Madagascar Charm, The


By Reuben

The next morning Hall and I sat eating breakfast opposite one another at my dining table. I was back in my studmuffin body: built like a truck, hairy as an ape, and only 5 feet tall. Eating was tricky with my thick handlebar mustache. I’d never had one before. I kept drinking too deeply from my juice glass and getting orange juice all in the bristly hair of my upper lip. But I have to admit, even that was fun. Everything about my body was hypermasculine, and I liked it that way.

Hall wanted to experiment with my body. I had a feeling he wanted to do something a bit kinky, and that sounded fun; I was in the mood.

“You’ve got something in mind, don’t you, Hall?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, but volunteered no more. “You up for it?”

“Don’t you even want to give me a hint?” I asked, smiling at him.

Hall said, “I think you’d like it better if you let me surprise you.”

I took a bite of cereal and got more milk in my mustache. I just left it there and looked at Hall. “Okay. I trust you. Go crazy.”

“Okay, your forearms are getting stronger.”

They responded immediately, even as I was taking a bite from an English muffin. Though I was already enormously muscled, my arms grew to resemble Popeye’s arms in their dimensions.

“Don’t you want to wait until we’re finished with breakfast, Hall?” I asked, laughing and staring at my new forearms.

“I’m done. Besides, I’d have thought you’d be really eager for sex, with that raging hard-on you have.”

Instantly I felt my huge cock swell and grow hard, making a very visible teepee out of the crotch of my sweatpants. I wasn’t that horny a moment ago, but my body responded to Hall’s command, and now I was aching for his sexy body.

“Your forearms are going to get a bit stronger and bigger still, really freakish. And longer. Your arms are going to reach past your knees. And your hands are getting big, too. They’re about ten inches long.” I gazed down and watched my hands lengthen to unnatural proportions, still strong and manly, but now almost twice as large as they should have been for my short body. Stranger than the size of my hands, though, was the bizarre length of my arms! I stretched them out before me and found I could reach Hall all the way across the table! Though I was still only five feet tall, I could reach Hall’s shoulders with my long arms and knead his hard shoulders with my fantastically huge hands!

“Your neck is thicker and your chest and back are thicker and broader…” Hall continued. “And your lower body is getting a little bit smaller…” What was he getting at? I stood up and found it hard to balance myself. My proportions were all unnatural. I had to put my hands on the table to keep my balance. I wanted to go to the bathroom to see what I looked like, but I found it hard to walk. My upper body was now so heavy that when I leaned forward, it became difficult to keep from toppling over. When I discovered this, I put my hands on the floor to catch myself, and then I realized what Hall was doing. He was turning me into a human gorilla, as he had wanted to last night.

“You are so fucking hot, Walt! You are just fucking awesome looking, man!” he said, standing above me and beholding his work. “There are just a few more things to do. Okay… your big toes are opposable thumbs and your other toes are long and agile like fingers…” Of course it happened exactly as he said it would. “And you’re too small. You look like a baby gorilla. I want you to fill the room. No, maybe not quite that big. But I want you to be taller than me even when you’re on your hands like you are now. Grow, baby, grow!”

And I did grow. I was on all fours, with my freakish gorilla arms holding the weight of my massive chest. And I grew bigger, stronger, taller, heavier. I actually felt the floor beneath me sag a bit as my poundage increased. I must weigh 500 pounds, I thought, as I kept on growing.

Soon I was at eye-level with Hall, though I was still leaning forwards. I tried to stand upright, and found that I could do it with difficulty. My arms reached the ceiling easily, and I pressed my palms against it to hold myself upright. Even so, I kept on growing. “Stop, Hall!” I cried. “I’m going to hit the ceiling.”

He didn’t say anything, but I stopped growing anyway. I had reached the height he had specified. Letting myself back down to the ground, I found that I was looking down at his grinning face from about six inches above it. I reached out one incredibly huge arm and felt Hall’s face with my enormous hand. It entirely enveloped his head. His head felt as small in my freakish hand as if I was holding a grapefruit. I mussed his handsome glossy hair. Then I squatted on the ground and used both hands to pull his shirt off over his head. He cooperated, but I realized that if he resisted (and didn’t have the charm, of course), there wasn’t much he could do to stop me. I was a towering hulk: half man, half ape, and as large as a tractor. I was hairier than a normal man but less hairy than an ape. My face was still my own, I supposed, but my head was on a neck as thick as my leg. My feet and hands were a monkey’s, only more massive and strong. I could have easily cracked walnuts barehanded… or cracked bones.

I wanted to see myself in the mirror. I waddled to the bathroom and found that it was easier to walk on all fours, my knuckles on the ground. When I got to the bathroom I found myself too large to fit through the door! I squeezed and pushed, but my chest was just too deep and my back too strong. I couldn’t get in the bathroom past my shoulderblades. I did, however, get a look at my body just from the shoulders up, and I could see why Hall was turned on: I was incredibly handsome. My face was large, square, strong and manly. My neck, as I said, was inhumanly thick, and my shoulders and chest were so huge, there was no bodybuilder on earth who could compare with me. And my chest was thick with dark hair, so thick that I couldn’t see my skin beneath. It grew thick even up my neck, and on my arms as well. My face still had a mustache but no beard, though the stubble was thick on my cheeks and chin.

As if reading my thoughts, Hall said from outside the bathroom, “You really need more hair on your face to go with your caveman body, Walt. You’re beginning to grow a thick black beard that will grow up to your cheekbones and down your neck.”

It didn’t grow at lightening speed, but still I was able to see and feel it growing. In a few seconds, it looked like I hadn’t shaved in several days. Then a week, then two. In less than a minute, my face matched the rest of my very hirsute body, thick with a handsome beard. I ran my fingers through it and ducked out of the bathroom.

Hall stood before me with his arms crossed over his bare chest. I’ve said before that he appeared to be of Native American blood. His skin was brown and rather smooth, his hair black and glossy. His muscles were strong but he was lean, like a basketball player, only not so tall. He had a handsome smile, and now he beamed at me, obviously pleased with his latest masterpiece.

“Walt, you should see yourself! You are a hot Neanderthal hunk of man!”

I surprised Hall by grabbing him with one hand and one foot! I was able to grip his torso with my strong toes and lift him completely off the ground while resting my weight on my other hand and free foot. I rubbed his chest with my thumb and big toe, enjoying the versatility in my new feet. Then I brought him close to me and kissed him deeply. Although I was enormous, our heads were not so different in size that it was uncomfortable. I kissed him while still holding him off the ground, and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me hard. My upper body was far too wide for him to hug his arms around me, but he at least could rub me, and he did.

You never know what will turn you on until you try it! I had the most amazing sex all morning long with Hall, and I was in the body of a gorilla-caveman- bodybuilder-hunk. Kinky, you think? Hall and I had just begun! •

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