Special Forces


By Wordshop


In an office, in a building specializing in Government Covert operations and in a Division called "Black Ops" two men were talking.

These two men were planning an operation to eliminate a strange Middle Eastern religious sect, and it's leader, which was exporting terrorism. Their conversation was classified to such a level that it was above TOP SECRET.

"Look Frank, these idiots are so whacked out that they consider queer sex to be a death sentence." "If they are caught with a dick up their ass they will be killed by their own Law Enforcement, if they are forcibly raped by another man, they are, as a part of their religion, required to take their own life in shame."

"I don't like this whole thing, look at the political ramifications if anything about this operation ever leaked out!"

"It won't!"

"That's what Nixon said about Watergate!"

"Why so young?"

"This Doctor Dieter says that they have to be for several reasons."

"I don't like it."

"Where are we going to find what we need"

"I'll handle that end. . . . . "

"I still don't like it. . . . . "

"Pumping a bunch of High School aged males full of experimental drugs and hocus-pocus to eliminate these bastards. . . " "My God Dave, are we any better than they are?"

"The directives have come down. . . . "

"Let's assume that this works Dave. . . . . what do we do with these kids when they are through. . . . . I mean with the mission?" "We can't just steal some kid, turn him into some monstrous freak, then hand him back to mommy and daddy. . . . "

"How many again?"

"We're figuring about two-hundred. . . . . "

"Two-hundred Frank. . . . are you out of your mind?"

"We're going to have to house them somewhere where nobody can see them. . . . at least, until, er ah until we can. . . . reprogram them into society. . . "

"Is this Dieter reliable Frank?"

"The best we've got. . . . . . . . "

"He better be, or we are all really screwed!"

"Has there been any long term tests for the safety of this stuff. . . . . "

"No time. . . . . "

"Frank, these are High School aged. . . . . "

"Look at the folder in front of you Dave."

"What is this?"

"This was a street urchin we picked up and smuggled out of the Czech Republic. . . . "

"How long did this take?"

"Six Weeks with that version. . . . we want em even bigger. . . we figure 10 weeks. . . "

"Dieter's crap turns em into these freaks and makes them queer too?"

"Supposed to. . . . "

"How can you guarantee that we get all of these jerks?"

"We can't"

"Well then what good is it?"


"We're going to leak a bunch of photos of the orgies out to the press in this Country, the religion will be finished and the leaders will be hunted and killed like animals by their own people."

"What about the kids faces, what if somehow they are recognized?"

"The stuff had not been perfected when we gave it to the Czech kid, the new version will make them unrecognizable."

"That's something, anyway. . . . . "

"It is supposed to do a bunch of other stuff too. . . . "

"Isn't there any other way?"

"Look, we've tried to knock that bastard off numerous times. . . . "

"I, know, I know, but we have to have a plan better than this. . . . . "

"Frank, I really don't like this whole concept. . . . . we are talking about entrusting possibly the welfare of the free world to kids that are High School aged! Even if we fix the physical part, what about the fear and emotional immaturity of males in that age group?"

"Dave, there are two things we need here. The first is that these drugs have a narrow age range in which they will work. Give this same combination of crap to a 50 year old and the guy will of course have benefits, but not the percentages we need to make this operation a success. . . . . The other thing is the mindset. What we need here is a total sex machine. We need a kid that will be able to fuck ass for hours at a time and do one after the other. . . . . . "

"Frank, again, I beg you, isn't there any other way? We've got a Republican President who comes up for election in a short time. His war chest is full of money from the Religious Right, who wants to kill anything even remotely related to gay rights! This is the same man who wanted to ban gays from service in the military period! Now, here we are creating literally an army of "super fags" to go invade a country and screw these assholes to death. . . . It just seems er, a well, ah hypocritical. Can you imagine what would be said or happen it was found out that an army of teenage homosexual supermen in fact saved the world by deliberately creating a Sodom and Gomorrah situation?"

"Dave, we know that this is in fact the ONLY way we can be guaranteed of getting them, and putting them out of commission for good!"

"Frank, does the Director know about this?"


"Does the President know about it?"


"What are we going to do for these boys when this is over?"

"Look Frank, I read that report not ten minutes ago on that Czech kid, you took a teenage male prostitute who was by necessity trying to fend for himself. All this kid was trying to do was eat. You fill him up with crap that literally turns him first into a homosexual, then causes him to gain physical strength of what appears to be twenty men. At the same time this kid is transformed in appearance from an average kid into a total freak. The cock and balls on that kid are so large they are grotesque! I repeat, what are we going to do. . . . . . as I assume that these effects are permanent!"

"Yes they are. . . . . "

"The President needs to know about this one Frank and in detail, it's his ass if this somehow leaks. . . . . "

"He's been good to the agency in funding. . . . he needs to know"

"There's one more file Dave. . . . "

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

"OK Frank, let me understand this, the final kicker is that our little army is given injections before going in for the invasion. The stuff they are injected with places a mutant something-or-other in their cum. Within 24 hours after the injection, the cum becomes infected with this whatever and when this thing goes into the bloodstream, the person receiving it that way completely whacks out. . . . . "

"Yeah, their mind is completely wiped and all they want is male sex. . . . .then when they fuck another male and on and on.

"What about our guys Frank, aren't they affected?"

"No the crap we gave em prevents them from being anything other than a carrier"

"How long does this last Frank, or are these guys going to be a biohazard for life. . . . . "

"No their ability to infect with this crap drops off sharply after about eight weeks and by week twelve they are no longer even carriers. In those who receive the stuff through seminal fluid, the effects start dropping off after about twelve weeks and are totally gone by sixteen weeks.

"If these guys are straight what good will that do. . . "

"You don't understand Dave, this stuff does not change the orientation of the victim at all, what it does is make them lose control. They will get raped once, then they will within 24 hours get so horney that they will be begging to be screwed by every male they can find. At the end of let's say 16 weeks they have 100% of their memory present, they know what they did, they will know that they were begging for sex like dogs in heat, and that is that."

"What about physical side effects to the guys who were raped by our army?"

"Well Dave, we don't know everything yet, but there appear to be a few. . . . . Dieter says that there is enlargement of the penis and testicles and some hair growth, and this is dependent on the age of the person, younger more, older less. . . . . "


"We don't know. . . . . "

"There are some experiments going on with this stuff over in Maryland tomorrow, want to see it in action?"

"What time?"

"I can call and see. . . "

"Do that Frank. . . " •

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