Teen Muscle

After Three Months


By snjn

While Geoff waited for Danny he reflected on the amazing progress he was making. He had made significant gains in only three month's time.

He couldn't get over how thick and hard Danny's physique had become in just in that time, especially his calves, hams, quads and glutes. It was probably time to introduce him to supplements and to add a hardcore element to his squat routine, the single most mass building movement a bodybuilder can do. Just then Danny bounded in.

"I was afraid you weren't going to make it"

"I wouldn't ever miss a workout, Mr. Sanderling. Mom had me doing chores. She said I might as well put my muscle to good use."

Goeff had told him the if he wanted to be accepted by his family in his rapidly changing state he must remain cooperative with them. He started him off with careful stretching.

"You better do some stretching first, Danny, We're going to turn the pressure on your legs today and I don't want to take any chances on your getting hurt."

He took Danny over to a spacious floor mat and led him through some medium-deep front lunges, three sets, increasing the depth with each set. Geoff had a hard time keeping his eyes off Danny's legs and glutes as he stretched. He had already impressive quads for his size and a budding bubble butt, and his well shaped calves were showing two distinct lobes. They moved on to three sets of side lunges.

"Ok," said Geoff, "that was great. Remember to stretch every time you are about to work a muscle really hard. No exceptions. Got it?"

"Got it," said Danny, raring to go.

Geoff positioned him at the standing squat rack. Geoff reminded Danny that he was up to a squat poundage of 190, but was surprised when Geoff told him that the bar was only loaded to 160 right now.

"You're going to do a warm up set first, Danny, real easy. You're going to keep the form fairly strict, but only go for four or five reps. Then we'll load the bar to 190."

Danny stepped under the bar, eased his shoulders against the safety

padding and planted his feet solidly, shoulder length apart. With Geoff spotting him, Danny easily squeezed off five strict reps. Geoff asked Danny to step away from the squat rack and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Ok, Danny, here's the deal. This is the moment when you really start

working for growth. You know how important the squat is, right? You want to get the maximum out of it, don't you? Alright. You're not going to do your standard three sets. You're going to take that 190 pounds do one giant set of twenty reps. Understand?"

Danny looked confused, so Geoff explained that one of the big keys to

growth is convincing the mind that there are no limits as to what is possible, as long as safety is observed.

"I'm going to help psyche you, Danny," Geoff explained, "to get through a bigger, heavier set than you ever thought possible. That will be your squat workout. We'll do it every week at least once, and you'll add at least five or ten pounds every time you do it. Got that?"

Danny screwed up his face still confused, but smiled. He liked the way Geoff was talking. No limits, bigger, stronger. Danny got under the bar and hoisted it. As Geoff coached him, he started strong, squatting evenly, fully, and strict for nine reps. At the ninth rep, Geoff noticed that Danny was looking fatigued.

"Ok Danny, keep the weight up, but rest for a few seconds. Blast that

air out, the way I taught you. Ok, now lets have five more perfect

squats, then you can pause again."

Danny started up again, slower this time, but moving confidently. His blasts of breath were harsh and more frequent. He did five more reps, then a sixth.

"Pause for a second, then concentrate, Danny," coached Geoff, "Concentrate on the goal; focus on the muscle; pick a spot in front of

you and lock onto it. Ok Danny, the pause is over- GO!"

Danny squeezed two more reps, then blasted out a mighty shaft of air,then pushed ahead, driven by his powerful desire and Geoffs commands.

"Seventeen," Geoff growled and Danny's muscle obeyed.

"Eighteen, come on! Nineteen," coached Geoff, spotting Danny closely.

Danny's knees were shaking. Geoff took hold of the bar lightly as Danny descended into his twentieth rep.

"No! shouted Danny defiantly, the sound coming from deep within him, a sound filled with power, commitment and desire. Geoff released his grip as Danny thrust out the final rep, replaced the weight loudly and paced around the gym, sucking and expelling air like a tornado.

Geoff decided to skip the other leg movements until Danny was acclimated to the special squat routine. Next Danny did a grueling three sets of calf raises with 140 pounds.

"God you're at it with a vengeance.I hope your not going to turn into a lower body freak. Ok, arms next."

Instead of being wiped out from his leg routine Danny moved into his sixty pound barbell curls with a rush of energy. Geoff kept urging Danny to keep his form strict and control the weight on the way down. By the end of the second set of ten, Danny's biceps were pumped bigger that Geoff had ever seen them. He suggested to Danny that he massage his muscles between sets. Geoff explained that his breaks up lactic acid that forms in the muscle during exercise so it can be flushed out of the body. Goeff demonstrated on Danny's pumped biceps, massaging the muscles deeply, noting how amazingly hard and thick his arms were, despite their size. During the final set, Danny couldn't make the seventh rep. Geoff helped him "cheat" the bar up on the final three reps, giving Danny's arms a pump that he felt through his whole body. Danny moved to seated dumbell curls next to finish his biceps. He ended with triceps work, lying triceps extensions and cable pushdowns.

