Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

Oh, yes, PLEASE MASTER, suck me dry ! I can't hold this! Not anymore, please drink and grow, but PLEASE let me see you growing! KING MIKE paid no attention to his muscle slave claims. All he could focus was that incredible feeling of POWER which once more filled his giant body, and made him hornier than NEVER. He could feel the already unbearable heat inside his body increasing even more, and his impossibly THICK muscles becoming something even him wasn't prepared for.

As MIKE grew again, both Fred and Steve had to take a few steps away, in order to see his pleased face, he was so tall, even ULTRA KYLE would match him in height's issue, or even in MUSCLE department, because MIKE no more had normal limbs, his arms begin to thicken very quickly, his forearms too, and each time they seemed to pulsate and grow into harder and harder structures, his biceps, which were HUGE ballooned like the first time they grew, only now they were BIGGER than anything they could see in MIKE's body. Alone each gun seemed smaller than his CHEST, but when they could notice it clearly, Mike's biceps were totally split into each gun, which meant that MIKE had in fact not two but FOUR biceps in his two arms. Arms? Those weren't arms anymore, they were now LONGER going way down form waist line, and MUCH, MUCH thicker too, they were now POWERLIMBS anatomic structures with such muscle density that they seemed to belong to a GIANT organism. And the same happened to MIKE's legs too, they were so WIDE and POWERFUL, they deserved to be called MUSCLEPILLARS, because they were able to hold entire buildings. Although, Mike's limbs were SUPREME, they couldn't say any less for the CHEST, it was so wide, each pec was about three or four feet wide and, boy how THICK they were, they spurted out of MIKE's body revealing such a feeling of totally FREAKISH marble statue, ultra muscled pectoral shelves hanging over an impressive 18 PACK abdominal muscles, each of them bigger than any "normal" bodybuilder biceps and much thicker too, and they seemed to grow in power and density as Mike heavy breath overwhelm the whole room, filling the overgrown guys with a feeling of humiliation and pleasure. Finally, Mike finished with his fed on Mark and he gently, what surprised Steve and Fred, lowered Mark's limp ultra muscled body and he laid him down on the floor. And then he turned over and let this primal ROAR come out of his mouth:

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Mike yelled fiercely putting his hands over his groin. Fred and Steve quickly came over to see if Mike finally had killed himself with such muscular growth at once. “Mike, what do you feel, is anything wrong? Steve checked his pulse, noticing it was WAY to fast.

“I CAN'T CUM! WHY I CAN'T CUM! I AM SO FULL OF CUM! MY COCK IS HURTING LIKE IT WAS GOING TO EXPLODE! - Mike shouted into the DEEPEST tone they heard ever since all that fuck and grow thing begun

“YOU GOTTA RELEASE YOURSELF, COME ON! JERK OFF AND GET IT OUT OF YOU! Shouted Steve trying to help his KING friend...

“I think that's what he's trying to do! Fred pointed to Mike's POWERLIMB, shaking and stroking the ULTRA MEGA COCK up and down, almost shining such was the rush of the jerking. Mike looked to his friends with a question in his face:


“Maybe, you don't have enough stimulation... - Steve started - I mean look at the SIZE of your cock! - It is almost as THICK as your arm! Maybe you can't make it to spew its load! KING MIKE looked at Steve, then at Fred and then he looked at himself and his eyes grew wide:

“FUCK! I AM STILL GROWING! LOOK AT ME! - No need to say that Steve and Fred noticed at the same time, they could hear the loud noises of Mike's bones getting thicker and his muscles struggling for more space and glory - I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, BUT I AM READY FOR SOME ASS FUCKING! - KING MIKE said standing proud and ENORMOUS before the outgrown muscle freaks, towering them for at least TWO hole feet and HUNDREDS maybe THOUSAND of pounds heavier. His cock -that is if you still can call that pole a cock - trembled and his features grew each time harder and his black hair was thicker and long almost at the middle of his back, sweaty and shiny - glorifying that monumental tribute to MUSCLEFREAK, like an over amplified morphed version of the great Arnold's CONAN the barbarian, but THIS barbarian could handle an entire arms of the other CONANs Both of the "small" guys went back as KING MIKE approached them, each time bigger and BIGGER, and specially his cock! Which seemed as thick as a leg of the serum takers - which meant those guys were undoubtedly overgrown by KING MIKE:

