Legend of Spring Creek, The


By FanTCMan

In the small community of Spring Creek, Indiana, the stream still meanders through the center of town, the residents, all three hundred fifty souls, still tend their tidy farms and run their small businesses, far from the main roads of urban traffic, and life moves slowly, as it always has. No one there talks to outsiders about the sad day, just after the turn of the new millennium, when all the sixteen year old boys disappeared. But in the quiet of evenings, by their fires or on their front porches, the talk of aliens is whispered, and the sense of dread lies heavy on the countryside. The only ones who could say for sure what happened, the high school boys that never came home, had gone with their secret. No trace was found of them, and no word ever came back about where they had gone. The only thing everyone knew was that, on that gloomy day, when the clouds had hung low and dark, at just quarter to five on a humid summer afternoon, a bright, unearthly light had flashed in the sky, flashed so brightly that the entire town and all the farms around it were bathed for an instant in a blinding light. That was all. And the boys never came home.

Robbie Seavers had been raking the back yard when he saw the light. Billy Raines and John Dillon were shooting hoops by the barn. Kyle Malone had just left Susan at the counter of the coffee shop to go to the bathroom. For that brief moment, the light was so intense that everyone had shielded their eyes, and when they could see again moments later, the boys were gone.

Billy thought he must have passed out. He'd never done that before. Kyle thought he'd had a heart attack or something. John and Robbie felt like they'd been jolted with some kind of electric shock that had knocked them off their feet and out of consciousness. They had no idea how long they had been unconscious, if it had been seconds or hours, but when they came to, they all found themselves together in some kind of room, like a small featureless warehouse. They were all there, all the guys from high school their own age, all completely disoriented, and the room was bright and empty.

"WAKE UP!" a voice boomed from the ceiling, a strange voice, mechanical and with an accent. It was a very strange accent, but the boys weren't thinking about that as they woke up and found themselves lying around the room on the floor. The only thing they registered at that first awareness was panic. They were all naked, and whatever had happened was terrifying, and they had no idea what had happened, or what was happening even as they sat up and looked around. Some of them tried to cover themselves with their hands, and some didn't even think about that. They got to their feet.

There was a commotion as they all registered their fear and began to ask each other what had happened, but the voice boomed again. "No talking. Line up by the chamber. You will enter the chamber one at a time."

At one end of the room was a small chamber against the wall with what appeared to be a door with no handle or knob on it, just a seam in the wall. They stood around, no one wanting to be first, but the voice ordered them again.

"You will all line up NOW."

A few boys, the more easily intimidated, moved reticently toward the door, looking at the others to follow, not to let them go alone. Kyle backed away and said, "No fucking way, man. I'm not going there," and he separated from the others and moved toward the back of the room. But he had only taken a couple of steps when all the others saw a strange bolt of light come from nowhere, like lightning, and Kyle jerked and screamed with pain, caught like a bug in a zapper. It only lasted a second, but when it released him, he fell to the floor.

"That one will go first," the voice said.

Now Kyle was not going to risk another horrible shock, so he stood up, and full of growing fear, almost cried as he looked at Billy and Robbie and John.

"Come on, you guys, come with me, please."

His buddies, doing their best to maintain their cool and stay the leaders their reputations demanded, followed and started the line at the chamber door where the other boys gathered behind them. They moved in silence now, the sight of Kyle's swift punishment pushing them where none of them wanted to go.

Then, to their total amazement and horror, the door slid upward with a whoosh, and two small beings, gray-skinned with large dark eyes, no other facial features, long, snake-like arms, and gray robes, glided out of the chamber. The boys were frozen with fear.

The two creatures came to Kyle at the head of the line, and each took one of Kyle's arms and led him into the chamber. He tried to resist, crying, "No, wait, please. What are you gonna do? Where are you taking me?" But they forced him into the chamber and the door slid closed behind them.

