Sacred Band Saga, The

Induction Ceremonies: Driving Passions


By Frklvr


Jason sat waiting for his turn. As he waited, he remembered the scene that took place minutes ago. He saw again, in his mind, the Major curling and blowing the Sgt., only now in his imagination he was in place of the Sgt. Jason stroked himself to orgasm as he imagined himself being lifted by the Major. Jason realized that what he really wanted was to be used as a set of weights by the Major, to be used to pump up those massive muscles.

Jason sat there thinking that it was his role in life to be whatever a massively muscled man like the Major wanted him to be. As he thought this, he realized that this felt right. Having a muscular body was alright, he thought, but being with a heavily and massively muscled man was better. But how could he explain it to the Major? The Major said he was going to muscle Jason up like he was but Jason didn't really want it.

As Jason sat there thinking about this revelation, the door opened. Jason looked up and watched as the massively muscled Major stepped in. Jason eyed the hugely bugling muscles of the Major with lust then he noticed that the Major was walking a little odd. As Jason looked closer, he saw that the Major's balls looked smaller and were a dark red.

Jason caught the sight of something moving out of the corner of his eye. He looked in that direction and his jaw dropped. There was another massively muscled hunk. Jason's eyes caressed every bugle on this huge musclestud and was salivating at the sight of the big cock and balls that hung between this stud's titantic legs.

"If you're done devouring me with your eyes, you can answer the Major." said the deep voice that was familiar.

"What?!" replied Jason slowly becoming more alert.

"I had asked what you thought of the Sgt. but it seems quite obvious." said the Major with a grin.

Jason looked at the face of the other muscle man. He saw a great mane of golden hair cascading over his shoulders and two bright emerald eyes watching him. The face was a little squarer and a little more rougher but it was the Sgt. he had met a just short time ago.

"Sarge? Is that really you?" Jason asked.

"It's really me. Do you like?" Answered Ryan flexing his arms.

"God, man. It's un-fucking-believable." Jason stated as he stepped closer to Ryan.

"Believe it. They'll be ready for you in a few minutes." said the Major.

Jason looked at the Major with a look like a thief who was caught with his hand in the silver drawer. Jason looked helplessly at the Major for a few moments. When he turn to Ryan, he found Ryan with his hand to his head.

"Sarge? Are you alright?" Jason asked as he placed his hand on Ryan's huge bicep.

"I keep hearing this buzzing in my head but I'm alright." Answered Ryan looking directly into Jason's eyes.

"What?" Asked Jason.

"You wouldn't like to help me pump up the new muscles, now would you?" Replied Ryan in a knowing voice.

Jason nodded yes enthusiastically. Jason thought he was in heaven because the Sgt., now massively muscled like the Major, was going to use him to pump up with. Just the thought of it caused Jason to get hard again.

"Jason, it seems that you have the same attention problem the Sgt. had earlier." Said the Major walking over to them, "Sgt., why don't you see if you can make the Pvt. more at ease."

"Sir, yes, sir! Major, sir!" Ryan barked in his now deep voice.

Ryan grab Jason by his neck and kness, holding him like a small child. Ryan proceeded to curl Jason up to his mouth. Once Jason was at the top of the curl, Ryan engulfed Jason's cock and wrapped his muscled tongue around it. After a couple of seconds of sucking, Ryan lower Jason slowly to the start position and then curled him up again slowly. Ryan performed this moethod of curls for twenty reps before pausing.

"Major, we're going have to pull some weight on this boy." Ryan delcared, "He's hardly any effort at all. Maybe fifty more pounds and he might be good for warm-up sets. A hundred pounds and he'd might give us a decent workout."

"Well, he'll gain more than that after the treatment." The Major said.

"But he doesn't want the treatment, do you Jason." Ryan replied.

"How? How did you know?" Jason asked surprised.

"You're enjoying yourself too much right now." Answered Ryan, "I've seen the look you had many times. It usually means that that person is doing what they love the best."

"But if I don't do the treament then I have to leave." Jason said sadly.

"I don't know. Major?" Ryan asked, "Is it possible for Jason to have only part of the treatment?"

"It might be. Why?" Replied the Major, curious as what Ryan was thinking.

