By Onix

Diesel was sitting alone in the motel room flipping through the porn channels. He could vividly remember the good old days when he had any number of stupid groupie women buck-naked and happily spreading their legs for him in adoration. He brushed a lock of fried peroxide hair of his eyes and pushed it behind the skull and cross bones bandanna he was wearing. Who said rock was dead?

He was still alive and kicking. He looked at his reflection in the seedy mirror, at 35 he still hand it, he was still whip thin with his craggy jaw and hard eyes. He still had the reedy legs that looked great in leather. And he could still wail better then any guy he had ever known. Sure the lines around his eyes and mouth weren't just from hard drinking but from age now too. But he was still the rock god he was ten years ago...ten years...had it been that long since they're last hit their last real tour? Fuck it back to the porn.

He massaged his cock through the ripped jeans he wore and watched as some bitch was getting cored by a big prick. He watched with intent interest as they showed a close up of her cunt. Yeah this dirty whore really liked it, just like all those big haired sluts he used to plow with his big Dick. Yeah he could see all those pussies now he thought lasciviously...and then suddenly he had a new errant thought, he looked at the obscenely tight shot of the girl being fucked and said infanticly, "ewww gross."

Diesel caught himself and looked around...shit where the fuck did that come from? He loved dirty nasty fucks, that's' what hem lived for nasty sex and rock and roll. He shook his head sending blonde hair falling around his narrow shoulders. He brushed it off and went back to watching the porn now they showed the hoe being rammed from behind and the fast passed action made Diesel want to peel back the dirty denim of his jeans to grab his rod but suddenly he saw the scene in a different light. He heard his gravely rock voice saying to the open air, "oh that poor woman, they are objectifying and using her, how sad." His once ramrod Dick felt limp against his leg and he found himself moving to turn off the video.

"What the fuck is going on?" He said out loud again. He put his head in his hands to steady himself. Was he loosing his mind? He had heard of guys who did acid and LSD who years later just snapped something in their back and went crazy or some shit, but then suddenly he put his head up and wasn't worried anymore, "Oh that can't be it," he said confidently to himself. "I'd never do drugs they're bad for you." He heard the words come from his mouth but couldn't believe them. He had done every drug in the book, you name it he tabbed it, shot it up or smoked it. Just to assure himself he went to say, Bullshit I've done all kinds of fucking drugs, But what came out in a gravely voice was, "Illegal drugs would be bad for my body, I'll never do them."

No1 Diesel thought he had done heroin back in Toronto and coke in New York and..or wait was that LA...no maybe San Deigo..It was so hard to concentrate.

Shit what the fuck is wrong with me he thought, but what came out was, "I don't feel too good." Then he heard the porno and it drug him back to reality, the poor girl was having sex with two guys at once and they were saying the rudest things to her, one man called her an F-ing c word and the other called her a whore, they were being so mean to her and they were swearing so much it made Diesel's ears burn.

No! He swore all the time. He did didn't he? I fucking cuss shit, that ain't fucking nothin', but again his voice translated "Swearing makes you look dumb and rude." And he was to confused to notice that his voice was less gravel and more smooth then before. Something was wrong he was losing his mind first he didn't want to see this cunt get dicked and now he didn't want to fucking curse? What was that shit? His head was swimming but he pulled his fried brain cells together to focus his thoughts, All right, he thought, I just got to get my head together, I mean I really am fuckin revved to see this slut get her cunt ripped open by some guys cock, his now lighter and softer voice said however, "It's a shame these unfortunate people have to show they're privates on television.

No he wanted to see pussy, no vagina...And tits...breasts...what was going on his mind was so cloudy...

He put his head frantically in his hands and noticed that his long trade mark hair was no longer wrapped around his anxious fingers. In shock he turned to the mirror and things got so much weirder. Instead of seeing his tall lanky 34 year old frame covered in a torn concert T-shirt and jeans with a red bandanna pulling his greasy hair back, he was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a tight little neon blue shirt that said bad boy. And what was worse was he didn't even look like himself, his hair was now short enough to only fall into his eyes and instead of being the bleached split ends of before, it was a lustrous shiny natural gold. And the lines of hard living and age seemed to be melting away as he looked on, Like he was getting younger, His fragile mind seemed to break under the pressure and he suddenly had the strong urge to cry. He had never been so over come with emotion before, he felt frustrated but instead of wanting to hit something or get into a fight all he wanted to do was lay down on the bed and cry his eyes out.

He was holding back the tears but his chest was heaving up and down under the tight Lycra of the shirt with the effort to not cry.

He never cried only girls cry...he was a man he had never in his life...the other guys were always picking on him for being so sensitive they were really going to ride him if they caught him balling again.

The frustration and confusion rolled over him mixed with a thousand other intense emotions and he began to sniff loudly.

