Big is Better

Nectar Of The Gods


By XHuge4Muscl

Sam's eight-pac jumped to attention momentarily as he raised his shoulders and back off of the inclined table to sit up straight. With his torso now completely upright, the man was every bit a totally hulked-out ravenously handsome beast. His muscles were so engorged from playing around before with his pickup truck and piles of poured-concrete tinker toys that he'd have made Hercules hide in shame.

But at that moment, I could see or think of nothing else but Sam's pectorals. I was drawn to them helplessly, like a moth to a flame. They flexed like hulking juggernauts of muscle when he'd sat up, hanging heavier now like two great sides of living beef on his chest. Their enormous muscular bulk was hypnotically irresistible. Sam put his hands on his waist and spread out his lats spectacularly. Then he began to make his big chest pillows literally `jump.' Although Sam couldn't see it himself, new droplets of his pec juice were still steadily oozing from his big nipples. As each new drop became large enough, his jumping pec motions would fling it off into the air.

"Does ya like it when I bounces my huge man mountains, Pete?" he asked me, as he kept his dripping pecs dancing erotically up and down non-stop right in front of me. "It's like havin' my Granny's two big `ol cast-iron fryin' pans right here on my chest, boy. They sure feel mighty big `n' heavy, even to me!"

Sam stopped flexing his pecs. I was so dumbstruck that it took a great effort just to move my mouth. But finally, I managed to utter in a raspy whisper, "That was SO HOT, Sam. How can you do that? How can you make them just bounce like that? Please, could you just do that again?"

"It's easy. I can do this for hours. I'm just flexin' `em, Pete, like this...."

Sam's humongous pectorals resumed heaving up and down, sometimes moving together in unison, and at other times, moving in opposition. Watching his huge masses of muscle leap and dance before my eyes seemed to put me even deeper under some occult spell I was powerless to resist.

"You like me flexin' my thick pecs for ya, Pete? That heavy feelin' when I bounce `em feels great!"

I could only keep repeating myself like a broken record. "I've never seen anything THAT hot-looking. Oh, WOW - is that EVER hot! Flex them, Sam. Keep flexing them hard. They look so... sexy... moving like that...."

Sam seemed more than happy to oblige my request, and he kept his spectacular pecs relentlessly flexing even as he continued to talk to me more.

"Glad you like `em this big on a man. When they're pumped this huge, they's real sensitive. Ya know, these huge pecs of mine could really use a man's special touch right now, Pete. You wanna play with `em for awhile? You can really play with `em hard - pound on `em all you want. You won't hurt me. Actually, it'll feel SO good I'll get hot as a blowtorch! Really stimulate `em now, so's I gets really turned- on, O.K.?"

Sam kept his huge muscle mountains undulating vigorously as he waited patiently for some kind of reaction. The notion of actually `playing with `em', as Sam put it, excited me more. Yet I still hesitated, not knowing how to start or what to do.

"If you like pecs, you won't come across any bigger than these, I reckon, Pete. So go ahead and have a REAL party with `em! Dad's pumped `em up HUGE just for his birthday boy!"

An over-wound spring inside of me suddenly snapped. I found myself reaching out and grabbing just as much of their hard mass in my hands as I could get. I ran my hands all over them. I groped them in my clenched fingers. Sam's immediate guttural sounds of obvious pleasure gave me all the positive feedback necessary. Sam would relax them too, making his pecs more pliable so that I could heft them to get another view as well as feel their super-beefy mass.

"That's it, Pete. That feels REAL good. You's really makin' me hot," he sighed, urging me to continue.

Occasionally, Sam would tense them again, turning them instantly into granite-hard hemispheres for me. When he held them fully-flexed, they felt like impenetrable mountains of iron to me so hard that it seemed bullets might ricochet off of them.

"Go ahead and treat `em rough, Pete. You can't hurt `em at all. Work on `em hard. I want `cha to really get me totally turned on!" He flexed them hard again and I pounded on his muscular chest- mountains a little hesitantly.

"Oh yeah, Pete. That's it. Feels great! Pound `em around all you want. Smack `em around! See if you can break `em."

I smacked them with my opened hands hard enough so that I could hear a distinct thwack.

"Pretend they's big punchin' bags. Punch `em," Sam commanded. I jabbed at his pecs with my closed fists a few times, but my knuckles felt like I was punching the side of a battleship.

"Oh yeah really slug `em, Pete. Wow, that's GREAT!"

Sam groaned louder and that huge piece of meat in his shorts flexed against the fabric.

"You've got a real masculine touch. You're a natural masseuse, Pete!" Sam exclaimed with gleeful pleasure.

