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Maddox led Jason back to his own quarters rather than Tipton's, thinking that Jerry was not the most security-conscious guys in the world and it was likely that the confidential files were still spread all over the place. He was a little surprised when he found Jerry waiting for him there, but not as surprised as Jerry was when he saw the beautiful Lieutenant following Scott into the room.

"Well, hello." Jerry's voice was a sexual growl of desire.

Scott grinned but said, "Rein it in, Jerry. We're here to talk."

"Just talk?" His eyes stayed locked on Jason's youthful beauty. Scott glanced over and had to admire the lad's steely resolve to remain at attention under the obvious scrutiny.

"Just talk. Jason, take a seat. Jerry, maybe you should sit over there," he said, gesturing at the bed sitting opposite the desk where Jason was now sitting. Maddox remained standing. He crossed his arms and sighed, heavily. "Let's get one thing straight right now, Lieutenant. I'm your superior officer but not your superior. What I want now is the truth. Truth takes trust, and you can't totally trust someone you think is above you, am I right?"

"Fuckin' A!"

"I was speaking to Jason, Jerry, but thanks for your vote of confidence."

"Any time, Scott."


"Yes, sir."

"Please call me Scott."

"Yes, sir."

Maddox shook his head. "Okay, I see we have some deprogramming to do – but that can wait. Tell me about your roommate, Jason." The copper- skinned youth pursed his lips and his almond eyes narrowed. "I can make it an order, but I don't want to. If it's easier, you ask me a question and we'll share information."

Jason glanced instead at Jerry, who smiled sinfully. "How do you do that?"

Jerry's eyebrows wiggled. "Which `that' in particular?"

"You grew. Back there. I saw you."

Jerry nodded. "I'm an improved model. Special effects included." To demonstrate, he lifted his arm to swell the bicep into power – and then allowed to continue to swell. More and more massive it grew, filling the entire space between shoulder and elbow. He looked at Jason and lifted the other arm, performing the exact same feat. Then his bent his head back slightly and his chest began to swell as well. In a matter of moments, Lassiter looked like he had gained dozens of pounds of solid muscle all across his upper body. His chest swelled out into two massive balls, the nipples pointing straight down. "Impressive, huh?"

Jason's mouth hung open, and his crotch was showing definite interest as well, but he said, "You haven't answered my question."

Jerry nodded. "I've been genetically altered to an extreme degree, due partly to a formula I developed with a partner of mine. I am much older than I look, and if I were to grow to my full height neither of you handsome gentlemen would be sharing these quarters with me, now."

"How big? You looked about eight feet tall back there with Jay Lee."

"Quite a bit bigger than that."

"Dr. Lassiter can reach eighteen feet in height," Maddox answered. Jason's mouth immediately quirked into a frown of doubt, but Lassiter nodded.


"Now?" Lassiter leaned forward, his heavy dick showing its own growth potential as it began to swell and lengthen along his muscled thigh. Maddox wagged a finger at Jerry as Jason's eyes widened – as did the smile on his youthful face. "Save it, Doctor. Jason, you understand the final… Jason? Earth to Jason!"

"Sir! Yes, sir!"

"At ease," he said, glancing at the kid's crotch, "if you can. As I was saying, you understand what The Program is, what's going on with your body?"

"I have suspicions, sir, but I am not allowed to know everyth…"

Jerry spoke up. "The Program is an on-going investigation concerning the building of the human body, specifically the male human body, with the ultimate goal being to create a fighting machine capable of being placed into any situation, no matter how dangerous or volatile, and managing not only to survive without weapons of any sort but also to take control of that situation to the benefit of the United States."

"In a nutshell," finished Maddox. "And to that end, Main Office has been assigned the task of recruiting likely candidates and performing a series of tests and experiments on said candidates, a.k.a. you, to see how they adapt, function, perform, and otherwise evolve into bigger, better, stronger specimens of the human male."

Jason simply nodded. "I figured as much. I know enough about biology and anatomy to know that I should have stopped getting taller after turning 18. I had a growth spurt in High School that shot me up 4 inches in a year. I've been at Main Office about 8 months and grown another half a foot in that time, not to mention getting a whole lot bigger… in every department." He grinned and his dick seemed to swell a bit in his trousers.

"A very happy side-effect," Jerry added, cupping his own ample cock in his huge paw. Jason's wide, white smile returned and he raised an eyebrow.