“ COME ON GUYS! I JUST NEED SOME MAN PUSSY TO RELEASE MY LOAD! YOU KNOW THAT'S THE FINAL STEP TO MY GLORY OVER YOU RUNTS! But the sheer size and the each time growing proportions of KING MIKE indicated any one who dared to give him the pleasure he was begging for would end up seriously injured:

“Mike, you can't ask us to let you fuck us! NO WAY we'll be able to handle your cock! You're MUCH bigger than KYLE for Heaven's sake! Mike grinned - OH COME ON, GUYS! YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WANT THOSE SKINNY ASSES! I'LL BE GENTLE I PROMISE! But even KING MIKE noticed those two wouldn't be able to handle his "business", he needed someone more strong, like KYLE! But he wasn't there - even better, Mike would warm up with another freak - Mark - afterall, he had overpowered that already, and he was knocked down after he was sucked, it was time to pay for such a gift Mike walked towards Mike's unconscious body. Steve tried to stop Mike, but just one powerful movement and the jock was thrown at the wall : “LOOK STEVE, I DON'T WANNA HURT MORE! I JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN! - He approached Mark, who was already awaking , and put a giant finger near his chin :

“MARK, YOU WANNA PLEASE YOUR MUSCLE MASTER DONTCHA? - He smiled as Mark's quickly noticed his second intentions.

“But, you're too big! Mark said in Mike's ears blowing some hot air into it and causing the giant MUSCLEFREAK to moan and get even more excited - COME HERE WUSSY! Mike grabbed Mark and they started to work on his whole - Mike Couldn't wait for more, he was almost impaling Mark into his pole, but then Mark remained caressing him and kissing, saying the hottest shit in his ears. Steve and Fred couldn't understand that situation, Mark seemed to play along with all Mike's demands, and that was not making any sense, they knew he was in love with Sean, at least that's what seemed to be happening . Suddenly, while he was caressing MIKE's back they saw Mark mouthing to them: "GO GET SEAN!". Then they realized what was Mark's plan, he was distracting MIKE, because he knew his real goal was KYLE, and Sean was the only who could help them, and time wasn't at their side. Mike, growing wider and stronger by the seconds...

“ YEAH RUNT! OH WHAT A TIGHT ASS YOU HAVE! MAYBE I NEED TO MAKE ROOM FOR MY COCK ! BUT I WANNA DO THIS WAY IT IS MORE FUN! - Then, Mark was lifted and his butt hole being worked by his They left quietly, but they were able to hear Mark's gasps as the IMPOSSIBLE cock of KING MIKE making his way up Mark's ass hole. - "Hang on Mark! We'll get help!"- Steve thought when he rushed through the corridor looking for Sean.

“... you'll get the stuff after I check the deposit.... Sure I guarantee it is worth ten times the price you are paying , you saw the proof! You know you won't regret it ! We'll talk again after my payment! Bye now! - Sean put the phone down “ "I still can't believe I've managed to deal with those guys! They are like sharks!" The incredible hulking doctor walked to his notebook and checked his recently opened account of a foreign bank in the Seychelles Islands! “ Internet really makes things easier - he said to himself as he typed his password “ Nothing! Those motherfuckers still don't believe the power of my serum, but they will! As soon as their team confirm what I already know: this stuff is good! Not as GOOD as my personal vintage, but they'll get astonished with the possibilities, and we'll be filthy rich! - Sean grinned while he turned the computer off. The he looked back and saw two HUGE bodies coming towards him from the opposite corridor:

“Sean! Sean hurry! We're in BIG trouble! - Steve grabbed him strongly and easily dragged him along his rush “ Steve, STEVE! What's going on! - Sean stopped and looked seriously in his bigger friend's eyes “ It's MIKE! Steve said with his eyes really opened - He's REALLY BIG! FUCKING ENORMOUS! Sean smiled and tapped Steve's shoulder:

“Don't worry Steve! I just gave poor Mike a little bit of my serum! He may be pretty big, but I am sure it is not THAT much! - Sean said turning his back and returning to his computer

“You never gave me the serum and look at ME! - Fred Said coming in front of Sean's wide opened eyes:

“FRED?! Sean touched the newly grown man feeling the equal hardness in his recent formed powerhouse muscles, the peculiar warmth which came from every serum or cum drinker muscle freak - What the fuck happened with you - Sean asked even though he knew the answer - You never had the serum ! And you're almost the size of Steve- The doctor realized Fred's stats almost reached his own features :

“Mike and I drank it diluted in water - Fred explained - After I read that black notebook of yours, we decided to take the chance , afterall we were the only ones who never got the opportunity to GROW, but then it seemed to be working, because it passed much time without results! “The digestive system must have delayed the beginning of the growth process... - Sean whispered while Fred continued - It was more than that! We didn't pass through that shake phase, we grew slowly but steady while you were busy measuring worship session, we only realized after you left the room, I had grown two whole inches and more than twenty pounds heavier, and Mike, well he responded to the serum much better than I did, mainly because he had drank three times more than I did!

“H- how much he gained - Sean asked afraid to hear the answer “He went from 6'4" and 230 pounds to 6'10" and 278 pounds! Fred looked to Steve and then to Sean who had his hands on his head:

“Fuck! And he came and seduced me to give him more serum! - Sean walked from side to side

“And how much you gave him? Steve asked in a mix of curiosity and excitement

“If he didn't take serum before, he would be still HUGE! Steve confessed to his friends

“Yeah, and then he drank from ME TWICE, from STEVE and from MARK too! - Fred bursted revealing the whole truth to an astonished SEAN who had to take a seat:

“He did WHAT!? Sean almost fell down form the chair - WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THAT SUN OF A BITCH! HE MAY HAVE KILLED HIMSELF! “Well, he sure wasn't dying the last time we checked on him... Steve tried to cheer up the mood of Sean

“How much did he grow so far? Sean asked recovering his scientific look

“Basically A LOT! He's even bigger than ULTRA KYLE! - Fred completed - He made MARK his dumbbell while he sucked on him

“It is no secret he'll try to get KYLE's juice too, and only God knows how BIGGER he'll get - Sean completed - We can't let this happen ! “Are you intending to try to STOP him? Fred asked in a nervous tone - He toyed with all of us including Steve and Mark who are BIGGER than you...

“True, but then I never drank from anyone's cum ...

“Even so, you don't see hoe BIG KING MIKE is! Steve added

“He made us call him that way, and believe me he DESERVES that title - Fred smiled nervously Sean looked to Fred and then he said

“There's only one who can beat Mike and that is KYLE! - Sean grabbed the tube with the rest of the serum and went in the search of KING MIKE... Meanwhile, ULTRA KYLE had just finished to unload the truck Sean had asked him. It was sure an easy job for all his muscle glory -"At least it took my mind off Sex" - the behemoth walked towards a few other boxes when he heard the unmistakable sounds of moaning and gasping. “Hey! The fucking party started without me? NO WAY! - the ultra gargantuan muscle freak squeezed into the corridors seeking for the source of those familiar noises of their hyper boosted Sex drive. Due to the unexpected chance to fuck and consequently growing, KYLE's mega pole got hard almost immediately and it was already oozing precum by the squirts. Kyle noticed the sounds coming stronger from a room on his left and he prepared to make his entrance:

“SO YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD START FUCKING EACH OTHER WITHOUT THE BIGGEST GUY AROUND HUH ?! - Those words were said before KYLE enter the room, and if he knew he would never choose them. Mark, not just MARK but MEGA MARK was totally overpowered, you could see in his expression the feeling of incapacity in front of such POWER. Kyle could only notice in MEGA MARK in a position he would never think of: he was being literally IMPALED, he was many inches up in the air, lifted just by the force of a MIGHTY COCK, the MIGHTIEST COCK of them all, and it was MIKE's cock! ULTRA KYLE froze. He had been surpassed, and not just that he was blown away by such SIZE. He could see the width of MIKE's uncanny proportions surpassing the cover of MEGA MARK's impaled body. The veins so pumped and pumping even more each time that impossible cock played with his attachment, like the wildest cock rides of them all, the sheer size of those PILLARS supporting that combined weight, the incredibly narrow waist trapped among those powerful powerhouse MUSCLES, the extremely developed 20 pack abdominal muscles popping out of that awesome stomach, the colossal set of pecs hanging a good feet above the rest of the body along with those mind blowing nipples and the GARGANTUAN inhuman , freakish, unbelievably SIZE of those biceps, which seemed to be four and not just two enormous super basket balls inflated to the max, bigger than anything on that tremendous freakiest of the FREAKS! And that was just the first things Kyle could think when he saw that scene. His own cock pulsated with such a unexpected ferocity, one jet of shiny viscous precum was fired and hit that MASTERPIECE of MUSCLEFREAK right in the face:

“WELL, LOOK WHO'S THERE! IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO IT'S ULTRA KYLE! THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER OF THEM ALL! Mark licked the precum and laughed out loud shaking his no need of more comments muscles and making everything tremble with his deep thunder voice... Kyle tried to speak, but there no words to describe his feeling. Suddenly he was back at where he started and in much uncomfortable position.

“YOU NEVER THOUGHT I COULD MAKE IT HUH? - KING MIKE grabbed MEGA MARK's limp body and popped his COCK out of him, making a loud sound and liberating a river of precum of his but hole - YOU THOUGHT I WOULD BE SMALLER THAN YOU EVEN IF I TOOK THE FORMULA DONTCHA? - Mark kissed Mark in his lips and gently let him on the floor and started walking towards him.

“MIKE, how come you got ...

“SO FUCKING HUGE? - he stopped and flexed his MUSCLES in a display of strength and POWER even ULTRA KYLE felt intimidated - LET'S SAY I PLAYED A LITTLE TRICK IN YOU AND YOUR SCIENCE GEEK FELLOW! I'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT IF YOU CHEAT, AT LEAST CHEAT BIG! Another terrifying laughter and then KING MIKE was in front of ULTRA KYLE and then he realized his target was almost reached: he was already TALLER, BIGGER and MORE MUSCULAR than ULTRA KYLE and that was just in visual basis! -DON'T YOU LIKE ME LITTLE ULTRA KYLE? - Teased Mark, poking Kyle's chest - YOU KNEW I WOULD NEVER BE TREATED LIKE YOUR FUCKING TOY FOR EVER, YOU KNOW I DESERVE TO BE THE BIGGEST FREAK OF THE WORLD! And then he embraced ULTRA KYLE's narrow waist and LIFTED his mighty glorious body, sustaining ALL their MASS :

“NOW YOU'LL WITNESS MY POWER YOU ULTRA RUNT! YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE MY STATS AND THEN YOU'LL MAKE GROW EVEN MORE! - Kyle couldn't say anything, just like the other overpowered guys he felt humiliated, but yet so turned on with such POWER, and that POWER could never be unpleasant, it was so hot to see such MUSCLE, even KYLE never thought he could see BIGGER guns than his, and yet they were they were there, impressive, glorious, gargantuan, lifting him up in the air and squeezing his own massive proportions and making him beg for more, such POWER was there to be worshipped, to be loved and to be pleased, and if that POWER wanted his own MUSCLES to testify his victory , it should be provided. KING MIKE carried his newest muscle freak slave to the other room where they had previously measured the "smaller" muscle freaks.

