Sacred Band Saga, The

Induction Ceremonies: Driving Passions


By Frklvr

WASHINGTON DC three days later

Ski drove the staff car to the parking garage after dropping off the Colonel. Parking the car in it's assigned spot, Ski raked his hand through his blonde hair. 'Need to hit the barber soon.' he thought noticing his hair length. Ski straightened his uniform and put on his hat.

As Ski walked back to the office, he was constantly saluting the higher ranking officiers as the passed by. He knew he was fortunate to get this assignment, not many Lt.s are ever assigned to the Pentagon. Normally, the drivers for staff cars are Capt.s or Maj.s but the Colonel had requested him for the position. The other drivers called him 'the kid' but otherwise they treated him with respect.

Ski arrived at the drivers' office and as he always did looked at list of names. Seeing 'Lt. J. Szczepanski' on that list really filled him with pride. Ski entered the office and proceeded to his desk. He sat at his desk and began filling out the daily forms.

He paused for a few moments and thought about the past year. A year ago, he was driving comvoy and equipment trucks. It wasn't a bad assignment but the trucks were old and broke down alot. One of the few bright spots of that assignment were the after duty 'inspections' with the Capt. of the motor pool. 'Man, he certainly knew how to use that big "probe" of his.' Ski thought as he felt a familiar tingle in his crotch. Ski remembered the send off 'inspection' the Capt. gave him six months ago before coming here. Ski hobbled everywhere the next day but he loved every minute of it.

The last six months were like a civilian 9 to 5 job. He'd wake up at about 5:30am, shower, shave, get dressed and then drive to pick up the Colonel. After dropping the Colonel off, he'd wait at the office for a call for a driver. At 5, he'd pick up the Colonel and drive him home then the rest of the day and night was his. He even got weekends and holidays off. It was a nice cushy job.

Ski finished the daily reports and since it was Friday he started the weekly report. Halfway through the report, one of the Capts. he had gotten to know stopped by his desk. Ski smiled because this Capt was also gay and Ski had gotten to know him very inimately over the last couple of months.

"Ski, meet you at 'the club' after work?" He asked.

"Wouldn't miss it." Ski answered.

The Capt. nodded and left. Thinking about 'the club' caused Ski to get hard and lose concentration. The Capt. had introduced Ski to 'the club' last month. It was a private men's club with a back room for various manplay. Ski had spent many a weekend in the back room in a sling and had his choice of cocks to play with. Occassionally, the Capt. would take the sling and had Ski do him which was an erotic change of pace for Ski.

The remainder of the day went smoothly with only a few erotic daydreams for Ski. At 4:30, Ski left the office and got the staff car. He picked up the Colonel precisely at 5 and started driving.

"God. I hate trying to get out of there on Fridays." The Colonel said.

"Problem, sir?" Ski asked.

"No, Lt." Answered the Colonel, "It just that everyone seems to wait until the last hour on Friday to get things done."

"Nothing like putting off today what you can put off tomorrow, right sir?" Replied Ski.

"It's not really like that." Said the Colonel, "It was that last phone call. It was the personnel department. They wanted to talk about one of my people but they waited until it was five 'til five. I told them that unless there was death involved that could wait until Monday."

"Good for you, sir." Said Ski.

"Lt., where are you going?" The Colonel asked looking around.

"Sir, you have to pick up the dry-cleaning and flowers before going home." Ski answered, "You wanted me to remind you."

"Damn! I forgot all about that." Said the Colonel, "Lt., keep this up and I'll have to promote you to be my aide."

"I'll keep that in mind, sir." Ski replied.

The errands completed, Ski drove the Colonel home. Ski returned the staff car to the government garage and took his own car. Ski drove to his apartment. Once home, he stripped off his uniform and jumped into the shower. Ski washed himself very thoroughly, both inside and out. He dressed in tight, almost form fitting, jeans which highlighted his high, tight, and well rounded ass and which also bulged nicely in front displaying his thick 8" cock and full balls. Slipping into a clingy shirt further displayed his slim, athletic 6'0",175 lbs body and set off his wondrous blue eyes. All thoughts of the military were gone; tonight, he was a sexual beast on the prowl for all the man-sex he could get and he planned to drain this town dry.

Ski hopped on his motorbike and rode out towards Arlington. Catching the off-ramp from the interstate, Ski rode into a more sedate neighborhood. He pulled into a drive to what once may have been an old hotel or lodge. After flashing his membership card, Ski turned the bike over to the valet. Ski entered the building with anticipation. Once inside, he saw many men he knew, a number of whose cocks he had enjoyed. Looking around, Ski didn't see his friend and asked the bartender if he was there yet. The bartender told him that his friend was waiting for him in the back room. Ski thanked him and went to the back room eagerly.