"The way I understand it is that the genetic part of the treatment makes these bodies a possability, it doesn't actually make them this size by itself." Ryan speculated, "Well, at least not the full muscle size." Correcting himself, "It's also why I could take that big piece of meat of yours and not be dead or seriously injured. So, if Jason gets the genetic part of the treatment then he'll be able to handle these musclecocks and he'll have one as well."

"But one of the requirements of the this unit is muscle size." Said the Major.

"Then give him enough of that blue stuff, whatever it is, to pump him up to between 250 and 300." Replied Ryan, "That'll make as big as the biggest pro bodybuilders. Would that be sufficient?"

"I believe that it would be." Said the Major thinking it over, "All that the requirement says is that 'the men of the unit shall possess muscles much larger than the average man.' It doesn't say how much larger. I go talk with Heinrick and get it set up."

"While you do that, I'll finish this light warm-up." Replied Ryan as he began to curl and suck Jason again.

Ryan returned to curling and sucking Jason as the Major left. After thirty more easy res, Jason shot his load into Ryan's mouth. Ryan continued to curl Jason for another fifty reps. Jason recovered enough to started caressing Ryan's muscles, spending a lot of time feeling Ryan's bicep pump up.

"You really like those bis, don't you?" Ryan said looking at Jason, "You're into big arms,...aren't you?"

"Love them but how did you know?" Asked Jason.

"A feeling, just a feeling." Answered Ryan slowly, "I got an idea."

"What?" Asked Jason as Ryan set him on the ground.

"Hug this big bicep." Ryan said holding his right arm down to Jason.

Jason quickly wrapped his arms around Ryan's. Ryan then slipped his hand between Jason's legs. Sliding a finger into Jason's ass, Ryan lifted Jason up and out in front of him. Ryan lifted Jason to shoulder level while sliding his finger in and out of Jason's ass. Ryan continued to rep Jason in a front lateral raise while Jason's hard cock slapped against Ryan thick forearm. With his face pressed against Ryan's right delt, Jason could actually feel and see it swell and pump up. Actually seeing Ryan's muscle pump up and feeling Ryan's thick finger sliding in his ass, Jason, grunting and moaning to whole time, soon climaxed. Jason shot his load all over Ryan's forearm.

"Couldn't you have waited until I was done with the other arm?" Chided Ryan.

"Sorry but this is so hot." Jason explained breathlessly.

"Your forgiven, this time." Ryan joked.

Just then the Major returned with Heinrick Hoffmeyer. Ryan set Jason back on the ground. The Major explained to Hoffmeyer Ryan's idea.

"Yes. We could reduce the metaroids as not to cause the abundant growth." Hoffmeyer said after some thought.

"Metaroids? What's that." Asked Jason.

"Metaroids are three or four generations from steroids." Hoffmeyer explained, "My father discovered how to combine steroids with bacteria and enzymes in such a way that a single dose of metaroids is equal to a full giant cycle of steroids plus the muscle workout during that time as well."

"If they do all that, why aren't you selling them. You'd be rich." Ryan exclaimed.

"When your military found out about them, they gave me a lab for my researches." Said Hoffmeyer, "Money means nothing. Science. Science is what matters. Your military allowed me to do my researches in exchange for the metaroids. Now with my research they are even better."

"Heinrick, how long will it take to prepare for Pvt. Walker?" Asked the Major.

"You asked for a range not a precise number which is good." Said Hoffmeyer, "About half an hour. A precise number requires more time,"

"We'll allow you to continue with your work." The Major said, "Let us know when your reay."

"This could work for us." Said Ryan as Hoffmeyer left.

"What do you mean?" Asked the Major.

"Jason can meet the new guys coming in." Explained Ryan, "They'll just think he's a bodybuilder, it won't be such a shock for them."

"Yes, that would do just fine." Said the Major thinking it over, "Pvt., you're now our official greeter."

"Thanks a lot." Said Jason.

As they waited, the Major and Ryan took turns hoisting Jason into the air in various lifts. When one was finished with his set, he gentlely tossed Jason to the other. This provided a extra thrill for Jason as he was streaming pre-cum all over.

Half an hour later, Hoffmeyer returned and led them back into the induction room. New restraints had been attached to the table. Jason was soon strapped to the table and Hoffmeyer inserted the tubes into Jason's arms. The Major and Ryan stood off to the side watching the procedure. Hoffmeyer flicked a switch on the computer station to the right and the white artificial genetoc fluid began to flow. As the white fluid flowed into Jason's arm, he shivered. A few minutes later, Jason started twitching as his body slowly stretched, becoming taller. Hoffmeyer then flicked the switch on the computer station to the left and the blue metaroids began flowing. When the metaroids flowed into Jason, the effect was immediate. Jason's muscles began contracting and swelling.

