Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

Mike felt the impressive mass of KYLE pulling him and he couldn't stand the balance, he fell down letting Sean off. The doctor rolled a few feet away, being quickly rescued by MEGA MARK, who had just recovered from his round of struggling with KING MIKE!

“Sean, Sean say something! - Mark shook his limp head

“Something! - Answered the doctor opening his eyes and smiling - You are alive! Thanks GOD!

“We're not remain if we don't help Kyle out! - Sean pointed to the floor where KING MIKE, with the advantages of his still superior height and weight plus his knowledge of wrestling, managed to recover the control of the fight!


“ Mike, you know that's not true! Steve said approaching the two struggling figures of KING MIKE and ULTRA KYLE.

“P-please ! Mike! - ULTRA KYLE begged, feeling himself almost at the effects of a new growth spurt!

“ I GOTTA BE THE BIGGEST! - Mike screamed as he felt the tightness on Kyle's grip around his arms. With a primal roar Mike rolled over Kyle, their sweat HUGE bodies so enormously colossal titanic figures on the floor. Mike saw the mind blowing muscularity of ULTRA KYLE's mega butt and he instantly got harder than he already was. The shreds of his clothes hanging over his crotch being totally destroyed by his raging erection, his glistening gigantic cock demands to be once more satisfied .

“YOUR ASS! I GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW! - Mike roared as his cock rose up revealing his mighty size and throbbing at ecstasy. ULTRA KYLE felt the pressure of KING MIKE in his butt and then he finally connected the dots. Mike wasn't so difficult to understand, since the begging all he wanted was to be fucked, to be initiated at their "brotherhood" of muscle freaks, but not just that, he wanted to big but specially, he wanted KYLE, and it is an old thing. Since their time at the wrestling team Mike forced Kyle to please him, but he just couldn't stand the mere idea of being rejected by his scrawny dweeb. All that time, Mike couldn't admit he had a terrible crush for Kyle, at first because of the prejudicial and Hippocratic behavior of his fellow jocks, they had to look like the all - american studs, but the things they did among them was not so cliché. Mike acted like this bully, but he was actually trying to keep KYLE near him, that's why he had never been kicked out of the team, even though the things he heard, the broken arm incident, all the anger he felt, and the pain, everything made him get the wrong conclusions, Mike didn't want to harm him at all, all he wanted was to LOVE him.

“ Why don't ask then! Kyle let go Mike's arm. Mike froze. He felt his cock aching and burning, but he couldn't move.

“Ask me! Don't be afraid! You think I would EVER turn a guy like YOU down? Mike breathed quickly, his head was spinning. His heart pounded wildly, his cock throbbing over him. And the sight of KYLE and his MUSCLES so beautifully HUGE. Why did he avoid to ask him? Why he had to act like a jerk? Why did he have to force him to please him? Why didn't he say he was in love with him?

“What the hell is going on ? Asked MEGA MARK

“I think KYLE found out the answer! - Sean said kissing Mark's lips tightly.

“Come on Mike! You know you want me so bad, you want my body, you want my ass, but specially you want ME just for you don't you? You think that if I am BIGGER than you, then I will never want to see you again? Well KING MIKE, you are wrong! I felt pleasure every time you touched me, but I couldn't let you notice that otherwise I would be in trouble, you were the captain of the wrestling team, you could ruin my entire life at the campus, how could I guess all the time you wanted my love? Because if you just said I would give it you... as I am giving you right now - Their lips met, they kissed as they never did before. Mike felt the burning of his cock, he broke the kiss: “Please, please I gotta have my cock inside you right now! - KING MIKE had the eyes of a begging puppy

“I am yours , my KING! - Kyle kissed him and they rolled o on the floor ignoring the other muscle freaks Sean felt his own cock, and his hand felt the same thing on Mark's shaft:

“Come on Mark, take me! I want you to take me right over the edge, but don't let me cum please!

“Why? What do you want with that! Mark said already kissing Sean's ears

“I wanna settle something once and for all! Sean kissed him strongly and soon they were feeling and stroking each other as well as Steve and Fred. Mike felt his cock going each time further into KYLE's ass. It felt so nice, tight, warm and pleasing...

“Tell me if it hurts! Mike said in a caring tone - I never wanna harm you again! Kyle couldn't answer. At this point the feed back growth plus the new income of growth serum he was shot, worked more than fast into his organism. He felt himself growing TOO quick! His arms got thicker and THICKER, his legs, his chest, his abs, his COCK for heaven's sake. Kyle could feel himself growing more and more with each pump Mike gave in his butt.

