Big is Better

Stairway To Heaven


By XHuge4Muscl

I wasn't aware of Sam effortlessly scooping up my naked body in his enormous arms. My eyes were closed tight as I enthusiastically attacked his other pec fountain. I was oblivious to any other world beyond the giant-muscled arms that now held my body cradled against his massy chest.

Sam stood up slowly with me in his arms, and began carrying me back into the main gym, somehow managing to stop and padlock the door to his inner sanctum on the way without even disrupting my current occupation. Sam talked more or less constantly too, but whether he was speaking to me or just talking to himself I didn't know. I was far too absorbed in my immediate task at hand - or rather in mouth - to be much aware of anything else. Like an oil prospector, I feverishly kept priming his 2nd huge pec-pump, growing evermore confident that I would be striking Texas Tea at any moment.

"Damn, I wish you could see what I'm seein' right now, boy." Sam said quietly. "You're Daddy's extra-big boy already, and you still got that whole big pecy left to swallow. I wish I could patent these `vitamins' of mine. I'd be maybe even a millyunair, I expect...."

Sam didn't break his stride, but there was a sudden lapse in his banter. A few moments later, he moaned rather loudly as his mighty pec mound involuntarily contracted, forcing its first batch of muscle- juice into my eagerly waiting mouth. I clamped down to devote myself to the milking and only half-heard when Sam resumed his monologue. He knew I was too preoccupied to participate in any conversation but kept on talking to me anyway.

"You got a real knack for this, Pete. That's some terrific feelin' mouth action. Woof! I reckons I knew ya had it in ya though, the first moment I saw ya. You're a real natural! And you's probably gettin' tired of hearin' me tell ya this, but... you got a b-e-a-u-t- i-f-u-l cock on you... and it's gettin' beautifuler every minute. You got me so crazy for that huge thing already that I'm burnin up inside, Pete. And boy, I'm gettin' readier by the second to treat it really right, too. You makin' my big manhooters squirt - that's changin' me - like it's changin' you. Not the same way, of course. But I can feel it all happenin' now, just like it always does. I'm gettin' all set to treat my big boy like he ain't never been treated before, I reckon. So that's it, boy. You just keep on suckin' `till ya drain me dry. You's gonna be even bigger than my favorite... Oh, thanks Pete for remindin' me of that, come to think of it!"

Sam took a brief detour into his office. I felt him easily shift my whole body and then cradle my weight completely in just one massive arm, keeping me firmly nuzzled up to his fleshy muscle. The one arm alone pretty much engulfed my head and torso. Then I felt him gently bend down and heard the sound of a metal desk drawer being opened. Then I thought I heard him speaking to someone else.

"Yep. Thought so. Can ya see the size of Pete here? He's gonna ruin me for you. I ain't gonna feel the same way about you never again, you `ol big banana. You's `bout to be replaced by the real thing. Yeah, I know. We been together so long I thought that it could never happen, too. But don't `cha worry - you'll always be my second favorite, darlin'. But you're just the appetizer from now on. This guy here, he's the new main course - and I'm the luckiest man in the world tonight."

I could feel Sam's body fidgeting around a little awkwardly, followed by a brief exclamation, "Oooooh, yeah..." then the sound the drawer being kicked shut with a resounding bang.

Sam slowly strolled out of his office and headed toward the rear doorway again with my mouth still firmly clamped on his pec, giving him truly great `teat', too. He hadn't gotten too far before another sharp tremor coursed through his body, signaling I was close to scoring another goal. A series of strong pectoral contractions immediately followed, apparently so intense that they temporarily stopped him dead in his tracks. Sam just stood there holding me in his arms and bellowed like a stag in the rut. I gulped and swallowed as if my life depended on it, trying desperately to avoid drowning as Sam's fat nipple-cock ejaculated fire-hose quantities of pec-cum. I was gagging and gobbling mouthfuls as fast as I possibly could but I was too heavily outgunned and it was a fruitless salvage operation at best. The excess streamed out of my nostrils under pressure, covering my face and hair and pouring down through the chiseled channels of Sam's abdomen to coat my own torso.

Variations on this same theme repeated themselves several more times before we finally reached the rear stairs. In between volleys, Sam talked more or less nonstop in a quiet, soothing tone of voice. I'd managed to coax every last morsel of his scrumptious pec-cum out that mountainous man-jug before we ever reached the stairwell, successfully draining the huge guy completely dry. Sam seemed as contented as a big puppy and continued to carry me even though I'd completed my assignment.

He paused at the bottom of the stairwell and seemed quite satisfied to stand there and just look at me for awhile. And I lay there gazing up at the face of a man who was so sexy - so handsome - so utterly manly - it caused me to shiver. And that face looked so ecstatically happy it beamed.

