Bigger Issues


By Muscl4life

Sean Bennett was having quite problems to get the finnancial support for his research. The board seemed indifferent, but he knew it could work. Kyle Phillips also had his share of problems, the wrestling team jocks broke his arm that's why he work with Sean and hopes the stuff make him pack muscle

Dr. Bennett shut the door behind with violence_ "Damn you bastards!!! I'll show you who's a fake you motherfuckers!!!"

Sean Bennett, a 28 year old Ph.D. in Biochemistry, had always been said that he was a young genius since he was a freshman at college. When he graduated, with honors, all the doors seemed opened to him , many Universities had invited him to their financials programs and at that time he used to think that everything was apparently too easy for him ...

"Guess again Sean ,you idiot!"_ Said the young Professor to himself as he sat on the comfortable leather chair "Everybody thinks I am crazy to develop this project but I'll show them , I'll proof that it can be accomplished !!!"

Sean's project consists in the research of the muscular tissue building and enhancement ; the theory he defended with all his brilliant mind was the search of the gene responsible for those mechanisms and with that he would make a genetic treatment which allowed to increase and enhance the muscular tissue Sean knew his theory would be contested but he never thought about such a fiercely attack like that .

The members of the council just got mad about Sean's theory , although he had showed them all his notes and drafts , and the record of his experience with mice , in which he could increase the size of a mouse in almost 30% the original size.

"_ I'll show them !!" whispered the 5'10"dark hair man while cleaning some trash on his table , Sean knew that he could achieve much more than he actually did but , without the support of that University he would never be able to advance more into that research

All of a sudden , someone knocked on the door "Come in!" said Sean without turning his back .

"_ Hey man , how do you feel?" - asked Dr. Mark Hillman , a very close friend of Sean , they both had attended to the same University , although Mark had graduated in Medicine . Since they were old buddies , Mark felt that he needed to support Sean

"_ Didn't ya hear what they said ? I'll be cut off the Research Program Support ! I'll never be able to get another chance like this 'cause those weirdoes will try everything to stop me!"- and with that Sean threw a portrait into his pictured diploma hung in the wall "_ That shit is worthless now!!" . As tears came from inside of his pretty brown eyes , Sean asked Mark to leave him alone .

"Can you stop being such a wimpy ? Come on it is not over yet !"

"What do ya mean by that ?"- asked the crying professor like a child

"Those bastards may decide about the future of our researches , but they can't rule our lives , and besides they are very proud of their so called brilliant wisdom they seemed fool enough to be fooled by me !!!" Said Mark with a glint in those big blue eyes .

Before Sean could ask something again he felt Mark's hand gently covering his mouth. "Listen , they said you'll be cut , but they meant the RESEARCH not its RESEARCHER , so I convinced the grandpas that you are a valuable mind and should be kept into the University , since that you work in another project ..."

"_ That's just GREAT!" yellowed Sean "You begged them in my favor , now we both were humiliated"

"Could u just shut up for just a minute !. Mark whispered and went on

"_ As you would be working in another project , you would be argued by them anymore , and nobody but the leader of that project could make any question about your researching and only him will have to receive memos and those stuff from your achievements ..."

"_ Yes, Mark but who in this world would be crazy enough to accept me as his co-researcher and yet not making any questions about it"

"You are looking at him"- Mark's white teeth shone as his beautiful smile flourished in his face , full of hope and joy Sean got really touched with that , he never expected such thing from nobody even his best friend ...

"I don't know how to thank u enough Mark"- Said Sean while hugging his friend who had just saved his ass . Sean could feel Mark's hard body under his lab coat , Mark had always been an athlete , he was the leader of the Wrestling Team when in college , and had always dedicated himself to physical activity all of this contributed to a phenomenal 200 pound muscular frame , that made Sean many times jerk off at night while he watched that huge body sleeping heavy on the other bed of their room , Sean thought how silly it was having a crush for his roommate , and felt relieved because he managed to forget that thing , because Mark always changed his girlfriends ... How many nights , had Sean to sleep on the hall , because Mark was "in company" like he used to say himself , and those things put together never allowed Sean to confess his love for Mark ...