His sobs only got worse however when he got up and looked at himself closely in the mirror, now he could see he was definitely loosing his mind, the baggy jeans now had a chain hook down the pant leg, and something in his head told him it was a wallet chain. He was wearing a necklace made out of rope...no hemp.

There was a faint whisper in the back of his mind saying I look like a fucking little pretty boy bitch, but he said in lilting velvet tones through his exquisite tears, "I'm so cute." Even when he was a 19-year-old kid Diesel wasn't as beautifully handsome as the kid he saw in the mirror wasn't. The face behind the blonde bangs was the face of an angle, only shadows of Diesel's care worn craggy face remained. The sultry eyes, light brow, up turned nose and sensual lips replaced all the lines and age.

Where Diesel had been a tall gangly rock Lothario the kid in the mirror had the tight body and slightly round muscles of a high school basketball player r swimmer. He wasn't built but at lest you could see definition in the overly tan arms that crept out of the constricting blue fabric, and the decal "Bad boy" was pushed ever so slightly outward by the arcs of his round pecs. The Baggy pants were loose only in the legs, they should the immaculate perfection of his young pert bubble but explicitly, Diesel looked like the picture of a young nubile teenage man.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to be a crybaby?" said a deep voice from behind him.

Diesel turned abruptly from his strange reflection and muzzled a sickly whimper when he saw the man in the doorway. Framed in the glow of the open door like an angel was a large broad man with the most gorgeous eyes Diesel had ever seen. He looked like an Abercrombie and finch Clark Kent and he was smiling a wide beatific grin. It was Kline fucking bastard no it was Kyle,.... He hated Kline...but he trusted Kyle.

"Kyle, what...what's happening to me?" Darien asked in his angelic voice. His lithe shoulders shaking with confused sobs. He pushed his golden bangs out of his face with a flippant swat of one hand. "I feel so strange."

The man in the door dropped the blue shirt he was wearing to the ground and raced to Darren's side, wearing only a tight wife beater he gathered Diesel up into his strong arms and held him tight. At first Darren felt he should resist the tight affectionate grip of the other man but soon the thick corded arms started to feel safe, the feeling of the man's hard warm exposed skin felt welcoming and his cooing whispers of comfort felt sweet. "I'll take care of it baby, just tell me what's wrong. I won't let anything bother you baby."

Darnel's posture changed that from a rigid stick to melted butter. He melted languidly into the bigger man'' fierce embrace. He began to hold him back putting his elegant arms around the crook of the bigger man's neck and intertwining his young legs with the muscled thighs hidden behind the perfectly pressed Khaki's. "Oh Kyle, I'm so glad you're here...I love you so much..." he crooned somewhere between thankful statement and beautiful melody.

Darren was glad Kyle was there. Kyle his handsome and buff lover of two years, the love of his life, his partner, his boyfriend. He loved Kyle with the big puppy dog heart of a teenager just first out on his own 19 but still with the mentality of a school girl doodling names on her notebook. Kyle was the humpy older man bigger and stronger from age, who protected and loved him.

Kyle took the fragile blonde's head in his big hand and lifted his chin up, "I never want you to be unhappy ever. I want to keep you shielded from anything that would hurt you." The sincerity and fervor reflected back in the crystal eyes could not be denied. But Darren being the flirty little trouble maker he was couldn't help but angle more compliments from his big strong boyfriend, "Sometimes I don't know why a big 24 year old frat boy like you puts up with an immature little kid like me."

Kyle grabbed him by the shoulders and made him be serious, "You are the reason I wake up happy every morning, you're my whole life's happiness Darren. I love loving you more then anything else." And he meant every word of it. "I love you, I love you're laugh, I love your voice...And I love," Darren felt the big masculine hands grab his voluptuous ass in a two handed squeeze that gripped so much meat that it made him yelp, "...you're cute little ass."

"And I love you...and you know why!" Darren began doing his trade mark dance steps gyrating his groin into the large bulge in front of Kyle's Khaki's making the older man blush. "Do you want to fool around a little before we got to bed?" Kyle asked from underneath the sultry arc of his dark well-groomed eyebrows. His hunky torso packed tightly into a wife beater that showed every curve of his mature manly body.

"Of course I do, honey." Darren answered as he pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his jeans. Kyle caught his face in both big hands and looked down at him with deep adoring eyes, "but not too late we have a gig tomorrow and you need rest, all right baby?"

Darren dropped his pants and gave his boyfriend a play full swat, "You're always such a stickler for the rules, you make me feel bad."

Kyle threw back his head and laughed a deep rich sexual laugh, and pulled the wife beater of revealing his muscular wide chest and thin sensual waistline, Darren ran his hands across the slabs of his large pecs and tickled the light brushing of hair that ran down his lover's chest to an enticing bunny trail. Their chest smacked against each other as they embrace, Kyle's large muscular older and more developed pecs against Darren's smooth tight chest.

