Special Forces


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A dark blue Ford Crown Victoria sedan was on the road. It had left it's departure point somewhere in D.C. and crossed into a different state.

The car pulled up to the gate of a medical facility tied to an Army Hospital. Two men, both appearing to be in their middle fifties in dark suits exited the Ford and walked into the building.

The two men presented special identification and were then allowed into a secured area. After walking down two more hallways and past two more checkpoints, a third destination was reached. This time they both were required to enter personal security codes and submit their hands for palm print analysis before gaining entrance.

A lab technician with a white coat lead both men into an ante room where they were to wait before being escorted to the viewing area where the experiment was to take place.

About fifteen minutes later, they were ushered into a room, which was similar to the construction of an operating theater. Below was a room that had padded floors and walls. Present already in the room was a rather smallish looking kid probably in his early twenties. The kid was wearing the uniform, which was standard issue in the Federal Penitentiary system.

Dave, this kid's name is Lester Huggins, age 24. He was convicted of trafficking in drugs and weapons. When he was arrested by the ATF there was gunplay and six agents were killed. When they tried to rush him in hopes of an arrest, this little cherub demonstrated exceptional skill in martial arts. He single-handedly mopped the floor with six more of our best men placing two of them in the hospital for "vacation". Mr. Huggins did not graduate from High School, was raised in one of the poorest parts of the south, and at age 18 enlisted in the Marines. After enlistment was such a discipline problem there that he was dishonorably discharged before finishing boot camp. In the sixteen months he has so far served in prison, he has been placed in solitary confinement three times. In spite of what we might see here in this room today and when we return tomorrow, do not have any sympathy for this one. This is one bad kid and with an attitude that is his biggest problem. One other thing, this kid is decidedly heterosexual and has already fathered seven children out of wedlock. The first one was at age 13 on his part.

A few minutes later there were some noises heard down below and a figure walked into the room. The figure was unlike anything either of the men had ever seen or imagined possible. The face was young, but covered in a dark very full beard. The jump suit covering his body was immense but still stretched to the bursting point with the muscle contained underneath. The chest of this man was so large that the zipper of the jumpsuit could not be pulled up past the abdominal muscles. Initially, the two spectators were so enthralled with the appearance of the new man that they were not watching Lester. Lester had initially moved quietly from the center of the room to a corner. He made no moves at all himself waiting to see what the other fellow in the room was going to do. A few seconds later, the new arrival started removing his clothing. The two spectators were mesmerized by the appearance of the fellow with his clothing removed. Though his height was actually below that of Lester, the dimensions of the muscles on the man were not even describable. The chest shoulders arms and legs were covered with a dense mat of blackish hair. The hair was long and dense, but the muscle was so large underneath that the shape of the muscle could be seen easily even though the skin could not. The new arrival paid initially very little attention to Lester and reached down between his legs to caress his genitals. The penis was, in its flaccid state, the thickness of a soda or beer can and stretched soft from the groin to the area just above the knees of the monstrous man. In fact if the muscles of the thighs had not been so large and the testicles so very large, forcing the penis out and forward the head might have touched the upper edge of the kneecaps. The monster paid little attention to Lester as he started stroking the monstrous penis to a state of erection.

Lester, at this point realized that there was something to do with sex here, and he was a very "macho" man, he did not go for this kind of stuff at all.

Hey you! What the fuck you think you're doin'

He faggot! I'm a talkin' to you faggot! .

The huge muscle monster paid little real attention to Lester until his penis had reached most of the way towards erection. In a voice that was the deepest bass imaginable and resembling gravel, the first words from the monster came out.

Hey leetle boy! You vant play vit beeg muscle deek?

You vant sukk Gregor's beeg muscle deek, make Gregor happy?

Gregor be happy vit you help o vit out you help.

At this point Lester was not certain what was going to happen but he thought that he better take the offensive, and at least kill that fuckin hard on!

With amazing practiced skill, Lester leapt and spun in an attempt to place his bare foot in a kick towards Gregor's head.

With lightening speed Gregor reacted and moved out of the way partially and also in the process grabbed the spinning ankle of his assailant. The speed of his moves shocked the onlookers, but not half as much as it shocked Lester, the blow and the spinning assistance given by Gregors hand around his ankle sent Lester flying to the floor.

Leetle boy vants show Gregor he like the ballet.

Gregor vonce see Bolshoi in Prague as small child.

Leetle boy study to be ballerina?

Lester at this point started an all out attack against Gregor. Each kick and each blow was deflected with ease. Most of them sent Lester flying to the padded floor.

Lester stripped of the prison garb quickly, expecting Gregor to return the attack. Gregor did not and gave Lester a chance to strip off the clothing.

In a matter of seconds Lester stood nude in the cell circling the massive Gregor who was in fact again stroking his incredible genitals.

Leetle boy vant show Gregor his body.

Gregor like leetle boy's body.

Leetle boy look at Gregor's deek!

Gregor vant fuck leetle boy.

The onlookers watched as Lester attacked Gregor again and again. Gregor deflected the blows without even breaking a sweat.