My knuckles throbbed painfully. At this rate, they'd be bleeding long before Sam's pec mountains were even bruised - which I also judged from their stunning density wasn't even the remotest of possibilities. Lucky for me that Sam then decided to stop MY punishment.

"Now I'm gonna relax `em completely, so ya can really get big handfuls. Squeeze `em, Pete. Yeah - feel me up just like that whore of yours...."

He relaxed them completely and they hung pendulously under their own weight.

"So who's chest do you like more, Pete - mine or that silly-cone-ized whore?" Sam asked teasingly.

"It isn't even a contest. Yours, Sam. These are bigger and better by a mile. They're all muscle!" I wheezed out, even as I started kneading his semi-pliable giants like bread dough. At first I thought I was imagining it, but it seemed that his fleshy pecs were still growing impossibly even larger the longer I worked them over, along with Sam's moaning.

"Harder, boy. Much harder. Really stimulate `em. You're really turning me on big time!"

As I started attacking them with all of my might with both hands, I saw one of Sam's nipples suddenly release a little jet of that intoxicating pec juice. Several moments later, the other one did as well. Sam was watching me work on his amazing juggernauts and must have also seen the momentary tiny squirts from his nipples.

At the sight of those the little spritzes spontaneously erupting like pressure-relief valves, I forgot the cramping aches in my hands and forearm muscles and stood mesmerized.

The mere sight of his nipples' jizzing overwhelmed me, making my scrotum crawl and tingle and stimulated anew that painful emptiness in the pit of my stomach that urged me to drink his pec juices. Sam seemed as though he could read my very thoughts, feelings and mysterious compulsive cravings. He took my wrists in his own hands and moved my hands up again to each of his muscular man-jugs. I could see all the stars in the heavens at once dancing in his stunning blue eyes.

"Pete, that's your special magic touch doin' this to me. Can ya feel how they's even more pumped up now? They's this huge `cause... well... you gettin' me all turned on."

"I'm real turned on too, Sam," I confessed, though I doubt that was any surprise. "My head feels like it's gonna explode I'm so horny - and all from just f-e-e-l-i-n-g them!"

"With all that great stimulatin', they're chucked full now with that juice you like, too," Sam added. "That's why they's startin' to squirt a little. They can't hardly hold no more. They's loaded with that stuff, like they's gonna explode!"

The mere thought that Sam's `cups runneth over' literally with such an over-abundant supply made me involuntarily salivate.

Sam grabbed me under my chin and turned my head away from his chest, directing me to look at his face.

"I know's ya also got real powerful urges now, Pete - urges ya can't control. They's too strong. So remember what I told ya upstairs. You own me tonight. Whatever you feel like doin' to me is gonna be O.K. with me. Anything at all. I knows what `cha really wanna do with my huge peccies. So go ahead, Pete. Don't be `fraid. There ain't nothin' wrong with it either. I needs ya to do it, Pete, just as much as ya wants to yourself. I got powerful urges now, I can't hardly control. I GOT to. It'll feel real GOOD to me. It's like takin' vitamins - vitamins just for men...."

"What do you mean by `vitamins just for men,'" I asked, even as my cravings grew evermore demanding that I wantonly indulge them.

Sam didn't answer me directly but just gazed again at my boner.

"Not that you need ANY vitamins at all, boy, but you'll understand soon enough, I expect. I promise you though - afterwards, your party is gonna get even better! The truth is, Pete - havin' sex with my pecs right now will have a real powerful affect on me, too. You'll see, soon enough...."

"I'm not following, Sam." Whether that was because Sam wasn't explaining himself well or because my head was stuffed with cotton at the moment, I couldn't be sure. But Sam at least tried to better explain.

"Pete, do you remember me tellin' you before that I ain't made like other guys? You can already see what playin' with my huge man- hooters does to `em when I'm all horny. They cums, just like my cock! At least there's advantages to bein' a freak, I guess. I can have oo-gasm's a whole bunch of different ways! You said you wanted to know everything about me, didn't ya? Well, juicin' my big man- jugs also causes me to get... well... extra-acccomodatin', too."

He paused briefly, and looked down again at my crotch with a lusty anticipation.

"It's like this. When a guy sucks my pec-juices, it affect him... and it affects me, too, at the same time. It changes us both, in ways that sorta ... make sense, I guess...."

It didn't seem even all that important to me at that very moment. I was feeling incredibly strange, and I seemed to have only one thing - actually two things - on my mind; the pec to the left of me, and the pec on my right. Life was so simple. I think Sam also sensed any further attempt to explain anything to me was a waste of his time right now. Moreover, Sam also was compelled by overpowering urges himself - urges that complemented my own - urges that he could no longer resist.

