Hot July, A

Connor and Cole


By FanTCMan

"Connor, I feel so funny."

"Don't worry little bro. You like it, don't ya?"

"Oh, yeah, but what's Mom gonna say?"

Connor had been starting to hate real estate, since getting his license after college and not making any money to speak of. One sale, a buddy's parents, a few thou, but not what he'd had in mind. But now, having the ability to call his own hours, he loved it. He was home, waiting for Cole, knowing their mom would be at work for a few more hours, and then would come home, have "a cocktail or two," and get so drunk she'd be out of their hair.

At the office, when he'd gone in to make an appearance and check his e-mail, everyone had made comments. He'd worn a sweater and his loosest pants, but they still fit him tight when he left the house. His sweater, one that he bought because of how it hung, all loose and casual, fit tight across his chest and on his arms. He hadn't even realized how much size he'd gained until he'd put it on.

Cole had kept saying how muscular he was, how big his dick was, but Connor was so focused on Cole, he knew he was getting muscle, and it was a huge turn on, but he hadn't really realized how much until he dressed. And that wasn't until after he'd taught his little brother how to jack off.

It had been so cool, taking the kid into the bathroom, seeing how excited he was about his new pubes and pit hair, seeing him gape over how big his dick was all of a sudden, even though Connor figured it, just looking, at only about 5 inches. For a twelve year old, that was pretty big, since it probably had only hit about 4 the day before. Cole had been so funny, how he loved the hair he'd grown so fast.

"Connor, look, I have hair, just like you!" And he'd been so funny to watch as he jacked off with Connor watching and doing it with him, showing him how to do it slow, enjoy the sensations of his sexuality, the build, the crescendo to climax.

"Oh, man, Connor," he'd said, wide-eyed and grinning.

"Oh, man. This feels so weird. Oh, Connor. Oh."

And Connor encouraged him to keep going. He watched Cole's toes grab at the floor as the sensations built, watched his little brother's butt clench.

"Doesn't it feel hot, Cole?"

"It feels really weird."

"But if feels good, doesn't it? Aww, man, yeah."

"Yeah, it feels . . . uh . . . really . . . oh, god, Connor . . . it feels . . . oh, man, my dick feels so weird, I feel like . . ." "Yeah, I know kid. Don't stop, though, just keep doing it. Oohh, yeah!"

And he'd cum all over the sink, they both did, as much hot, thick cream as Connor had ever shot up till now, Cole holding his breath and watching his dick spurt, jacking it hard and fast, when Connor told him to, until it was spent and finally quit shooting.

Cole guessed that Connor had taken whatever it was that was making so many guys change lately, and he thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He watched Connor while he shaved. He commented about how much thicker his whiskers looked, and then he got his little dick all hard again when Connor made a big deal over the new whiskers that were all over his chin and upper lip and growing down the sides of his face. Connor showed him how to lather up and shave, and Cole was so excited he cut himself twice, and when he'd finished and there was a definite hint of dark shadow still visible, he'd experience that same funny feeling in his dick, all by itself, and Connor told him to just get into how it felt and let it go, and Cole came again. Suddenly it dawned on Cole, as he watched his dick spurt again, and looked over at how big Connor's dick was, now, and how muscular he looked.

"You gave me some of that stuff, too, didn't you?" Connor grinned. "Would that make you mad, little bro?"

"No. Wow, Connor. Did you? Am I gonna get more hair? I mean, fast, like this? And a big dick, like you? Am I gonna get muscles? Did you, Connor? Did you really?"

"Last night, while you were asleep, Cole."

"Oh, wow! Oh, man. I can't wait to show the guys at school! You think Mom'll notice?"

"Look at yourself, Cole. Look at me." He flexed one arm, and his biceps popped so big and thick it even surprised him. "You think she could not notice?"

When Cole went to dress, he found he'd already outgrown his clothes. Instead of hanging long and dragging the ground, his pants didn't even touch the tops of his feet, and he couldn't squeeze his feet into his shoes. When he came to Connor's room in his tight white briefs, he had a hardon again when he asked if he could borrow some clothes.

Connor's were a little too big for him, but better that than looking like some geek. Cole found his brother in front of his dresser mirror, flexing and jacking off, and he already looked more muscular than before. He was surprised by Cole's walking in, but not embarrassed.

"I did some more, bro. It just makes me feel so great, I couldn't help it. I know it's gonna make me turn into one of those guys, and I don't care. I don't care what anyone thinks. Look, Cole, it's making me hairy, and big. I love getting muscle, bro. And my dick is getting really big. I just measured it and it's already nine inches long, Cole. It was only 6 inches before that guy sprayed me." "What guy?" "Never mind. I gotta go get more of that stuff. If I gave you some more, I'd be almost out."

