Big is Better

The Turning Of The Screw


By XHuge4Muscl

Sam was wild-eyed as an enraged linebacker as he lustfully contemplated running it into the end zone again. I was to quickly discover, however, that we'd apparently crossed signals about which touchdown pattern to use, let alone who'd actually be running the ball. Thinking back, I realize my choice of words may have been too ambiguous concerning who'd be doing the `stuffin.'

He grabbed me around my waist with his huge hands like a clamshell crane, then his massive pecs heaved as he unexpectedly lifted me skyward. It was yet another stunning and sudden reminder of just how powerful this man really was. Sam hoisted my entire body weight overhead as easily as if I was his private Ken doll. Then he couldn't seem to resist ripping off a couple dozen quick presses, using me as the resistance.

"Just keepin' the pump," he offered almost apologetically in my ear before thrusting me towards the ceiling again.

With his huge hands nearly surrounding my pelvic girdle, my body was oddly perfectly balanced. I rocked back and forth slightly like a seesaw while Sam held my body suspended, stiff-armed, high over him, seemingly content to gaze at me forever. But finally, he pulled his knees to his chest, tucked his legs up through his stupendous outstretched arms and then fully-extended them to each side of his head, resting his feet once again on the bed's headboard.

"I'm WET for your love missile, boy. I'm gonna fuck myself silly with that monster rocket... and then - I'm gonna make you cum, too."

I immediately took the latter as a promise, not a threat. But before I could contemplate the nuanced meaning of the former, my body was suddenly propelled towards his stupendous ass so violently I might have gotten whiplash. Sam targeted my missile to impact directly at ground zero.

"Open wide for Chunky!" He spread his legs wide, swinging back his big silo doors and clearly exposing his strobing pink bulls-eye. Hurtling headlong towards my destiny, I saw his rosebud rushing out of the darkness. And only a moment before impact, I saw Sam's fuckhole gape open like the iris of a camera's lens.

My girthy warhead penetrated Sam's bulls-eye like a knife through butter, sinking itself into the deepest bowels of his ship. My balls were lagging slightly behind from the rapid acceleration and came crashing into his moons like two rogue asteroids just a second afterwards.

"Oh fuck, you got a GREAT cock!" Sam roared with extreme delight.

Not a moment later, my chin suddenly hit my chest as Sam `removed' my buried cock from his ass by simply pushing my entire body away from his butt.

"Oooooh, yeah. Now fuck me again, stud!"

My head snapped back as Sam yanked my entire body towards his eagerly- waiting butt again, plunging my fat schlong deep in his hungry hole. Sam lustfully rammed me in and out of his hole over and over again until my head spun. I `fucked' him royally.

"God damn! It's like bein' fucked by an ELEPHANT! Yeehaa!!"

However, the truth was more accurately that Sam was delightfully fucking himself with my cock. He lustfully dildoed himself with wanton abandon using my waist as a `handle', ramming my entire length into his hungry chasm right up to my balls. I got woozy from the peaking flexion of that single biceps pistoning me like a toy. Sam practically giggled with joy and it was a tossup as to who was actually getting fucked sillier. I was well on my way to getting a concussion, although my pulsing steel-hard elephant obviously thought this was the hottest show in town.

"Wow.. that's the best fuckin' cock I ever... Ooooh... Wow."

As I collected my scrambled brains a little, I felt my own hips wants to thrust, as opposed to having them thrust for me by Sam - fun as that was. Sam was having such an enjoyable time I felt guilty interrupting his pleasure.

"Sam.... Sam...," I said several times trying to get his attention. "Sam, can you put me down... so that I can... ah...ah...."

Sam paused instantly, which caught me off-guard: I thought he was really carried away. He pulled me up face-to-face and then held me there suspended over him. Then he gave my body a little shake as if he was admonishing me for something.

"Don't you remember me tellin' ya that you own me tonight, Pete? It's your birthday. I'm gonna do whatever you wanna do. Anything at all. So don't be shy. Just tell me what you want!"

"I... I'd like you to put me down, Sam - and then... maybe also turn around also - and then ... could you just kinda hold still for me? I really want to...."

Sam interrupted me. "You wanna mount me like a dog, Pete? Just like I'm your bitch?"

Well that wasn't exactly how I'd have phrased it, but yes - that captured the general spirit of it. Having grown up on a farm, I knew that would work nicely for me.

