Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

"Right... sure... well, let's go." Jack punched him in the arm, in a friendly gesture. It didn't hurt like it usually did. Fred's arm absorbed the blow. Actually, it felt good.

Fred rubbed his arm where Jack had punched him. A warm feeling spread through his tricep and biceps. He crossed his arms and massaged his upper arms simultaneously, squeezing hard. The warm sensation spread through his arms and up into his shoulders and chest. It felt really good.

Fred realized that he was standing, massaging his biceps and triceps. The sensation was wonderful. Jack was looking at him oddly.

"Sorry, Fred, I didn't mean to hit you so hard."

"Um, its okay, just had a muscle cramp... must have slept funny last night!"

"Didn't think you had any muscle to cramp!"

Fred flexed his arm. A very small bicep jumped up. Still, it was better than nothing. Jack grinned. He was very muscular for his size. He flexed both biceps.

"How's this for biceps?" Jack's biceps were solid, thick, and big. Fred laughed in appreciation.

"You're the Bicep Man, Jack, you're a total muscle god. Probably beat Mr. Universe if you wanted to."

"Yeah, but why waste my talent on a small-time muscle contest like that?" Jack smiled. "I wish I was bigger than Mr. Universe!" Jack was about 5' 9" tall.

"Yeah, me too. You could be a hulking muscle man! Then you could protect me in the wilds of the jungle here."

"Ha ha! very funny." Fred remembered how sensitive Jack was about his height. That was probably why he worked out, to be big and impressive if he couldn't be tall.

They decided to walk up the beach. Fred deliberately headed towards Tom's shack on the beach. He wanted to see if Tom was there. The weight of his huge cock swung with his hips, which was an odd sensation, but after a few minutes he felt more adjusted to it and fell into his natural banter with Jack. Everything seemed much clearer in the sunlight today. His mind was rested and calm, his now longer legs strode easily along the sand, and he was enjoying the tremendous sense of well being he felt. All of the little hurts and aches that normally plagued him seemed gone.

His body reacted with pleasure to the pounding of his feet in the sand. He started to run, and Jack and he raced together for some distance before he even started to get winded. He pulled ahead of Jack, and gained some distance on his stockier friend. Then his heavy cock bounced out of his jock and hung down his leg as he ran, extending 11" flaccid, and flopping and bouncing like a garden hose. Fred quickly stopped, dropped to his knees as if winded, and quickly repackaged his monster. Fred was frantic. Had Jack seen his cock flying? Would he believe what he'd seen? He was red with embarrassment as Jack arrived, his hand still inside his shorts, packing his straining jockstrap with 11" of firehose. Jack looked at him as if he was crazy and Fred pulled his hand halfway out of his shorts and pressed his hand into his side.

"I think I still have that cramp from this morning!" he told Jack. "I have a real stitch in my side!"

Jack bought it. "You shouldn't run so damn fast after breakfast! You ate like a pig!"

"So did you. But you're not hurting."

"Look Fred, we're different, I wish you were as healthy and strong as me."

"Me too!" Fred stood up, and quickly pulled down his t-shirt as Jack looked puzzlingly at his crotch. "I'm feeling better. Let me walk it off!"

They arrived at the shack. There was no one there. The place was deserted... but recently. The signs of the party were everywhere. There was where Tom had been sitting. There was where the dancers had partied. The house was empty, everyone gone. Jack didn't seem to think much of the deserted shack. Fred was puzzled. Whatever magic had happened here, it was gone and done, Fred thought.

Tom was a voodoo man, Fred was sure of that, and had given Fred this gift of a huge penis for saving his life. Of course, he thought, Tom overshot his gift somewhat. But then he realized that he loved being huge hung, even if everyone found out. That was weird, thinking like that. But he wouldn't give up a single inch of his cock now. If he could be with one of his muscle friends now, he thought, they might really get off on him too. That would be wonderful.

Fred was standing in the doorway, in bright sunlight. He absentmindedly was rubbing his chest, scratching some sort of itch, and then rubbed his stomach with his other hand. His whole body had an itch deep inside. It felt good to massage his muscles. He was imagining what it would be like to have a muscle stud worship his cock, and daydreaming. It would be wonderful. He could feel his cock throbbing in the jockstrap. That alone was weird. He usually only came once per day, if that, and he'd jerked off that morning, just a couple hours earlier.

Suddenly he realized something was wrong. He hadn't been paying attention. He'd pulled up his t shirt to rub his stomach. And Jack was standing about ten feet away, staring at his crotch. Just then, his cock burst out of the straining jockstrap and fell down his leg, hanging out of his shorts, bouncing at almost 11 inches.

Jack stared in amazement. Fred was frozen. "Jesus Christ!" whispered Jack. "When did that happen?" Fred stuffed his cock back into his shorts again. It was still an obscene bulge, incredibly thick.