"Gentlemen, I understand that the level of testosterone in this room is probably higher than on the USS Enterprise under full battle conditions, but time is of the essence. Lieutenant, tell me about Jay Lee."


"What happened in your room?"

"Oh. Well, we were… That is, Jay and I were just… We were…"


"No sir. Not yet. I mean, I don't mean, oh, shit."

"Go on."

"We were horsing around, sir. He'd been ordered off post and I had some time to kill and, well, one thing lead to another and then Jay, sir, he started acting a little more crazy than usual and pounding me into the walls."

"More crazy than usual?"

"Uhm yes. Permission to speak frankly sir?"

"By all means."

"We're big guys, Jay and me. And Jay, he's got lots of excess… energy. And me, well, I kind of like things… a little… rough. In general." He looked at Jerry who smiled broadly. Then so did Jason. "He's pretty damned strong, as you may have noticed. Usually he makes things challenging, this time he made things almost dangerous. He said something before things got out of hand, something about a feeling he'd been having or something. I thought he was just, you know, making playtime more interesting. But I guess it was more than that."

He was looking at Jerry intently, which made Scott divert his attention, too. Jerry had been developing quite a bit over the course of Jason's explanation. He looked to be nearing his eight-foot height again and muscle was swelling everywhere. His body looked like bread dough rising, what with the two round mountains of his chest swelling and separating, his bi's and tri's bulging, his legs growing longer and thicker and his cockhead pushing hungrily against his now skintight pants. He'd allowed his face to take on more masculine beauty and his smile made him look sexy and dangerous.

Scott looked back at Jason, who was now sweating profusely. The kid's body looked like it was straining to remain where it was, the muscles bulging, veined and striated. His neck looked tight and his eyes had narrowed. He remained at ease, his hands clasped behind his back, but a guard dog straining at his chain would look less anxious than Jason. His uniform was growing dark with sweat and he licked his lips slowly, letting his mouth drop open to suck in deep breaths. Scott heard Jerry say, "Something wrong?" His words were saturated with the Voice so that even Scott felt it shake his bones and make his cock swell and stiffen.

"Jerry," he warned, not looking over.

"What?" His tone was innocent, but again the deep baritone shook Scott's whole body, it was a tongue on his ass, a mouth on his dick. "I'm just laying here." Scott heard movement but he was almost afraid to see what Jerry looked like now, but his curiosity got the better of him – because Jason's eyes were saucered and his breathing was growing quick and ragged.

Jerry was naked and beautiful. His body was overwhelmed with brawn as he leisurely stroked the huge prick lying full and ripe across his muscled thigh with the back of his huge right hand. His skin was golden and glowing with a silken sheen, begging to be touched. His body was developing as Scott watched, the muscles swelling with more and more striated and deeply etched power. Veins, some as thick as fingers, appeared and were swallowed up by the growing strength lining his limbs and torso, the cables of vascular beauty multiplying and blooming across his form.

Maddox was amazed by two things; Lassiter's abilities to develop himself into the godlike vision sprawled across the mattress looking so close to perfect that Maddox himself could feel the tug of need as he scanned the bulging muscular beauty growing still bigger as he watched, and the kid's sense of duty, the sheer discipline he was able to command to keep standing where he was – even as his own hard dick was stretching his pants to the limit – rather than surrender to Jerry's ample muscular artillery and jump the man's bones here and now.

Maddox pulled his eyes from the superman on the bed and said, "Attention, Lieutenant!" Jason obeyed immediately, his eyes looking in front of him and not at the sex machine developing on the bed. "Dr. Lassiter, could you curtail your activities until I get my answers, please?"

"I bet," he answered, his deep tone saturated with sexual desire, "we could do both." He moved forward on the bed, his sinuous movements promising deeply sexual satisfaction, and then stood up and moved into Jason's line of sight. "Jason," he growled, stepping inches away from the kid, towering over him now so that the powerfully-built young man was staring a hole through Jerry's immense and darkly furred chest, "tell Scott about Jay, please."

"Yes, sir." Jason licked his lips as Jerry's hand moved onto his hip. "I… Jay Lee and I… oh, holy fucking Jesus." Jason's eyes rolled up in his head and he arched his neck, his whole body stretching and flexing as if in total ecstasy. Scott could not see what was causing the reaction, but he had a good idea.

