Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

But then Sean considered another factor, the amount of serum which the subject was exposed: because form those who had been injected KYLE was the one who took the SMALLEST amount! Mark had taken a small dose during the development of the inactive serum and 30 c.c. form the active one which resulted into the explosion of MUSCLE during the Sex with Sean, and MARK had been exposed to the emissions of STEVE, even though it had made him INCREASE his muscle growth, Mark never had drank form any injected men, which explained why KYLE was so MUCH bigger than him. Since Kyle drank from himself Steve and MARK, the amount of growth inductors running wild at his organism allowed him to achieve his unique proportions. But then , MARK never had the same experience, he only got to drink form Steve's who had never been injected, what leads to the exciting final statement: Since SEAN was undoubtedly the one who had been injected the MOST of the serum, if HE drink form either MARK or ULTRA KYLE he surely ended up MUCH BIGGER than both of them together! He could make them feel like toothpicks! Just the possibility got Sean's at full mast, like his cock demanded him make them BIGGER! But Sean had other things in mind! He had a plan which was the only way to give them a chance to live in peace at their colossal standards. He only need a few more things to do and then one phone call to make, then everything would be ready... “Dr. Sean! Can u hear me? It was Mike's deep voice calling him. “I am sorry Mike! I was lost in my thoughts! Answered Sean in a friendly tone

“Yeah, I can realize that! Said Mike trying to grab the immensity of Sean's pole, and obviously failing, because it was just TOO wide! Steve moaned as he felt the grab of Mike in his cock. Those tiny hands squeezing him with all their power, although he could say it was pretty intense, still it was far from causing pain, specially because of the PLEASURE it caused.

“Sean, you promised me that if I brought the truck you would give me the serum... - Said Mike in a low sexy voice, making sure to squeeze Sean's cock even more, feeling the titanic expansion of the doctor's chest as he tried not to feel so horny as he actually felt.

“I- I know Mike, I promised you and Fred, but... - Then Mike climbed at the hardness of his cock and started humping it, like it was a horse, his legs squeezed and jerked the length of Sean's pole faster than he could try to control himself

“Sean, you know the only thing I want is to be as big as you guys, this way I could finally have you inside of me , to be as BIG as you, as BIG as you... - Mike repeated that muscle worship chant on and on as he slipped along Sean's cock, twitching his own nipples as he tried to reach for the gargantuan doctor's chest. Sean finally lost his control, lifting Mike at his chest level they kissed and he used the small jock's body as his rag doll and rubbed him against his wall hard muscle body and feeling his small cock hard poking his impressive hardness, he could see how BIG he was, more than twice Mike's size and about to grow even bigger, and then when he was almost feeling the first signals of the growth spurt he managed to get Mike down at the floor and said:

“Listen, Mike, I know why we can't fuck now, believe me I know... “Mike looked at him with the eyes of a crying puppy and claimed “But I just wanted to be BIG as you... Sean smiled back at him, he could no more deny something so significant for Mike. If he wanted to grow, hell one more freak at the group meant, another butt to fuck and another dick to suck! “O.K. cute! You won, go get Fred and I will give you guys the serum Mike changed the look on his face, from sadness to an extreme excitement and then his eyes had the glow of conspiracy... “Sean, Fred is there making out with Steve, as you said Steve wouldn't grow as long as he didn't drink from you , Mark and Kyle, I don't think it would be cool to break their moment, afterall, I am HERE and BEGGING you to give the serum, if he REALLY wanted the same we would be together here... Sean bought that and he went to get the serum - "We can give Fred his share whenever he wants!" - the doctor said as he was filling a syringe with the thick purple fluid...

“How much are you going to give me? Mike asked barely ripping his pants so anxious he was Sean considered for a moment - " Mark took 30 c.c., Kyle took 50c.c., this guy is ALREADY very huge..."

“How big are you now Mike?- Sean asked holding the serum in the air... “ About 210 pounds - I am really far from the weights last month - Mike lied, trusting that at Sean's proportions he would never guess Mike's real stats 6'10" and almost 280 pounds of MUSCLE!