"... so that I feel like I'm the one who's doing the real fucking, Sam..." I said, determined to finish my original thought.

Sam was smiling approvingly even as he set me down right below his butt. Far from having his ego challenged, Sam's enthusiasm cranked into boyish over-exuberance, as if he were suddenly playing an exciting new game.

"Pete, I'll bitch for you anytime," Sam said looking quite sincere, if not even starry-eyed. "I just know'd it, too. With a cock like that, why it makes perfect sense that you'd wanna be the top stud bull! So what if I'm the biggest cow in the pasture? To you, I'm just another cow in your herd... and you're smellin' I'm in heat, right? My hole's just beggin' for your huge bull cock."

Sam mooed like a cow several times. "Wow, this is gettin' me r-e-a-l horny. You can grab my big pecs and everything! Yeah, stud - service your cow. Go ahead and show me who's the real boss in this pasture now. Moo! Moo! Moooo!"

Before I had time to even react, Sam flipped over face down on the bed, tucked his knees under his abdomen and spread his beefy arms wide over his head. I looked up at all the muscular contours across his thick back, a hundred swollen bulges all pointing like arrows to his glistening, waiting crack. Sam watched me over his shoulder as he arched his back, lifting his magnificent butt enticingly higher. And Sam wasn't kidding at all about this making him really horny either. The magnificent piece of heavy beefsteak hanging prominently between his thighs jerked and quivered like little people were tug-of- warring it. My head began reeling as I gazed at his erotic beach balls and his erection all in the same picture frame.

"God what a cock..." he purred as he eyed my male endowment, undulating his butt slowly in front of my eyes like a lioness in heat attracting the interest of the pride's male. He began running his beach balls across my big bat, brushing it lightly using slow back- and-forth horizontal swings.

"Oh, wow..." he moaned, "Do it. Pop my cherry good... aren't you gonna poke me?"

His enthralled tone of voice gained a plaintive quality as he alternately carressed my cock with his undulating butt cheeks and teasingly ran my fat shaft back and forth through his desperately hot crack.

"That's good, Sam. That's real good..." I heard myself say, taking my sweet time about it. I got a bit of the goosebumps at the sound of my own voice. I was so ... confident - self-assured - almost matter-of-factly in-charge. I sounded as if I was just affirming his performance like a coach saying, "That'll do, Pig."

"Yeah... Ohhhhh... what a dong," Sam groaned more urgently as he gyrated his beautiful rump roast. "Yeah, make me pregnant, stud."

Suddenly it wasn't just his posture and teasing that made things spin in my gut, but something about his entire demeanor now.

"Pork me... please."

The attitude reflected in his submissive, begging voice threw gasoline on my already blazing sex-fire. It went off inside of me, reverberating like fireworks exploding in an oil drum and my body trembled uncontrollably.

Sam leaned up on his meaty forearms, and started grinding my cock through his crack more aggressively.

"Woooooow - that's a huge ass-splitter. You wanna fuck me, right?"

Sam's own hanging horse cock drooled cockspit onto the bed, he shook his head and slapped the mattress in a building frenzy of lusty impatience at his unfulfilled erotic desires. This most physically powerful of men was confronting some intangible line in the sand; an impervious boundary or barrier that, despite all his strength, he was powerless to cross beyond.

"Ooooooh... You GOTTA fuck me...."

It all snapped into place. I continued drawing out his torture by slapping my cock against his crack and escaping the amazingly dactyl clutching of his gluteal muscles. The revelation thrilled me almost as much as the impending act. Sam's overwhelming physique and strength had blocked me somehow from seeing this more clearly earlier. Sam's demeanor - his attitude - was `der Hinterlader.' No English word or phrase quite captured the nuance of that German slang. It meant "charged from behind" but in a weak and passive way. You outlanders might call him a breech-loader or maybe an `Anal Amigo,' but neither of those terms really encompass the aspect of his accompanying `personality' or attitude. I was Delilah to his Samson; David to his Goliath – conquering the conquering hero. My limbs spasmed under the sexual tension torquing in my loins: I could almost feel all of his incredible strength flowing from him into me. In this `poker' game, I held all the aces. I dominated the play. This revelation went to both of my heads instantly like a bolus of adrenaline.

"God, please..." he whined. "Please, fuck me now...."