"I need ya to chow down on my two big guys, Pete. I understand your powerful cravings. That's a part of what tastin' my pec-juice did to you. You DO wanna really suck `em now, don't `cha, Pete?"

"Forever Sam," I replied truthfully, gazing longingly into his eyes. "I want to just SUCK `em FOREVER! But honest, it more than that. This sounds crazy, but it'll feel like... like... I'm having SEX with them at the same time."

"I's countin' on exactly that," Sam said with an all-knowing smile, "and I knows you'll to treat `em right. So make love to `em, Pete. Go ahead. They's all yours. Make my huge pecs cum now, boy... I just gotta cum...."

Unexplainably, that very task seemed the entire reason for my existence. Drool started streaming from my mouth like a rabid dog as I contemplated his magnificently-pumped chest filled to the brim with his succulent, mysterious elixir. My cravings were ravenous.

I placed my mouth over one large areola and drew his nipple in past my lips. I was pleasantly startled when it began to immediately enlarge, engorging just like a little cock. In mere seconds it transformed into a sizeable, meaty man-teat right in my mouth - and that just excited me even more. I began giving it some heavy tongue action and was instantly rewarded as a little liquid appetizer suddenly spritzed from it. I felt Sam's huge paw cover the back of my head, pressing my face more firmly into his chest.

Sam began moaning deeply. "Oh yeah, Pete. Nibble on my man-teat, too. Oh yeah! Put some teeth on it. Oh YEAH - that's it! That feels GREAT! You got a magic mouth, boy. You're makin' me crazy! Now suck my huge pecy. Really suck it - HARD!"

I was at the chuck wagon and Sam was ringing my dinner bell. My appetite for his pec-cum was beyond insatiable now. With Sam getting obviously hotter by the second, too, I really went to town like a hog at the trough. I sounded the part too - snorting and grunting and chewing and slurping away. I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight either, but I sure could hear Sam's extreme excitement.

I got both of my hands into the action, raising them to his massive man-jug, kneading and squeezing the massy muscle as my mouth applied suction like an industrial vacuum cleaner. Sam's groans became very loud, his upper torso twisting and writhing in sensual ecstasy.

"Oh yeah - you suck SO good! God, that feels soooooo hot. YES, that's it! I can feel it's gonna cum. I'm gonna cum... oohhh...."

A moment later, his massive pec lurched - and with a sudden gush - cum, he definitely did! A huge amount of juice shot forcefully from his big teat, flooding my mouth. I gulped it down ravenously. Determined to really open his floodgates wider, I turned the power- vac up a notch, sucking so hard that my ribs ached. Sam let out a low, deep orgasmic moan. His pec contracted again in my hands as he let lose an even bigger volley from his fat nipple which I immediately swallowed. At very regular intervals, Sam would groan and I was rewarded with another mighty contraction and yet another great geyser of his wonder-cum. After swallowing several more ample mouthfuls of his super-tasty pec-cum, a pleasant warmth began coursing through my entire body. The more I swallowed, the harder my mouth became attached to Sam's nipple. I wasn't about to let up until I'd extracted every last drop, which at that heavenly moment seemed to be an eternity away. I had his juice smeared all over my face. It even trickled occasionally from my nostrils. I slobbered so much of it around that the entire surface of his pec glistened with a combination of my saliva and his own nipple-elixir. Sam cradled the back of my head the entire time, even stroking it occasionally.

I think uncounted minutes passed before I heard Sam whispering softly in my ear, "Hey Pete. I've got another fresh one just waitin' for that hungry mouth of yours. It's right over there on the other side. See?"

When I showed no sign of surrendering my strong allegiance to the current teat in my mouth, Sam tried some additional gentle persuasion.

"Pete, just stop for a second now. Now look across here at my other pec. See how B-I-G it is?"

Though never releasing my firm clamp on that nipple, I nevertheless felt obligated to open my eyes and at least take a peek across his broad expanse of chest.

Sam saw that I was looking. "It's pumped up real nice, ain't it. It's really huge, Pete!" He further tried to subversively coerce me to transfer my allegiance by flexing and bouncing the other untapped mastiff independently while I was staring at it.

"Cum over and get yourself some fresh-squeezed juice! Make me fire that other big pec right in your mouth. It's LOADED!"

That clinched it. Sam was a born salesman. Without hesitation, I swung my head over and started affectionately nuzzling Sam's other monstrous twin.

Sam grinned and cooed in a rather soothing voice, "Yeah, that's the way, Pete. You just have yourself a good time now." I covered his other big areola and sucked the nipple into my mouth. In seconds, it began stiffening, rapidly swelled into another beautifully big juicy man-teat all primed and ready to begin delivering round #2 - on the house! •

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