Good Freak, The


By Also_KnownAs

April 29

Dear Journal,

We won the tournament! It was so cool. Even after the embarrassing thing that happened, we still won.

I love football, maybe better than anything else. It's cool because I feel like I can use my weight advantage and help out instead of feeling awkward and embarrassed about it.

Like the other day something happened in English class I didn't write about but I guess I should. That was so totally embarrassing. Getting a boner like that and then breaking the zipper on my pants. But I couldn't help it! And probably the Biology teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, was trying to be helpful when she was explaining what happens to guys my age about getting hard ons without knowing why and whatever, and then stupid Jerry, my supposed best friend, goes, `but should your penis break your zipper, Mrs. Jenkins?' and she's so stupid she actually answered the question! She goes, `No, Jerold, normally you can contain an erect penis.' And everybody laughs and I'm all red. Sometimes I wonder why I'm friends with him. I had to sit in my chair until everyone else left and cover myself with my books. I couldn't just walk around with my penis hanging out like that.

I was looking at Paul when it happened. I remember that because I saw his face and he had this weird look on his face. He saw it happen, I bet. It just happened all the sudden. Like, I was sitting there and I felt really good about something and suddenly my penis shoved clean out of my shorts, through the boxers, and busted the zipper open.

Anyway, the next embarrassing thing was during the game. It was last night and since I'm first string I played through most of the game. I haven't been working out for a while because I just keep getting bigger anyway. And it was a really hard game, real physical. And about the third quarter I felt like something was wrong, I felt tight or something. I kept readjusting myself until I was comfortable and I guess I worked my way out of the cup or something. Whatever.

So I go out on the field for the last quarters and the ball gets snapped and I start pushing and grunting because I was supposed to catch the ball and I get through the line and I'm running and I catch the ball and I make the touchdown, not the winning one but I helped, and the crowd should be cheering and whatever but they're pretty quiet and I look down and realize that I ripped through my pants again. I didn't even notice it. But there's my penis just standing there all proud and all.

Man that was embarrassing.

I jerked off four times today. I woke up after this dream which I can't really remember except Paul and Tim were in it but I had a woody and it wouldn't go away until I took care of it. I was hard again in the shower, as usual, and I did it once after dinner in the bathroom and I'll probably do it again before going to sleep. I'm really horny for some reason. It tasted saltier than usual last night.

Doctor's Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

An unusual confession in Kevin's latest diary entry. He mentions tasting his own ejaculate following ejaculation, which in itself is not unusual. But he mentioned that "it tasted saltier than usual" which suggests he is not merely sampling his emissions out of curiosity, but is instead habitually ingesting. I will ask him about this during our next session.

The results of his sperm sample were extremely interesting. His sperm count is abnormally high, almost twice the rate as a normal boy his age. Also, the sperms are highly active. I have observed no abnormal sperm but it is difficult to tell. I would use the term "dense" to describe the ratio of sperm to ejaculate.

Kevin continues to exhibit non-stop development. He told me he stopped visiting the gym some weeks ago. When asked why, he reported that he felt he was getting "too big" and felt that the muscle stimulation was accelerating it even more. He asked advice concerning the decision and I told him he should do what makes him comfortable, but I saw no reason to limit his exercise since it was having no discernable negative effect on him.

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson April 29

Okay, this is just incredible. I can't even believe this. I want to see this kid's pants.

Kevin claims his dick got so hard that it actually busted the fly on his pants! What the fuck is going on? More than that, he said he was running for a touchdown (I am trying to imagine what Kevin looks like in his uniform – I think I need to be a booster for the local high school football team) and he ripped through his damn football uniform! He managed to work his dick out of his athletic supporter and cup and it got so big and so firm that it fucking ripped a hole through his pants?

What the fuck is up with this kid? Is it genetic? A mutation?

Whatever it is, when I figure this out, I'll be the first in line when he hands out the Kool Aid.

He's also having wet dreams about Tim, and I can relate, and his friend Paul. I don't remember Paul at all, he must go to another doctor. But if Kevin is having nocturnal emissions about dreams of other guys, and then waking up after cumming and pumping out another load, I mean what the hell is that? Who is this kid?

May 16 6-4 ˝ 218 lbs.

Dear Journal,

Something happened today that kind of freaked me out.