Occasionally he'd rock and bounce me a bit in his strong arms, pressing his lips to my head. The delicacy, the extreme tenderness of these motions belied freight-train power this man-mountain had exhibited only a few minutes before. In fact I'd never felt anything remotely like it from any man. Sometimes you just don't need words to know what someone's feeling in his heart. And at that moment, what Sam conveyed without say a word surprised and frightened me. There was no misinterpreting it: the dude was pierced by Cupid's arrow.

Then Sam said: "Yeah, look at that big `ol side of beef just waggin' in the breeze. That dick's bigger than I seen it before! It's a major DONG, boy. You got a great big MONSTER DONG! You got me as hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July! We's gonna have us one hell of party! Yeehaa!!"

Well, O.K. - so Sam was horny as a toad, too.

I wasn't exactly in a position to be calling the kettle black. I turned my eyes front and center, seeking the cause of Sam's euphoric state of arousal. The only thing that I seemed to be able to see was... God, it WAS a fuckin' DONG! And it WAS hot! I mean literally - hot like a burning torch - hot as if it would glow in the dark like a hot red poker. In fact, I felt like a 5 alarm fire blazed all over my body. The big fellas ere floating in a hot air furnace. Then I recalled I'd had this bizarre sensation almost since the moment I'd discovered the joys of Sam's muscle jug juice. But having finished the bottle, this heat was more noticeable now. I felt these distinct hot flashes moving like waves through my body; but one look at Old Faithful there told me I was anything but men- opausal. These pulses of warmth seemed to all be moving towards my groin. It felt like an inferno where they converged around Mount Sinai down there; and if ever there was a burning bush, I sure had one. My entire groin felt fiery hot. This `fire' - this feeling of intense heat - it wasn't unpleasant or even feverish. It didn't hurt at all. It was as if I'd suddenly developed thousands of new nerve endings. Everything felt exquisitely super-sensitive. It was as if I could feel every molecule of air bouncing off my cock and balls; as if the air itself had suddenly become some sort of invisible, sensual and erotic glove.

I immediately began checking the status of everything that had been going on below my waist while I'd been lost in Sam's Pectoral Mountains. Where were my balls? I couldn't see them, but I sure could feel them. The big hot Kahunas, ever the low-riders, were hanging well down between my legs still safe in their saddle bag, and swaying in unison with Sam's strides. I felt my heavy satchel occasionally slap against my ass cheeks reminding me they were still there.

As for my cock, well... it startled me honestly. The only real pain I felt anywhere was coming from the part of my cock that was still covered by the rubber. At this point, no one else might have known I was even wearing one except for the telltale latex neck ring not quite midway down my shaft, now ridiculously strangling me. The condom itself had stretched to the point of almost being imperceptible, except that my skin had a bit more shine than normal. However, the coloring was getting a purplish hue - a visible indicator of my growing discomfort. I wondered why I'd had this stupid idea in the first place. But I'd made it farther than I ever thought possible without folding yet. I could hold out just a little longer - for Sam's sake. "In for the penny, in for the pound"... well, probably a few generous pounds from the look of things.

Frankly, I couldn't remember ever sporting anything quite this size; even more remarkable considering neither Sam nor I had even laid a hand on it yet. I was one part amazed and two parts embarrassed. One look at it and the word `freak' blazed into my head again - and then I wisely tried to banish the thought just as fast. I was not going to do that to myself again. I wasn't sure what this `dong' that Sam mentioned repeatedly was supposed to look like but I had the idea that it must be fairly useless, whatever it was. Sam apparently thought otherwise. He'd told me so many times in various ways that he thought my cock was hot. That was the only thing that needed to matter; the only thing I needed to keep in my mind.

If it turned him on that much, I'd damn well better start thinking that this dong was very hot piece of real estate, too. But it felt unbelievably heavy, like a length of lead pipe. Something that heavy should be dead weight hanging between my thighs. But it wasn't. There it was standing up in turgid defiance looking solid and sturdy, not draped over my thigh like a dead goose. I'd been in an outright mind-blowing state of arousal almost from the moment I began working over Sam's muscleman-mega-hooters. All my hormones had cranked into some sort of crazy overdrive and kept on revving. My body had basically done what it'd always done before. I'd just never responded quite so... well... enthusiastically. "Well Pete," I said to myself. "It's just those damn hormones again. So get used to it, Pete. Time to introduce Sam to the new kid on the block - Dong Boy!"

I looked back up at Sam who was still beaming like a lighthouse. He'd apparently never taken his eyes off of me.

"Did ya like my birthday present, Pete? Did I get big enough for you?"