"Dr. Lassiter? Could you extract your touch from whatever orifice you may be exploring, please?"

Jerry let out a deep rumble of a laugh. "Just another moment, please. I've almost… ah, there we go." Jason's whole body shuddered and a dark, wet patch appeared and began to quickly spread across his crotch. He pulled in several sharp, deep breaths and then leaned his head into Jerry's massive frame. The smile on his face was unmistakable.

"Impressive," Scott admitted.

"After all," Jerry said, turning slightly to show Maddox his perfect and beautiful face, "I am a doctor." He leaned down and kissed the top of Jason's head. "I know how men are put together."

"And apparently how to pry them apart." Scott was looking at Jason, wondering absently how he felt and feeling a twinge of jealousy. The boy seemed to come back to his senses and he pulled himself off Lassiter's body, his hands moving down to cover the dark stain on his pants. "You were saying, Lieutenant?"

"Ah, excuse me, sir. May I be excused to change?" His eyes gazed up and he seemed mesmerized by Jerry's unavoidable countenance.

Jerry answered first. "Why don't we just get you out of those right now?" And his powerful hands, moving very swiftly, simply ripped the clothes from Jason's lower body exposing his stiff, red, glistening tool. His thick load dripped down the shaft and onto his smooth, heavy nutsack. The muscles of his legs were bulging and tensed. At this point, Scott was ready to give in.

"All right, guys, why don't we all get around this little roadblock before we get down to business, then?" He stripped his shirt off and began unzipping his pants. Jason and Jerry were naked and lip-locked before he had them off.

Jay Lee stood at attention inside Sherman's office. He was a mountain of raw power, his body still massive with the muscle he'd pumped to hugeness during his fight with his roommate. Tipton sat behind his desk, his eyes scanning the screen to his left. Jay Lee could not see what the General saw, but he could guess at the contents.

He was sweating through his uniform, his body still overheated and now the added fear of what might happen to him, that he might get booted from this place that accepted him and he might never see Jason again, coursed through him like lava. He steadied his breathing but it still felt like the seams of his shirt were going to split any moment. The thing had been tailored for his massive physique specifically, it wasn't supposed to be tight like this. The last time he felt this way was…

"What do you have to say for yourself, soldier?" The voice was calm but Jay heard menace in it.

"Sir. I apologize for my behavior. I have no excuse, sir."

Tipton's bushy eyebrow arched. "What came over you?"

"Sir. I… I felt…" He was unsure how to answer, afraid the question was loaded and anything he said would just dig a deeper hole. He felt something give slightly under his right armpit, heard a tiny tearing noise to accompany the sudden rush of coolness on his skin.

"Spit it out, Lieutenant!"

"Sir. I had no intention of hurting Lieutenant Fortaleza. We were… engaged in… hand to hand combat training. Sir."

Sherman Tipton remained motionless as his eyes flickered to the replay of that `combat' on his screen. His brain was thinking what a remarkable pair these two young specimens were, how agile and strong their bodies looked, how very… lively their combat was. "Go on."

"Sir. I felt something. Inside." He felt something outside, too. Another tear was opening on the opposite arm, on the shoulder blade. He could feel his chest press against the shirt. His nipples felt hot and hard and tingling. The fire of madness was gone, but something else was still there, trying to get out. Something filled with passion and strength and power.

"Describe it, please." Sherman watched as Jason swallowed Jay's prodigious and extremely long penis. He seemed to have a talented throat, for whatever that was worth in the battle field.

"Sir. It was like I was – hungry. As if I couldn't… could not control a need." Sherman looked over. "Sir."

"A need to do what, Lieutenant?" He looked more closely at the young man. "Are you feeling all right, son?" And were you aware that your neck is stretching the shirt all to hell and those buttons on your chest are about to burst off like over-anxious seed pods?

"Sir, yes sir!"

There was something to be said for military programming, but Tipton needed some truth. "Lieutenant Curtis, report your current state!" Tipton could bark when he needed to.

And he always got results. "Sir. I think I'm growing, sir!"

"Explain your statement, Lieutenant!"

"Sir. Based on the feeling that my clothing is shrinking and I am becoming more uncomfortable each second, sir! I believe that my body is growing bigger, sir!"

"At ease, Lieutenant." The lad was getting bigger by the second. Already the rips in his uniform had split the seams along his lats and across his shoulders, and the muscle appeared to be rising like bread dough.

