Sacred Band Saga, The

Induction Ceremonies: Driving Passions


By Frklvr

NEW THEBES a few minutes earlier

"Here's profiles on the two new members." Said the Major handing the files to Ryan and Jason.

"This one for you, Major." Said Ryan reading through the files, "He's another blonde."

"If that one's for the Major then I want this one." Said Jason, "He's really hung already."

"You want everyone, slut." Ryan teasted.

"What can I say, I just an all American red blooded Sacred Bander." Jason retorted.

Ignoring Jason's retort, "Major, who's due in first?" Asked Ryan.

"The Lt." Answered the Major, "The being held up in surgery."

"Are you recovered enough to handle him, Major?" Asked Jason, "If not, Ryan and I can take over."

"The Hell you will" The Major Protested, "This is my unit. I'll be at the induction of every man."

"Besides, you're horny again." Ryan stated.

Before the Major could reply, the phone rang. The Major answered the phone, listened, and then hung up. The Major turned to the two muscular Sacred Banders.

"The Lt. has arrived." the Major stated, "Time for you to go to work Sgt. Walker."

"Yes, sir!" Answered Jason saluting Ryan and the Major.

"Sgt., I think you should put your uniform on first." Ryan said smiling.

"Right, Chief." Jason replied embarrassed, "Just got used to not wearing it."

"Outside of these buildings you're to be in uniform." Stated the Major.

"Yes, sir!" Answered Jason as started getting dressed.

Jason, in his skin tight unifrom, saluted again and left. The Major and Ryan began to set up things for the upcoming orientation. With everything prepared, the Major and Ryan returned to the Major's office and waited for Jason to reutrn. Several minutes later, Jason returned to the office.

"The Lt.'s filling out the forms now." Jason stated as he sat down.

The Major turned on the monitor and it displayed the orientation room which empty at the moment. A few minutes later, the monitor showed the Lt. entering the room. The Major picked up a microphone and switched on the intercom system.

"If you would take a seat, we shall begin the orientation." Said the Major.

They watched as the Lt. sat down in the orientation room. The Major then turned on the projector. The Major and the Sacred Banders left his office and proceeded to the orientation room. They arrived in the orientation room as the film of the 'Herakles Project' ended.

"Major, I think we should take the Lt. directly to the induction room." Ryan whispered.

"Why's that, Chief?" The Major asked.

"That way, he'll get pumped up faster and the two of you can enjoy each other sooner." Answered Ryan, "I'll be the one to feed him after the induction so you'll be fresh and ready to play with him."

"What if I want both of you?" Asked the Major.

"I guess that'll mean Jason has to feed him." Answered Ryan, "You really must be horny today."

"He's always horny, Chief." Jason piped in, "Don't worry I'll feed the Lt. so the Major can have his fun with the two of you."

"I think that we had better first find out if he would like the full treatment or the partial, or if he wants out of the unit." Said the Major.

"Why would he want out of the unit?" Asked Jason.

"There are probably many reasons but we won't know until we ask." Answered the Major.

They walked around to the front of the orientation room. Ski stood up and faced them, his mouth fell open at the sight of them. Ryan looked Ski up and down.

"I must admit he is good looking, Major." Ryan said.

"Lt., are you with us?" Asked the Major.

Shaking his head, Ski answered, "Lt. Szczepanski reporting." •

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