"Can you give me some more? Wow, Connor, that would be so cool." Connor hesitated for a moment. There was a twinge of guilt that flitted through the back of his mind, but the formula was flooding his brain, and his basic instincts were changing, and he knew it and welcomed it, and he pictured his little brother jetting through puberty and adolescence in a matter of days, and he had no choice but to respond to the urge, the need to give him more and make that happen. He couldn't believe he was having sexual thoughts about his little brother like this, but he imagined the kid getting huge and hung and the two of them messing around, and he spoke from a new and fast-changing mind.

"Sure, man. Why not? You want to? You know what those guys look like."

"Yeah, but you're gonna look like that, aren't you? Are you scared?"

"Fuck no, little bro. Gonna be a huge fukin' muscle fag, man." He never talked like that in front of Cole.

"Wow, Connor. Really? Okay, yeah. You can give me some more. If you're gonna do it, I can too, huh? I mean, if you think it's cool, I want to do it too. Will it really make me . . . you know . . ." "Yeah, I know. Sure will. Here." Connor got the spray and sprayed Cole toward his face and told him to breathe in. Then he got a crazy idea, and told Cole to pull down his briefs.

"You want to see if it'll make your dick get real big real fast? I don't know if it'll make a difference, but let's spray some right on your dick and balls, bro. See what happens. Want to?"

"Yeah, cool." Cole eagerly pulled down his briefs. There was no shyness left in the boy. The dark wreath of new pubic hair was already showing signs of spreading, and the wispy trail up to his belly button was a little more filled in. He stood with his legs apart offering Connor full access.

Connor sprayed close, and the mist settled on Cole's groin, barely damp. Connor felt a thrill at doing this that had him so hard he felt his sexuality drive him to go one step farther, and he said, with a grin, "Let's really get it good, okay?"

"Sure." Cole was already feeling the rush and saw a glistening droplet of precum formed at the tip of his cock, ready to drop. This was so new and so completely exciting. Connor held the spray close and sprayed Cole's balls directly and then did one more spray right on the shaft of the boy's rock hard cock. The last spray emptied the container, but the mist glistened on the kid's balls and dick.

"Rub it in," Cole said. He was as turned on now as Connor. Connor thought that if he did that, he would be getting some more, too, through his hand. Well, why the fuck not? So he took Cole's balls and massaged the liquid into the skin, gently, watching his brother's face go deep into sexual ecstasy. He used both hands, and included Cole's dick, working the whole package until he was finally stroking the boy's cock, slowly, slowly, feeling the waves of pleasure almost as instensely as he could see that Cole was feeling them.

Neither said a word. They both let the moment ride in silence, looking at each other, little bro and big bro sharing an erotic experience neither could have imagined and both going totally with it, into it, as Cole's arousal built, the involuntary flinching of his hips and groin flexing until finally he went rigid in that moment before explosion, and, unable to stop himself, and not wanting to, Connor took Cole's cock into his mouth and sucked the juice right out of his dick as it spasmed hard against the back of his throat. Cole, with an instinct that was new and surprising to him, and as natural as breathing, grabbed Connor's head and pushed it hard against his crotch, shoving his cock as deep into his brother as he could until he'd cum dry.

"Phew." Cole quivered at the release.

Then he had to quickly dress in Connor's clothes, and he'd got off to school before their mother woke up to know what the boys had been up to.

Connor couldn't wait to see how his brother would come home from school. Meanwhile, he couldn't wait to get more of that formula. He wanted as much as he could get to go all the way with this transformation thing as fast as he could. He remembered that the guy the night before, Ken, had said he could even go straight to the mansion. Almost everyone knew where that was, so he decided that's what he would do.

He put on his pants, a struggle, now, to get into his loosest ones. They fit his legs and butt to tightly he wasn't sure he'd be able to squeeze into them, and once he did, how long he could wear them, if he kept getting bigger the way he had been. Already he was getting that bodybuilder look. He put on what had been a big, oversized sweater, which fit him now like a muscleshirt, clinging to his muscular arms and the spread of his lats, pulling tight around the pecs, which really were hard and rounded, now, and wide square shaped, like a bodybuilder's. Then he went to put in an appearance at the office. The reactions he got there, the stares, turned him on even more. Everyone could already tell he'd done some of that formula. They all knew he'd gone over. He wanted more so much after that, he left and headed straight to the estates section of town.

When he got to the mansion, he'd been admitted with no problems. Inside and around the grounds were so many of those guys, really huge, freaky looking ones, wearing the tiniest posing trunks he'd ever seen. Some were even bigger, freakier than others, beyond human looking, carrying packages in the fronts of their posers so huge they would be obscene if they weren't such a total turn on. Connor found it hard to catch his breath, his desire was so strong to experience that . . . on any level . . . and every.