"Yes, sir."

"Take your shirt off if you'd be more comfortable."


He looked down, noting that it wasn't just his muscles developing. The zipper was nearly burst apart. "Pants, too, if that will relieve your discomfort."

"Sir, thank you sir." He began to disrobe, but his body was going to beat him to it.

Tipton looked at his now nearly naked form and figured that what had taken six hours them looked be happening in a space of minutes. Already the young man's chest was much larger – he could almost see ir growing heavier, the rounded globes of muscle filling out under his burnished skin, the fat, round nipples pointing toward the floor. His belly was rippling with growth, and his shoulders bloomed wider with thick power. Tipton pointedly avoided looking at Jay Lee's crotch, but even peripherally the growth occurring there was nothing short of amazing. "Lieutenant, report immediately to Lab One."


"Now, Mister!" Tipton picked up the phone as Jay Lee left his office, nearly naked and getting bigger with every step.

Jay Lee sat upright in what he thought of as a fancy-ass Lazy Boy. His legs stretched out in front of him, his arms resting on the chair's arms, his ass seated firmly against the fairly cold plastic. Sensors adhered to his body at various places and he could hear the soft whirr of the air cycling unit and not much else. He was alone in Lab One, left there after some small guy in a white coat hooked him up and left.

He sighed, looking down at the muscle growing along his thighs. He'd sat up to watch the growing because when he sat back, his huge chest now hid everything from him. He wanted very badly to grab his dick and start jerking. It felt hot and heavy and hungry for his touch, or someone's. He thought of Jason and it jerked in response, a happy little monster with one eye that was also continually swelling larger. He left his hands where they were, though, because he'd been told to relax, and although that could be interpreted in a variety of ways he sort of doubted that the military considered whacking off one of them.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feelings his body was delivering. He could feel himself growing heavier, getting stronger, swelling larger by the second. How big was he now, anyway? This morning he was 7' 2", but when he entered this room his head brushed the entryway, which he knew to be an even 8 feet high. He weighed closed to 400 lbs, all that dense muscle hanging off his bones added up, He knew what that felt like, and now he felt twice that heavy, but he doubted that was true. Still, as he moved his blue-eyed gaze to his right arm and the swelling cables of power, twisting it slightly and watching the muscle swell with sudden growth, he smiled and thought that maybe 550 wasn't out of the question.

The feeling was like electricity inside him, but not sharp or uncomfortable. Instead it was like the hard, erotic thrum he felt after a strenuous workout, like all his muscles burned with power, as if he were hard as iron and stronger than almost anyone – except maybe that guy who pulled him off Jason.

Whoever the fuck that guy was. He'd had some serious shit done to him. Had to be. No one was that big without… and then he chuckled softly as he considered how others might look at him.

He felt a sudden deep pleasurable shock erupt inside him, and his dick jumped again. He lay back down on the chair to allow that sexual power to coat him, as all his muscles kept on getting bigger, and his dick kept begging for his touch. He could feel it, this time. He could feel himself getting bigger and stronger. He never wanted the feeling to stop.

In another room, that small white-smocked man was reading the results of the probes on Jay Lee's body, and talking into a phone. "No, sir, there is no sign it's stopping. In fact…"

Tipton waited. But not very long. "Spit it out, Doctor."

"It appears to be accelerating. As if the more muscle he develops, the faster it develops as well. As if it's feeding on itself."

"This is the result of the testosterone overload?"

"Can't say for sure, General. I've never encountered anything like this."

But Tipton knew someone who had.

Scott was licking Jason's ample prick while Jerry was plowing his ass when the phone on his desk went off. He knew who it had to be, that man's timing was amazing. He'd decided some time earlier that he would be taking Jason along on whatever the mission turned out to be no matter what. The boy was seriously talented, and that dark skin was smooth as silk over his hard, bulging muscle. Jerry was nothing short of perfect in face and form, and his lovemaking lesson were certainly paying off now. They'd been going at it for half an hour, all stiff as boards and huge as trees, but no one had come yet.

Scott growled and shot a glare at the insistent ringing. He tuned to gaze into the camera's lens, knowing full well that they were being monitored and recorded like everything else in this place, but at that moment the monitoring was being done in person, and the phone wouldn't stop ringing until he answered it.

Jerry moaned in his deep baritone and said, "Ignore it."

