour of simply making out and me giving him head. After I came, (I think he did too) he asked for 25 bucks, kissed me on the forehead (he was 4 inches taller than me) and sweetly left by smiling "Thanks!"

A few weeks later, Ray came by and asked if he could do any work for me, or if I knew anyone who could use some simple manual labor. He was out of work and didn't feel that hustling was something he could do very often.he said he didn't often meet people as nice as me. Although I figured that could be a hustle-statement as much as an authentic gratitude, I told him I could use him. "Only for an hour or two to help me clean up after this party I gave last night. You can see the mess everywhere." I told him I would pay him the going wage for good cleaners, 12 bucks an hour. He was happy about that, and did a marvelous job. In two hours my place was spotless. I decided to have him come by on a regular basis, since I am often to busy to really keep things spanking clean.

We would talk a bit after he had finished cleaning. I learned more about his life, his crazy, upside-down history. I learned of his very difficult parentage, his many strange uncles and aunts. I learned of his history of intermittent drug addiction, his many jobs, his homelessness from time to time, and his desire to turn his life around.

He told me he was staying with a friend of his, (he said it like it was a john) and that he paid his share of the rent doing odd jobs like cleaning for me and a about ten other people and being frugal.

This routine continued for five months or so. He would come over once a week. He would work hard, we would talk a bit, then I would pay him. After that he would hug me and take off. No kissing, no sex, just business. He did good work, and his sweet company was a nice break from my work.

One day he told me he had started working out at the local Y. He had saved up for a membership, and seemed proud of both facts.that he had saved up, and that he was doing something so "settled" as working out at a gymnasium.

He also seemed proud of what the gym was doing for him, because one day,

about two months later, while we chatted a bit after his cleaning, he said to me "I am feeling really good these days. These gym workouts are giving me a sense of balance in my life, and I am feeling healthier than I have in years. I've stopped smoking this week, and it hasn't been as hard as I thought. And I'm trying to eat right, lots of protein, not many carbs. But I have to eat a lot to gain any weight, since I have always been kind of thin. But you know what, Boss, (he loved to call me boss or even bossman, like the fabled Zorba.,) I've put on 10 lbs. since I started two months ago. He flexed his arm for me under his long sleeve shirt. "Feel that," he said with a sudden smile. "It's really coming along." I reached over and felt it. I was totally amazed. "Jeezus! You have a pool ball hidden under your sleeve, Ray?" He giggled a bit. "I'm kind of amazed myself at how much my body takes to exercise. I'm getting hard all over. Every day I seem to grow another muscle."

HE was getting hard? I know he saw the tent in my pants, because he gave me this great big smirking smile, and said "I see I'm not the only one getting hard around here and growing a muscle! That's cool! Makes me feel great." Then he suddenly caught sight of the kitchen clock and said: "Hey, its getting late, gotta go to the gym, bossman! I found a guy who wants to be my training partner now." He kissed me on the forehead before he got up and left.

The next time he came over, he was wearing a t-shirt, and frankly, I was

dumbfounded at how muscular he had become. His shirt was clean white, and tight across his chest. His arms barely fit into the sleeves, the sharp almond of his deltoid clearly stretching the fabric to the hilt. It was a size medium, but he had grown so much it was like a second skin. He smiled at me this devilish smile from time to time as he worked. I swear that once he stretched and moaned a yawn as he flexed his arms just so I could see the muscles in them bulge. We rarely talked when he was working, because I was working at my computer at the same time. But because I live in a two-story loft, I could look down from my balcony and see Ray doing his various jobs downstairs very easily.

He looked SO good that after about 30 minutes of only pretending to work, I blurted out "Man Ray, you really look terrific. Just plain terrific. You're not bulked up and thick, like a pro body builder, but you do look like you are carved out of solid rock. All that weight lifting is really making your body more spectacular by the minute."

"Hey, thanks boss-man. Thanks for noticing my progress. I've been happy myself with how my body responds to weight training." He stopped his mopping, rested on the handle of the mop, and looked up at with me with his elfin

smile. "Hey, and you know, it's not just for show either. I have found out that I am very, very strong. Stronger even than I look. Everyone watches me now when I do bench presses, or do my curls. They are amazed that someone as lean and as unbulky as I am can lift so much. I'm actually stronger than all the other guys at the gym, I guess. At least that's what my workout partner says. And I know I am a lot stronger than him."

"Really? What kind of weight are we talking about?"

"I've been benching 530, and curling 180. Military, 355."