Kyle was Darren's older brother boyfriend, and lover all in one, he couldn't be happier, he broke off the cock jumping kiss and jumped on the bed shoving his boxer brief clad bubble but into the air while he kneeled on his hands and knees. He began to rock the luscious ass back and forth with the trained skill of a dancer and a boytoy and asked giddily, "So are you going to fuck my ass or tuck me in?"

Kyle walked on his thick and hairy legs; his own briefs doing little to hide the hungry Dick that entered the black fabric of his Calvin's obscenely. He came up right behind Darren and grabbed the boxer briefs and ripped them down his smooth legs and put both big commanding hands on the lead singes beautiful ass, "I'm going to make love to you baby," He answered smoothly

Darren did a fluid turn and sat down onto Kyle's monster Dick, they had done this so many times before it seemed but for some reason Darren felt like it was somehow new to him. It never once occurred to him that Kyle was once Kline the hard living guitarist and he was Diesel the sleazy lead singer of Rancid and that they had once hated each other. All he felt was intense pleasure as he bounced happily up and down ad Kyle rubbed his shoulders and tits as their lips fought with each other, making hot passionate love like any other queer couple their age would.

Kyle's hard cock speared Darren as he bounced up and down on his Lover's pike. The hard cock filling the young man's hot and needy ass. Kyle kept to firm hands on Darren's sweaty and tight torso to steady him on his lap, and between clenching his jaw in ecstasy and nipping at the teens hard and pointed nipples he would groan deep and low.

Darren was free to let his hands roam all over the wide area of Kyle's broad and more developed back. Letting his fingers play across the bigger man's shoulder and then clutching his arms tightly when he we thrust into deeply. Massaging the other man's sexy neck or letting his hands play against Kyle's powerful granite thighs while impaling himself on the cock he loved. Letting the thick piece of flesh penetrate him over and over while he sighed and whined for it like a virgin girl with her first taste of sex. Throwing his head back in lust and shutting his eyes in exquisite agony. All the while fucking up and down and kissing in between hard pounding thrusts of Kyle's pelvis.

There voices mingled in lust and pleasure as they repeatedly told each other in throaty grunts and sweaty screams, "I love you!"

Mike splashed the cold water from the faucet over his face, practically drowning himself in the men's room sink. He looked up from the enclosure of his big thick hands at his round face and square strong jaw. Mike had always been a hard core no frills man, he rarely took much stock in how he looked, a pair of Jean shorts, a T- shirt and a baseball cap were usually needed to get by. Tonight he wore a T-shirt that had had it's sleeves cut off at the shoulder so it revealed his broad and wide shoulders and exposed his thick arms covered in abrasive tattoo's of every shape size and offense. He had always been what you would call stocky, big arms, stout legs, barrel chest and it pissed him off to no end that he was the shortest man in the bad. Well, the bad period pissed him off, When he signed up into their line-up last year they had promised him that they would let him take Rancid in a new direction, with heavy back beats and more rap influenced rock, but he had yet to see those fucking changes.

Mike stared at his tired face in the mirror. A hard almost thuggish face, round and hard the face of a schoolyard bully grown to stocky man hood, he still had time to get. He was still young. Compared to the decade that most of the other guys had on him. At 24 he could still form his own band with heavy raps and turn tables the hard core roughneck shit that he wanted. He slammed one meaty fist down into the water, yeah there was still time.

He was so tired of listening to these burned out rockers talk about the good old days when chicks were ten deep waiting to get to them, like they were so great. He wasn't any slouch either. And bitch would be lucky to be on his dick, sure he wasn't to tall but he was thick and built like a brick wall of meaty muscle and tendon, so what f he had a little gut...must girls think that's sexy... Guys who were all muscle and 0-bodyfat were all queers anyway; women like a guy with a natural man's body

Most of the original band members thought his idea's were to pop and were just a fad. They were wrong hardcore rap rock was in they were just to drunk or stupid to notice. They thought rap was just a black thing or a ghetto thing. But mike knew that you didn't have to be a stupid fucking minority to be a good goddamn rapper, you didn't! "I can rap just as good as some kid from the fucking hood," mike swore at his angry bulldog like reflection in the mirror. And his idea's for heavy beats weren't pop influenced they were just current everyone wants music you can move to..."Everyone wants music they can dance to." Mike stated confidently...Wait that wasn't what he meant.