Oh, yeah, I have to start recording my height and weight for Jack in every entry so he can track things. So that's why that's up there.

So, I'm sitting out near the library eating my lunch as usual and Paul comes over. Like I said, Paul and I used to be really good friends but lately he just started acting weird. All stand offish and stupid. Even in classes we have together, he won't even look at me except when I look at him sometimes I catch him looking at me. Jerry said to just ignore him and called him a faggot, which made me really mad. He didn't have to use that word.

Paul's a really cool guy. I mean, even still I think he's cool. I can't blame him for acting weird all the sudden like he did. I mean, I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and at the freaky thing I'm becoming, like some comic book dude or something, and I wonder what I'd think if I was him, if this was happening to him. He's always been really popular, actually. Girls and stuff always paying attention to him. I guess he's good looking. But I wouldn't know, I don't pay attention to that stuff, of course. But for a guy, yeah, I guess he's pretty good looking.

Anyway, I'm eating lunch and I have my shirt off because it's hot and I keep growing through the stupid things and this was one of my old ones and under the arms and around my chest it was sort of tight and uncomfortable. Plus the day was hot and I just wanted to get some sun, no big deal. And Paul comes over and he goes `Hi, Kev,' which is what he used to call me, and I go, `Hi, Paul,' back and ask if he wants to sit down and he looked like he was thinking about that really hard, like it was some earth shattering decision, and then he sits about three feet from me and he won't look at me.

So I was just tired of the treatment from him, and I said something like `Look, what's up? Why are you acting all weird around me all the time?' I just wanted him to say it, to call me a freak and that he was embarrassed or whatever. I knew what the answer was but I wanted him to say it. I know other kids talk about me behind my back. I know I'm a freak. But we were good friends and friends shouldn't act that way.

But instead he goes, `It's not you, Kev. It's me.' And I turn around to face him so I can see his face and have him look in my eyes when he tells me the reason and I asked him what he meant and he looks at me really hard, for a really long time. The guy looks like he's about to cry or something! So I reach up and put my hand on his shoulder and squeeze, you know friendly like, and I go, `Look, Paul, whatever it is just tell me what's wrong or what I can do. I want us to be friends again.'

And then Paul goes, `We can't be friends.' And I go, `Tell me why.' And then he goes, `Just because, Kev. Because I…' And then he got up and ran away, he literally ran away.

I jerked off four times. I did it in bed when I woke up, and yes Jack I swallowed my cum. Is that weird? You seemed really interested in that. Then I did it again in the shower about 15 minutes later. I did it again after breakfast and about an hour ago. Thinking about it is getting me hard again so maybe today's a banner five-ejaculation day!

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson May 16

I'm becoming obsessed with Kevin Peters. And when I look at that last name I can't help but laugh because if he keeps developing like he has been he'll have dick enough for two peters.

Rotten joke, sorry.

The kid's body is saturated with… with everything male. I can't explain it any other way. Thank god for organized sports or I'm afraid his amped up manhood would go ballistic. He doesn't display any extra aggressive tendencies that I know of, but with everything else that's going on with him I can't believe that this male aspect isn't also amped up.

On the other hand as much as he's jacking off maybe his body *is* being over aggressive. He's doing it four to five times daily! Daily! And I swear sometimes I can see him growing in front of my eyes. I was examining him the other day and he started getting hard right there and I kept reassuring him that it happens to every guy and not to be embarrassed as all the while I'm trying fucking hard not to match his erection with my own because watching that boy's monster prick swelling to godhood is something you have to see to believe. It doesn't slowly rise and pulse and swell, it fucking inflates!

I think he and Paul are headed into either heartbreak or heaven. I've seen this before – hell, I've lived it! But in that case I was Paul and I didn't have the balls to find out if what I was feeling was mutual or not. I hope Kevin doesn't beat him to a pulp, which he could easily do. But he doesn't seem the type. Plus I think he's about ready to start fucking keyholes and kitchen drains unless someone comes near his hungry huge cock.

May 22 6-4 ˝ 220 lbs.

Dear Journal,

It was my birthday today. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Until today. And you'll never guess who it was.

Okay, maybe you will, since I've been dwelling on this for the past few days ever since that weird thing at school.