“What are you going to do with me? Asked ULTRA KYLE in a mix of excitement and fear

“FIRST, YOU'LL TELL ME HOW BIG I AM - AND THEN YOU'LL MAKE EVEN MORE GIGANTIC! KING MIKE kissed his newest puppet and lowed him to the floor, pointing to the various measuring stripes over the room: “COME AND MEASURE YOUR MUSCLE MASTER, ULTRA RUNT! Kyle grabbed two tapes and looked to his mighty biceps booming at the slightest movement of his arms and compared to the mountain attached to Mike's impossible new arm, realizing how much BIGGER it was, and with that came an undeniable sense of loss. "SHIT! This guy REALLY overgrown me! I look pathetic near him!"

“COME ON MY NEW RUNT! IT'S TIME TO SEE HOW MUCH BIGGER YOU MASTER ARE! Mike was really into this role thing, he grabbed KYLE by the waist, of course he wasn't THAT much bigger, but his hands were just enough to cover ULTRA KYLE's thin waist. Mark kissed his new puppy and they went to the scales. They exchanged deep sexy looks, KING MIKE was about to know how BIG his majesty was and ULTRA KYLE how sorry he felt. Mike went up on the scales and it nearly cracked down, all the switches and the fragile mechanic gadgets screamed in a virtual agony with the WEIGHT they were dealing with . Of course, KING MIKE would never be able to read the weight, since he was measured at 18 feet and seven inches HIGH more than one foot TALLER than his pity looking muscle freak so he just looked to his muscle slave and let him do the reading- afterall, it would be more interesting to hear his victory announced by the loser itself: “Fucking FREAK! - Kyle exclaimed realizing the read of the machine “ 5346 POUNDS! And with the read of the height the thing was done Ultra KYLE felt immediately shrunk back to his original size, and worse like a bug near a mountain of muscle. He couldn't accept the fact that after all he had been through Mike had managed to get back to the BIGGER guy role! He was almost 1500 pounds heavier than he was! “WHAT'S THE DEAL ULTRA RUNT! YOU STILL ARE NOT USED TO SEE THE NEW AND IMPROVED MIKE? The newly made MUSCLE FREAK said hitting a MEGA MOST MUSCULAR pose to make his point absolutely clear! - COME ON! TELL ME MY OTHER STATS, 'CAUSE WE STILL HAVE PLENTY TO DO! His smile was mean, but who could condemn him, HE was pure MUSCLE and POWER. “C-chest at 423" around (You fucking bastard!) “GOOD... A MIGHTY CHEST TO HELP ME GET OVER YOUR PATHETIC LIMP BODY! “HEY I AM FUCKING HUGE TOO! - Complied Kyle in vain, because Mike just looked up and made him realize how much BIGGER he was... “LEGS! - Shouted him without even looking back at KYLE

“(Holly cow! Those are PILLARS!) 316 inches each! - Kyle was sweating cold, his hands were wet and he was so cold, like he was fearing for his own live again (back to the training at the wrestling team) When Kyle tried to measure his oversized guns Mike grabbed his hands and said: “ "NOT NOW RUNT, CHECK MY OTHER LOWER BODY STATS!" - Kyle did as he was told, he turned around mike reaching his impressive MEGA BUTT - Waist at 193 inches(how come he can walk with such WEIGHT over that tiny waist?) When he look back to the front, Kyle literally was hit in the eye by something HUGE and wet, hot and veiny throbbing like the king of all the anacondas, demanding to be pleased the COCK of KING MIKE! “I HAVE ONE MORE THING FOR YOU TO MEASURE BEFORE WE GET TO THE GUNS ! Mike said in a low deep tone, and he roughly pushed his member near KYLE, who couldn't avoid getting HARD too, and even in that department, ULTRA KYLE was once more overpowered.

“I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT RIDICULOUS DICK OF YOURS NOW! JUST MEASURE ME! Mike didn't lose any opportunity to humiliate Kyle's freakish proportions and that was his plan, to make ULTRA KYLE beg for his attention... Kyle read the LENGTH and the WIDTH of such gargantuan dick : 7 feet and three inches long with 4 feet one inch and a half wide! “GOOD! NOW TO MY FAVORITE PART! - KING leaned over and whispered into the ear of his slave/slut MUSCLEFREAK -" You remember the size of those skinny guns of yours?" - Kyle nodded - "They are freakish 259 inches, you bastard!"

