Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

The sun beat down on Fred's slender body. He was just 18 years old, celebrating his birthday on vacation in the Virgin Islands on St Thomas, on his own out in the world for the first time. Some of his classmates were on the island, vacationing with a group of parents. His father had sent him off, with plenty of money, happy enough to be rid of his underachieving son. Fred stood only 5'6" tall, weighing in at 110 lbs. His short cropped dark hair and blue eyes contrasted nicely, but his skin was scarred with acne, and his smooth body was almost devoid of any signs of hair or muscle. He had a cheerful enough disposition, in spite of his handicap of being such a wimp. His situation was doubly a problem because he was gay, and loved muscle. And well endowed men, and he loved tall men... He'd been with a couple fellows who were basically losers, but whom had one or more of the attributes that he found so attractive. His life was embarrassing, as he stared longingly at hot men having fun on the Blvd, or otherwise swimming in the surf off Venice Beach and enjoying their natural physicality with which nature had graced them.

He spent a lot of time alone on St Thomas, wandering the coast. That's when he met Old Tom, and saved his life. He was walking under the shade of a row of palm trees, to save his tender skin from the hot sun, when he saw a small capsized dory washed up on the sand. From there, he looked and saw a body floating face down, not ten feet from shore.

Fred called for help, but there was no reply on the deserted beach. He splashed into the water, where the waves quickly washed over him. He feared for an instant that he was going to be swept under the surf, but he remembered his High School swimming lessons, and kicked with all his strength and reached the man floating in the water. All this took place in a matter of seconds, and Fred remembered that he only had a few minutes at most, as the man was certainly not breathing, and Fred had no way of knowing how long he had been floating there.

The man was easy enough to flip over, and Fred put his arm around the man's large muscular shoulders, and kicked with all his might towards shore. Slowly, he made progress with the tide helping him. He wished again he was a regular sized fellow, or a real athlete, as this man's life depended on his uncertain skill.

In a minute he made it to the shoreline, and he saw with despair how big the man was, and how difficult it would be to pull him out of the surf. He grabbed the wide shoulders with both hands and pushed with both of his legs, pulling the man up out of the ocean. He was afraid of how long it was taking him. Finally he was clear of the water and Fred quickly knelt, cleared the man's mouth, and began CPR. The man's thick lips still felt warm on Fred's, which encouraged him to think he wasn't too late. In a moment, the man began to cough and clear some water from his lungs. He sat up, Fred helping, and coughed for a few minutes, breathing.

"Lord that was almost the end of Old Tom," he said in a softly accented voice. His clear eyes turned to Fred. "I owe you my life. I was bringing the boat in when I got caught in a wave, and hit my head. I musta fallen in the water."

Fred saw a very tall, smoothly muscled black man. He had some gray peppered into his beard, but his form was muscled and tall, about 7'1" tall, and from the ragged shorts he was wearing Fred saw a huge bulge that was obviously his cock and balls. Tom's cock was hanging so low that it almost hung out of the shorts he had on, and they weren't cut very high. Fred wondered if Tom had a hardon from being knocked unconcious. Fred quickly averted his eyes from the oversized bulge, but not before Old Tom noticed. Tom had a big bruise on his forehead, but as Fred watched Tom rub his forehead it faded quickly. Had it really been there? Or was it just some dirt from the ocean or trick of light?

Old Tom took Fred to his cottage on the beach, which was surprisingly comfortable and modern. He moved with surprising grace for someone older, but Fred couldn't tell if Tom was 60 or 30, the way the light played on his face.

"We really should have you see a doctor," Fred told Tom.

"I'm fine son, thanks to you! After all these years of Old Tom being on the earth I almost ended everything today. When I do go, it'll be something that sneaks up and surprises me like that wave. I didn't have a chance to hex it away before my head hit the boat!"

"Hex it away?"

"Never you mind boy! There's things you don't know yet!"

I'm not a boy! I'm 18 years old! I'm legally a man!"

"I guess you are that right enough." Tom's eyes seemed to suddenly peer into Fred's soul. There was a disoriented feeling like Tom suddenly knew Fred's every secret, his every desire.

Tom sat back, and seemed to make up his mind about something. "You come back here tonight, Fred. I'm not going to shirk my debt to you. I'll pay it, that's my word."

"You don't have to pay me anything!" Fred protested. "I didn't save you for money!"

Tom relaxed and smiled. "That's the proof I chose rightly! Then it'll be a gift, and that makes the power ten times as strong!" His strong hand grabbed Fred's shoulded. "Promise me you'll come tonight!!"

"Okay!" said Fred. "I promise." Tom relaxed and let go of Fred's shoulder. He picked up a straw hat, leaned back and stretched out his legs. "Go now, Old Tom's got to rest!"