HIs whole body suddenly felt a shiver as the music rushed through him like electricity. His brawny form began to sway back and forth to the hard beats and high rhythms in wild and frantic ways that his solid male pride would have never let him do before. Mike had always thought guys who danced crazy in clubs were show offs and queers but now he understood the inclination. The long bathroom mirrors caught his every movement, as the beefy hard as nails whiteboy began to twist and turn gracefully but in perfect time to the almost supernatural music he watched himself stupefied at his new found ability to dance. His expertise at moving to music with any kind rhythm was previously extended at bouncing up and down heavily and throwing his hands in the air in hard jabs. All the ghetto kids who said he couldn't rap were the same ones who said white boys couldn't dance, and that pissed him off too...but now for some reason he thought he looked really good. He saw himself grooving in the mirror and was actually a little pleased...

The stocky man in the mirror flowed seamlessly with the melodies, when the music got fast his bulky shoulders darted up and down, when it slowed he turned with attitude too much attitude...like a woman or something...as his movements became more intricate. He brought one denim short-covered hairy leg up and stroked it as he turned, with an agility he new his stumpy thick thighs didn't possess and realized something was drastically wrong.

The reflection in the mirror began to show him the more and more flamboyant hand movements that his tattoo covered arms were making, he looked like some chick dancing or a fucking queer... his leg was up in his hand again and then he was twirling femininely...what the fuck was he doing...He was dancing out of control.

He should stop soon this was getting out of hand, but mike couldn't help thinking that it would be easier to keep dancing if he wasn't wearing all these big baggy clothes.

Now why did he think that? He loved his thug style, he was keeping it real with the baggy shorts, the jersey, the Tim's...But if he had tighter shorts and a close fitting shirt it would be easier to move...

His fluid dancing was interrupted, as mike felt extremely uncomfortable, like his body was being constricted all around. One quick look in the mirror showed him why. Tight little denim shorts clung painfully to him now. His big hairy thighs burst forth from the cut-oaf's like sausages with a broken casing, and his barrel chest was wrapped up tight in a Lucre shirt with a tie dye pattern. He looked fucking ridiculous. Like a queer from the 70's or something.

What the fuck is goin on! His mind reeled, "Ohh girl I'm looking fierce." He said instead and unconsciously smiled satisfactorily at the man dancing in mirror. Looking at the ultra- tight suffocating clothes he sported mike realized that his dick was harder then it had ever been in his entire life. It's length tracked across the denim lewdly testifying to the world how fucking turned on he was.

He was horrified and he still continued to dance.

I look ridiculous! Mike's mind scream and then he said out loud, "I look ridiculous!" At least it came out right this time. He did look ridiculous all bursting out of these pansy ass tight scraps...yes he'd look much better if he were lithe and thin like dancers should be with big tight muscles and no body fat at all...completely hot and ripped...no that's not why he thought he looked stupid...he thought it because...

But the music was already at work.

Where Mike had always remembered being big and thick but short he now saw himself in the mirror with a completely different genetic code. The man in the mirror looked like Mike, but as he danced mike realized that something had changed. As he grooved and moved he watched his tight biceps stretch and move the fabric of the shirt like it was his skin showing every movement of the rock hard arms and their deep wells of muscles. His legs were so long they seemed to stretch for miles out of the flimsy denim. He had seen guys in high school with legs like these track stars with legs that could sprint faster then the wind. But his gorgeous thighs and calves were thicker then those had been more cut and thicker...not a runner's sculpted legs...a dancers. His taunt form stared back at him.

As he pirouetted and slipped into a back turn with a kick mike noticed that his long flexed legs had stretched his body a good half a foot. Still, he would now stand the height he had always wished for, at lest 6'1 or 6'2 which was gargantuan to the stature Mike used to possess. And what he gained in height he lost in weight. Instead of thick his body seemed long. Long muscled legs lead into a thin almost delicate torso, who's every ridge pushed forward like rocks under his tight shirt. Impossibly muscled long arms moved around his face sassily. The square somewhat chubby face had thinned out to looked delicate and strangely feminine/ Compared to the brutish heavy brow and square jaw Mike used to have. His now aquiline jaw, high cheek bones and highly arched eyebrows seemed positively pretty, girlishly so. The thick linebacker neck was now as thin and graceful as a swan's and sashayed the beautiful face back and forth impertinently. Like a bitchy girl would flick her head. Mike realized that something drastically wrong had happened but he was so caught up in the feel of his streamlined body moving beneath him that he didn't really care what had happened, it just felt so damn good to move his body to the music.

His dancing changed then becoming more suggestive and fining away to even seem filled with more attitudes, He bent over, turned and ran his hands up and down his cut groin. Traced fingers up his bulging calves as he twisted showing off his ass. He watched himself look so damn hot moving and was turned on. Very turned on.

He watched his supple movements with more interest. He had great flexibility but he still didn't have that inbred gift for dance like other guys seemed to have. He watched technically studying his dancing detachedly the way he used to watch himself fix a car or ride a dirt bike. He turned, and swerved...That's what it was! He couldn't swivel his hips or move with the sensuality that those Latin heartthrobs did in music videos' and stuff...They moved like they're fucking waist wasn't connected to anything. And then Mike realized that he had made another mistake.

