Hot July, A

A Man's World


By FanTCMan

By the time anyone realized what was really happening at the mansion, it was way past being able to do anything about it. Neighbors called to complain, but by the time the cops got there, the neighbors had forgotten why they had called, the women drifting away, just not caring, and the men slipping into the erotic throes of transforming into handsome, beautiful creatures of muscle and uncontrollable sexuality. Even the cops were soon out of uniform, their bodies experiencing the liberating thrill of changing into powerful and erotic creatures whose only thoughts were physical, the complete enjoyment of their male physicality, so muscular, so massive and masculine, so insistently sexual that their drive pushed everything else out of their heads.

Even language, when communication was needed beyond a look or a touch in response to the flexing of huge muscles or the prodding of a gigantic cock, had devolved into little more than the simplest phrases, like, "yeah, fuck, man. You like my muscle, don't ya? You want this huge cock? Yeah. Awww, yeah. Awww fuck, yeah." Some people were uncomfortable with the sight of men, there were few boys left, now, displaying their exaggerated maleness with total abandon, not caring who saw, flaunting and reveling in what they had become. Most, however, had become used to the sight of coltish play and display and paid little mind to males in stores, malls, walking around town or romping in yards and parks, wearing the most revealing clothes or trunks, if they wore anything at all, and no more shy about sporting erections of their mammoth members than they were of flexing their massive muscles, which they did almost constantly, either for the sexual stimulation of other prodigiously endowed males, or simply for themselves, in front of mirrors or reflective shop windows, often engaging in masturbation as casually as one might scratch an itch, although with considerably more zeal and intense, vocal and physical arousal.

So it was, with little hope of recovering them, and more than a little thrill at the thought of being forced to join them, that two young, male executives from the station went to the estate of The Company to find Todd Andrews and Paul, his cameraman, who had last been seen on that tape, obviously undergoing the very transformation they had set out to document.

They were surprised, David and Shep, when they were told to doff their clothes at the door and doused with the mist that forced them into instant sexual arousal. Even as they were led down the hall, they knew they were already experiencing the beginning of that same transformation as they walked with steel hard erections, their minds turning inexorably toward their own arousal. They felt the power of the elixir overtaking them even as they were escorted to the grounds where they were introduced to Todd and Paul.

One of the last things either David or Shep remembered was the shock of seeing the former reporter and cameraman, both so massively muscled that they would dwarf any competitive bodybuilder, both openly enjoying together the astounding genitalia they had grown, both so handsome as to make Apollo himself jealous, and both apparently unable to grasp, or at least to care, that they were being introduced by name to men who had known them. They responded to their names as playful dogs might, and went back, with little more thought, to the mutual admiration and stimulation they had been enjoying.

Todd Andrews did look back at the two new guys, as if to say, "Am I fucking beautiful, or what? Watch this," as he turned Paul around, bent him over, and slowly, deliberately, pushed his massive cockhead against Paul's thick, hairy butt, between the muscular cheeks, and then deep inside. When he was into the stunning stud, he flexed his arms for the new guys, forcing granite hard muscles to bulge to a girth of thirty inches or so, and both David and Shep, driven by instincts that were quickly taking them over, erasing all thought except their sexuality, felt the huge muscles with their hands, and kissed each other as they did.

Two thousand miles away, Cole walked down the street toward home, purposely taking the long way so he could walk by his school. He thought he might be the first kid his age to be going through the transformation, and he was feeling so hot about how huge his cock and balls were getting so fast, he hoped some of the kids he knew would see him. Even as he walked, he could feel his cock still getting bigger inside his pants, and his balls, too. He looked down, and his balls looked like he had a couple grapefruits stuffed down the legs of his pants, and his dick was so fat it looked amazing and it jutted out by his hip, tenting his pants out to the side instead of the front. A few people had passed him in cars and he could tell they were staring and making comments, but it just made him feel great. He just totally didn't care what anybody thought. Except he did. He wanted to make people feel the way he felt, that excitement that made him want to cum. Well, guys, anyway. He only thought about the guys. When he did pass the school, some of the kids were hanging around the playground. At first they didn't recognize him, but then they did.