"Egad!" I shouted. "530? That has got to be almost three times your weight! How the hell much do you weigh, anyway, Ray?"

"Last week I was 192. I'm 6'3" so that isn't much for my height I guess."

"Yeah, but Ray, pound for pound, you have got to be the strongest guy I have ever personally met. Man o man!"

"I'm not the skinny, homeless guy you first picked up, eh?" Suddenly he smiled this evil grin, and flexed his bicep. It was not entirely believable. It looked like one of the Alps. The huge peak didn't even seem proportionate to the rest of him.

Then suddenly he caught sight of the kitchen clock again. "2 o'clock! Hey, I'm late. Gotta go, man. I've got a job over at the campus to do. Some plastering work. You can pay me next week, Boss. I'm going to have to run in order not to be too late."

I wanted to run too, run right down and give him a hug like I usually did, for clearly much more erotic reasons, but he just put his arm down, smiled and left swiftly, waving as he closed the door behind him.

He called the next week and told me he had a new daytime job, part-time but very intense, and asked if we could wait a few more weeks until he came back to clean. I told him I was sad I would not see him for a while, and he said, "You'll like what you see when you see me even better than you liked me last time you saw me."

A month later he called me and said he could come over. I said I was glad, and that I had a lot of things for him to do. He said "I have a few ideas about what I can do too." He said it with his slight giggle. Dense as I sometimes am about the dawn of good luck in my life, I didn't get what he was saying.

About an hour later he came by. It was very cold that day. He had his old drab green army jacket on and some threadbare sweatpants. He greeted me warmly, (I was in the bathroom, finishing shaving) and he got to work in the kitchen. He never took off his army jacket, as it was rather cool even inside.summer fog days, and my place didn't have much insulation.

When it was time for him to leave, I paid him, and gave him a hug. It was a long hug. Very long. He held me tight and sort of rocked me. Then he reached down, put his hands under my butt, and pulled me up, lifting me up right off the ground, my legs bending around him, and held me up tight against him.

"My God, you really are getting strong, Ray." I sprang a woody immediately. He sort of giggled and said "I really turn you on a lot, don't I?"

"I guess you can tell by what's going on in my pants, Ray." I said. "You

totally turn me on."

"You know, someday not too long from now I am going to come over here when I am not scheduled to clean, and come in the door and scoop you up in my muscular arms and carry you upstairs to the bed so we can fool around a bit." With that, he moved me up and down his torso as if he was curling me. My

cock was hard against his flexed abs under army coat. After about a minute of this, he smiled his sexy smile, kissed me deeply on the mouth, set me down, gave me another squeeze, very powerful, then whispered "I love it that your dick stands at attention when I come in the room and give you a hug. Makes me feel great." Then he pecked me on the lips and left.

I, of course, had come in my pants.

Two weeks later, at ten AM, I heard a knock at the door. I opened it up and there was Ray, smiling.

"Hey, bossman, I'm here to ask you for a favor. I have one of those cheapo throwaway cameras. Can you take some pictures of me? I want to record how I look now while I look so good. I know you are not a photographer or anything, but I figure you would be good at taking pictures like this since you seem to like my body so much. A little lust can make a lot of difference in a photograph, right?"

"S-s-sure," I said, somewhat surprised, but excited as all hell.

He came in, closed the door behind him, and immediately drew his army coat over his head without unbuttoning it, along with the shirt he had underneath."

"Wow!" I managed to say, although I thought speechlessness might be a better tribute.

Ray immediately started posing, all the standard bodybuilding styles. He was not a massive guy, though he was taller than me by 4 inches.. He just was not skinny anymore. He was as perfect as a body could be.. He was just dense, solid, totally defined and beautifully proportioned muscle. When he moved, you could tell how the muscles worked, how they moved in relationship to each other. And Ray's face, elfin, eye-brows arched in a kind of superior smirk, radiated complete confidence.

I took all 20 pictures in the camera, and I do believe he was right about my lust making a difference. Then I put it down. Ray just stood there, smiling at me. Somehow in his eyes I found the invitation, and went up to Ray. I

touched his arm, he looked into my eyes, lifted it and flexed his biceps

under my fingers.

It was not like a rock. That would be a simile, some sort of metaphor. It was rock. Rock barely coated in smooth warm skin. Fibers in this rock moved and separated, their edges sharp as blades, and as steely. Then Ray took his arm away from my hand, put it on his hips with his other hand, and looked down at his own perfect torso with an admiring smile.

I touched where he gazed. Steel. Total steel.