"Last night" Fred quickly told him about Tom. "I'm sorry Jack. Please don't hate me cause I'm gay! I can't help it."

"I don't hate you Fred!! I knew you were gay. I'm bisexual myself. I like women, but I also have a thing for guys. BIG guys. You know I like musclebuilders. Big things turn me on. Please Fred, will you let me see your cock again? Please?"

Reluctantly, Fred pulled down his shorts. His jockstrap bulged incredibly. Fred turned sideways to show it up for Jack.

"Please Fred, let me see."

"Go ahead." Jack quickly kneeled down and pulled down the jockstrap. "Oh my God" Jack breathed as he lowered the jock and saw that Fred's cock was folded up under. He lowered the strap and as he did his friend's cock lengthened as the restraining pressure was loosened. He lowered the strap and Fred's cock unrolled and lengthened, hanging finally at an obscenely huge 10 3/4" soft and 2 1/4" wide at the base.

"incredible" whispered Jack. "Yeah." replied Fred, looking down at Jack with loving eyes. Jack reached out and hefted his pal's cock. It felt wonderful.

"It's so heavy!!! So Fucking Thick!!! So Fucking Long!! Look at that fucking big knobby Cockhead!!! Fuck!!!"

Fred felt the worship wash over him like a wave. His cock lengthened violently 4-5 inches. Jack gasped. "Is that all the way man?" Jack asked. "Not even close" Fred replied. His cock was swaying at halfmast. "Go for it Dude!!! I want you to!!!"

Jack grabbed on with both hands and started stroking. Again the cock lengthened another 4 inches and started to balloon thicker and thicker. In about 15 seconds Fred was completely hard. It was incredibly exciting, even hotter than his morning jerkoff. Jack had to stand and grab the giant erection to reach the enormous red throbbing head with his mouth. Already Fred was oozing a huge amount of precum. Jack was amazed. Fred was amazed by how Jack started sucking on his cock. Jack flashed Fred a hot feral grin and went to work.

The sensation was overwhelming. Fred started moaning deep in his chest. His body was on fire when he finally came, and Jack took Fred's cockhead into his mouth and swallowed all of the cum. When Fred finally pulled loose, a huge gob of cum was dripping from the corner of Jack's mouth. "WOW" said Jack. "Wow!!" said Fred. They kissed deeply, the cum mingling on their tongues. Then they tumbled to the sand in the shade of the shack and fell into each other's arms. Fred's huge cock was resting on Jack's stomach, even becoming flaccid it was a huge snake. Jack and Fred held each other. In a moment, they drifted off to sleep. Fred dreamed of Jack giving him the blowjob again, Jack so hot and big and sexy and muscular, Fred even more sexy and handsome, with a hotter body, and Jack taking Fred's huger than ever cock in his mouth. In the dream Fred came again and again. The dream faded in a jumble of hot erotic images.

Fred wakened as Jack moved under him. He opened his eyes. Something was weird. It turned out that what was weird was Jack. Only it wasn't Jack... Not Fred's Jack. As Fred sat back he saw Jack growing taller, bigger, thicker, more muscular, and more manly. It was the freakiest thing that Fred had ever seen. His youthful vigor persisted but his body was reshaping itself in moments. And Jack was sleeping peacefully through the entire event. His legs sticking out of his trunks visibly swelled with muscle, becoming cut and thick in moments. His t shirt rode up his chest, bunched under his armpits, and rode up to reveal his six pack abs growing thicker and bigger. Jack's abs swelled up looking like thick steel cable under his skin. Jack's shoulders grew impressively wider, and his chest spread wider, his pecs growing deeply thick and cut.

But the most impressive change was Jack's already respectable biceps. They ballooned up massively. His arms lengthened and thickened. His triceps expanded enormously. The xxxl shirt which had hung on Jack like a loose sack now was completely tight, except in the waist, which was still slender and sexy. Fred stood now watching the incredible change in his sleeping friend. Jack's traps were thickening, getting huge. His face was incredibly hot and square cut, with his cute face now completely transformed to a handsome muscle face, but with his youth preserved and amplified. Fred was amazed. Jack's nipples were hard under the t-shirt. They were probably each an inch long. It was incredibly sexy.

The spread of Jack's lats actually lifted the sleeping youth up higher off the sand as they grew and spread into a huge V cut. The growth of Jack's glutes lifted him higher there too, and the tightening shorts showed off Jack's basket to good advantage. Fred was astounded that Jack could sleep through this. Jack stirred in his sleep. Fred was astounded at the size of Jack's thickening biceps. It was incredible.

Jack stirred and woke up. He looked up at Fred, smiled deliciously, and said, "I feel wonderful." His pleasant tenor had changed to a sexier, deeper baritone. Jack eyed Fred hungrily, his gaze falling to Fred's crotch, then a look of surprise crossed his face. "Dude!" Jack said. "You're bigger than ever!" •

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