Entering the back room, Ski heard the sounds of grunting and moaning men. This caused a pleasant pressure in his jeans. Ski found his friend standing outside one the private alcoves. They embraced and wrestled tongues for a few minutes.

"Damn, Ski, ya sure lookin' hot tonite!" Said the Capt.

"Not looking too bad yourself." Ski replied, "What've you got plan in that perverted mind of yours?"

"A night of surprises and sexual delites, my man." Answered the Capt., "Step inside and strip."

Ski stepped into the alcove and found a leather sling suspended from the ceiling. Ski stripped off his clothes and climbed into the sling. The Capt. stepped into the alcove with a muscular man.

"I remembered you once said how you'd like to have a real he-man type so I thought I'd obligue ya." Said the Capt., "Besides the Corporal here has admired that tight ass of yours for weeks."

Ski looked the muscular Corporal over. The Corporal was dressed in only a white jockstrap that bulged hugely. Ski saw that the Corporal had twenty inch arms and a 54" chest with nice thick nipples. The Corporal's red hair highlighted his hazel eyes. Ski also notice that he was carrying a leather satchel.

"The Corporal here was a runner-up in the Mr. Armed Forces heavyweight division." The Capt. said, "Have you two."

"Wait! Where are you going?" Asked Ski.

"I thought I'd let you two get to know each other." Said the Capt. as he left.

The Corporal set down his satchel and stripped off his jock displaying a thick 11" cocl and large, heavy balls. The Corporal caressed Ski's inner thigh and gave a few tugs on his cock. Ski skirmed in the sling.

"Time for the toys." Said the Corporal as he unzipped the satchel.

"Toys?" Asked Ski curiously.

"Just a few things to loosen you up for this." Answered the Corporal hefting his cock.

"Don't make me wait too long or I might lose interest." Teasted Ski.

The Corporal pulled a 6" thin dildo from the satchel and greased it up. With his greased finger, the Corporal penetrated Ski's ass. The Corporal stroke in and out for a minute and then placed the dildo at the entrance. With a gentle push, the dildo popped in. The Corporal stroked the dildo in and out in long strokes and alternated with short quick strokes that had Ski moaning in pleasure. After several minutes, the Corporal greased up a thick 6" dildo. The first dildo was pulled out with a small 'pop' and the next was pressed into its place. A half hour later and several dildos later, the Coporal removed a thick 10" dildo from Ski's ass. Ski's cock was hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum in a steady stream.

"I think you're ready for the real thing now." Said the Corporal.

The Corporal slid in between Ski's legs. Rubbing his hard cock along Ski's ass, the Corporal grabs Ski's cock and strokes it. Ski squirmes and moans under the Corporal ministrations. With a gentle and steady push, the Corporal's cock entered Ski. The Corporal presses in for an inch and pulls back and then pushes in for another inch. Ten minutes later, the Corporal balls rest against Ski's and he reaches up and grabs Ski's nipples. Tweaking Ski's nipples, the Corporal begins a long, slow pistoning fuck. After a few minutes, Ski is moaning and bucking. The Corporal starts picking up speed and thrusting harder into Ski. Leaning forward, the Corporal slips his muscular arms around Ski and pulls him into his huge pecs. The Corporal and Ski's mouths lock together and their tongues wrestle each other. With the bouncing on the Corporal's cock, Ski soon reaches the point of no return. Ski's throbbing 8" cock expands slightly and cum rockets forth coating both their pecs and abs. Ski's orgasm triggers the Corporal's as Ski is filled with the he-man essence of the Corporal.

"Cappy was right." Said the Corporal breathing hard, "That's one sweet ass."

"Not so bad yourself." Replied Ski, "Lets clean up and head out. I'd like to see if I could drain you of a couple pints of man juice."

"You really want to go down on me?" Asked the Corporal.

"In a heartbeat. I like my men big. The bigger, the better." Answered Ski.

"Most guys get all hot for me but when they see how big I am they disappear." Explained the Corporal.

"Not me. If you want we can do each other." replied Ski.

"Great. Lets do it." The Corporal said eagerly.

Grabbing their clothes, they headed for the men's room. With a quick scrub, they dressed and headed outside. Ski hopped on his bike and led the Corporal in his car to Ski's apartment. Once inside Ski's apartment, they practically ripped each other clothes off. Kissing, fondling, and caressing, they moved into Ski's bedroom and fell on the bed. Ski slid down the Corporal's body licking and nipping as he went. Ski grabbed the Corporal's hard cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Ski licked and kissed the Corporal's cock and set in for some serious sucking.