“You do seem a little big than that to me, but I guess it's because all the "work out" we BIG guys are giving to you and Fred - Sean blinked and thought "I'll give him 45 c.c., It will make him grow HUGE and yet, he won't be a problem , at least for while "

“OK runt! Sean said pointing to his lap - I wanna see that tiny butt of yours ! Mike felt like a child, he was so tiny at Sean's legs, they seemed pillars of the Temple of muscle gods, such thick hard and veined they were. Sean grabbed him gently and inserted the thick needle into the tissue “You won't feel much pain, with a muscle butt like that in a primary subject, your muscles almost broke the needle added the morphed doctor as he rubbed some ether at the shot spot. Mike felt terrific! He had the things just the way he planned, no matter how much Sean had given him, he surely would get HUGE, HUGGER, the HUGEST of them all, because he had the serum he drank with Fred and yet the growth cum of ALL of the muscle freaks. The smile on Mike's face was so beautiful, Sean finally said: “Look I gave you the serum in a way it will start a little slower, but it will be O.K. because the amount I shot inside you is BIG! The growth will start within a few minutes, I advise you to get together with the other guys, you saw hoe uncomfortable it can be in the beginning

“Mike heard those words and his cock went hard and painful, if Sean himself said the amount was BIG, only God knows how big he would get.! No that it matters, afterall he only wants to make KYLE's mega butt his trophy for his size, he wants to pin ULTRA KYLE's mega butt and make him worship his soon to be superior muscles... Mike was leaving to the other room, when he noticed Sean's struggle to dial the numbers on the phone,

“You want me to dial for you? Mike asked with a smile in his face, realizing that in a few time himself wouldn't be able to do the same thing . Sean grabbed a pencil and showed to Mike - No thanks I just have to be more careful with those big fingers! Don't worry, look for Mark and tell him you've just been shot and he will help you through the whole thing!

“OK, then! See ya when we are the same size! Mike teased Sean, thinking “"I mean , when I am BIGGER than you science geek". Mike felt the temperature of his body rising. - "It must be the serum taking his effect! I must start growing any moment now! Where are everybody? - Then he heard the unmistakable sounds of two people fucking .

“Shit! If those are Mark or Kyle, I will never get to be the BIGGEST guy in here! Mike approached and hid himself behind a column. He saw STEVE and what seemed to be an amplified version of FRED!

“Fuck! If Fred got to that size, I'll become KING KONG! Mike thought and smiled at all the possibilities. His mouth literally filled as he imagined KYLE totally overpowered by him and then he would do exactly what he did to him - he would drink from him and then BOOM he would blow all of them! HE WOULD BE THE HONCHO GUY ! And they would have to worship him, to fulfill any desire and to PLEASE THEIR MUSCLE MASTER! THE SUPREME MUSCLEFREAK! Mike woke up from his trance and noticed Fred was almost at the edge, and so was STEVE. Although Steve didn't had any growthcum by himself, he could still be useful for his purposes. And Fred was sure in his way to MUSCLEFREAK! His chestnut hair and his freckled torso magnified many times were just impressive, and his uncut cock glistening with such precum gave Mike the final routine to accomplish his conspiracy plan. Steve felt he would be done any moment now. He kissed the back of Fred's head and start doing long fucking movements, in order to intensify the feeling for both of them. ONE: He pushed it hard into Fred who screamed in ecstasy. TWO: His entire body shrived with the upcoming pleasure and THREE! He felt himself going weak , but like a magic moment, he realized he finally made it! “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Screamed Fred as he felt his balls squeezing themselves and his cock pulsating to get the cum out of him. He could feel like he was GROWING even more, and that could only make him feel more pleasure, and yet, the more he was going to cum! What Fred didn't realized was Mike's mouth gently grip around his head. And that was the final drop. When the desiring tongue touched the edge of the pisshole, all what was being repressed exploded right into Mike's mouth. The jock almost choked due to the pressure of the jism. But he managed to handle it, he kept drinking and drinking breathing whenever he found a break between the squirts. Steve couldn't believe his eyes. He closed them right before he get Fred to cum, but when he opens them, he's looking at a definitely bigger Mike blinking at him and gently mouthing Fred's cock which immediately exploded into it. Steve smiled, and then he realized that Fred finally was relieved form his feelings?