"That's enough for this session, Danny, hit the showers while I talk to Nat. No you've done enough for one day. Get outta here!."

Normally Geoff and Nat worked out together, but Geoff did his earlier so he could devote his undivided attention to Danny. Nat had just finished.

"My god, Geoff, that kid is making progress"

"Yeah, he's really devoted and genetically gifted. I think we need to take him on an outing. You done? Come on I'll join you in the showers."

When they reached the showers, Danny was lathered and massaging each recently pumped muscle, examining it carefully. He went over every inch of his body lingering on each muscle group. He stood there in the steamy room totally unselfconscious of the boner he was sporting. Geoff and Nat looked at each other knowingly and began their shower both with their eyes on Danny. As they watched him, they began sprouting boners themselves. Suddenly Geoff said,

"Hey fellas, we've got to take care of this situation," and he began a message of his own. Nat joined suit. Danny was wide eyed and instantly joined in. They stood in a triangle facing each other pumping their soapy, throbbing dicks, legs apart, slightly bent with groins thrust forward. From time to time Danny let his teen dick go leaving it bobbing up and down, then flexed it in a jerking motion. This drove Nat and Geoff mad. At first they pumped their swollen rods slow enjoying the slippery fell the soap gave, then gradually faster reaching a frenzy. Suddenly Goeff let out a groan.

"Let's get this together, boys. I'm about to blow."

They all did, almost simultaneously, spewing copious amounts of cum on the wet shower floor. Danny had repeated spasms after he let go of his teen rod, spurting out great globs of cum.

"Hey, that was great!" Danny said, all smiles.

When they caught their breath they fell together, arms over shoulders, their still hard cocks intermingling.

"Here, we better get this stuff washed off the floor before somebody comes in here," and Geoff began spraying it away with his shower head.

They lingered under the showers until their tools calmed down before returning to the locker room to dress. Danny was pulling on his now skin tight sweats.

"Danny, Nat and I are going to take you on an outing. With your routine getting so heavy, you need a lesson in supplements. We'll go out to the mall to GNC. But you're going to need some excuse for a shirt not to be thrown out, and you've filled out those sweats so much your showing some pubs and the crack in your ass. Here try this."

He tossed a super sized yellow string tank. Danny obediently put it on. It was so big it fell below his pecs but did just reach over the top of his sweats. Nat was in his usual black, a unitard with mesh side panels, his crotch bulging, still semi hard. Geoff wore thin white lycra shorts with a pouch that displayed him without diminishing the size of what he had. The head of his cock was clearly visible as it lay slightly aside showing more of one ball than the other. He had on an orange mesh tank top covering his torso but clearly showing his pecs, nipples, and abs. As the provocative trio set out for Nat's truck, Danny pulled off his tank.

"Yeah, I know. I'll put it back on when we get to the mall."

There was no way the three of them could get in the cab; so Danny jumped into the back of the truck. About half way to the mall Geoff looked through the open back window down into the bed of the truck.

"Hey, guy, what do you think you're doing?"

Danny had pulled off his sweats and was laying naked in the truck bed.

"Just catching a few rays. I'll dress when we get there. You and mom are always on my case," he said sullenly.

Nat parked well out on the parking lot at the opposite end of the mall from where GNC was located to give them maximum exposure time. As they sauntered toward the entrance, both Nat and Geoff cast sly glances left and right to see who was noticing them. Danny saw this and began to strut along with his torso stretched its full height and chest held out. When they reached the entrance the trio saw themselves reflected in the dark glass of the doors. Each felt a little tremor in his groin.

Inside they strolled leisurely through the mall stopping occasionally to, ostensibly, window shop, but really looking at their reflection in the store window and checking out reactions to them in the crowd behind them. Geoff would shift his weight from one foot to the other flexing his glutes. His striations could just be seen through the gossamer, tight shorts. Nat would stretch now and then, lazily flexing in the process. Danny kept running his hand absent mindedly over his budding eight pack lifting his tank and revealing all it was suppose to cover. Reactions were mixed from out right awe to elation to down right disgust.