He danced and he could feel himself changing again. The man in the mirror was no longer the pale white of the Caucasian suburb boy who wanted to be hard, he was a deep tan, a Carmel that was smooth as silk. A sensual color that looked like the color of hot love. The hard, heavy lidded blue eyes that looked at contempt at the man in the bar were now almond shaped pools of deep erotic bed room brown and were circled by natural dark lines that made them look like the painted eyes of an Egyptian prince. Flawless skin stretched across cheekbones so defined they couldn't be called anything short of exquisite. The high aristocratic, ethnic cheeks framed lips that were so big and sensuous they seemed permanently pursed. All this hung under dark meticulously manicured arched eyebrows. The brown buzz cut that mike had arbitrarily had since thirteen had grown into jet-black thick Cuban hair that was cut in a devastatingly stylish roman cut.

Mike look upon the impossibly beautiful face as it moved and posed to the music and noted absently that his ears were dangling big hoops that caught the light when he moved. That made him happy.

Mike watched as the gorgeous Cuban boy moved. His creamy skin accentuated the Adonis's every move and thank god mike wasn't covered in all that gross hair. Like any true dancer Mikey shaved religiously so that he was always sleek and gorgeous.

Mike was bent over and bouncing his ass rhythmically; bizarrely pleased that along with the spectacular beauty and rhythm of a Hispanic man he also had a well-shaped ghetto booty that stretched the fabric in the ass of the denim cut-off's dangerously. A big ass on his tight body. So now he could be bent over or have his long nimble legs flung over a guy's shoulders when he was filling his bubble but with dick. Because everybody knows gay guys are the best dances.

Mocha hands were grabbing the expanse of the ass when the music suddenly stopped. Mikey stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. A thin glaze of sweat glistened off his body giving him a sexy shine. He thought absently how glad he was that he had decided to go with the 70's retro look. Sure it was queer porn sheik and the other guys in the band told him he looked flaming in it but at least he worked it out! He was looking fierce. He flicked a tie dyed nipple absently as he fussed with his hair. He knew he should have worn more eyeliner. Oh and these shoes were phat but they were killing his toes. Mikey gave himself a lecherous vain and sexy smile in the mirror. Mikey put one ultra tan, perfectly manicured finger into his mouth and then slid it along the edge of the out line of now uncut thick Hispanic cock, his nice coffee colored dick was so much better then the stubby white one he used to have. Everything was better now that he wasn't that short little bull of a man. Now he could finally let loose and dance, where tight clothes and show off his gorgeous muscular dancer's form.

He giggled flamboyantly at the thought of him Mikey of "U Got Male" as an aggressive pudgy white rapper instead of the peurto-rican dancing god he now was. He vaguely remembered wanting to rap but every time he tried to concentrate on that he just wanted to shake his ass or move along with the pounding dance beats in his head. He loved his ass a big round booty that drove men wild. It was a dancer's ass well formed and muscled but with just enough fat to make it a bubble but he loved touching it now that he had it. He wanted other men to touch it now too. He took the hand that was gently stroking his Dick and ran it across the wide expanse of his ass cheeks and lower thighs, I'm such a queer little slut he though absently...good.

Too bad the other guys in the band were all pretty much attached.... Oh well more dick for him. He strutted out of the Men's room of the Meat Market like the high riding queen he was and went right to the floor looking for a hot body to keep him warm that night.

After careful selection he settled on a double dip, not his first, of course. But he took this couple home. Two other Latin guys...Because for some reason Mikey was feeling the hot blood of his heritage a lot tonight and was hungry for other island men like himself. One guy was this huge bodybuilder named David...but he pronounced it strangely...and the other one was obviously his wifey, he seemed a little jealous. But he didn't have any arguments later when Mikey showed them how limber he really was as he took the bodybuilder wheel barrel style and sucked the pretty shorter guy upside down... It's good all that dancing made him so flexible.

The show was in full swing. Boys were dancing wildly in every corner of the crowded dance floor. Exposed torso's, flamboyant hand moves and half-naked conga lines proclaimed to the world that this was one wild gay bar.

"I can't believe you wanted to come here!" Gino exclaimed loudly trying to talk over the thumping music he put one huge arm around Damein's elbow protectively.

"Well you said you wanted to try and ya know get to know each other better, and since the only thing you really do is work out and party I thought I'd pick the activity we could do together where I had the option of consuming large amounts of alcohol." Damien answered eyeing the bacchanal of the club suspiciously. He had asked Gino out on purpose trying to interject some level of normality into their bizarre pseudo relationship. But he was reconsidering the intelligence of that decision.