“You were terrific! Thank you babe! Fred said brushing his hands over Steve's face!

“Yeah, so did you ! But there's someone else we should thank! Steve pointed at Fred's cock! Now Fred could understand what happened. Mike was there sucking on his ever dripping cock like it was the elixir of power, well in fact it was, since was kind of a serum taker, his cum could actually have some growth inductors

“Mike STOP! You've barely started growing yet, you didn't pass by the feedback - AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Fred released another immense squirt down through Mike's throat, who swallowed all the incredible spunk! Steve tried to do something, but as he tried to move, Fred was hit by another growth spurt. He froze as his muscles expanded and got bigger by the inches, his chest inflated, making strange noises from his ribs, his arms unfolded revealing POWER, MUSCLE AND STRENGTH. And with that Steve couldn't get his still hard cock from Fred's hole. Fred only moaned as he felt his ever lasting orgasm going down form his magnificent cock to Mike's devouring mouth, and mostly because Mike kept teasing his shaft, tonguing the pisshole and literally sucking his precious musclecum from there. But it was at the same time delicious! Mike knew exactly how to "milk" his desired juice and how to maximize his harvesting. After what seemed an eternity, Fred finally seemed to be coming out of his feedback spurt, and he fell down into Steve's embrace, who had quite a job to hold his newly grown lover. He cold feel just in his grip that Fred had surpassed him, and quite much. He lowered Fred at the floor and asked him:

“Are you fine? - His face with a worried expression.

“Sure , I just collapsed here, because of the POWER of my orgasm! Gee, I never considered it could be so intense Steve! I wonder how you've managed to handle it?

“You get used to! Steve smiled as they kissed gently and they stayed there feeling the power still pulsating and electrifying their skin. Fred was in his private heaven, nothing could ever disturb them now - except!

“Hey there! Wassup runts! Teased Mike even still way smaller than the both gargantuan friends!

“Mike! What the hell did you just made? Steve asked in a mix of angry and sadness

“Calm down big guy! Go pick some one your own size - I mean, go get another - He said pointing Fred's exhausted expression - Or better, just wait until I'm done! Mike said as he stood up, and let Fred's cock which finally dry. It was just then Steve realized Mike was actually BOOMING in front of him! In fact, Mike himself didn't realize the intensity of his transformation. It was like he was being pulled from every possible direction, his body parts were trembling and his image seemed unfocused, but his face, his face carried this mean look, such a cocky attitude, It was like Mike planned everything, and if he did planned, it could only mean one thing - he was pissed to be treated like a runt even if was just by one day or so - he was never the small guy around - and by the way it looked, Mike would still GROW a lot!

“DAMN! IT FEELS SO HOT! - Mike shouted to Steve amazing his yet bigger friend.

“Mike, how much serum did you take? Steve was worried since Fred had overgrown him in just ONE session!

“Well, let's see! I drank almost four times the amount Fred did, and he SURE grew a lot!

“Four times! Mike you'd better talk to Sean - Steve held Fred sleeping body against his chest, but he needed to get Mark there! “ I did speak to Sean, and guess what? The serum geek gave MORE! Steve froze! - Now Mike seemed to stop trembling , but he sure didn't end his growth!