At the center of the mall was a huge skylight with a small, round stage under it. When they reached it a movie crowd was letting out and they instinctively stopped walking in order to be viewed by the crowd. What a turn on it was and semi hard ons were in the making. Danny looked a little pensive then, with the look of the devil in his eyes, jumped onto the podium and began a little posing routine like he had seen in the magazines. Nat and Geoff watched, standing in "relaxed" stature, as Danny's backdrop. A crowd gathered round and teen boys and girls pelted the two bigger hunks about their weight sessions, diet, and got to squeeze a few popped biceps. When the crowd broke into applause, Geoff took Danny by the arm and roughly jerked him off the stage.

"Listen kid, we've got other things to do."

But some girls stopped them. One of them sized up the three, then went over to Geoff and asked to see his chest. He obligingly pulled the mesh tank over his head hooking it around his neck, did a double biceps, and rippled his pecks. The girls were hysterical! He got such a rapt response he continued, rippling each pec, grinding and bouncing one then the other. One girl reached out hesitantly with one hand, then pulled it back.

"Touching is permitted," Geoff encouraged.

Then both girls reached out, each touching cautiously a slowly rippleing pec. Their confidence grew and they began to slowly explore feeling each moving striation, grazing his large, erect nipples. Their eyes began to glaze over.

"This is getting out of hand", he thought, then out loud,"Thanks, ladies. This is fun but we need to get along."

The girl's eyes followed the trio enraptured. Goeff didn't bother to pull his tank top down but continued through the mall bare chested. (It was technically a shirt, and he did have it on, more or less.)

As they entered GNC the not too impressive clerk was arrogantly offering two girls a feel of his biceps. When he saw the the muscle hunks come in, Danny sandwiched in between Geoff and Nat, he was crestfallen, but eager to serve. The two girls turned around and screamed, "DANNY!"

They were two girls from his class, the same two that had jerked him off in the park several months earlier.

"Danny, you've grown. Show us how much."

Danny had stopped a a rack full of unitard, singlets, shorts, etc., and had one in his hand for inspection. He dropped it and began systematically flexing every part of his body in turn, straining with all his might. He turned around to show them his fledgling glutes and as he clamped them tight with all he had in him, there was a loud rip and they fell to the floor. He stood there bare assed looking sheepishly over his shoulder at everybody. The girls dashed up bwfore he could turn around and began fondling his teen ass. He flexed one glute, then the other, then crunched them both. Then he pick up the unitard covered his crotch and turned around.

"I knew they wouldn't last," Geoff said, "Now we really need to get you some clothes."

"I like these. I try 'em on."

And without bothering to go into the dressing room he stepped into them and pulled them on with some effort, having some difficulty getting his semi hard teen pole arranged. They were teal blue with black stripes following his obliques down to his crotch accentuating it, as if it needed accentuating. It fit like a coat of paint. As Geoff pulled Danny over to the supplements, the girls left reluctantly, waving good bye.

"Now that we've got you covered, more or less, here's your lesson in nutrients. This is Carbo Fuel, Danny. It adds quality carbohydrate inflow to your system for always available energy fuel. This Hot Stuff is a muscle mix that provides a high level of aminoacid protein, growth hormones, and muscle recovery agents. It supplies the body with much of what it needs from fuel to catalysts, to activate the muscle synthesis process, with respect to proper diet and training. This Acetobolon Stack by Muscletech is a commercial anabolic stack that is as close to anabolic steroids as possible without being illegal. There are no side effects normally, except in your case I expect it may fill out your crotch even more and make you horny as hell."

"Right on!" Danny said.

Having exhausted GNC the trio started a slow trek though the mall back to Nat's truck attracting attention as they went. Danny was even more caught up in the display and walked a little apart from Geoff and Nat to cast more attention on himself. It was dark when they went out onto the brightly lit parking lot and there was lightening and thunder announcing an impending storm. Before they reached the truck it hit and they were drenched in seconds. But it stopped as suddenly as it had started. Geoff's white shorts became transparent as if they they had disappeared.

"Gosh, Mr. Sanderling, you can see everything you have!"

Danny was impressed at how Geoff continued to walk slowly across the parking lot drawing stares from those coming and going.

"Yeah, Danny, he's really in his element," Nat remarked.

When they got to Geoff's house they were still dripping; so He passed towels around, and they stood naked on the deck wringing out their wet clothes and towelling off. Danny was so excited from the excursion that he was fully erect.

"That's the most fun I've ever had at the mall!"

"We'll do something like that again sometime. Let me give you something dry to wear home, Danny."

"I don't need anything. I'm just going down the hill."

"Well, you better wait till that boner goes down before you head for home."

So they sat and talked for a while. Danny was still semi hard when he jumped up and ran naked down the hill, waving his wet unitard in the air.

"Whoa! What a kid," Nat said, displaying a little excitement himself. •

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