Gino was in his element gorgeous adored, a sexual god. He was wearing a baggy pair of skater pants and a tank top so tight Damien was convinced they'd have to cut it off of him. Damien feeling adventurous opted for a flame-designed shirt with a pair of tight ass hugging pin stripe black pants. He assumed they were ass hugging because since he had put them on Gino was unable to keep his hands from roaming all over the flesh of Damien's rear. Even now as they stood locked together, the Italian giant Adonis and his dark counterpart, he could feel one of Gino's massive paws searching behind his back tracing a trail down the cleft in his ass. Damein shook the hand off his ass irritably, he felt defenseless in this sea of gorgeous boys, rock hard pecs and superior attitudes. Especially in the uncomfortably tight clothes. He just wanted to be back in a baggy shirt and jeans with a cup of coffee and a three hundred-year-old book on Heretical Spanish Alchemy. Was that too much too ask? "Maybe we should go?" he said tentatively into Gino's ear.

Gino was busy excitedly scanning the crowd and scooping the scene, "Why? We just got here!" He was happy as hell.

Damien was about to angle for another escape when from behind him he heard, "GUUUUUURRRRLLLL!!!!!"

They both turned. "D, D, D,D, D....Hmmmm you looking fierce chil'. Has dis big sexy piece of man given you the makeover you so desperately needed?" A sassy voice hollered at them.

"Good evening Gabriel," Damien answered with a long-suffering frown and began to fidget with the confining cloth of his fiery shirt.

The hot little Latin hairdresser was dressed only in a pair of Cutoff Shorts and a sheer tank top. His red tinted hair glinted with sparkles and he looked devastatingly sensual as usual, "Good evening Gabriel." Damien said patiently.

"Listen here nosferatu don't roll your eyes up in your head like that, I am not like those easy going queens you live with. I will wupp your white ass. I was just sayin that for once you look hot, Sarah Plain and Queer." Then he smiled and turned to Gino with a florid turn and put one mocha hand across the expanse of Gino's jutting pecs. "And how are you, Big sexy piece of man?" he asked obviously flirting with Gino.

"I'm fine Gabriel, How's David?" He asked with his wonderful dopey sincerity.

Gabriel considered the room with a diva twirl, "Oh he's around here somewhere, I sent him to the bar to get me a Singapore Sling."

Damien sighed heavily "Gabe that's such a girl drink." The beautiful Puerto Rican arched his shoulders angrily, "what's your point?" He asked with pursed lips. "And didn't I tell you not to call me that horrible name? I've told you a thousand times My name is "Gabriel, say it, "Gabriel", it's poetry it's smooth, it's "Gabriel." The entire time he spook his hands were moving with his fingers wagging.

Damien laughed ironically and went back to tugging on the shirt.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Gino asked as he began to gyrate to the music. He put one hand on the slope of Damien's hip and the other on his shoulder and started thumping to the music.

"We were invited," A heavy and thick voice answered from the crowd. Just then the sea of faceless tanned bodies and bleached hair parted reveal a massive Latin bodybuilder wearing only a pair of leather shorts and thigh high leather boots. In one hand he carried a beer and in the other an ostentatious glass with an umbrella and what seemed to be a whole fruit bowl hanging off the edge.

"There's my Boo!" Gabriel screamed excitedly and launched himself into the circle of his lover's arms.

"Adios Mio, Mi Cortisone, Watch the damn drinks baby, do you know how hard it was to get through all those dancing guys without spilling these?" David said.

"Aww I'm sorry baby, But it couldn't have been that bad, " he looked up at his massive over the straw of his drink with big innocent eyes, "I bet they saw those shoulders and that chest coming and just fell down in awe."

David chuckled a hearty masculine chuckle that rolled down the depths of his huge trunk like chest, and swooped his boyfriend up into a passionate kiss. Their red lips fought against each other for a long time before David turned to Gino and Damien and said, "Now do you see why I love him so much?"

"Yes!" Gino agreed adamantly

"No!" Damien snidely answered at the same time.

"Don't worry D, Some day you and Gino'll be as happy as me and my baby are." David said smiling as Gabriel licked the side of his massive trap.

Damein coughed uncomfortably and quickly changed the subject making Gino visibly annoyed, "what do you mean you two were personally invited?"

Both Latin lothario's gave him a wicked cat-that -ate -the- canary grin. "You know that hot boy group, "U got male" is performing tonight, right?" David asked. Gino began to smile the same lascivious smile, "yeah" he said interested.

"Well you know the hot Cuban boy Mikey who does most of the dancing?" David continued teasing him along. "Yeah!" Gino's grin was even bigger.

"Well guess who we took back to our place last night!" Gabriel screeched unable to stand the pressure. His hands clapping widely in self-pleasure.

"No way!" Gino yelled slapping David on his wide back, the two buff He-men looking for all the world like two football pals discussing a good play. "Damn right man," David answered, "we hooked up with him last night at the "Meat Market" and he told his band was performing here and that we could get in for free!"