The Major and Ryan watched as Jason's muscles began to grow. Jason's arms swelled with muscle, first it looked like he had baseballs under his skin but then they grew and looked like large softballs. Jason's arms were forced outward as his lats widened and thickened. His pecs wider and then grew thicker until his pecs were 4" thick. His abs seemed to shrink at first as his bodyfat melted away but they began to thicken and harden into a craved 8-pack. His shoulders grew apace with the rest of his torso. His delts looked like melons were shoved under the skin and his traps bulged upwards to his thick neck. Jason's thighs expanded, the teardrop was clearly define and their sweep forced his legs apart. His hips rose as his glutes harden and firmed becoming rounded muscled globes. Jason suddenly went stiff as his slowly stopped growing. He looked around wildly for a few seconds and then his gaze settled on them.

"Major, I think I better handle this." Ryan said as Jason sat up tugging on the restraints.

"Go right ahead." Replied the Major as Jason freed his arms of the restraints.

Ryan stepped forward as Jason pulled the restraints from his legs. Jason rushed Ryan and buried his face in Ryan's crotch. Jason engulfed Ryan's cock in a single swallow and began sucking. Ryan placed one hand behind Jason's head and the other caressed his now muscular shoulder. Jason's sucking picked up in urgency, his head bobbingalong the entire length of Ryan's thick 26" cock. Jason fondled and tugged on Ryan's fat balls as he continued to deep throat him. Several minutes later, Ryan reached orgasm. Shooting his load into Jason calmed Jason down a little but Jason continued suck on Ryan's cock. Ten minutes more and Jason was becoming frantic. Jason grabbed hold of Ryan's balls and began squeezing. The combination of pleasure and pain caused Ryan to cum again. Swallowing the entire load, Jason finally went limp and lay against Ryan's leg with Ryan's cock still in his mouth.

"Major." Ryan gasped momentarily, "I think we'll need to limit the number of inductions at a time."

"Why's that." Asked the Major.

"Each induction is going to take a man out of action for a while." Answered Ryan, "If we limit the number of inductions, we'll still have some able bodied men up and walking around."

"That's reasonable." Replied the Major, "How many would you suggest?"

"Two a day?" Suggested Ryan, "That should allow us time to recover and allow them time to adjust."

"Then we'll do it that way." Agreed the Major, "Has he come to yet?"

"I believe so. He's sucking my cock again." Answered Ryan.

Jason looked up at Ryan and smiling around his cock. The Major walked over to get a closer look at Jason. Jason reluctantly let Ryan's cock slip from his mouth.

"Stand up, Pvt." Said the Major, "Lets have a look at you."

Jason stood up. He stood at 6'7" and weight in at 280 lbs. Looking in the mirror, Jason saw that his body was the equal to the likes of Nasser El Sonbaty and Greg Kovacs, if not larger. With the Major and Ryan standing to either side, Jason's musclecock grew hard and extended to it's full 20".

"Gentlemen, welcome to the Sacred Band." The Major said ceremoniously, "As Sacred Banders, you shall receive a promotion in rank. Sgt. Westfalien, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Warrant Officier O-1. Pvt. Walker, you are hereby reinstated to your former rank of Sgt."

The Major turned to the Sacred Banders and came to attention and then saluted. Jason and Ryan also came to attention and returned the salute. The Major placed his arms around their shoulders and led them out of the induction room. The Major led them to their new living quarters. The Major also showed them their new uniforms.

"These new uniforms are made of a cottonized latex." The Major explained, "They're light and breathe like cotton but they will also stretch and formfit like latex."

"Why are they black?" Asked Jason looking the uniforms over.

"That's the only color that remains in stable shade." Answered the Major, "All the other colors ended up in patches of different shades."

"Besides they look hot black." Ryan said as he finished pulling on the shirt.

"I see what you mean." Jason replied looking Ryan up and down.

Ryan strutted around in his new uniform. The uniform was so form-fitting that looked painted on. The Major and Jason could see every massive muscle on Ryan's body. They could even see his cock and balls clearly outlined.

"Major, care to get me out of uniform?" Ryan asked archly. •

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