“I've fooled him! He said he gave serum enough to make me HUGE! But I wanted MORE! MORE! - Said Mike opening his growing arms apart, and then his GROWTH really kicked in! He seemed to be widening by the second. His chest unfolded ballooning and covering his face for while, then like he was growing eve faster, his head appeared again in the middle of those glorious pecs! “IT FEELS WONDERFUL STEVE! NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU DRANK FROM KYLE! IT IS PURE POWER! PURE MUSCLE! AND I WANT IT ALL! Steve blinked, each word Mike pronounced he was BIGGER that in the previous! He inflated with such a fiercing pace, his bones made loud sounds as they were adjusting to each new stage of the growth. “Mike! Mike please, look at you! We gotta call Sean and Mike here! Steve tried to get up, but then he was caught by Mike's powerful hand, who although wasn't bigger than Steve yet, managed to stop his powerful movements.

“YOU STAY HERE! - Mike ordered and saying this his biceps bursted into a rhythm of growth that surpassed his own body, Mike was already 8 feet tall, and there were no signs of the end of the first spurt, and he didn't even had the orgasm and the feedback spurts! Steve tried to break free, but somehow, he felt that even his powerful muscles could realize such task! Mike's muscles were so condensed, they actually had twice the potency their size allowed, which means that even Steve's supreme body could handle him.

“Look, Mike we have to call them, you could be in danger!

“ WE'LL CALL THEM IN THE RIGHT TIME! NOW JUST SIT THERE AND WATCH ME GROW! That was easy! Mike's growth was intense, much more than Steve had witnessed. His legs exploded inside of his pants and his jock went flying as he COCK sprang from inside . It was HUGE! Already HUGE just for the first stage. Mike's look changed, his beard turned into a five o'clock shadow, and his hair body seemed to roll down, showing a side effect no one of the previous transformed men had showed. And so did his hair, his jet black hair grew into ebony locks which were just perfect with his dark blue eyes.

“ IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD TO BE GROWING! Mike said as he realized his achievements! - COME HERE STEVE LET ME COMPARE TO YOU, AND SEE MY MUSCLES HUMILIATING YOU! Steve, who fell into a muscle growth trance, obliged. He was still taller than Mike, but that's all. Mike was DEFINITELY WIDER. Mike's proportions were unbelievable even for Steve's standards. He was almost three feet taller than Steve, but he was WIDER and THICKER in every part. It was like Mike was GIANT compressed into a much smaller frame, his proportions were beyond anything the morphed guys had seen. His arms seemed so thick, even bigger than his chest, and yet, his chest was heavenly big, his legs were so veined and striated. They seemed to be growing into a different structure. Much thicker than human legs, making his thin waist almost disappear. His 16 pack abdomen was nothing compared to KYLE's. All the pieces were solid as real bricks, and they did seemed like a breathing wall, as Mike inflated his marvelous chest. His neck was so thick ! Mike's face was now framed into a mountain of MUSCLE, which only accentuated the mean look in face.

“FUCK! I AM STILL SHORTER THAN YOU, AND MY MUSCLES ARE WAY TO MUCH THICK FOR YOUR POOR BODY! I AM GOING TO OUTGROW EVERY BODY EASY! Saying this Mike reached the level of Steve's pecs. He bite his hard nipples and continues:

“WHAT DO YOU FEEL STEVE! SEEING ME OUTGROWING YOU? - Teased Mike noticing the arousing of Steve's prick!

“Mike, you're TOO MUCH BIG! It can harm you!


“Mike! You are terrific, you are the THICKEST thing I've seen since we've met the guys, but you gotta take care, you'll ended too BIG! “THAT'S JUST THE PLAN ! And when he finished that sentence he was almost at Steve's eye level. He laughed out loud as he saw his reflection into Steve's concerning eyes:

“LOOK AT ME RUNT! LOOK AT THIS MUSCLE! I AM ALMOST BIGGER THAN YOU AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! Mike grabbed Steve's mouth and kissed him roughly, and as they kissed Mike's growth increased even more, making him surpass Steve's height by one or two inches, with that he broke the kiss and embraced Steve forcing his face into his cleavage... “YOU SEE RUNT! YOU SEE HOW FAST I GREW! I AM TALLER THAN YOU AND MUCH, MUCH MUSCULAR ! Mike broke the embrace and showed Steve his new height. Steve gasped, his cock steel hard and hot! Steve felt like hypnotized and he touched Mike's muscles trying to dent them, but that was impossible, he felt like a living wall.