“FREAKISH? I FIND THEM RIDICULOUS! COME SEE WHAT ARE A REAL MAN'S LIMBS, YOU RUNT! - Mike hit a double biceps pose which would instantly kill all the bodybuilders in the world such blowing it was, and then he asked “ YOU WANNA KNOW HOW BIG THOSE FUCKING GUNS ARE? DO YOU PRETTY BOY? Kyle understood what was the game going on, he was getting his payback for all the times he treated Mike like a bug, but it was a little to harsh on him. He NEEDED to touch those guns, he urges to lick them, but also he feels so humiliated by them, they are the symbol of his loss, and begging to measure them is the confession of hi loss for KING MIKE and he knows that!

“COME ON ULTRA RUNT! YOU WANNA GRAB THOSE HULKING MASSES OF MEAT DON'T YOU? YOU WANNA KNOW HOW BIG THEY ARE! I KNOW YOU DO! BUT YOU GOTTA ASK, NICELY, LIKE A GOOD SLAVE! - Mike grinned. He was in heaven! He was blessed, he was finally getting to where he deserved ... Kyle could resist no more. For more humiliating it would be, there's nothing like the pleasure of the MUSCLE, to worship MUSCLE, to feel the MUSCLE, to lick and to hold MUSCLE near you, to feel the hardness, the smell of glory the very meaning of virility. The most distinguish signal of male strength. And he needed to FEEL it, to grab it: “ Please ! Let me feel you most powerful guns! I wanna know how big they are, how big YOU are, I am here to please you to worship you as you deserve, let me be your favorite slave, I would do anything to feel your HUGENESS over my limp body! - KYLE said it almost whispering, knowing that this was the appropriate tone to talk to his new MUSCLE MASTER..


“Yes, Master! - Kyle was finally overpowered. Just like the others he was drawn into the POWER of KING MIKE's sheer size and muscle, and even him couldn't resist to the overwhelming sense of worshipping. Kyle could only listen to the words of his muscle master: “YEAH! I AM FLEXING MY GUNS TO THE MAX FOR YOU ULTRA RUNT! FEEL THEM, LOOK AT THEM! THEY ARE MARVELOUS! I AM HUGE! MUCH MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER BE YOU RUNT! AND YOU'LL MAKE ME EVEN BIGGER AREN'T YOU ? “Yes, Master! I will do anything to make you happy! You're so HUGE! Your arms..


“They are 385 inches around! And you are just MUSCLE master! You are MUSCLE! My MASTER is MUSCLE! And I want to please you !

“EXCELLENT! Now let's get to the final stage ! KING MIKE hugged ULTRA KYLE and they kissed hard and deep, both oversized cocks were at full mast desiring to release their loads, but Mike had other plans he would finally achieve his goal and when he did it he would truly be MUSCLE! Sean and the others watched the whole worshipping and measurement scene, they managed to stay at other room and saw the whole thing through the intern circuit of TV. Even them couldn't avoid to get aroused by such scene of MUSCLE and Sex!

“Man those two really get things going on! - Fred said caressing the shaft of Steve's already hard cock!

“Listen - Sean looked at them seriously - I'll distract Mike while you two are going to shot Kyle with this! - And he showed the syringe full of the purplish serum

“Why are we going to give KYLE more serum! We'll just make another KING MIKE! Steve protested in a low tone as his cock was being caressed by Fred. Sean made a pause - Look., we don't know all the side effects of the serum yet, and it wouldn't be secure to have just ONE guy so BIG as MIKE, we'd better have KYLE at the same size of him, so we could handle the situation! And when I make more serum I'll make the rest of us grow just like them! Steve and Fred looked at each other " “It makes sense, but how do you know it will work with KYLE again?" Fred asked. Sean walked towards them - " Believe me I did all the calculations as soon as you gave me the details, this amount is enough to our needs!"

“But how are you going to distract Mike? Steve asked naively “Honey, how do you think he will do it? Fred asked brushing his hand on Steve's hair

“All right! Let's move before he drinks form KYLE - Sean gave the syringe to Steve:

“And please, don't shoot yourselves, because the amount is precisely suitable for KYLE and KYLE only, it won't make you near as big as MIKE!