But though my hips ground the base of my cock against his taint, I found the strength to turn the screw and make him sweat - if only just a little - before I finally, and most mercifully, laid down my hand to claim his big pot. I wanted to sweeten the moment with just a little swagger - a mere modicum of bravado - perhaps a dash of arrogance. Well, OK - so what if I really wanted to tromp him like a trophy prisoner down the Via Sacra under the Arch of Augustus like a conquering Roman? Boys will be boys, after all.

"Oh, make no mistake about it, Sam," I chuckled, my voice suddenly throaty and deep. And commanding. "I most definitely AM going to fuck you... when I feel like it. You may not have known when a man was fucking you before, but believe me, I assure you, you will know it when I'M fucking you. Now, show me that fuck hole right now. Spread those beach balls more and hold your ass open for my inspection. I want to get a really good look at it. I want to make sure it's worthy of receiving this huge dick of mine."

Sam compliantly did exactly as I asked instantly. The most stifled of moans slid wetly out of his lips.

"Oh, yeah. You're in season alright. I can even smell your heat," I swaggered, even sniffing the air a few times. Then I wiped my hand very deliberately over his manhole, picking up some of the strange Jiffy Lube that generously oozed from it. Sam watched me over his shoulder as I smeared it on my cock and began slowly stroking it with both hands.

"You see my huge cock here? Yeah, take a real good look. You've never see any guy this size before. I don't just have a big cock. I've got the biggest cock... and I'm gonna stick this huge thing right up your ass. Whether you can take it or not. So put your head down and show me your hole. Stick that ass up. Yeah, that's it. Make it wink at me now. Oh, yeah - that's hot. Now OPEN IT UP... show me you're man enough to handle this huge cock."

I had to stifle an audible gasp. The man was definitely `man enough,' although I wouldn't have let him know it at that moment. I remained silent for so long that he opened wider - and then tremblingly, wider still. His degree of muscular control was simply dumbfounding.

The heat and constant rippling of his monumentally carved body fought me for control of the situation; every glint of light off a glistening muscle peak undermined my new-limbed dominance. His weight and warehouse-filling presence combined with such voracious desire co-opted every unrealized yearning for pleasure that clamored within my skin and rang in my ears, confounding my `plan.' Yet his insistent demand was his Samson's lock, and drawing from his intensity to fire my own strength to withhold a little longer only sharpened my scissors for the eventual rape of that lock.

"Is that `man enough' for you?" Sam asked with a quavering note of supplication in his voice that made my teeth grit. "I maybe... I maybe can open even wider... if you'd like."

"Uh, yeah. Sure. More. Open it wider," I replied, trying hard not to sound impressed while keeping my jaw from dropping in amazement. Sam raised his head slightly and strained. Some moments later, I watched spellbound as his orifice yawned impossibly. Sam would have seen my mouth gaping wide as well – albeit uncontrollably – had his face not been screwed up with concentration. I was confronted with the main entrance of Carlsbad Cavern, all painted pink.

"Uh... I think that's all I can manage. Is that wide enough?" Sam asked in a tense voice. Sweat beaded his brow and he breathed in and out hoarsely. His sincerity and effort disarmed me.

"That'll... that'll be... yeah, fine," I stammered, struggling to regain some composure and edginess. "At ease, soldier."

Sam relaxed with a sigh while I stroked on my cock to gather my forces again.

"I've got some cock here," I said, getting quickly back into it again, channeling my desire to fuck him into deepening my voice. "Yeah, it's a huge one, alright. I'm gonna stuff this in your big man-gina now ... and you're gonna know that you have - most definitely - been fucked...."

I slapped my hands on his buttocks and tried to dig my fingers into the hard muscle, only succeeding in wedging them into the valleys of knotted fibers. Slowly, I pressed my huge dickhead firmly against the mouth of his cave so he'd know it was there, and rubbed a ring of pre-cum around the rim.

"Feel my huge cock kissin' your sweet man-pussy now?"

"Whooa... Oh, yeah... Ooooh...."

I thrust only the nuclear mushroom head of my cock rapidly in and out of his cavern mouth, to whet his appetite a little further.

"Can you feel the size of that fat dickhead?"

"Oh.... Ooooooohhh. Uuuhhhh.... Whoaaaaaaaaa...." Sam panted, grunting and moaning like an animal giving birth. Only this butt- baby was going IN. Suddenly his entire body writhed spastically.

"Are you SURE you want me to fuck you with this huge thing?"

"Oh God... yes! I want it. Give it to me. Do it! P-l-e-a-s-e fuuuuuuck me..." Sam begged loudly.