“ OH YEAH, WORSHIP ME! I MAKE YOU HORNY DON'T I? I AM YOUR MUSCLEGOD! “Yes, master, you're my MUSCLEGOD! Answered a totally overpowered Steve, even physically as mentally

“GOOD, NOW YOU ARE GOING TO SUCK FROM ME - Ordered Mike grabbing his ever growing member and inserting it into Steve's mouth forcing him to get on his knees

“I MAY BE NOT BE CLEVER AS THE SCIENCE GEEKS, BUT I KNOW THAT ONCE MY CUM GETS THROUGH YOU IT WILL BE EVEN MORE POTENT, THAT'S WHY I WANTED YOU TO BE HARD , YOU'LL BE MY FOURTH SOURCE! Mike growth was now beginning to cool down his pace, but yet he was about one foot and a half TALLER than Steve, and WAY MUCH BIGGER than him, In fact Steve was almost totally hidden behind his sucked musclegod. Steve no longer mattered about Mike's size, he just needed to drink form him, and maybe, if he grew stringer, he could manage to overtake him. Then Steve proceeded in his task. Each time he sucked in Mike's cock it got thicker and bigger , just as his owner:

“THAT'S GOOD RUNT! MAKE YOUR MUSCLEGOD CUM! GET MY MUSCLE JUICE AND MAKE ME EVEN BIGGER.! Mike started to face fuck him, with all his power. Steve really had a hard time! His head bumped against the wall, but Mike didn't care, all he needed was cumming. He felt his growth finally subsiding and he knew he had to drink from another source... Mike finally was about to cum, he knew it was the end of his first stage of growth, but he couldn't wait until the feedback kicked in, as he was almost about to cum, he take a look at Fred, who was agian awake, and literally drooling at the sight of him. . He knew when Steve drink form him , he was going to GROW, and he couldn't take the risk of being overgrown by Steve, and yet he needed to drink form him, and if he was still BIGGER it would easy things a lot! Fred approached Mike still kind woozy from his spurt, but he was AROUSED, sure he was! He was hard again and his cock dripping precum like he was never sucked till he was dry! Mike just extended his hand to Fred who was at Steve's back and he lifted Fred grabbing him and mouthing his precious ccok once more, milking him as much as he could

“"Anything to get me growing while Steve's growing from my cum" . Fred realized what was happening when it was too late, Mike overpowering muscles imprisoned him as his experienced mouth got him to cum in almost no time. Fred was still much more excited at Mike's proportions than he was frightened by his mean attitude. Mike sucked Fred hard, trying to get him to cum as quick as possible because he knew himself was about to explode into Steve's mouth! Steve was so lost in his mix of sucking, and being humiliated, worship and stuff, he didn't notice Fred's legs struggling to break free form Mike's grip. Steve only focused in getting Mike to cum. It was al he needed. If that cum was such powerful, he would GROW too, and then he would have a chance in his attempt to overtake Mike's size. Mike fingered Fred's hole and he almost immediately lost it! Once more Fred came into Mike's mouth and once more, it was drenched of his growth inductors, and despite the copious amount he had goozed last time, he came even more, in which still Mike was surprised. It seemed each time the grown guys cum, they increase the amount of the load. Even better for Mike, who could expect for a whole new growth spurt just before he gets his new source fluids. Such POWER really intoxicated Mike, who finally came into Steve's mouth, feeling that he might had overdosed himself, he forgot about the feedback growth which started right after he came, and then Fred's growthcum was almost kicking in, but instead of being afraid, Mike only got more aroused and more he desired to GROW! He tossed Fred's limp body, who was also experimenting some growth aside and he focused into his growth while Steve worked on his shaft:

“ COME ON RUNT! DRINK IT ALL! DRINK FASTER! YOU STILL GOTTA MAKE MY MUSCLE JUICE ! i NEED MY OTHER SOURCE, BECAUSE FRED THERE IS TOTALLY OVERTAKEN! Just then Steve realized. Fred was thrown at one corner with his cock still dripping cum, and when he looked up he SAW MUSCLE in its RAW POWER. Mike was growing again. And even faster than the previous time. His hair was now long and reaching under his neck, his beard was so sexy in that five o'clock shadow , the perfect frame for his red full lips. But his whole body remained smooth. Only his groin was as hairy as a bear. Mike's blue eyes were meaning.

“WASSUP RUNT? YOU THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU DRINK FROM ME, THEN YOU OUTGROW ME AND THAT'S IT? DO I LOOK FOOL? Mike crossed his arms over his chest, what made Steve shivers.

“YES RUNT! I AM STILL GROWING THANKS TO FRED! Steve felt terrified. Now he would never accomplish his intend. He let go of Mike's cock and tried to escape. But the start of the feedback stopped him. He felt his body flex and he started to grow again.

“OK RUNT! LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GROWING TOO! FINE! Steve barely had time to enjoy his own spurt as soon as it began, Mike grabbed him by the wait and lifted him.. The pleasure was overtaken by the fear. What would Mike do after he finished with him. If Steve's cum was capable of increasing the muscular growth inductors, what would he do with MIKE! Though he felt his muscles quite stronger, he never had the chance to break free form Mike's grip. And as hard as he tried, the harder Mike sucked on him, like he was never sucked before, he had to admit the guy had talent. He barely felt it coming and the BOOM! His juice was all the way down to Mike's throat. And when he finally finished sucking, his balls ache from his milking task. “GOOD RUNT! NOW YOU STAY HERE AS I GROW! Mike said feeling himself expanding into new impossible dimensions and proportions, Steve was almost chest level with him, which meant he was now more than 15 feet HIGH and yet he was still GROWING! He seemed to be WIDER than he was tall, what could explain the SIZE of his muscles. Mike was now so POWERFUL, even Kyle couldn't take.

“YOU SEE RUNT? YOU ONLY GOT ME BIGGER! AND I WILL THANK YOU FOR THAT IN THE RIGHT TIME! - Each time Mike breathed he was BIGGER, he was MORE MUSCULAR, and he was MORE SEXY. His locks were shining and he brushed his hands through his lustful locks and said:

“ HEY ? I GOT HAIR GROWTH TOO? SEEMS LIKE THE NEW AND IMPROVED MIKE GETS THE BETTER FROM ALL HIS SOURCES! He looked back at Steve, who was still admiring his SIZE, and he laughed:


“GOOD! YOU USED TO CALL YOURSELF SUPER STEVE RIGHT? Steve obliged, without any answer. He nodded with his head


“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? - MEGA MARK itself asked, noticing Mike towering over both Steve and a new augmented Fred.

“HEY LOOK RUNT! DOCTOR GEEK IS TRYING TO MAKE A IMPRESSION ON ME! WASSUP RUNT! Mark approached realizing something that REALLY panicked him. Mike was GROWING in a pace which didn't seem to end, and he was almost at the size of KYLE for heaven's sake, it couldn't be a good thing “LISTEN RUNT, WE CAN DO THIS MY WAY OR WE CAN GET IT THE HARD WAY, BOTH OF THEM I WIN, SO WHAT'S YOUR CHOICE?, WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR MUSCLE JUICE AND MAKE ME GROW MORE OR I SHOULD TAKE IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! Mark tried to calm the growing tower of muscle before him, walking towards him very slow and trying not to get the freak of the freaks more excited than he already was..

“Mike, please, let's calm down and talk...We can find a way to help you out... But there would be no talking with KING Mike, he smiled mischievously and quickly he grabbed MEGA MARK around his waist and brought him near his glorious ever growing body?