Scott grimaced as he felt the good doctor fill him up deep and full and said, "Can't. Duty calls."

Rather than disengage, Jerry grew bigger and reached over, his huge hand swallowing up the entire phone and brought it to Scott, who picked up the receiver as his body spasmed with incredible jolts of sexual satisfaction. "This is Maddox."

"Stop fucking around and report immediately to Lab One, Major."

Jesus, Scott thought, this must be serious. He couldn't remember the last time Sherman had used the `F' word – and so creatively, too. "We aren't exactly dressed for anything other than..."

"You and the doctor. I mean now, Mister!"

"Immediately, sir." The line went dead.

Jerry, however, was very much alive and showed no sign of stopping. "We gotta go."

"Don't you mean `we gotta come'?"

"Something serious must've happened, and I have more than a suspicion that it involves Jason's friend Jay Lee." Jason's face immediately registered the stun he felt, and he was already getting dressed by the time Jerry and Scott had stopped fucking.

"I'm going," he announced.

Jerry looked at Scott, expecting him to deny the request. Instead he merely shrugged and said, "Why the fuck not."

Scott frowned but then remembered the General's orders. "Don't bother with finding a shirt, kid. Apparently, it's a come as you are party." Jerry merely grinned. "My favorite kind."

Jay Lee was still expanding when the three men met the General in the observation deck. Below them, in the pit, the lone human subject looked now more like a gorilla, although he was the handsomest and most well endowed gorilla any of them had ever seen.

Jay Lee's muscles continued to develop to superhuman proportions. Additionally, a shining forest of golden blonde body hair was sprouting in the crevasses and spreading thick and soft above his huge male appendage. His chest was capped with large, dark nipples that stuck out an inch, at least, and the smile on his still boyish face displayed that his was certainly in no pain.

His cock was fat and long and thick. It complemented the size of his muscles, which seemed to be – as they watched – unfolding out of some hidden source, billowing outward in heavy brutality. He was muscle everywhere, and it just kept coming.

"Shit," said Jason, summing it up for all of them.

"Must you take my orders so literally?" The General was pointedly not looking at Scott and Jerry, both completely naked and coated in a sheen of sweat, the smell of their coupling (and he thought, absently, if three are involved, is it still called coupling?) and their physical pursuits hanging in the air rank and feral. The good doctor stood a head taller than Maddox, his perfected body barely breathing even though they'd run here (naked? Didn't that hurt?) from the other side of the complex. At least Maddox had the decency to look winded.

"You said immediately, sir," Maddox responded, clearly happy to be putting the General ill at ease.

Jerry was looking intently at Jay Lee, seemingly oblivious to his nudity. "What did you give him?"

"Nothing, Doctor. It began in my office. He simply started growing." Jerry glanced at the stats. Maddox did too, and whistled. The young man on the table below, whose legs now extended so long that they hung off the end of the 8-foot long bed, whose shoulders were now so wide that the 5-foot wide table was entirely hidden, now weighed in at 628 lbs. and was gaining about a pound a minute. "Amazing," Scott said.

But Jerry was shaking his head. "We have to stop it."

"Which is why I called you here," Tipton said, turning to meet their eyes. Then he approached Jerry, who towered over the fat man, his perfectly developed collection of golden brawn a ridiculous contrast to the older man's folds of fat and wrinkled flesh. "What can you do?" Jerry raised a slender dark eyebrow and turned from the cascade of figures on the monitor. "I can think of one thing I can do that will immediately stop it. However, it will invalidate our agreement."

"There's nothing else?"

The doctor sighed. "Given time, probably." He nodded at the wide window, beneath which the young man continued to swell with increasing bulges of hard muscle. "Which I'm afraid we don't have."

Scott looked at each man, measuring their composure. Jerry looked confident, but he had a face on him that probably looked confident given any set of circumstances. Major General Sherman Tipton was starting to sweat. He knew he only had one ace to play against the perfect man beside him, and he was about to tip his hand. Jason wasn't even paying attention to anything but his friend and lover on the floor below. He was clearly stuck on a fence between feeling scared shitless and feeling horny as hell.

"All right," Tipton said finally, "but this does not invalidate anything. You understand that?"

"Only too well." Still, a slim smile slipped across Jerry's sensuous lips.

Maddox found himself smiling as well. He would finally see the process he had been dreaming about.

The only bad part was that it wouldn't be happening to him. •

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