"Okey Dokey! Feel THIS!"

I grabbed his hips hard and just p-l-u-n-g-e-d my massive manhood into his hole right up to the big boys in one motion, pulling myself up so hard my knees burned.

He gasped at first, unable to catch his breath. He panted again and howled, "Jesus H. Christ - that's such a HUGE one!"

And then the Fucker in me took over once and for all. Once I'd started, I couldn't stop. After so many failed and near-failed attempts, I had to make up for all those lost years. And it was more than finally meeting a guy who could endure me even briefly. This incredible man of muscle was, in fact, `der Hinterlader' - wildly excited by the actual act and not merely the thought of it.

I pulled out and pushed it all the way back in again - then again - slowly building up more speed. Then I started to thrust my hips relentlessly, driving my huge monster faster and deeper into his wide receiver, breaking into a full sweat. The honeyed sensation of my big Kahunas slamming into his voluptuous cheeks stoked my feverish fervor to fuck him. I had a flash, feeling the hard mounded muscle between my hands, that I literally WAS fucking a volcano in its underground cavity, driving Krakatoa to erupt like the blast heard `round the world.

Time stood still. I drove in like an animal - wild - out of control - all my being now focused on pounding my meat into that magnificent ass. Sam carried on like a bitch in heat, pounding the bed until the frame moaned and groaning loud enough to crack the plaster, reciting his `fuck me' mantra as if in a trance. Sweat glistened in the moonlight and fanned from his richly-muscled physique as he thrust his ass against my pelvis with the same wild abandon that I rotor- rooted his plumbing. I was glad that Sam lived alone in that building, because our noise would have surely brought the police if not actually awakened the dead.

I fucked him savagely. Elevating myself by pressing down on his lower back with my hands, I drove my monstrous drillbit straight down deep into his well. We were both panting in rhythm like overheated dogs.

After countless minutes of ravaging his butt, I sat back on my heels to take a needed breather, then leaned back further, propping myself up with my arms. I was a little dizzy and my chest ached. My giant sequoia pointed skyward, pulsating, like a defiant Pinocchio testing the wind. Sam straightened to look over his shoulder, eager to know why the ferocious battering ram assault had suddenly been suspended. I noted the shimmering beads of sweat dripping from his drenched hair and the deep breaths he grunted out.

As he waited patiently for me to catch my wind, his eyes moved down from my face to worship my big totem. The rustling sinews of Sam's thick forearm suggested a slow stroking of his own cock. Our eyes locked briefly: I looked down at my cock and then back at Sam's face again. Sam's eye movements precisely retraced my own as if playing Simon Says, from my face to my cock - and then back again.

"You know what I want you to do," I said matter-of-factly, as if sensing some transient telepathic link.

Sam backed up to me on his knees like a train picking up a caboose, until the warm, wet lips of his luv-tunnel pressed lightly against my freaky dickhead like interlocking couplers poised to make the final connection. Then he looked over his shoulder at me as if asking, "Did I get it right?"

The mere touch of my cockhead against his sex hole forced low throaty growls of anticipatory pleasure from my throat. Sam grinned happily at this spontaneous `good boy' then waited obediently for my next wish.

"Yeah - that's it," I cooed, "you know where that big meat roast belongs. Stick it in your hot oven. I want to feel you swallowing every inch of it. Now sit on my cock, nice and s-l-o-w..."

Reaching back to pull his lunar globes apart, he started pressing my cock into his hot bowels with exquisitely sensual slowness.

"Whooa ... such a huge fuckin' cock...." he moaned, pausing his plunge when he felt the first tickle of my bush against his glutes.

"You really like my cock in your man-pussy. You want to take some more of it, too, don't cha."

That was a statement, not a question, but Sam nodded anyway like a little boy being asked if he wanted more candy.

"Well, it's OK, Sam. I want you to really sit down on it."

"Deeper?" Sam replied, surprised. "Oh, yeah deeper... sure thing Boss... wow...."

He began grinding his ass into my groin, slowing chewing more of my length up into his hole as he cautiously transferred more of his real weight onto me. His rippling back shivered with the privilege of my permitting even deeper penetration.

"I can take some more weight, Sam. Sit, boy - sit. It's alright."

He looked back at me as if to say, "Are you really sure?" and I nodded my head.

I felt his continents drift apart over my upper thighs under his increasing weight as he cautiously sank another couple of inches into his ass. I allowed him to continue until I supported absolutely as much of his weight as I could take, finally patting him on the back of his thickly-muscled shoulder to let him know that was `far enough.'