"And we automatically jumped at the chance," Gabriel continued, "I mean you know how fucking EXCLUSIVE the WATERLOO is."

Gino nodded vehemently making the large mounds of pec muscle jump up and down, "Yeah I was so siked when Damein told me he could get me in here. I'd been trying to get in here for the past month with no freaking luck."

Damein smiled looking around the once dingy and now ultra hip Waterloo nightclub. Dirty walls and been replaced by huge mirrors and broken glass murals of different party scenes. Bad lighting was replaced with wild strobes, flashing colors and disco balls. All in all it was a vast improvement.

Gabriel gave Damien a skeptical look "How did you get tickets?" he asked, with emphasized disbelief on the "you".

"You know there are things about me that you people don't know." Damien said darkly his eyes getting the dark mysterious cast they took on when he was being cryptic.

Gabriel gave him a bitchy look, "honey if your talking about that tired red robe in your closet and the virgins you've been sacrificing in the backyard on fool moons, We know and frankly we think you need to see a shrink. " They all laughed at his joke.

Damien was sardonically silent and then with a proud grin he stated to all three boys, "I know the band."

"Yeah right," They barked.

"Alright ladies why don't we just back off of Damein...I don't care what criminal act or magical conjuration it took for him to get tickets to this I'm just glad he decided to bring me." And then Gino expanded his huge arms and grabbed a suffering Damien into the bow of his embrace, kissing the nape of his neck seductively.

"LADIES AND... Er....WHO ARE WE KIDDING! GENTLEMEN LISTEN UP!!!" A brassy voice boomed over the loud music and the entire club suddenly stopped. All the dancing men turned from their revelry and looked toward the stage. A drag queen with long blonde hair and a Charlie's angel style outfit addressed the crowd from a raised stage that sat behind the bar. "Allow me the humble pleasure of introducing you to the proprietress of club Waterloo, the first lady of the cities nightlife, the queen of flowing liqueur, the muse of modern entertainment the diva divine herself...."

"Oh for Christ sake!" a bawdy and familiar voice yelled from off stage. And then a woman in a flowing black gown that twirled with attitude around every movement of her zaftig figure charged on stage and grabbed the mike. Her hair was done in a semi-French revolutionary style, high with cascading ringlets and fell onto her amply exposed breasts. "That bull shit could have gone on all night!" She turned with a radiant smile of delight toward the crowd. Deana was luminescent as she held the microphone haphazardly. "How are we all doin tonight!" She asked coltishly batting impulsively long lashes. Her buxom form bounding across the stage challengingly. "If ya didn't know, my name's Deana and the Waterloo is my dive!"

The crowd went wild; guys were screaming and clapping.

"So if you have a problem with the service, or the booze or anything at all, don't be afraid to come right here to the source herself and tell me how you feel!" she smiled beatifically making the layers of sparkle eye shadow around her eyes seem even more radiant, "And then I will personally see to it that...you are thrown the fuck OUT!"

The crowd laughed and went wild again bathing in her brassy humor and bold persona.

"But half you bitches are OUT enough for the whole damn city, so it doesn't really matter do it?" She giggled and the crowd of half- naked guys, club kids and drinkers laughed with her.

She scanned the crowd and for a second her eyes lit up with pleasure and then she returned to addressing the whole swishing her skirts with a diva's audacity, "ya know the next time I say a prayer to have this hell hole full of hot sexy men who only want to dance and make love...I'm going to be more God damned specific!" They roared with laughter.

"Do you here that honey?" She asked to a specific member of the adoring throng.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea until there was just a direct eyeline between the diva holding court on the stage and a shyly smiling Damien. "Hey, how was I supposed to know you wanted them to be sexy, horny, dancing STRIAGHT men?" He answered archly. He moved forward pressing toward the stage, everyone in the club including his own shocked friends and Gino staring at him, "And really Deana it's your own fault you said you wanted them sexy and able to dance and you know damn well straight boys can't dance, they just convulse in time to the beat." The crowd laughed and cheered. Damien reached the stage and Deana extended one elegantly gloved hand toward him and helped him up.

"Oh honey you're so right straight boys would just get on my nerves! They'd just want to listen to that rock shit and talk about pussy. Hell if I wanted to here people talk about pussy I'd open a dike bar! I want to here about Dick!" She said slapping him hard on the back.

Laughter cascaded through the large club and Damien smiled a pleased grim looking around at the faces of all the happy club boys. As the guys laughed and talked to each other Deana leaned over and clutched Damein's hand tightly, "I don't know what you did babydoll, but thank you." Her round doe eyes, covered in luxurious makeup seemed ready to tear up, "you are my Fairy godmother for sure...Thank you.."