"Cole," they said, "Hey, Cole! Man. Did you do that stuff? Wow, look at you, Cole. What's your mom gonna say? Look at you. You're huge!"

Cole stood there, letting them look him over, feeling so proud and so hot, just standing there and grinning with his huge dick and huge balls, feeling even bigger when the kids started talking about them, pointing out how big he was. And he could feel his huge cock getting harder, going rock hard, totally boning, and he felt so cool just getting a giant boner while the kids looked.

"How big is it, Cole?" one of the kids said. Then another: "Come on, Cole. Let us see it." Then one of the girls said, "Eeewww, look, he'd got hair all over his chest." But one of the boys said, "Wow, cool. And you got tall, man. And you got muscles." Then they were all saying, "Come on, Cole, let us see. Come on. At least take off your shirt."

Now Cole's T shirt was fitting so tight that he was aware of his chest muscles sticking out, and his arms looking muscular, and he was feeling pretty muscular in general, the way his legs rubbed together when he was walking, feeling all thick and hard. But now, with this teasing, he felt so powerful, so cool, so into his body and how it was changing into such a total stud bod, he reached up and grabbed the neck of the shirt and ripped it open all the way down the front. "Wow!" the kids said. "Look at him! Look at those muscles, all that hair!"

Cole pulled the shirt from his arms and let them just look at him for a minute. He even looked down at himself, and was surprised by how much more he'd changed since he'd left those mirrors in the pool house. He had to look over his pecs, now, they were getting so thick, and they were wide, now, too, pushing on his arms, and all covered with hair, and it had all turned dark. It wasn't fuzz anymore, it was really hair. And it followed a bumpy road, narrowing beneath his pecs into that trail that rose and dipped through the valley in the center of his abs, spilling into the cuts between his hard, thick, cobbled stomach muscles, and on down over his tight hard belly, spreading wide into thick pubic hair that they could all see at the low-hanging, gapping waistband of his pants. Then he slowly lifted his arms, flared his lats, and struck a double biceps pose. He was so turned on by himself that he could feel his huge dick starting to leak precum, and a stain started to spread at his hip where the head was pushing hard against the material.

"Whoa," the kids were in awe, "Dude!" The girls giggled, but the guys wanted to see more.

They all stepped behind some bushes, so they weren't right on the sidewalk, although Cole wouldn't have cared who saw. He was thinking less and less about anything but his amazing body changes now. "You want to see my big dick?" Cole said. His voice was so deep it surprised him when he spoke.

"Yeah," the guys all said. "Show us, come on."

"Sure. Check it out, dudes."

He undid the button, unzipped the zipper, and pulled down the pants. His dick just popped free and, once out of the confines that had restricted its blood flow, instantly achieved full erection. Even Cole was surprised when it jerked with his excitement at seeing it and showing it to the kids and slapped against his belly and the head, so swollen now it was nearly as big as his fist hit him against to bottom edges of his pecs, right between them, where his hair was getting thick and dark.

"Whoa, dude. That's huge!" the guys all commented, while the girls just stared.

"I know it." Cole was so proud and so turned on by it, by everything he was feeling now. The boys all looked like such kids to him now, and he felt like such a total hot guy with all this muscle and hair and this incredible cock. "Want to see my balls, too? They're huge too, and still growing. Everything's still growing."

"Yeah, show us your balls, Cole. Wow. What does that feel like?" "It feels so totally great, so great I can't tell you guys." And he pulled his pants down farther and pulled out his balls so they could see. Just feeling the size and weight of them in his hands made him rush with the intensity of the masculine rush that was driving the transformation, and he loved his body even more. He wanted to get home to Connor, to get more, to see Connor, now, to, to, he wasn't sure what, to feel Connor's body and get Connor to feel his. He wanted to feel his incredible body being admired, worshipped, to know that he was giving another guy the same kind of feelings he was getting, that made him want to cum. Oh, god, yeah, he had to cum. "Oh, god, you guys. It feels so good, man, I'm gonna cum.

Watch this, you guys. Oh, oh, ooohhh, yeah. . ." he let it go, just holding his cock with both hands while it spurted its thick cream into the air and onto the bushes and the grass while the kids watched with their eyes wide.