"That was - unbelievable - EVERYTHING you did, Sam. I couldn't ever forget this birthday. Never! You've got big muscles on top of bigger muscles on top of even bigger muscles! You're a muscleman - a real muscleman. But... but it's almost too unbelievable. I mean the WEIGHT of those things that you lifted - and the physical strength it'd take to even budge those things. I mean how strong are you really, Sam? It's all beyond me, and it gives me the chills. I can't even get my brain around it. And the shape of your physique - the way your muscles look all pumped up like they are - you're way beyond huge. I don't have words to describe what I saw - or what I'm seeing right now. You're the most amazing, strong, most fantastic looking, sexiest man in the world. That's the closest I can get. But Sam - it all TOO unreal. It's like I'm dreaming. Just how strong ARE you really, Sam?"

Sam replied with a question of his own. "How big is your dick, Pete, huh?"

"I've never tried to measure it. I told you that. I don't actually know, Sam."

"Seems we ain't so different then, I guess," Sam countered with a little grin. "But what matters is that I did it for you, Pete, `cause you said you wanted me to get freaky. I wanted to make ya happy and give ya a real thrill, so's you'd get REAL big! Looks like I succeeded more than my wildest dreams, too, by the look of things. I wanted your birthday to be somethin' real special. I told ya I'm a freak right from the get-go, Pete. I told ya that the Good Lord made me so's I can do things that most guys can't. I told ya I was real strong. I even told ya `bout that weird thing I can do in my head that I can't even explain. I knows I never lied to ya about anything. But you said it was OK and that `cha wanted to know and see everything. Least that's what `cha told me, right? So I trusted ya, and I showed ya some things. They's special things though. Things I like keepin' to myself. They's personal and private. But I did `em anyway, just for you. I did `em `cause I... likes ya. Ya made me feel like I was maybe sorta special. I just thinks you're real special - a real nice guy. The truth be known - ya gives me the craziest case of the hots I ever felt."

I could even feel the shapes of the thick muscles in Sam's powerful forearms flexing underneath my back as Sam pressed my naked body against him and began hugging and squeezing me in his arms. His affection made flesh, pressed into mine, uniquely touched me in a place deep inside where no one ever had reached. Powerful feelings erupted from that private, deep place. Some were scary. Others - lustful. Some were crazy and wild. Some were absolutely wondrous and new to me. I wanted to freeze that moment for all eternity.

In a kidding sort of way, Sam started to give me back a dose of my own medicine.

"And that there huge wand you're wavin' there is somethin' pretty damn unbelievable too, Pete. Watchin' that big dong gettin' all growed-up is the greatest present I ever got. No ways I'm ever gonna forget it either. You've got one gigantic muscle on you boy, and it's the only muscle that matters. You's the REAL muscleman, Pete! And all of your male-parts are unbelievable to me, too. Take those huge, big gorgeous melons of yours... why other guys' balls are just peanuts next to yours. And how big does that dong of yours really get, Pete, huh? It's all beyond me, and it's givin' me the chills. It ain't necessarily my mind though that I'd be wantin' to get around it. Lord knows the size of it blows up my mind - and other parts of my anatomy. You got that thing pumped up way beyond huge. That dick is UNREAL. It's more than just amazin' - it's a miracle. I doesn't even have words either to describe the guy I'm holding right now. You're the most amazing, most handsomest, most sexiest guy in the world - and that's the closest I can get to tellin' ya what I'm feelin'! And Pete - you definitely ain't dreamin' `cause I'm right here - right now - holdin' ya in my arms, ain't I? And the truth is - it's as unbelievable to me as maybe all of me seems unbelievable to you...."

Sam's point was well taken. I needed to stop swimming upstream and fighting the current here. It was time to enjoy floating down this wild, crazy, unbelievable, maybe once-in-lifetime river wherever that would ultimately take me.

"Sam, I'm ready for the REAL sex now...."

It was at that very moment I got my first hint at how incredibly fast this huge man could actually move when he was motivated. Like a F-18 pilot pulling a 10G turn, I felt my body compressed flat up against his own from the force of Sam's first leap. Starting from a dead stop, Sam took the entire staircase in about 3 or 4 giant steps with me still in his arms. It all happened so fast that the next thing I knew I was sailing through mid-air in pitch-blackness. He'd tossed me from the doorway of his bedroom onto the middle of his ultra-king- sized bed like I was a feather pillow. To put this into a better perspective, the distance was a good 10 feet - perhaps even more. I skidded to an abrupt stop like a plane snagging the 3rd cable on the deck of a carrier.

But I never had time to even notice the bed-burns I'd picked up from my hard landing. Only seconds later, I felt Sam's body totally enveloping my own on the bed in the darkness. •

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