Then Ray took his finger and touched my chin, lifting my head up to gaze into his eyes.

"Ready for me to do what I promised you last time I was here?" Without waiting for an answer, he lifted me up into his arms like I was a baby. Now you need to know that I am over 230 lbs. A large man by any standards. Yet in Ray's steely arms, I was a feather pillow. I was aroused as can be. He didn't break his smile, or look as if he was even straining. "Wow" was all I could say. Ray simply looked in my eyes and smiled, almost smirked.

He carried me effortlessly to the stairs, then put me down, and took off his shoes, socks and pants so that he was completely naked. Then he hoisted me up in his arms again, and carried me upstairs to the bedroom. Then he whispered in my ear. "Don't be afraid," he said, in a comforting tone. "I am just going to show you how strong I really am. I won't let you fall." With that he flipped me out onto his palms, curled me a few times, and then with no difficulty, he cleanly pressed me overhead. "Ray! My god! What are you doing?" was all I could say. "I told you, don't worry. I am not going to let you fall." His hands held me with a surprising security that did not engage my panic over heights. He

military pressed me ten times, with what felt like good form no less. Then he lowered me in a slow arc, an even more amazing testimony of his strength. As he did this he walked toward my bed.

He laid me gently on the bed, then lay next to me. He looked at me with his incredible smile half way between a smirk and joy.

"Strong, ain't I?" he said. I was speechless by this time, and the tent in my pants was pure Ringling Brothers. My mouth was open in awe.

He looked down the length of his legs. "Reach down and feel my thighs, man. And my calves. They're even harder than my arms, I think. I squatted with 1075 today at the gym. No one could believe it. But I told them feel my legs as I flexed my quads, and then they became believers."

He flexed his thighs. Iron. Pure iron. No give at all. The only thing that made him feel human at all was the natural warmth I felt in his skin, and the coarser dark hairs on his legs. Other than that, he was metal sculpture. As I moved down to his calves, he pointed his toes and flexed his calves into diamonds. I have never felt any human flesh that was this hard. The edge of the calf muscle was sharp like the edge of a metal desk. I was quivering in complete awe. He seemed to get off on my obvious awe and his own beautiful cock began to lengthen, and lengthen.

"I can see from that look in your eyes you don't see me as your paid housecleaner anymore," he said, looking down at his 8 pack abs, and then

looking at me and smiling, but with an erotic touch of arrogance.

"Housekeeper? Ray, you carry me upstairs and I am no light-weight. You press me like I am a sack of cotton, and you ask me to feel the hardness of your incredible body, which feels like steel and looks strong enough to bend steel rods. Hell Ray, housekeeper? Hell, if you had a cape and an S on your chest, I'd put on my Lois Lane wig and off we'd go."

Now this got Ray to giggling, then outright laughing. He kissed me on the head and then gave me a great big bear hug, wrapping his legs and arms around me. "Man, I love the way you use words. You make me

laugh more than anyone, you know that?"

With that he squeezed me close and kissed my neck. I felt like I was being crushed in a vice. The man had no idea of how really strong .or how hard he was. "Ray! Cut it out. You're going to squeeze me into pulp."

He lightened up. "Really?" he said, genuinely surprised. "I wasn't even hugging you that hard."

"Ray, my whole body is now lying between the two hardest legs, hardest arms and hardest torso I have ever felt. I just felt like a walnut in a vice seconds before it popped."

"Hmm," he mused. "I guess I'll have to watch myself eh? I mean I probably could crack you like a nut if I had a mind to, huh?" With this he flexed his awesome arm back and forth, back and forth. "I actually love cracking Brazil nuts with this thing. I just love them.they're my favorite snack! I put the nut right here and flex my muscle slowly and carefully. That way I don't

pulverize it which is what I did the first time I tried it.. I learned how to control the exact force. I do it all the time."

Then he stopped flexing, looked around the room as if he was searching for something. He looked over at my desk and saw something. "Hey I wanna try and do something if you don't mind." He bounded out of bed without waiting for an answer, and got the pool ball paperweight on my desk which my little brother had made for me as a birthday present years earlier. "You don't need this really, right?" and without waiting for an answer, he ripped the plywood

stand off the ball and then crawled back into the bed. "As I said, I've been putting my muscles into practical use with Brazil nuts. Now I am going to try something tougher like this, since I know I can crush a mere nut into powder if I really use my strength."

"You are not going to try and crack this pool ball, Ray. That would make you the nut. No one can do that but Superman, and he's just a made up guy on a comic page."