Tom put the hat over his face for shade and stretched out further. As Tom stretched out his shorts rode up his legs and his cock slipped out, sliding down his dark skinned thighs. It was massive. Even soft, it must have been 8 inches long, thick and bulbous, with a massive knob of a cockhead. Still filling the massive basket in his shorts were two large swellings, huge peach sized balls that stretched the fabric even without the enormous cock inside the shorts. Fred stood up, looking down at the giant. Old Tom's body looked like a bodybuilder's, only about 20 years old. He wanted to say something, but thought better of it. He stared for a moment more, then walked away down the beach to his hotel room bathroom, where he jerked off three times, then threw himself exhausted down on the bed.

In his dreams Fred was assaulted with alarming visions of nightmarish proportions... huge muscular men of all races with enormous cocks, exaggerated proportions and leering gazes... men with huge balls, men with extremely long torsos, massive drooling tongues, and all of them trying to reach him. In his dream Fred realized they were worshipping him... it was astonishing to him... in spite of the implicit danger of the visions, Fred felt strong and assured in his dream.

When Fred woke up he was covered in sweat and his heart was beating a mile a minute. It felt like it was going to burst right out of his slender chest. It was already past 10pm, and Fred wondered if he should forget going to see old Tom. The island could be frightening at night, and Tom's cottage was in the middle of nowhere. But Fred felt a real sense of urgency, and decided that he could at least walk out there and check to see if Tom was okay.

Fred ran down to the ocean in his trunks and dove in, letting the warm salt water wash the sweat from his skin. After a minute he climbed out, squeezed most of the water from his short hair with his hands, and pulled on a baggy t shirt. Fred wore a lot of baggy clothes to hide how skinny he was, not that it did much good. He never wore speedos, as his cock and balls were definitely on the small size. That's why he wore baggy trunks to at least leave it to the imagination he might be decently hung.

Fred walked down the beach, the salt water drying on his skin in the warm summer evening. It was close to 11pm when he reached Tom's cottage, but the place wasn't silent, far from it. There were several huge bonfires lighting up the jungle night, and a loud group of locals were dancing and singing, playing drums and celebrating.

Fred walked up into the group, and was astonished as one by one they all stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at him. The group stopped playing. Tom was sitting up on a chair in front, that for all the world looked like a throne. Tom leapt up off the chair and clasped a big, longfingered grip on Fred's shoulder.

"This one," said Tom, " is my friend. He has a strong heart! I owe him the blood debt, and I aim to pay it back, strength for strength!" The drummer started a beat and everybody clapped and cheered. Through the evening all of them came and greeted him as a friend, offering him little gifts, a small bag tied with cord, some incense with muttered words of instruction, some feathers bundled together, small vials of red and black and amber liquids, given as charms or wards or good luck. Many of them seemed to have something to do with strength, or speed, or power. The visitors blurred together in his sight, and he found it difficult to focus on them, although he remembered, indeed found it impossible to forget, the words they spoke to him and their names. Several of the gifts were merely spoken words, or chants. One lady witch, also of indeterminate age, said a complicated "binding" and laughed. She said he'd make Tom small soon. Then she laughed again. Another old crone was reluctant to approach Fred, but Tom insisted, whispering something fierce in her ear. She splashed some few drops on Fred's face and screeched at him. Tom told him not to fear, it was a gift of potency. Sometime after midnight the party broke up, quite quickly. Fred was alone with Tom, delirious with the scented air and drink which had been plied on him.

"You've been given a gift tonight," Tom told him. "Use it for yourself, but don't hurt others with it. You'll grow and learn to walk between reality and the dream world, and take what is good there back to reality."

Fred swayed slightly and Tom reached out to steady him. In a moment Fred found himself leaning against Tom's strong chest. He looked up into Tom's eyes and Tom's face was that of a youth. He opened his mouth to speak but Tom hushed him and leaned down to kiss Fred on the lips. His huge thick tongue slid deep into Fred's throat, astonishing Fred with its size. Then Fred remembered something else that was huge and slipped down to his knees. It only took an instant to unfasten Tom's shorts, and then he tugged down the shorts halfway. Fred gasped. He continued to pull and as he did two huge peach sized testicles were revealed. He pulled the shorts all the way down and a long bulbous cock slid out, eight inches long soft, and bounced and swayed in front of this Island God Muscle Man. In seconds Fred was sucking on this monster, stroking with both hands. Tom's cock grew longer and thicker violently, in seconds pushing against the back of Fred's throat so he had to back up quickly. Tom was enormous erect. At least 13 inches. Fred sat back and looked in disbelief. Just then a spurt of cum shot from Tom's cock and sprayed Fred's face and chest. Fred dove down on the huge python and did his best, taking the head and a few inches in his mouth, the rest lubricated with saliva and cum and stroked by hand. Tom kept leaking semen but it didn't seem that he was coming. After some moments he started to become very animated. His huge balls were churning visibly in his sack, and starting to slowly pull up under the base of that incredibly long shaft. Tom grabbed Fred's head in an iron grip. Fred could feel the huge load start to pump up the shaft under his hands. Then Tom drew Fred's entire head forward, forcing the huge knob of his cock deep into Fred's throat, deep throating him until his huge balls rested on Fred's chin. There was a moment of unbelievable sensation, and then Tom unloaded a huge amount of cum down Fred's throat, directly into his stomach. Tom's balls shrank visibly as he unloaded an unbelievable amount of cum, filling Fred's stomach to capacity. Fred felt the weight of this huge load sloshing in his stomach, and Tom pulled out his massive schlong with a plop.