Like I said, Paul had been avoiding me more than usual the last week. I didn't tell Jerry about it at all, he already thinks Paul's gay, or he calls him faggot and whatever. And I told you that I got mad at him for that, and I told him to shut up about that and not use that word, ever. I think I scared him, and why not? I'm like a foot taller than him and outweigh the guy by 100 lbs. He was probably just goofing around, mouthing off like he does. But he shouldn't judge like that. Because some people are just different.

I didn't have a party. I actually didn't tell anyone it was my birthday. And even Jerry forgot, even though he came to every party I had until I was 12. But Paul remembered.

He came by after school, surprise, surprise. My dad was gone at work still, working late as usual. It was about 6 o'clock and Paul knocked on my door and he was sort of dressed up. He had on his nice Polo shirt and he was wearing his dress pants, not the jeans he always wore. He stood there and looked at me, Paul's taller than Jerry but still shorter than me. But pretty much everyone's shorter than me. And he said, `Happy birthday, Kev,' and handed me a present.

So I opened the door for him to come in. I was really happy to see him, but he acted like I was going to yell at him or something. So we went into my room, like we used to when we were friends, and I sat on the bed and he sat on the chair by my computer desk and we just sat there until he said, `well, aren't you going to open it?' and I felt stupid because I didn't actually know what to say to him, so I opened the present and it was the new Madonna CD! Which I wanted, because I always did like Madonna. Paul and I used to dance in my bedroom to her when we were kids, even. So I thought that was like his way of saying we were still friends.

It made me really happy! He asked if I already had it, and I said no because I didn't. He asked if I still liked her, and I said sure, didn't everybody? And he reminded me of those times we used to dance to her music, to Holiday and Like A Virgin and stuff, and I said I remembered and he asked if I ever dance anymore and I said, to be honest, no. He asked why not, I said because there was no one to dance with and I didn't really feel like going to the school dances.

So he took the CD and put it in the player and put on the title track called Bedtime Story and then he stood there and the music started, it starts off sort of weird, but then the beat comes in and he started to dance. It was a little weird at first, but the music was totally hot and I found my leg bouncing and my head bopping and soon we were both in my bedroom dancing like we used to do, just like when we were kids.

He kept hitting the back button to play that song over and over, and we didn't talk at all like I thought we would, but I didn't care, either. It just felt good to be dancing. I missed doing it. I missed Paul. I used to love to dance, why had I stopped?

After a while we were both all sweaty and I took off my shirt and he took off his and we kept on dancing until it was dark in the room, we must have danced for a couple of hours, he kept putting in old music we used to dance to, like when we had this Motown period when I bought all this Marvin Gaye and he bought the Supremes and then we listened to Depeche Mode and Erasure and even danced to How Soon Is Now?, and I hadn't listened to The Smiths since they broke up.

It was great! It was the best birthday in a long time. I got a good workout, too, I could feel the blood pumping and it felt good to get sweaty. Paul is a really fine dancer. He really uses his whole body. I liked to watch him dance, he seemed to be so coordinated. He said I danced good, too.

At the end, I walked downstairs with him to the front door as he pulled his shirt back on. He's been working out, I think. I don't know because I'm not supposed to, but he sure looks like he has been. I was in front of him, he put his hands on my shoulders sort of like I did to him at lunch this week. And then we stood at the door and I told him that I was sorry if I did something to make him mad at me, but I was happy we were friends again. And he smiled and said, again, it wasn't me, then he paused and looked at me and said, no, maybe it was me after all. Then he hugged me.

Then he kissed me.

It happened really suddenly. Or maybe not. I can't really remember. One second he was trying to embrace me, and the next we were kissing. On the lips. And I didn't exactly pull away. And I don't even know why.

No one ever kissed me before. I never wanted to kiss anyone before. And when Paul kissed me, I wanted to kiss him back. I felt hot, but maybe I was still hot from dancing, only this time I felt hot inside, too, if that makes sense. It didn't even feel as weird as I thought it should have.

Then he opened the door and he said, `listen to track two on the CD, Kev.' Then he walked down the path from my door still sort of dancing.

The second track was called Secret. It goes, `Happiness lies in your own hand, it took me much too long to understand, how it could be, until you shared your secret with me.'

I don't think I'll show this page to Jack. •

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