He'd been taken to meet the guys that ran the place, Chad and Hal, their names were, out by the pool. They were so amazingly handsome, like some kind of superhuman male muscleman prototypes. They were naked, their cocks hard and huge like two fleshy logs that lay on their abs up to the valley between their gigantic hairy pecs, and they were lazily but intently stroking them as they lay on chaises in the sun watching the other guys romp and play, stroke, flex, and enjoy all manner of mansex in and around the pool and grounds.

When Connor was introduced, the guy introducing him used minimal verbage, almost like he barely knew how to speak English. "Connor. Wants formula." He wasn't even sure who was Chad and who was Hal, but one of them waved at him in a dismissive way and said, "Clothes."

At first, Connor thought he was being told to go away. Then, since he was the only clothed one within sight, he figured that he was being told to get rid of his. No second thoughts about that. He stripped and dropped his clothes at his feet, letting his dick harden up for them to watch, as if he could have stopped it, anyway. Now it was probably about ten, eleven inches, big by any standards except those he saw all around him. Still, he was on his way, and already so hot about looking like a hung bodybuilder, he just felt major pride. He was in love with his body and falling more in love with it as time passed and it kept changing, each change, each degree of change a new, deeper, more intense erotic thrill.

The two men sat up on their chaises, looking him over, up and down, smiling. Connor felt pleased at their approval. Still, they said nothing to him. Then one of them got up and walked around behind him, bent Connor's arms up into the double bi position, and Connor realized they wanted to see him flex. He gave it all he had, and he was surprised, as he was, now, every time he flexed or took out his dick, at how much bigger he'd grown since the last time he looked. The man in front of him smiled, sitting with his legs akimbo, bent over the sides of the chaise, holding himself in a slightly reclining seated position that left his humongous cock standing straight up from the tangle of groin hair, held by his hand that stroked and wiggled it just enough to stun Connor with its size. His balls hung over the flesh of the massive inner thighs like a couple of large mangoes in a produce bag. Connor realized he was looking at his own future, and his excitement mixed with a rush of fear and arousal so strong he thought he might completely embarrass himself by fainting and cumming at the same time. But embarrassment didn't seem to be part of his makeup any more. His cock was tingling. He squeezed he biceps and triceps at the same time, making his arms as big as he could, and he felt the power of his masculinity. He also felt the man behind him wrap his hands around the muscles of his arms, feel their hardness.

And then, those hands grabbed him by the waist and lifted him as easily as if he weighed nothing, lifted his and positioned him above the gigantic cock of the one still seated, grinning, precum glistening on the huge helmet head, held him so his legs dangled over the chaise.

He knew what was coming, and he knew all the men were watching, and he almost screamed, but something wild and animal in him welcomed this intitiation into a world he couldn't have even imagined a few hours ago when that musclegod sprayed him in the bookstore. His most extreme fantasies were coming true, and he didn't care how much this might hurt, he wanted it, wanted it bad. He closed his eyes as he felt himself positioned with his ass to the monster cock, ready for it, wanting it.

The speed of the assault ripped the breath from his lungs along with a scream he couldn't stop, "AAAWWWW," as he felt himself forced down with a powerful thrust, the sexlog impaling him to its furry hilt, and then being held in place, everyone watching, as the one under him went rigid, hips thrust up, pushing inside him somewhere up around his lungs, stretching his diaphragm. Connor couldn't believe his body was able to take it, but it could, and then some, like a deep, unrealized need finally being filled. He kept his eyes closed as the huge hard meat inside him began to flex, and he felt the spasms of cum filling him, filling him so full he might explode, and feeling like the milk of the gods inside him, hot, spilling over, finally flowing out where his cheeks sat on the hairy groin, saturating his ass with the thick, warm cream. His already flying erotic ecstasy kicked into higher gear, and then higher still, as he felt the juice in him saturate his cells, infusing him, taking him deeper into the change.

When the other man who'd been holding him down on the huge piston lifted him off, he felt so different already. He flexed an arm and felt bigger. But more than the size he felt, it was the massive size he wanted now, that he needed.

The huge man led him to the house, past other monster guys all so absorbed in sexual play they barely noticed him. Inside, he went to a cupboard and got several spray vials for Connor. When he'd handed them over, he said, "Stay? Play?" But Connor wanted to get back to Cole. Now he didn't care about what he should or shouldn't do with his little brother. He got back into the clothes he'd worn over.

They already fit tighter and were hard to get into. "No thanks," he smiled at the huge hunk, who seemed to be a man of very limited conversation. "Gotta get back," he said, and so he left.

By the time he'd reached home, his pants were so tight the seams were splitting, and the sweater was clinging like skin. His torso was already growing so thick with hard muscle that it was almost impossible to get the sweater off, and he was so hot, looking at himself, hair growing over the crew neck, and so impatient, he tore the sweater up the middle and ripped off the arms just to get it off him. He couldn't resist the urge for another spray into his mouth, and then he'd put on some boxer briefs he could still get into and waited for Cole. •

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