“NO TALKING RUNT! FIRST YOU GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE! Mike kissed Mark so fiercely , he nearly collapsed into his more powerful arms, but then KING MIKE let he fell down on the floor and kept smiling and looking to his soon to be pray.

“Mike, Please look at yourself! You're already HUGE, we don't understand the effects of the serum completely, it could harm you! Then KING MIKE leaned and gently lifted Mark back to his feet, his eyes seemed to become normal again?

“MARK, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I NEED TO GROW MORE, MY WHOLE BODY IS ACHING TO GROW RIGHT NOW, I FEEL LIKE I COULD EXPLODE INTO A GIANT ORGASM, THIS IS THE BEST FEELING I'VE EVER FELT, AND I WANT IT TO LAST AS LONG AS I CAN MAKE IT LAST! Mark remembered the time where he grew for the first time being impaled by Sean's ultra cock and feeling himself expanding into his colossal proportions and also how those magnificent feelings were somehow amplified when he drank form Steve. Those sensations were like an solid orgasm: he could feel the pleasure so vividly, so intensely , it was like pleasure had covered him.

“Mike, I know exactly how you feel, but please, think you are already TALLER than ME! And much stronger and BIGGER! What you still want? Mike's eyes recovered the mean glow, he laughed loud as he grabbed Mark's arms and lifted him pressing him against his imperial muscles: “YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL! YOU CAN ONLY FEEL HOW BIG AND POWERFUL I AM! I WANNA GROW MORE, I WANNA DOUBLE MY SIZE IF I CAN, I WANNA MAKE ALL OF YOU MY MUSCLE WORSHIPPERS, SPECIALLY THAT RUNT YOU CALL ULTRA KYLE! HE'LL HAVE TO CALL ME HIS KING! KING MIKE! Mark lost his mind for while such intense was the sensations of those expanding muscles! He could feel them struggling for more space to grow, fighting to get more power, to swell even more, to become the maximum of the MUSCLE FREAK personification, to over rule anyone who challenged him... Fred ad Steve couldn't do anything, first because of the exhaustion effect of their "milking" and second because deep inside they recognized that Mike always had been BIGGER than anyone they met, and he worked hard for those muscles, it wouldn't be so unfair that he overgrow everyone if he could! Afterall he was used to be the BIGGEST guy in everything... Mike closed his eyes and moaned as he felt that Mark's pole was already hard and poking his thickest muscles:

“NOW THAT'S A GOOD RUNT! YES, GET HARD FOR ME! LET ME FEEL YOUR COCK DESIRING ME, MAKE IT SWELL LITTLE MAN, AND DESIRE THOSE SUPERIOR MUSCLES! WORSHIP YOU MUSCLE MASTER, YOUR KING! Mark could argue no more! He just could listen to Mike's deep voice echoing in his brain and making him hard as he never had been not even with Sean, he saw his cock swelling and rising into his supreme length, he could feel his muscles flexing and preparing to the feedback growth, but most of all he could SEE KING MIKE in front of him demanding to be worshipped, and nothing else mattered to him, just those MUSCLES, just that infinite POWER, just that FREAK! Mark obliged and his tongue started licking the impressive size of Mike's proportions which never seemed to stop growing. Mike himself could only moan so intense was his growth and his spurts. In fact, he felt stranger that when he was sucked by Steve, he felt like his whole body as his ever growing COCK! He felt the POWER, the GROWTH but also, such an urge to burst! Such a feeling of getting rid of such intense sensations...


“Yes, my KING! I wanna see hoe HUGE you'll get, I gotta feel you bigger! Please muscle master let me give you...

“GIVE ME WHAT LITTLE MAN! DON'T YOU THINK I AM ALREADY TOO BIG FOR YOU? Teased Mike as he felt his growth beginning to subside, but soon he could grow all over again. What he couldn't understand was that this time he didn't cum at the end of the process. Last time he squirted gallons of growth cum into Steve's mouth, but now, although •

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