"There." he said to Fred. "It's done."

Fred passed out and collapsed into Tom's arms.

The light of the morning sun woke Fred. He felt wonderful. He stretched luxuriously. He suddenly remembered the night before and sat up with a sudden start. He was in his hotel room. The entire vivid recollection of the evening suddenly seemed very remote and doubtful. But sitting on the bedside table were the little charms and potions and spell scrolls in quite a large and untidy heap. "Oh man!" he said aloud. "I must have gotten completely drunk! Tom must think I'm an idiot. God knows what really happened last night!!!"

He leapt out of bed. Odd that he should be so clear headed, wide awake and energetic after a night of drinking. He padded into the bathroom to take a leak and panicked when he grabbed his cock. It wasn't his cock. His cock was small and unimpressive. What his hand had just closed on was as thick as a salami, and hung far below his hand. He had to pick up the rest of it with his other hand, and it still extended inches beyond both his hands, soft. And it was heavy. He hefted it in his hand, feeling the weight. Just then he really had to take a leak. He splashed in the bowl a long thick stream for quite a while, then amazingly hefted his cock, was it really his cock?, again. He stroked it and the sensation was incredible. His buttocks tightened, his chest ached, and all of his muscles tensed. And his cock lengthened two inches, and hung even heavier in his hands, still soft.

Fred hefted his monstrously oversized penis in his hands as sexual energy hit him like a freight train. The increased tingling ache in his chest made him gasp from its intensity. His buttocks tightened further, pumping up and sticking out more. His cock lengthened inches more suddenly, twisting out of his grip as it instantly grew. It bobbed at half mast hanging out and down in an arc, the weight of it causing the half erect monster to curve downward. Fred gasped in delight and frightened excitation. He looked up then for the first time in the bathroom mirror. What he saw was amazing. He was still himself, still definitely Fred, but changed. His hair was longer, more luxuriant, swept back. His eyes were hypnotically intense. His face was more mature, still youthful but now handsomely proportioned. His body was bronzed a golden brown and was toned and taut as never before. But most insane was the enormous snake hanging obscenely between his legs. It literally throbbed as his heart pumped. He reached down and hefted his huge penis, and grabbed it further out the shaft with his other hand. The sensation was incredible. He began to stroke it and it grew longer still... 3 or 4 more inches, then the incredible thick head on his cock swelled up and got red. The shaft of his cock thickened by more than an inch in diameter. The incredibly thick base of his cock was soon overshadowed by the width of the shaft as it grew thicker. Fred could feel new muscle strength in his body supporting his freakish cock as it became rigid and hard. The weight was incredible, but his body supported the heaviness of his monster easily. It stuck out from his body like a third forearm. He stroked the now hard monster and felt incredible sensations throughout his body. It was as if he was being rewired, like his body was still changing and adapting to this freakish addition to size. He gasped again as thick precum began to ooze from the huge slit on his cock head. It began to drip down onto his hands. The increased slickness was all it took. Fred felt that he was going to cum.

His cock began to spasm. His body became rigid and the sensation that normally accompanied his orgasm began in his monster penis but then spread to his chest, legs and the rest of his body. It was as if he was one giant penis all over. He orgasmed, shooting a thick stream of cum from his cock. The sensation was amazing. After about a minute it subsided and Fred saw a thick stream of cum spattered on the bathroom mirror.

His hands were still on his monstrous cock, which began to subside as a normal-sized cock might. In a few minutes, Fred was standing looking at the reflection of a handsome young 18 year old stud in the cum spattered mirror. His enormous cock hung flaccid like a doubly thick garden hose between his legs.

"What did he do to me?" Fred asked aloud. "What's happened to me?"