"So , where can u move that stuff of yours to my lab?"

"Mark , and what about your research , you think u can manage to continue it with such a reduction on income , because , I'll have to get money for my studies"

"Don't u worry about that my friend , because my research is about Sports Medicine and maybe your studies can help me , I study the recovering of injuries in athletes , and how to increase its speed , as you see it's a win or win situation"

The two professors laughed at each other and left the room they still have many things to arrange before they could go on with his studies. They had agreed Sean would use the equipment anytime he wish cause Mark was would be going to a research abroad during the next months.

Two months later , Sean's stuff was all set on Mark's Lab , Dr. Bennett had made some advances , thanks to the unsleep nights he had passed studying , and the many hours he used the lab on weekends and holidays , Sean was obsessed with his achievements

"Excuse-me , are you Dr. Hillman? "-The voice was coming from the back of the lab , a thin brown hair student dressed with the gym uniform with an arm hanging on a bandage was looking for Mark

"I am afraid Dr. Hillman will not be here until next Thursday"_ said Sean looking to the young man dressed in such wide clothes , looking like some clown.

"Aren't you Dr. Sean Bennett ?" asked the boy with an inquisitor look

"Yes, may I help u?"

"Dr. Hillman called me last week and said that I should go to his lab and make some kind of check up and if he wasn't here , then maybe Dr. Sean Bennett could help me ...

"That smart ass !" - Thought Sean while getting ready for the check up , he knew something about Mark's work , the subject was supposed to be an athlete who suffered a serious injury and following a straight diet of protein and minerals performing a set of exercises would reduce the recovering time in about 40%

"So what happened to you ? asked Bennett sounding clinical_ "Well , during the selection for the captain of the wrestling team THIS happened , the actual captain of the team accidentally broke my arm" the young man spoke trying not to give such a loser impression

"Are you really in the wrestling team ? I'm sorry but most of the guys of that team are really big for their age ..."

"And I'm a pathetic wimpy ain't I? " said the boy ironically "I am sorry, I didn't mean it..." Sean tried to change the subject_ "Don't worry about it doc! I hear it since was a kid, anyway I managed to get in the team and those muscle mountains always think they can pin me easy so they don't expect for my moves and this way I win , sometimes ,"

Sean was done taking notes and went to Mark's files

"What is your name , please ?"

"Phillip , Kyle Phillip"

"Wait a minute , this name isn't strange for me , weren't you..."

"Yes Dr. Bennett , I was your student last Semester in Biochemical..."

"Forgive me if I didn't recognize you Mr. Phillips , that's because I am so lost in the middle of my research" "That's good you are working again , I heard about the cancellation of your financial support , those motherfuckers , they really know how to spoil the things we build "

Sean was shocked "How did u know that?"

"That's because I worked as assistant researcher with Dr. Morris and those bastards cancelled the project , I couldn't go on without the salary of the research that's why I entered the Wrestling Team , but I don't think I can take it anymore , my arm won't be OK in time to the Finals , and then I will lost another scholarship..

"You could work with me ..."Sean couldn't believe his own words , he was so pity of that boy he had to help him anyway

And so Kyle began working together with Sean , Kyle was a really dedicated fellow , he could understand all the Project within two hours and yet he had some great ideas about some problems Sean was having...

Time passed and Mark wrote a letter for Sean telling him that he would have to spend another weeks abroad , Sean told him about Kyle and Mark just laughed 'that's great I ask u to take a look at my subject and u make him your assistant?

Sean and Kyle became so close it seemed they've known each other for years

Sean's Researches went beautifully they were able to produce the serum containing the genes capable to make the muscular tissue rebuild its structure , in theory it was perfect , but they still have to test the serum in human , and that could take a long time because of all the bureaucracy Kyle came up with an idea

"And maybe if the level of adrenaline or testosterone can be used as a the starting key , the genes of the serum will be incorporated into the DNA of the muscular fibers and with that I can ignite the Rebuilding Process..." And if we could get the subject right here in the University , someone willing to have his muscles enhanced ...