The room fell into paralyzed silence. They couldn't begin to compute what they had just seen. They waited. And in a few minutes, barely audible, from behind the door, they heard the muffled sound of Kyle's voice.

"Shit. Oh, shit. What is that? What are you doing? Oh, my God. Oh, oh, oh my God."

There was silence again for a minute or two. Maybe it was a long time. No one could really tell. It was as thought time had warped somehow, and this had to be some kind of terrible dream. Then they heard Kyle's voice again.

"Oh, fuck. Oh God. What's happening? What's going on? Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck."

Then silence again. Now and then, the silence was broken by the muffled sound of Kyle's voice, only he was just saying, "Oh, oh, oh God, oh no, oh God, oh, oh, oh."

It seemed they stood there listening in silence for a long time, maybe half an hour, maybe more, and all they heard was Kyle's voice, exclaiming again and again. They didn't want to believe what they couldn't explain or understand, but his voice began to change, little by little. It grew deeper and more resonant, and slowly the fear they heard began to sound more like, they didn't know, but almost like he was enjoying whatever was happening, like he was having some kind of sexual experience. His groans became like the sounds they all knew from making them themselves when they felt themselves getting closer and closer to that most incredible experience, still new and exciting for them--the unmistakable sound of reaching an orgasm. They would have sworn that he was making the kinds of sounds that escape from a guy when he finally feels his body explode in sexual climax, only deeper and so much more intense that it might also have been unbelievable pain.

Then the room fell into silence. The sound of a similar doorway whooshed, but nothing happened, and they all stood still and held their breaths, waiting for Kyle to come out. But the door opened, and the two small creatures came out again, and now they took Billy Raines into the chamber. He tried to resist, but his fear prevented much struggle, and the door slid closed behind him.

Once again, they heard silence and then the sound of Billy's voice.

"Oh, shit. Oh, oh God. Oh my God. Oh unnhh. Nnnhh.." He was in some kind of intense pain. They could tell it was the sound of pain. Something was happening inside the chamber that had seized Billy and was squeezing moans and cries from him. They looked at each other, afraid to say anything, afraid to try to move. The sounds got more extreme and intense, and the voice grew deeper, and then, as before, the pain mixed with the sound of incredibly intense sexual excitement.

Next they took John Dillon He dragged his feet, but they pulled him along like he weighed nothing. And after the door closed, the same thing happened again. Some of the boys had tears running down their faces, with the guys disappearing one by one, after enduring some kind of horrible pain that changed into unearthly, ungodly kind of animal noises of sexual intensity.

Then it was Robbie's turn. They dragged him into the chamber.

Once inside, the two creatures held him by the arms and he felt himself begin to grow unable to move. The floor beneath him began to glow, and the ceiling glowed, and when the two creatures stepped aside, he was paralyzed by the light that arced between the floor and the ceiling and held him in some kind of unbelievably strong force-field.

Like a current of electricity, it coursed through his body. Within seconds, he felt on fire as his muscles began to contract so hard he felt like his entire body was being seized by a cramp so strong he couldn't even scream.

"Oh, God," He could only moan through clenched jaws.

"Oh shit, oh my God. Oh, oh."

The cramping was so intense, every muscle was flexed until he felt like he was going to tear apart. He quaked, shivered, jerked involuntarily.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, God. Oh, oh, oh." What was happening? He felt his arms and legs start to grow thicker.

His dick got hard. His back muscles thickened against his arms and began to lift them away from his sides. He could hardly look down it was so hard to move, but he saw his chest begin to swell. He was changing, changing fast, and his muscles grew bigger and thicker.

"Ohhh, unnnhhh." He clenched his jaw so tightly he couldn't even talk any more.

His legs continued to grow thicker and thicker with muscle, and his arms were becoming gigantically huge and thick. His pecs were swelling wider and thicker, and dark hair sprouted all over them.