"Oh, wow - Jesus, that's h-u-g-e. Wow, oh wow..." he moaned, sounding a bit challenged but also very pleased and awed as he basked in the sensations.

"Yeah, you like a man's dick in your ass. You like gettin' fucked by a telephone pole, don't cha."

He nodded his head quickly a few times, like a shy little boy.

"Now bounce on my giant dong. Show me how hard you can ride it, cowboy."

Leaning on his arms he began slowly at first, raising himself off my mighty invader and then sliding down on it again. His momentum built up steadily, making the extra-large bed rock and roll until he was riding me like a mechanical bull.

What he uttered and moaned was mostly unintelligible - I caught a gurbled `huge dick' a few times - but the furious meshing of his interlocking muscles from his spine all the way down to his fingers clearly evidenced his ecstasy. Watching that roiling morass of power- laden flesh only heightened my own excitement, hardening my cock almost painfully in response to all of those rock-hard, massive muscles changing shape, appearing and disappearing, whenever he moved his torso even subtly.

His ass was every bit the match for my cock, and he wielded it unmercifully, working it with the precision of an engine piston firing in a cylinder at ever-increasing rpm. The exhaust manifolds were starting to glow red, too. Man, could this guy FUCK! His ass felt so hot that I thought it might literally begin to smoke.

Sam was rapidly working himself into a state of sexual euphoria - and taking me along for the wildest ride of my life. He pounded on me so ferociously that I felt the concussion and recoil of his glutes slamming into my groin. His frenzy was contagious.

I tried reaching around his arms to grab his pecs, remembering how powerfully arousing that was for him - not to mention me. Sam was `gut gepolstert' - so impressively `stacked' in a Herculean way. But at best, and then only when he was briefly in the right position, I could barely reach the outer edges of his twin behemoths after making several attempts. Sam must have understood what I was trying for, however. He straightened his back, bringing his upper torso much closer to me, and lifted his arms out to improve my access.

I began running my hands under his chest, squeezing and massaging his great domes and playing with his man-teats every time he came "down." His response was almost immediate. Amidst his even louder ecstatic groans, Sam words were quite audible.

"Oh God, yeah. Play with my nips... Oh, wow. Huge cock.... Oooooooh... Fuck me.... pound my pecs.... squeeze 'em! Fuck me...."

I played hardball. "Now fuck my magic wand like you mean it. Show me how much you love me... errr... it...."

I worked hard on his chest giants, just the way that he liked it. Sam went absolutely cannibalistic. Huffing like a freight train, he drove my lethal weapon in and out of his fuck-chute like a sexual demon; impaling himself on it like a Spartan falling on sword over and over again.

I could see the front of his massive physique well-reflected in the mirror over the bed, and his manly Ständer - his huge boner - was standing like a mighty oak gently swaying in a breeze. I watched him in the mirror as he copulated with me like a whore on Spanish Fly.

He tossed his head back and roared out, "Gaaa... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," vocalizing to the gods the extraordinary agony and the ecstasy of his stupendous climax. His Stallion spontaneously erupted, blasting his manseed into the air like a geyser, emptying his balls of great gravity-defying gobs of ropy spunk with such power that jets of his semen arced over the bed and splattered on the mirror over the headboard; his virility so potent it smelled like a dockyard and the mirror resembled a window pane in a thunderstorm before he had finally spent his very last.

"Oh, wow.... Oh, wow..." he kept stuttering, shuddering, wholly in the grip of his own orgasmic release as the speed of his gallop slowed gradually to a cantor again.

I expected him to pull off of me, but he did not. He continued slowly stroking my cock with his ass like it was an involuntary reflex now. Still breathing like Man `O War after winning the Derby, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder at me.

"Did ya cum, Pete?"

"No. No... not yet," I answered, still in an intense erotic dream- state over what I'd just seen happening in, and all over, the mirror. "But I really wanna cum bad now." That severely understated my desire.

Sam immediately pivoted his body around to face me, throwing his leg up over my head in an impressively agile, acrobatic maneuver and stunningly never dismounting my cock. The blissful sparkle in his eyes; the deep warmth in his smile; no one had ever looked at me like that before. My entire body tingled.

"Your wish is my command, birthday boy," he said softly as he tenderly stroked my face, "and cum now, you definitely will...." •

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