"Hey, but I'm not just anyone. I'm the hardest, strongest man you have ever met, remember? Now help me out by placing the pool ball on my arm at the base of my bicep and holding it there." So sprawling next to me in bed, and propping himself on his left elbow, he had me put the pool ball onto the

stretched out crook of his right arm. "Ok, watch me do something only a real superman can do. Keep your hand on the ball until I catch it securely between my muscle and my forearm, then switch your hand over to the muscle as I flex it so you can pretend to be Lois Lane and feel how hard it is." He smirked at me a bit, then looked back at his veiny arm. He made a fist, slowly brought his arm up and caught the pool ball tight. "OK, switch now."

"God, I can't tell the difference between the pool ball and your muscle," I said, quite objectively.

"Here's the difference.Lois." He tightened his arm around the ball and it cracked almost immediately, cracked into pieces as if it exploded. There were some larger pieces which fell to the bed-sheets and a fine powder that dusted some of his silky and faint belly hair.

I was in complete awe. I came on the spot, and jerked my arm away from his bicep as if I was touching something hot.

"See? Superman may be a fiction, but I'm real. And there ain't no kryptonite to make me weak, either."

He brushed his belly, flexing his abs as he did. His cock was slapping on his lower abs, and he looked at me and said "Ok, Mr. Former Bossman, Time to be Lois Lane for a true superman. Lay down on your back. And then open your mouth. You are going to get face fucked by SuperRay."

I was so excited by all this I was shaking. As I crawled up higher on the bed, brushing pieces of crushed pool ball onto the floor, Ray got off the bed, the muscles of his magnificent body rippling and cording as he moved. He went to my open closet, got out a maroon cotton turtleneck , and wrapped its arms around his neck, letting the bulk of the shirt droop like a cape behind his back. "Close enough," he said to no one in particular. The he took a black marker out of the cup on my desk, and drew an S on his chest.

Then he climbed on the bed, kneeled with his legs on either side of my hips and hovered over me. Then he flexed his totally amazing arms. "SuperRay, the man of steel," he sang, with a mock superhero theme. "Reach up and adore my muscles. Worship your cleaning man's bod. Hell, I'm not your cleaning man anymore, eh? From now on, I'm your god. SuperRay, the godbod! " He did his little giggle for a second, then simply began to guide my hands over his

muscles with this confident smirk on his face.

I came again without touching myself. "That's the kind of response a god

wants!" he said. Then he said "My turn, I'd say." And with that he lowered his body over mine, pushed up on the bed, moved up and literally rammed his magnificent cock down my throat in one smooth and powerful action. I thought I was going to choke, but somehow, the sight of his astoundingly beautiful body arching over me made my mouth open all the more in sheer adoration.

He pumped me slowly, smiling down at me with that half-smirk of his. I was feeling his mighty legs and cobblestone stomach with my worshipping hands as he ploughed my face. After three minutes, he suddenly pulled out, sat up and came all over my chest with a great series of sighs.

Then he fell down on top of me and kissed me deeply. I in turn kissed his neck, (his "cape" had fallen off his back after he came, so his gorgeous neck was exposed,) then licked his chin, his collarbone, and began moving down his torso as far as I could with him on top of me. He groaned in pleasure.

Suddenly he got up off me. "Hey, Lois," .he winked and grinned.."I gotta get out of here. Got things to do. Locomotives to race. Skyscrapers to leap." He flexed both arms one last time, looking at them with awe himself.

The he reached down, picked me up off the bed and stood me up next to him. He put his right hand under my crotch and lifted me up off the floor.

"Why walk when the godbod can carry you downstairs?" He looked me in the

eyes and smiled as he literally curled me all the way down the steps, his one incredible arm supporting my weight and lifting it as if it was nothing. The bulge of his rock-bicep at my crotch put pressure there and I came a third time, something I had never done before in such a short time.

"Man, you are hardly giving me a workout, you know that?" said Ray, as he gently set me down. I bet I'll have to go to the zoo and curl a few elephants before long." He flexed his right bicep, put his hand behind my head, and pushed it toward it. "Kiss it. I think I will name this one 'bossman.' Next time I come over, you can think of a name for the other one, ok? And next time SuperRay comes over, he's going to be even stronger. A lot stronger. Who knows? He may just fly through the window." And with the taste of silky iron on my lips, he pulled his flawless arm away, put on his clothes very quickly, completely covering his body, and took off, a good-looking, but, in his baggy clothes an entirely Clark Kent kind of guy. As for me, I can't wait till he comes back and drops the mild-mannered act. •

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