Lester was a mass of sweat in the room his skin was slick highlighting the definition of his build and filling the room with the odor of his efforts.

What became interesting as the two spectators watched, was that the odor seemed to be working on Gregor like some sort of aphrodisiac. The massively veined uncut dick reached Gregor's sternum and was so hard that it bounced against his hairy-ridged belly and lower edge of his chest.

Gregor grow bored with game "hard to get".

Gregor vant fuck leetle boy!

Gregor theenk leetle boy need demonstration of passion!

Gregor simply, and like a pouncing panther bounced the distance between himself and Lester. It was as if Lester had the physical strength and prowess of a 90 year old against the muscle monster.

Gregor spun lester around pinning his arms behind him and pinned Lesters mouth with a kiss.

When it became obvious that Lester was not going to win this easily, and that his "virtue" might be at stake here, he first started screaming for help, then after the screaming went unanswered he started crying. When that didn't work he tried to fight off the muscle monster again but like before to no avail.

Dave, look closely, see the kid now has an erection. One of the things that this stuff does is cause an erection reaction in the victim even under dire circumstances. The kid is picking that up from the body sweat of the Czech kid.

Frank, you mean to tell me that what I am witnessing is the same Czech prostitute I saw in the folder yesterday? He's even bigger, and he does not look like a kid now. What the fuck did they do to him.

Yeah Dave, the modification and new drugs were administered to him only a week ago. They have modified the stuff even more now and there have been some more changes made supposedly to improve it even more.

Within fifteen more minutes Gregor had totally taken control and was fucking Lester with ease. Lester, once afraid, was now in a state somewhere between nirvana and hysterics. He was in pain and experiencing sexual feelings the likes of which he had never known. His eyes were unfocused, his breath coming in gasps, his pelvis pushing back against the invader and even more he was muttering a mixture of things from his mouth. He was experiencing mood changes and swings at such a rate that even he would later admit that he was totally out of control.

Gregor was fucking the kid mercilessly and his huge dick could be seen pounding Lester's ass. The first cum for Gregor was about five minutes later and there were four more before the sex act was finished.

The two men left the building and returned to their respective offices to make their reports.

The next day, a return trip was made to the same facility, but this time to see Lester, not to see Gregor.

Another young man was led into the room. This was another Federal Prisoner and like Lester, he appeared to be in his early 20's. This man's name was Danny. Danny Calverton was not quite the bad seed that Lester had been, but his rap sheet was equally entertaining. He had been in trouble since the beginning of puberty and had finally become involved in the importation of drugs. He had successfully operated a "go-fast" off the coast of Florida and had made a great deal of money before he was caught.

A few minutes later, Lester was led into the room. This time he was mentally not quite as alert, looked somewhat disheveled and the front of his prison garb bulged from his obvious erection.

He immediately started ripping his clothing off and went for the other young fellow ripping the prison clothing from his body. As though driven by some satanic force, Lester the man who appeared to be Mr. Macho yesterday, immediately went for the genitals of the other man and sucked him to erection.

Lester's own dick was swollen to proportions which appeared far larger than the day before, and his testicles looked like they had grown to triple their original size. Lester's mumblings were not totally coherent, and the only parts of his brain that were working well were the ones related to sex. He had coordination and the reactions of a cat, but only when they were directed at obtaining sex. He was not really aware of the world around him and his ONLY objective was plowing his own inflamed dick up Danny's ass. In spite of his resistance, Danny lost to the adrenaline enhanced strength Lester now possessed. Like Lester the day before, Danny was no longer ass cherry.

Frank, what I have witnessed up to this point is unbelievable!

Yeah Dave, the first time I saw it I was somewhat uneasy as well, but this is still the only way to deal with our present problem.

What's going to happen to those two over time?

By tomorrow Lester's cock and balls will be even larger and he will be even more desirous of sex. Danny will be on the first day of his ride and he will want to fuck or be fucked by any male coming near him.

This will peak in about six weeks and slowly lessen after that.

What about permanent effects?

We don't know everything, but, basically there appears to be no permanent physical effects. The psychological effects of what they are experiencing are something unknown for these men.

What about their genitals?

We have not had a great deal of experience with that effect. It may or may not be permanent, we do not really know.

What about addiction?

To what?

The drug laced cum!


Look Frank, we are on real thin ice here.

If the President goes along with this, I guess we will have to do it, but, I am really very uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Dave, if it is any consolation, I am not comfortable with it either. The problem is that we are stuck with parameters we need to meet for the crap we give them to be the most effective. The age range is a very narrow one. We did not set the rule, the damn shit itself did.

What about High School aged Marine recruits?

We don't have the time Dave, I am truly sorry.

Intelligence has information that will force this whole thing to be in place within a few months or we are screwed indefinitely. We need this opportunity and we need to do it now.

I can get our recruits together in different ways a great deal quicker. It would take far too long to recruit and train from the ranks of any branch of the service.

OK, I don't like this, but I will clear the way provided that the President is aware and I see his signature on the orders.

OK. •

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