Ski and the Corporal proceeded to explore and sexually excite each deep into the night. Sometime after 1 am they fell into a exhausted slumber. At 7 am, Ski's phone rings. Ski crawls out from under the muscular Corporal to answer it.

"H-hello," Ski said sleepily.

"Y-yes, Colonel." Said Ski more alert.

"Come to the office? But isn't it Saturday?" Ski asked, "Alright, I'll be there."

"Hey, big guy." Ski said, "Time to get up. I've got to go to work."

"Uh? What?" The Corporal said sleepily.

"Time to get up." Ski repeated, "I've been called into work."

"Bummer, man." Said the Corporal, "When can we get together again? I had fun last night."

"So did I." Replied Ski, "Let the Capt. know when you want to and we'll get together."

Ski and the Corporal got dressed and kissed good-bye. Ski jumped into his car and headed for the office. About 30 minutes later, Ski arrives at the office and goes to see the Colonel. Knocking on the Colonel's door, he is told to come in.

"Lt., these orders were hand delivered to me last night." The Colonel said, "You're being transfered."

"But I haven't even been here a year yet." Ski protested.

"I know, son. I certainly hate to lose you." Said the Colonel, "But the orders can't be rescinded and I've tried."

"Thank you, sir." Ski said dejectedly, "When do I leave?"

"Today." Replied the Colonel, "A plane's waiting for you at the airstrip."

"Today?" Ski choked, "What about my apartment and all my stuff?"

"It'll be taken care of for you." Answered the Colonel, "Your orders state that you have to be on that plane before noon today."

"That's barely enough time to pack." Said Ski.

"Don't worry. I'll drive you, myself." Said the Colonel

"Thank you, sir. It's a pleasure working here." Said Ski.

The Colonel and Ski left the office. As they climbed into the Colonel's car, the Colonel handed Ski his orders. An hour later, they arrived at the airstrip. They climbed out of the car. Ski shooked the Colonel's hand and saluted him. The Colonel returned the salute and got back in the car. As the Colonel drove away, Ski walked towards the black jet waiting for him.

"Climb aboard, Lt." A voice called out, "We ready to take off."

As Ski climbed aboard, he heard a hiss and he started to get dizzy. He felt two pairs of hands grab him and he then blacked out. Sometime later, Ski came to and looked around. He found he was on a plane that was preparing to land, somewhere. Ski shook his head to clear it. Looking out the window, Ski saw that the plane was landing in a mountain valley but he saw no roads leading in to it. The plane soon touched down and rolled to a stop. The door to the plane opened. Ski looked out the door and saw a black HumVee driving up to the plane. A large, muscular man dressed in a black stretch uniform stepped out.

"Lt., -ah-. How the hell do you pronounce that?" Asked the man.

"Just call me 'Ski', Sgt." Ski answered noting the rank stripes on his skin tight shirt.

"Alright, Ski. Welcome to New Thebes." Replied the man, "If you'd climb in, I'll take you to Orientation."

Ski watched this dark haired muscleman as he got in the HumVee. Ski guessed that this guy had to be a pro bodybuilder from the size of him. Ski also notice from the size of his package that he was exceptionally hung, at 12" or more he guessed. As they drove, Ski saw that this guy was checking him out. "Might not be all bad here." Ski thought, "If this ckecking me out, I might get a little every now and then." A few minutes later, they pulled up in front of a building mark 'Orientation.' The muscleman got out and excorted Ski into the building. They went down a long hall that had only two doors, the one they came through and the one ahead. The muscleman opened the door and ushered him in. Sitting at a desk was a Capt. who handed him a stack of papers to fill out.

"Just fill them out honestly. Don't worry about what they ask." Said the muscleman, "I let the Major know he's here."

The muscleman left through the other door and Ski started filling out the forms. Ski filled out nearly all the forms, some were fairly standard and a few were strange but the last one he hesitated on filling out. This last form was asking about his sexual orientation. If he answered that honestly, he'd lose his commission and be discharged if he was lucky. But that muscleman said not to worry about what they were asking. Following his gut instinct, Ski answered homosexual. He gathered the forms together and handed them to the Capt. The Capt. slipped the forms into a folder and filed them away.

"Follow me and I'll take you to the orientation room." Stated the Capt.

Ski followed the Capt. through the other door and into another hallway. They past classrooms, offices and exam rooms until the hallway ended at a large security door. The Capt. swipe his key card through the electronic lock and pulled the door open. Ski stepped into the room and the door closed behind him. •

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