"Don't even think about it Kyle , this serum has to be tested many times for security "

"But Sean , the council doesn't know about your research , they think you are working for Dr. Hillman they'll never let you test your serum the conventional ways , you know that , and besides it always has been my dream , you think I like being 5'8" and weighing a skinny 156 pounds ? All my life I tried to gain mass in the gym , and nothing all I could gain was a mere 10 pounds after years of hard working , please Sean let me be your guinea pig!!!

"Absolutely not ! I can't let you risk yourself like this ! It's unethical ! I won't do it and that's final" "But Dr. Bennett"_ insisted Kyle , Sean gently approached and put his hand on the right shoulder of the boy and gently said "I know what you are feeling , but trust me I wouldn't forgive me if anything bad happened to you" . A whisper from Kyle showed that he had finally subsided , or it seemed so...

Kyle couldn't take a no to this question he had a need to feel himself mighty and powerful , specially if he could one day surpass Michael Thorton , the guy who broke not accidentally but on purpose Kyle's arm , that motherfucker would be crushed like a bug...

About a week later, when they were going home , Kyle pretended that he had forgotten to turn off the computers , and manage to return the lab , that night would be THE night!

Kyle took the serum in his hands , the purple thick liquid was shining due to the low light of the room , Kyle didn't want the security to see him in the middle of the thing .

"Sean said this serum was supposed to be diluted until 10% , but it will be very much , my guess is 30% , three times the amount of serum in the blood , no I'll take it at 40 % , I need to be bigger"

Kyle was intoxicated with the possibility , he always dreamed to be such a freak , enormous , to have cannonballs biceps , diamond chest and all the stuff that make him aroused , all the times he had to suck Mike Thorton , he hated the violence but , the taste of his might cock in his mouth , the warmth of his weight pinning , and the smell of his sweat while training , was such arousing he could feel his dick Harding on fiercely inside his pants .

The syringe was full with a 40% concentration of serum , 4 times the amount Sean would consider safe for the experience ...

Sean had just finished his meal and was thinking about what Kyle had said all the need to be bigger , Sean himself wanted to be stronger too , all these years but he never managed to find the necessary time , and so he became a very thin, although reasonably fit young man , he had very few fat on his 165 pounds what made him not totally unhappy with himself , but it was impossible denying this growing need to have that serum himself just to see what would happen , maybe his dreams could become true and Mark would have to look UP every time he wanted to talk to Sean , besides the unbelievable mass difference between them , it would be wonderful being stared by Mark , eaten with the eyes , the envy he would cause at his former bigger friend , posing his mighty muscles to Mark and making him hard , so hard that he would beg Sean to fuck him , and he would fuck Mark's round shaped ass so hard , until they fuck their brains out ... All that hot images passed by Sean mind and soon he could feel the arousing of his own dick , getting harder and harder each moment , he barely could unzip his pants , so hard his cock was , the purple head was shaking due to the power of the incoming blood , Sean began stroking himself , slowly , smelling that precious aroma of pre cum covering his shaft , the image of Mark became more vivid and the next moment Sean was jerking off wild in front of the mirror wishing he could be bigger than Mark , this would make his dreams come true , the hot load exploded from the purple head of Sean's cock and that orgasm seemed to be the best he ever had , cum covered all his chest and belly , the pain in his cock subsided "What happened ? It was unbelievable..." Sean had at last understood Kyle , nobody could take away from him the chance to have the body of his dreams , he will have it anyway...

"Oh My God! KYLE!!"

Sean rushed to the lab , during the way he remembered Kyle saying he had forgotten to turn off the computers , but Sean knows now what he really intended to do , he was going to take the serum himself "I hope it isn't too late"

Kyle breaths deeply , the shot must be applied in the muscular tissue , and it would make that shot very painful . The thick needle went trough Kyle's skin , burning like hell , his breed becomes intense , "This shit hurts like hell!!", the purple serum is hard to be injected into the body , but slowly and strongly Kyle managed to inject all the serum , besides the 40% concentration , he applied himself 50 cc of the serum , a dosage 10 times higher the supposed test amount. The shot arm burned intensely, the vision was unfocused , sweat dripped each pour , "I can barely stand on my own legs , what shit have I done to myself?"