“Oh yes, what an ass! Mike didn't notice what was going on! He only could feel himself each time nearer to the edge . He finally was free of that torturing feeling of being unable to cum, even though his cock was hard and more than ready to do unleash his load.

“LOOK AT KYLE! Fred exclaimed breaking the muscle lust trance of every muscle freak. And there was KYLE! He was almost at KING MIKE's height but much more THICKER, it was like seeing an amplified version of KING MIKE, but it wasn't done yet!

“SEAN, SEAN, I NEED YOUR CUM! PLEASE! - the GROWING KYLE begged in a loud tone, with make their guts shake from the inside. Sean knew it could happen. Since KYLE had so much growth inductors, his organism needed more and more, he was near o break some kind of barrier and all the help he could have to GROW would be necessary. “Sean, look at him, he's already BIGGER than Mike, and if you give him your juice... - Mark didn't have the courage to finish

“Mark, I said I had a plan, things may have gone a little out of my control, but not anymore, I said I would settle something once and for all, and that's it! KYLE will GROW MORE! - Sean approached the growing figure with tender eyes and said!

“Don't worry, babe! You know I wouldn't let you down! ARE YOU READY TO GROW? - Sean inserted his mega prick into Kyle's mouth and he barely was sucked once or twice and his monstrous load came violently over KYLE's mouth, who quickly kept drinking and GROWING even faster. “GROW! GROW! GROW! - KYLE you know you deserve it, honey, I wanna see you BIGGER than LIFE! You need to grow, you are MUSCLE! And the more you grow, the more MUSCLE you got! LOOK at you, you're HUUUGE! And you'll get even bigger! Kyle kept growing and moaning, his muscles unfolded in a rapid pace, it was like he was building muscle from the outside, his arms, his legs, and his cock, and his chest, everything grew, and specially his face, KYLE never looked so calm, so beautiful, so POWERFUL! He was so BIG, his muscles popped as the seconds passed, and his figure ballooned, his moans and gasps filled the room with pleasure, and soon the other musclefreaks joined Sean in his worshipping ritual: “Come on KYLE! GROW! I wanna see that gun of yours bigger than a HORSE! - Fred yelled

“Be our MUSCLE FREAKING GOD! - Steve encouraged him

“I wanna feel that body all day long! - Mark completed massaging Sean's butt as his doctor finally stopped cumming.

“Wait! You gotta have my load! - KING MIKE yelled standing up and stroking himself KYLE felt Mike's cock getting out of his butt, but all the pleasure he was feeling was too much intense for him to stop.


“YOU SURE YOU WANT THAT! YOU CAN GROW YOURSELF EVEN BIGGER THAN ME, WITH SUCH POWER ON YOUR CUM! - KYLE answered in a voice so powerful the windows broke and the floor trembled

“IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVES TO BE THE HONCHO GUY HERE! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO NEVER TREATED ANYONE BADLY, AND YOU KNOW YOUR MUSCLE AND STRENGTH ARE THERE JUST BECAUSE WE LOVE TO WORSHIP YOU! WE LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR POWER IS JUST TO PLEASE! KYLE approached Mike, already towering him over two feet and a thousand of pounds. They traded one last kiss, before Kyle got on his knees and mouthed Mike's impressive cock, who immediately spewed his load into Kyle's mouth, starting a whole new process. Kyle grew like never before, his MUSCLES assumed different appearance, like they were MORE than human, the SIZE and the density, each time bigger, made him roll over the floor, his entire organism became different, it was like his proportions were being redesigned, his POWER augmented by the minutes passing, he had MORE and MORE and MORE MUSCLE! His chest looked like two POWERHOUSES, and the ARMS could put a whole mountain down with just one blow ! His COCK was UP and UP and UP! And it grew longer ant thicker, no one could ever take it, even the muscle freaks! Kyle grew for another 15 minutes assuming titanic proportions and gargantuan stats. He was more than any musclefreak could handle, and he was even more, muscular and POWER than all of them together. He was tottaly different of the previous humongous stage. His face was ripped and square, like sculpted in the hardest of the stones, his eyes were so big and green like the wildest forests and yet so tender, his hair grew longer and the chestnut color became darker and darker, almost in a total ebony shade. His square face, his his impressive jaw line which could impose fear with the bare vision put together the face of the most OUTSTANDING man they've ever dreamed of


“ 24 feet and 6 inches high ! Steve said barely believing those stats “Guess, I'll have to be bumping my head on the ceilings from now on! “ Weighing outstanding 13.217 POUNDS! Fred read the scale which literally came down at MASS!