After he cleaned up the cum with a handtowel, rinsing it out in the shower, Fred quickly showered down, cleaning the precum and sweat off his body. He felt imbued with a sense of strength and well being. He shook out his hair and it fell down luxuriously onto the nape of his neck. Yesterday it hadn't even touched his neck.

He noticed that his nipples seemed larger and more sensitive too... They seemed to stick out much further than before. He brushed one with his hand and shivered at the feeling.

He hunted in his school supplies and found a 12" ruler. He wondered if it would be long enough. It was, for his flaccid penis. Barely. His flaccid penis was 10 and 3/4 inches long, and over 2 and 1/4 inches wide at the base. He was still shivering with excitement but already a sense of calm was asserting itself.

Fred knew that Tom was the one who had given him what he'd always wished for. Tom must have known that he'd never have asked for what he really wanted if given the chance. Why? Fred wondered. This was wonderful. Fred realized that he was going to have to stop being afraid to ask for what he wanted. He might have to do more than that, even. He might have to find what he wanted and take it.

Getting dressed was now a problem. Fred pulled on the shorts he'd been wearing yesterday, and his cock hung well below the bottom of the pants leg. He then pulled on a pair of his old levi's 501's, and discovered that they were shorter in the leg than he remembered by about 2 inches. Then he realized that he was taller by about 2 inches. No longer 5'6" tall, Fred was now 5'9" tall as he discovered as he quickly measured his height against a door frame with the ruler. No wonder he looked better in the mirror!!

But the 501's weren't any better for his problem... his thick cock was still hanging far down his thigh, bulging obscenely in the soft worn cotton. Eleven inches of cock was going to be a problem... a BIG problem. Fred started experimenting with his cock... it compressed somewhat in length when supported below the head, by about 3 inches... In thickness it stubbornly remained unshrinkable. Fred thought the weight of his monster cock must pull it down when not supported, so unless it was trapped in a jock or tight jockeys it was always partly inflated.

Finally, Fred found a seldom used jockstrap in his sock drawer, and managed to get his cock inside it. Even then, he was 8" long and 2 1/4" thick. But it would hide in his baggy shorts and swim trunks, and wasn't impossibly obscene in the 501's, if he rolled the head of the cock under to his balls and kept his cock centered behind the zipper. It made for a huge basket, but with a loose untucked shirt it would work, or so he hoped.

He decided to wear his baggiest shorts with his jock and a long oversized t shirt. That would disguise the growth of his cock, and also hopefully minimize his new height.

At breakfast he quickly got seated, and stared fixedly at the menu. Some of the other guys looked at him oddly, but Fred just gave them a quick smile and looked away. They couldn't be seeing his cock, as he was sitting down. No way they could tell he was taller. Maybe they were noticing his longer hair or maybe it was that what he'd seen in himself in the mirror showed to everyone in the room. Several of the others waved at him, or otherwise paid him more attention than usual. Fred flushed at the thought of being the center of attention, but he didn't feel embarrassed about the idea. He was excited by it actually. He felt his cock stir for an instant. "Down boy!" he thought, and his cock reluctantly subsided.

A clattering tray made him look up as his one real friend on this vacation sat down opposite him. Jack Simons was a blonde haired short fellow with an energetic nature and a winning smile. Often Fred wondered why Jack bothered being his friend, but Jack and he always had a GREAT time together, laughing, talking, and just being friends. As cute as Jack was, Fred had never made a pass at Jack. He valued his friendship more than a cheap sexual thrill. Jack was probably gay. Certainly he was bisexual at least, and certainly he'd been celibate for a long time. Fred often thought Jack didn't even admit to himself that he was gay. Jack often talked about girls, but only ones that were unattainable, movie actresses and celebrities. He never made any effort to date girls he knew. Jack read men's bodybuilding magazines too. Fred sighed. Why were people so screwed up with sex?

"Heya Freddie!"

"Hi Jack!"

"Heya you're looking good Fred! Finally got some sun I see! Be careful, if you start on this health fitness thing you never know where it could lead you."

"Oat cakes"

"Bran Muffins"

"Situps at dawn"

"Eight hours of sleep per night"

"Arnold diction lessons"

"Long life"

"Interpersonal relationships"

"Say it ain't so Jack, say it ain't so!"

They burst out laughing. Fred with relief that Jack still responded to him as a friend. He couldn't stand losing his friend.

They ate breakfast, and afterwards decided to go swimming. When they stood up, Jack looked at him oddly.

"Fred, you're taller."

"Yeah sure."

"Seriously Fred. You're taller"

"Guess I've been growing a bit. You noticed cause you're wearing your sandals instead of your boots."

"Right... sure... well, let's go." Jack punched him in the arm, in a friendly gesture.

It didn't hurt like it usually did. Fred's arm absorbed the blow. Actually, it felt good. •

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