And his dick was so hard, he'd never felt so hard in his life. And it felt heavy, very heavy, and getting heavier. He forced his head down to look over the growing swell of his gigantic pecs, and he saw that his cock was growing as much as the rest of him. It was huge. Enormous. What the fuck was happening? And now the intensity of sexual arousal swept over him. He couldn't help it. He was turned on by what was happening. He was scared as he had ever been in his life, but he felt so hot and so sexy, he couldn't stop the flood of feelings.

"Uuunnnngg. Unnhhh. Uuuunnnggghhh."

He couldn't even believe how hot this was making him feel, in spite of how scared he still was. Seeing his body growing massive with muscle, feeling it get heavier and thicker, his muscles getting so incredibly thick, turned him on more than anything ever had, more than he could even imagine. He was gigantic. His muscles were obscenely huge and still growing, and his cock was dripping precum now as it exceeded two feet in length and grew thicker than his wrist. He felt himself so turned on he was about to cum. He couldn't help it. He didn't even want to help it. Fuck, he felt hot. He could feel himself getting closer and closer, and he knew that he was going to have an orgasm, and he wanted to feel it, feel how strong and deep and intense it would be. Oh, fuck, he couldn't hold back, and he didn't want to. He wanted to feel his huge body explode with the sex he felt looking at himself. Oh, god. The feeling gripped his groin, and he felt it build, grab him, start to spasm from his toes to his head, and then it spurted out of his huge, hot cock, shooting and shooting, over and over.

When he was done cumming, he felt like he'd shot his brains out of his cock with all that hot cum, and he couldn't say a word. He couldn't even really focus or form any thoughts. He could only marvel at the intense turn on of his body, so beautifully distended with muscle, his cock heavy and thick and so incredibly huge, probably three feet now, his arms and legs, chest and stomach covered with new, dark hair that looked and felt so masculine and hot. His fear was gone. He didn't care about the two little creatures standing there as another door in front of him slid open.

In front of him was the outside. Were he was no longer mattered. There were strange trees, like palm trees, and green grass, and a beach, and a green sea, and just outside, on the green grass, were Billy and John and Kyle. He would know his buddies anywhere. Their faces were their faces, but their bodies were like his. The three of them were so involved in animal sex together they hardly noticed him come out and walk toward them. Kyle was stroking his gigantic cock and feeling his monster pecs, completely absorbed by his own body, watching as John was holding Billy's hips while Billy bent over, giving his big, hard, muscled ass to John's huge cock, and John's eyes were glazed with the feeling of his dick plunging deep and hard into Billy's ass. Robbie felt his cock, so heavy it pulled on his groin, grow hard again as he waked over toward Kyle. He wanted to say something, but his mind couldn't form any words or thoughts.

Only feelings that gripped him and made him want to kiss Kyle's gorgeous face, feel his unbelievably huge and beautiful muscles, feel Kyle's hands on his body, fuck him, and feel Kyle's huge cock sink its weight into his hot, hot ass.

One by one, the boys went into the chamber and emerged as gigantic muscled stud animals, capable only of responding to the drive of their sex. They had no thoughts any more of home, of family, of girlfriends or farms or school. They only had these unbelievable bodies and the relentless, intense drive of their sexuality, demanding constant attention and release that never released, but only demanded more and more.

Somewhere on a small island in the deep ocean, an island uninhabited and hostile on all the maps, a group of boy animals gave amusement to their masters and supplied a constant supply of their boy-man cum for the laboratories where their alien masters used it as the base for a transforming formula with which they would tame an unruly and potentially dangerous planet. Each was milked by a machine that sucked them to orgasm several times a day, and other than periodically having to shove their cocks into the milking machines, they had only to graze and frolic and experience the extreme pleasure of their unquenchable desire and need. Each was in love with his body and the bodies of the others. Small creatures moved among them, herding them, collecting their sperm for their experiments with the human race.

The boys had no past that they could remember, no future that concerned them, no thought of anything but the intense sexuality of their incredible bodies, and no language but the language of the sex. And in Spring Creek, no one spoke, except in whispers, of the day the boys all disappeared. •

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