“GEE! That's a little too much isn't it honey? Kyle blinked at MIKE who could only droll at his sight

“ Your shoulders are 18 feet apart! Mark commented poking his body with his hard cock and his width showed the ABSOLUTE POWER he had over them. And the other stats were even more shocking!

“ 682 fucking inches chest ! Gasped Sean

“574 inches PILLARS! Fred shouted

“320" waist! Mark added

“You have a 28 pack abs! There are just too many of them, where the hell did they came from?

“ HOLLY COW, IN HEAVEN'S NAME LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE BICEPS! THEY'RE TOO BIG! 627 INCHES AROUND! HIS ARMS ARE EVEN THICKER THAN HIS LEGS! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE, AND THE GUNS TOGETHER ARE ALMOST THE DOUBLE OF THE SIZE OF HIS CHEST! - KING MIKE couldn't hold himself no more and jumped to the final stats, the outrageous COCK! A giant 10 feet and 8 inches long 6 inches around MEGA ULTRA COCK ready to burst into cum!


Kyle looked at them and those big greenest eyes had a grin of his own, they only saw the giant cock throbbing and heard the final gasps of KYLE at the edge of his orgasm...


April 10th. 2006 Time really flies when you are having fun. Almost seven years passed since Kyle came to work with me. I still remember his scrawny body. But not now. He's almost 26, and in all the ways he is THE MAN. I must say that we had quite a hard time to get us out of that building, after the "blessing" we were at least 12 feet tall each and over 5000 pounds. It was hard, but thanks to some contacts we've managed. I won't lose time explaining all the details, because they're boring. What really matters is that me and Mark sold a much lighter version of my growth serum to a supplement industry, they were more than happy with the results of the samples we gave to them. Millions and millions richer, I bought a nice island near Greece, always had a crush for that place, a really calm away from the tourists routes. We named it ATLAS ISLAND guess that with body like ours, the least we could expect was something which remembered that Greek Titan, he would feel totally comfortable with his size that's for sure! Another problem was forging our deaths! But, again, nothing that a lot of money couldn't arrange; a few car disasters, unsolved murders and things like that, it was more difficult not to laugh as we read the notices of our "decease" at the news. Traveling to our new home wasn't easy either. We had to freight a merchant ship! And we had to travel inside of containers, because no one could ever imagine men the size we were. Those poor sailor men were not prepared for our bodies! Fortunately, we asked for a very small crew, only men, and during the trip we gave them a little "boost", nothing that would have made them not even one tenth of the size of the smaller of us, but it sure made them loyal to our affairs. We even got two of them, just for fun, but that's another story. As time passed I learned more and more about our organisms and our thirst for MUSCLE! Apparently, our bodies are still developing, we are still getting better and better, our entire genetic code was redesigned, and MUSCLE is its primal need. Speaking about MUSCLE, I gotta say it is pretty hard to live at our stats at your ordinary life. We are just TOO BIG for you little men, so we've made our lives more comfortable: beds in which we can actually lie down (at the end of our Sex), doors wide enough for us to pass, and ceiling high enough to contain our heads. But that's not just it. WE are STILL growing. Nothing much in height actually, but definitely in MUSCLE, we are gaining such MASS, I've never imagine possible. Fred is our "petite"- He chooses to remain at 12 feet tall, but he didn't refuse MUSCLE! He's about 4000 pounds already, making look very tough even for the "grown ups". Steve never felt better in his life; at 16 feet and over 6200 pounds he's one of the most massive proportions on the island, and his gentle behavior surely grants him the title of "cute GIANT" Mark, my dear Mark helps me in the laboratory, he insisted in making me BIGGER than him. Not that I mind, but I really felt he deserves to be at least my size. Anyway he's pretty big himself: 18 and half inches high and 8000 pounds of MUSCLE with a cock so big, he pleases everyone in the island, in fact I am almost convincing him to make him GROW again, he's just TOO DAMN good to be true! I don't have anything to complain. Not at all. Afterall I am 21 feet high and over 12000 pounds! After KYLE's blessing I was the one who more took advantage of it, I practically doubled my stats at never stopped after that, I assume I am gaining almost 200 pounds per month just in muscle. That's possible because we never experimented training before. Our muscles grew due to genetic manipulation, but the minute we decided to build a gym in the island, where we LIFT weights you tiny bodybuilders would never guess possible, we accidentally made our muscle growth rate increases seriously. Many times we were hit by a growth spurt during the work out, and then you know what happens, it's cum party all over again. KING MIKE is another surprise. He's so MASSIVE, even I have to admit it, he really earns that title. Who else can be that MONSTER? 