Damien stared at her touched, or at least as touch as a person who constantly professed to be the recipient of an unsuccessful heart transplant could be. She turned back to the crowd and was again, the consummate hostess and entertainer." and speaking of dick Babydolls do we have five great ones for you! And they just happen to be attached to the hottest boy band in the nation!"

Now Club Waterloo was like d-day, guys were screaming and hollering ripping at their clothes and practically foaming at the Mouth. Deana now had to practically scream to be heard over the excitement, "For you entertainment tonight club Waterloo is proud to present the only openly queer boy group or the only ones with enough balls to admit!" She laughed and so did the club, "The five men who are currently breaking the top twenty with their dance single "Sensitivity" Kyle, Darren, Ryan, TJ and Mikey of "U GOT MALE!!!!"

The lights in the club began to swirl around the stage as from behind the streamer curtain behind Deana and Damien five figures emerged. They were all in various forms of undress but each wore a costume made of skintight leather.

Kline stepped into the light first wearing a blue leather bomber jacket that did little to cover the large planes of his bare chest. His pants were skin tight blue leather too and clung to his body so well they made his ass look like it was two luscious blueberry bubbles. His heavy package was clearly displayed and its low carriage was impressive enough to elicit gasps from nearby audience members.

Next came Darren.. He head on a pair of orange leather overalls and nothing else, his young well defined torso seeming even more impossibly stream lined in their baggy girth. He had on an orange leather backward cabby cap and a lot of sparkle makeup. He minced forward seductively and grabbed Kyle's hand quickly as if the quick separation of their introduction was too much for him to bare.

Next came Ryan looking very sexy if not imposing in a pair of red leather chaps and a red leather harness. His huge body builder's body strained against the confining leather like it would burst the seams at any moment. Every move of his over bulked frame undulated with muscular definition. He swaggered to the front of the stage like the meaty prize bull he was his heavy thighs rubbing together and his hips rolling like sweaty muscle sex on legs.

He was followed quickly by TJ who sauntered suggestively up next him on bright leather boots with a 6 inch heal and covered his impossibly long legs up to mid thigh. His Go-go boots did less to cover his gorgeous legs then to accentuate the beauty of his powerful calves and tight thighs. He wore a pair of short shorts and a wide yellow collar. His body glistened with sweat and he couldn't help himself from constantly touching himself, running his hands all over and letting them roam longingly over his tightly packed cock while winking at several men in the front row. His tight compact dangerously slim torso seemed to burst from the waist of the tight leather shorts like a viscous V. his ripped pecs bounced as he flicked his nipples and swiveled his hips. He stopped his audacious little sex show however when Ryan boot one big hard and firm hand quickly on his delicious little butt with a thwack. Making him jump in his go-go boots.

And last but definitely not least came Mikey. He emerged from the back in all his glory. His flawless cocoa skin and Adonis body bared to all the crowd save for the small areas left to the imagination that were concealed by a white leather thong. He also sported a white leather cowboy hat. He kicked one thickly corded and broadly muscled leg up into the air until it was against his jaw and then licked down his own knee, sending the crowd into hysterics. Then he turned and began to shake his stunning broad ass making the firm round ass cheeks shake enticingly.

The audience was insane yelling, screaming, clapping and behaving like wild animals.

Kyle moved toward the front of the stage beside Deana and turned to her, "Before we perform our hit single, we'd like to do a special number in salute of Dean and her fabulous club and of course, our dear friend Damien," he then moved toward Damien and put one hand on his flame coated shoulder making him very uncomfortable. Then the other members, cute Darren, sexy TJ, Hunky Ryan and hot Mikey all came up and collectively grabbed his ass. Guys in the crowd began hooting and Damien's face behind the length of his bangs began to redden as deep as his shirt.

In the audience Big dumb David seemed confused his partner Gabriel seemed jealous and green with envy. Gino however had that familiar look of suspicion as if to say, "oh yeah Hamlet something is definitely rotten in Denmark".

Damein just smiled and shrugged.

"Wow look at D, go up there," David said as he hugged Gabriel tightly.

"Yeah he actually looks like he's having a good time, too bad he doesn't let loose and have fun like this all the time!" Gabriel observed.

Gino was quiet and thoughtful and then looked ahead at his strange roommate and resident noir crush. "Yeah too badů"

And then all five guys on stage closed in on the audience humming a refined harmony, And Darren began to sing as the music drummed up behind them with a heavy and familiar rhythm,

"MY MY at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender,"

They al sang "OH YEAH!"

"And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way...

The History book on the shelf, is always repeating itself!" "WATERLOO!" Again they all sang and were dancing in sexy unison. "I was defeated you won the war, I was defeated you won the war! Promise to love you forever more!" When they sang the next line Damien smiled a big dark Grin bearing his teeth, a sinister tickled smirk that only Gino caught. "COULDN'T ESCAPE IF I WANTED TOO!" •

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