"Kyle! Kyle open this door ,I know you're in there , don't take the serum , please!!"_ A few moments later , Sean heard unrythmed footsteps coming towards the door , the knob barely moved but , it was enough to open the lab door...

Being supported by the table , Kyle was almost passing out when Sean came to him and saw the empty syringe thrown aside , the doctor grabbed it and noticed the mark of 50cc , Sean felt his spine frozen "This kid may have killed himself!!"

"Kyle , Kyle , what do you feel?"

"I-I'm hot , but my hands feel cold ... Can't help trembling ...hard to breathe"

"Don't worry I will be here for you !" Sean embraced Kyle gently and laid him on the table , he unbuttoned the clothes to make sure he would suffocate, then he measured his pressure , it was not so bad , in fact all the results seemed normal what would be happening ?

"The rebuilding process! Your organism is absorbing the genes of the serum and this reaction is making you feel the way you do..."

"It means ... that I might be..."

A loud scream came from Kyle's mouth , he rolled over and fall on the floor , his body shook violently , spasms and sweat , Kyle couldn't control himself

"Kyle , please stay calm , try talking to me , what are u feeling ?"

"M-m-y Body is burning , can't-t control myself AAAAAARRRGGHH!!!"

Sean couldn't believe his own eyes , Kyle screamed because of the stretching of his body , every part of him was being readapted to the new orders given by the genetic treatment on the serum , every cell of his body was being rearranged in order to attempt the command contained on the genes "But by the way you took the serum I don't what may happen to you , or even if u are going to survive this process" whispered Sean trying to comfort his friend pain

As suddenly as began , the horror subsided, Kyle opened his eyes at once as trying to stand on his feet "Damn! I thought this was my turn to meet the angels"

"Are you all right? Tell me if anything more is happening !? Sean shook Kyle desperately as he tried to check if his friend was really OK "The only way I can be harmed is if ya keep shaking my head like this!" Sean let him go , but was still angry "What the heck , did u have that shit ? You could have killed yourself!!"

Kyle was now better but he seemed not hearing Sean , something was different "There's something strange about you Kyle", his eyes looked so , his eyes , Kyle was two inches shorter than Sean , they could never look in the eyes standing in front each other like that way , or at least they used not to ...

"W-wait here I'll get the measuring strip" shouted Sean "What's wrong with you man?" Kyle was so lost in his own feelings , he was some way more vivid , as if he could feel each cell of his organism separately and this strange dizziness , the heat of that room although the air conditioning was turned at maximum power, he was still sweating . "Here it is , now stay erect!", Kyle didn't even argued about that Sean took notes and looked mesmerized at the young man in front of him "You've grown two inches in two minutes!"- "What the hell are u telling me , Sean?"- replied Kyle in a mix of Surprise and excitement "In Mark's files it is said you are 5'8", or at lest you were until last month I've just measured ya and it reads 5'10"

"No way ! That's awesome the serum really works" - Kyle was just excited with the things he heard

"But it wasn't supposed to work on the skeletal cells , it is a rebuilder of the muscular tissue , how come it made you taller"- Sean looked trough his notes checking for the answer - "Who said I am JUST taller , I feel myself heavier than I used to be ... Kyle went to the scale and weighed himself , he knew that scale was precisely checked every week and he couldn't be more happy with the result "It reads 176 pounds , I've just gained twenty pounds and added two inches to my height , that's outstanding !!!"