23 feet tall and 16000 POUNDS of PURE MUSCLE! I mean MUSCLE! He is so STRONG, he is the only once who can spot KYLE. We decide to call him just KYLE, not ULTRA KYLE, because he is beyond adjectives, he is the incarnation of POWER and MUSCLE, no need of another explanations. KYLE never stopped growing. He just get more MASSIVE and MUSCULAR! Yesterday he was 28 feet tall and over 50000 POUNDS - I repeat FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS! That's right! He's more than twice as MASSIVE as KING MIKE. And he is growing more thick and MASSIVE each day. It's not very easy to deal with KYLE. He had special needs. 3 to be specific: #1 EAT - Kyle eats about 3 tons of food per week, you just wouldn't believe i your eyes if you saw him eating, it isn't a very pleasing sight, he loses all his kindness when he is eating he seems to be possessed by a savage lion, which was fed his whole life with roids! In fact, we have plenty food right for his "snacks". We just can't let him sad, he is our MUSCLEGOD! He deserves to be pleased every time he wishes. #2 is TRAINING : Even though he doesn't need, Kyle trains everyday 8 hours per day. His weights are so HUGE, only MIKE can spot him. Actually Kyle doesn't nee spotting, but MIKE couldn't miss the opportunity to feel the muscles of his love growing. But Kyle demands one more and essential care: FUCK! Kyle fucks about 30 times a day. When he is not eating, he's fucking, and then he goes training, during training he wants to fuck, and After he fucks he wants to do it again! And most of the time he is jerking off, he jerks of about 20 times a day, his cock only is soft about 5 hours during the whole day, and not even his sleep he is totally soft, not to mention the many times he wakes up just to have a snack and a fuck and thus, we all have to "serve" him all day long. He says the mere thought of our bodies drives him crazy and he can't avoid getting hard, he says we are so damn HUGE he just want to fuck our asses everyday. And it is not to easy since his cock is about 15 feet long, Fred keeps laughing as he sees the sheer size of the monster prick getting taller than him. Don't get me wrong, neither me or any other MUSCLEFREAK complains about that, even if he didn't ask for we would do it anyway, we understand that KYLE is beyond our physical capabilities, He's JUST TOO BIG for us to handle him alone, so we have to help him, afterall he is there just to PLEASE US. There's no better reward than when Kyle's fuck with us and he FLEXES for us, and when he says we are getting too big, and he gotta train harder to give us inspiration to GROW! Kyle is the most sweet person I've known, he still helps me in my researches, although he barely fits in the lab, but his mind is as glorious as his body, he is a bright scientific mind. In fact it was him who noticed another of his needs, that we recently call #4 : WORSHIPPING! WE all worship all the time, but what I am talking about precisely is milking his cum. Since he "blessed" us we felt more POWER than eve, and the same happens to him. After each 4 days Kyle need to be "milked" he produces do much MUSCLECUM even he fucks and jerks off he still has too much juice in his balls and that drives him crazy, so we are now setting a system which allows to him totally empty his balls. It stats at fucking our asses twice each one and when we are exhausted we plug his cock into a milking machine which kept pumping his juice for almost an hour or two, unit he finally is empty. After that Kyle can have about one day more "comfortable" but sexual drive doesn't go down, in fact, when his balls are full again he comes back harder than ever, and his juice is all full of more potent musclegrowth inductors. Studying his juice, I was able to develop a whole new series of supplements which we sold to the rival of the company we sold the serum, making our monthly income triplicate. Which is a good thing because we are now spending more and more, specially with food, since we don't bother with stupid things like clothes. But as the milking sessions are more intense, we are gaining more mass at the fucking feedback, but not nearly close as the first stages, but is quite much, since we didn't grow from fucking for a long time. And KYLE certainly is growing more and more MASSIVE each session, hence he eats more, he lifts more, and he definitely wants to FUCK more! Anyway, I am just writing those things down while I still have some free time, because it is almost eight o'clock. Any minute now, KYLE will be back form his breakfast, and he said to me earlier " After my meal I am going to rock this whole island with you, babe" . And judging by his look on his face he must be thinking about a new milking session, and it means he'll be even bigger by noon, then he'll have another HUGE meal and head to the gym, where he'll be fucking MIKE the whole afternoon until he comes back to the house and fuck the rest of us again. It is not easy living as a MUSCLEFREAK but it sure pays of, because you no longer matter with details anymore, you only have mind to MUSCLE, POWER and SEX, after all those are the BIGGEST ISSUES. •

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