"Come on, you guys," one of the boys said, when the show was over. "I heard you can just go to that mansion and those guys will just give you that stuff. This other guy I saw was doin' it, he was getting all big and stuff, and he said they were just like partying up there, givin' to any guy that wanted it, and spraying anyone, like cops or anyone, that tried to stop them. Really."

"Really? Is that true?" they asked Cole.

"I don't know. I got it from my brother, but he said he could get it there."

"No, really, come on, you guys. Let's do it. If Cole can do it, so can we. All kinds of guys are. I heard some of the guys up there are so huge they're just like not even regular guys any more, and all they do is . . ." he noticed the girls, and stopped short of saying what he'd heard, but they'd all heard the same stories.

"Yeah, go on, you guys. Do it. You won't believe it. And we can all mess around. Look at this, you guys." He flexed an arm again.

"Don't you want to get all huge muscles and stuff, too? Anyway, I gotta get home. My brother Connor was getting us some. See ya." He stuffed himself back into his pants, struggled with the zipper, and strutted the rest of the way home like a young, super hung muscle stud.

At the mansion, Hal and Chad no longer questioned who came for the formula. They had received, and continued to receive, cartons of formula to distribute, and had been told, if they could really remember being told, to aggressively give it out. They knew, not by intellect any longer, but by instinct, that they were simply the agents to transform as many males as they possibly could, and beyond that, the enjoyment of the results of those transformations was the sole drive and directive of their lives. Kyle and John, Matt, the early guys, virtually lived there, now, and guys that came in saw the most beautiful but completely bestialized creatures of the male human species imaginable, differentiated from one another by variations in hair color and the pattern of their body hair, the actual size and shape of their muscles and genitals, some with larger pecs, some larger arms, some thicker cocks, or longer or bigger balls, but all the kind of variations you might see on a farm of prime thoroughbreds, different as individuals, but all of the same magnificent physical and sexual development. And as manageable as a stable of fine horses.

Their only thoughts were sexual, their only desire, the satisfying of an unsatisfiable drive. But they didn't care. Perpetually turned on, they lived in a state of constant arousal over their own bodies, so massive and so completely erotic to themselves and to each other as to be sexual organs in their entirety, from head to foot, muscle to muscle, cock to muscular ass, and there was no more conflict, no war, no threat to man or beast or nation. All that mattered was sensation and orgasm, and that was everything, now.

Cole walked into Connor's bedroom, and Connor was sitting in a chair, wearing some boxer briefs he'd obviously put on before his latest growth spurt. Cole's eyes bugged when he saw his brother.

Connor was huge. He was more muscular than anyone Cole had ever seen. The boxer briefs had ripped apart where Connor's cock had pushed through on its way to gaining a size of over two feet in length, maybe closer to three, and it appeared Connor had pulled the seam apart to let his balls out, and they hung like coconuts, almost reaching the floor from the chair where Connor was sitting. When Cole walked in, Connor was just stroking his huge cock. He'd obviously cum several times.

The rug around the chair was covered with it, and so were his legs and his stomach and chest, and he didn't seem to care. A spray vial sat on the table next to him. He grinned at Cole when he walked in, his eyes glazed with lust and erotic excitement.

"Dude," he said. His voice was slow and thick. "Hey, little dude. Fuck, man. So big. Fuck. So fuckin' big, man. Feel so hot."

"Hey, Connor!" Cole couldn't believe what he saw, but it made him so hard. "Did you do it without me?"

"Couldn't . . . help . . . There." He pointed to the vial.

Cole grabbed it, but looked confused. Connor reached out for it and Cole gave it to him. Connor motioned for Cole to come close and aimed the vial for Cole's mouth. Connor held the back of Cole's head and sprayed three sprays into his little brother's mouth. Then he sprayed some in his own, and when his mouth was full, he let the vial drop and pulled Cole to him, up against his cum-covered body, reaching into Cole's pants to pull out his huge cock.

"It . . . worked," he said, grinning at the size of his brother's dick, "it's . . . huge," and then he pulled Cole's face to to his face and kissed him, held him and kissed him until the fluid in their mouths was absorbed and they were both flying on the sexual rocket, and slid Cole's big cock into his hot, waiting ass.


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