Sean could barely try to answer suddenly he looked at Kyle's body and opened his mouth in shock - Kyle was swallowing just before his eyes

"Oh man this feels so GOOD!! It feels like cumming"- Kyle was intoxicated by the process , he could feel his body stretching and getting bigger each moment... It started with his pecs , the large lab coat was soon full with the growing muscles , the shape became more and more noticeable , Kyle could just breath deeply , his hands were growing too , those growing pecs were tearing the fabric like it was some thin shit of paper , in a moment Kyle's new pecs were shining outside the ripped coat showing all his power to Sean "Look at this , said Kyle "I've got diamond pecs" And the growth didn't subsided , in fact it became stronger. His legs ballooned like being pumped , such power in his calves could just lift a car in those hamstrings the thighs were getting so huge they were touching each other and making his waist look each time smaller , Kyle's abs were popping in his stomach , 2...4..6pack just thick and vein as any monstrous bodybuilder , the back was now so wide Sean could open his arms to embrace them , the neck was getting rounder and veins popped in it and those arms were expanding like some growing plant , they soon were 15"...17"19"23"25"? ? ? The biceps were as huge as two cannonballs and they barely moved , Sean could even imagined those things flexed, Kyle was reborning just in front of Sean's eyes , the growth spurt was now more intense and every part of Kyle's enlarged body got so big and hard, red and shine , and continued to grow more soon Kyle was looking down to see Sean and becoming taller and taller , so wide and so strong , every muscle seemed to get bigger and freakier anytime Kyle got taller till it seemed to subside "Holly Shit!!!" exclaimed Sean when that man- tower finally stop growing "There's so much of me now that you didn't know huh doc? "Asked the booming man ironically to his doctor

"Kyle , I just can't believe my eyes !! You are so enormous!!!"

"If u don't believe yer eyes believe in yer hands doc! FEEL IT! FEEL THIS MUSCLES MY DEAR DOCTOR"

Kyle made a double biceps and Sean noticed those guns were as big as his head , but much harder than any bone of his , those biceps were so big and huge , Sean smells that musk odor and got aroused , such power such strength , he touched those things and squeezed them as hard as he could but they even squished


"Kyle you have taken too much of the serum , it is rebuilding your entire organism , and I believe it didn't stop"

"So you are saying that I may grow even more Can't wait for it, doc"

"We can't know that for sure , but I will find a way to revert this process don't worry ..."Kyle put his outgrown hand in Sean's shirt and easily pulled him from the ground and make him look into his eyes

"Nothing will be reverted Doctor , I've always desired THIS and flexed an arm "Everything will stay the way it is ya hear me? "

"K-Kyle please let me down , think about what u are doing I am your friend you can't hurt me" Sean could fell his feet hanging many inches maybe some feet away from the floor but the feeling of Kyle's new power made him so aroused his cock was in pain inside his pants "Please put me down!"

Kyle seemed to be awaking from a dream, "Doc? What am I doing holding you?" and gently he lowered Sean back in the floor

"I am sorry Sean , I don't know what's with me, all those muscles make me feel so powerful so alive I can't get back to my old body ya understand , don't ya?

Sean tried to speak as recovering his breath after that "Kyle I promise you I won't revert the growth , but I have to figure out a way to stop it , I mean if this thing makes you grow even more it could be tragic , look at you , how big are u now?

"To be true Doctor , I don't know my stats ... Why don't you measure them for me , I can't wait to know my new stats"

"We can do that after all , I really need to take some notes about you" said Sean with glowing eyes desiring to touch that perfect body again

"You are now 6ft and 10 inches high Kyle, a gain of 26 inches during the growth spurt" "Am really this big ? Gee doc , you look like a dweeb from up here!! "Kyle loved that feeling , his hand touched Sean's shoulder and hidden it , Sean got hard just with that warm and wet touch ... "The really awesome thing is about your new weight ... 380 pounds you have added more than 200 pounds of solid packed muscle to your frame just taking the serum"

"380 pounds , that's too much I am bigger than Greg Kovacks , I make him look like a shrimp ...

"Oh you do , because your measurements are way bigger than any bodybuilder weighing about the same , your chest is 68", Legs 55", Waist 31", your shoulders stay about three feet wide from each other and your biceps , they are at least 30 inches"

"I AM THE MAN ! NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN ME!!" Kyle's voice boomed in the room as he posed in the mirror , screaming "YEAH ! FUCK YEAH!" Sean couldn't take his eyes from that giant man , dressed in scrapes of his outgrown clothes , his cock was already covered with pre cum...