“OK! OK! We'll do it! - Fred shook his hands with Sean sealing their pact!

“Now, I'll distract them, and you apply the shoot ! Sean went to the room where KING MIKE and his ULTRA RUNT were. And he had a plan. Not quite the plan he discussed with Fred and Steve. They would never understand. Not even Mark. Just him and Kyle. Their mutual feeling of worshipping of their HUGENESS And Mike had ruined for them. And it was all Sean's fault . He was fooled. And not just that he was used. All because of his sexual drive. He jeopardized it all. But he would fix it. Oh, you bet would. KING MIKE embraced Kyle's own massive body and squeezed it hard just to make sure who was in charge there. KYLE could only moan as he felt the uncanny strength of his muscle master.


“Am I interrupting something? - Sean said ironically , coming from the opposite corridor The massive couple stopped for a moment. Kyle looked to Sean afraid of the consequences of his unexpected attitude

“I am positively sure that sex was still restricted! - Sean standed firmly with his arms crossed at his impressive chest .

“OH LOOK! IT'S THE SERUM RUNT! - KING MIKE said letting Kyle's body and walking towards Sean towering his figure with each step Sean tried to keep cool but just the mere shadow of KING MIKE's impressive body made him gulp.

“WHAT YOU SHORTY IS DOING HERE? - Mike laughed as he noticed the difference of SIZE between them. Sean looked UP afterall, there were almost SIX feet between them.

“Look, Mark, I am aware of your trickery! You used me and I AM PISSED! YOU MISERABLE FUCKER! Even KING MIKE didn't expect for such. His eyes wide opened and his mouth showed this. But he quickly regained his aggressive pose: “AND WHO SAID YOU WERE ALLOWED TO TALK ANYWAY? YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME YOU ARE THE SMALLEST HERE! - Mike grabbed Sean around his neck lifting the impressive smaller man over two feet in the air. Sean gasped as his neck felt almost breaking in the hands of the titanic crusher. He had to do something, his feet hang on the air and then he realized where they exactly were. It was time. Sean gathered his forces and unleashed his kick... right in the middle of KING MIKE's giant balls, and for that even KING MIKE was prepared, being kicked in the nuts by someone as BIG as SEAN is something almost unbearably painful. Mike felt his balls smashed by the potency of the blow. Then he felt pain and pain. His knees went weak. The pain burnt his glorious body, and he had to breath! Sean fell down on the floor, recovering his breath. He looked at KYLE who was impressed with his attitude.

“NOW YOU'RE GONNA DIE YOU BUG! - KING MIKE rushed into his prey and grabbed him like a simple bunny into the claws of a wolf. Both of them rolled on the floor for a while, but quickly the inevitable came. Being more than twice the size of Sean, KING MIKE didn't have much trouble to succeed in the fight. Sean, on the other hand, had been overpowered. Mike had him into a bear hug, which would kill any normal men , but not SEAN! He was more than a man, he was HUGE, but even so, he couldn't stand a chance at KING MIKE.

“YA SEE PHILLIPS? YOUR LITTLE FELLA TRIED TO BEAT ME, BUT ALL HE'S GONNA GET IS A VERY PAINFUL DEATH! - Mike squeezed his grip over Sean and then ALL his muscles crushed Sean's limp body, who still tried to resist making Mike turn around to maintain his lethal crush. KYLE couldn't let that happen, it was SEAN, his mentor and lover, the man who made possible his fantaises, the only one who understood his feelings. ULTRA KYLE recovered his forces, standed so fast he didn't have time to notice the needle going into his skin around his butt. He only saw Steve taking the syringe off as he standed in all his MIGHT! He recognized the warm feeling in his body, and the purplish color of the serum coming into him. Steve blinked at him and so did Fred right behind him. - "Go get him tiger!" - KYLE ran into KING MIKE's figure who was still turned and he used his knowledge in wrestling to get KING MIKE down. And so he did. •

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