"Doctor can I ask u a favor ? You took all my measurements and I thank u for that , but there's one missing: if u could measure my cock !"

Sean was marveled , he would be able to see that shaft under that stone wall

"It will be my pleasure !, said the doctor as he smiled at his giant assistant

"Kyle put his hand inside that tight pants and put that giant thing out , even him was astonished "Holly cow , look at the size of that cock! "Sean tried to measure it more than three times but it didn't seem to be full hard and still growing

Sean stopped at 17 inches long and 3 inches wide "That's one of the biggest cocks in the whole world , Kyle"

"Please Sean , make me happy , let me fuck u with this anaconda and I'll be forever yours , I owe you this dreaming body you gave me"

"Nobody would be happier than Myself"

As Sean finished , he grabbed Kyle's cock into his mouth, it hardly fit on the mouth , but soon Sean managed to suck it , slowly but strongly , as Kyle whispered "Oh Sean ! Make me feel powerful , I want you to desire me , I am here for you!!

Kyle brought Sean to his pecs and kissed him passionately , "I want u to feel my hardness I am so big I can smash you , but I won't hurt u because I love u Dr. Sean Bennett" Sean could only say "Love u too" cause soon he was leaking Kyle's mountain pecs and worshipping his marble god , with his tongue , Kyle played with Sean all over his body till , his cock was full mast

"I want to stick it up into your ass Sean! Don't you worry I'll be gentle!" That enormous cock went trough Sean thin ass looking for his prick , Kyle's smooth body was pinning Sean on the lab floor , Sean was almost cumming with that pressure over him , never felt better , and Kyle began fucking him slowly , just to increase the rhythm as he was getting aroused , Kyle was so strong as he licked Sean's ear and whispered "I will be you Giant forever , maybe one day U can be as big as me or even bigger , We'll be together in this power forever"

The rhythm got faster as Kyle approached the orgasm , his might muscles embraced Sean as flexed all of them on the desperate need of cumming , but it was more than that. Sean could feel his body shaking violently as he cummed but it didn't make Kyle's pinning stop , "How long can this guy hang?", Sean felt the enormous cock inside him but , it was getting thicker , in fact it seemed to grow inside him , the weight of Kyle felt unbearable , something as wrong , he knew that but he couldn't think anymore when Kyle finally came into his butt , the pressure made Sean Pass out all he could say was "getting Bigger..."

Kyle's hot load was incredible , lots and lots of thick cum came from him , but his orgasm never seem to subside , it felt like he would cum forever , "Poor Sean passed out , my shaft was too much for him , he probably passed out" Kyle tried to take his cock from Sean but it was still very hard for it , yet it was still cumming and the orgasm felt permanent, Then Kyle realized , what was happening , he kept growing during the Sex , and the process increased during his orgasm , all those magnificent things he felt a little ago were back and he was cumming like never , he saw the room getting smaller and Sean's thin body becoming nothing compared to his arm , his ballooning body was again growing , and faster than before ,"God how long can I cum like this!" The growing made him cum more and this made him grow even more , Kyle lust was so intense that he kissed Sean in mouth and flex his muscles , Cum dripped from Sean's ass and never stopped, Kyle couldn't bear it anymore , he passed out when the growing seemed to stop , his gargantuan body fell down attached to Sean's thin ass , the monstrous cock had become now even bigger , Kyle was far from the end of this growing process...

Ben: Well, that is a temporary solution, but sooner or later we will need sort of suit.

DeLeone: Actually, AlphaMan, how do you deal with this problem?

AlphaMan: It's not easy. I do go through lots of suits, actually. I work with DuMont, the chemical company. They produce a kevlar-type product and together we have developed a spandex-like product from this material. It is the most highly-resistant elastic there is, and they produce it solely for me for the 30-year period of the patent we hold together. I will have them make some suits up for the boys.

DeLeone: They cannot go by themselves now. They have yet to perfect your hypnotic effect to hide their true identity.

AlphaMan: Yes indeed. I suppose that for these first training suits I could provide a wax mold of each of them. •

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