Madagascar Charm, The


By Reuben

We eventually ended up going to my apartment. I told Hall I thought it would be more fun for me to see familiar surroundings at my new size than to see a new place. So we walked up two flights of stairs to my brownstone apartment and went inside. How different it looked and felt! Even turning the doorknob was strange; it felt like it was placed several inches too high on the door! Inside, it seemed to me that everything had grown about 20% larger. Hall looked around and then made himself at home in the living room while I explored the place! It was more new to me than to him!

In the kitchen, the counter came up to my navel. Even in the bathroom I found that my dick was below counter level. My dick! I had hardly thought about it since we left the Gemini, despite the fact that I had been in a permanently turned-on state! I now unzipped my fly and pulled it out to get a good look at it. It was no longer surprising that the man at the Gemini was willing to give me all his money to suck me off. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that even at this height, I easily could be a porn star. I had a gorgeous body, thick with hard muscle and thick with black hair. With my handlebar mustache, I resembled a young Carl Hardwick. Too bad the man in the bar didn’t get to see the mustache, I thought. And this cock in my hand was gigantic! Both long and thick, it was quite bigger than any cock I’d ever seen in real life or even in pictures. It was almost as thick as a beer can and twice as long! Even its weight was surprising. In my hand it felt as heavy as a ketchup bottle.

A huge slab of meat it was, but it was not long enough for me to suck myself off. I called out to Hall, “I’ve got a bone in here! What are you going to do about it?” A few moments later, Hall was behind me, reaching around my waist and rubbing my hard cock. His head was entirely visible in the mirror over mine. With my body now more muscular and a foot shorter, and with a thick mustache covering 30 percent of my face, I could only barely recognize myself.

I reached my hands behind me and rubbed Hall’s thighs while he continued to stroke my heavy organ. We were both still fully dressed, but I could not ever remember being so turned on by an encounter with someone. “Stop a moment,” I told him. He did, and I removed my shirt. I had not yet even seen my own chest. It was deep and powerful, and as thick with hair as a caveman’s. I briefly noticed that I had no hair on my shoulders, and probably had none on my back, either, though I couldn’t tell. I had to some degree become what Hall had envisioned when he made me this way at the Gemini.

My abdominal muscles bulged, hard and precisely cut. Five years of sit-ups would not have given me better-looking abs. Hall put his arms around me again, but this time caressed my broad chest, letting my dick hang on its own. I held his forearms gently while he ran his fingers through my hair, pausing at my nipples to rub them gently. They were very sensitive to his touch, far more so than they had been with my old body. Big as half-dollars, they became hard cones as Hall kneaded them. My apartment was not hot, but I began to sweat and the mirror was getting a bit steamy.

I knew my orgasm could not be held off for long. The experience was so much like having sex for the first time that I was a bit like a teenager unable to control his first ejaculation. “If you want to suck me dry, you’d better be quick, mister,” I said. “I’m about to shoot.”

I turned around and faced Hall, and he knelt to take my cock into his mouth, or as much of its ten-inch length as he could. His tongue had only barely touched my sensitive head when I felt the thrill rocket through my whole body. His lips enveloped my entire head and my whole body went into spasms as I shot again and again into his mouth. Hall didn’t let an ounce go to waste. He swallowed it all and kept rolling his tongue around the end of my dick after I had begun to get soft.

At last, he stood up and gazed down at me. His face was serious (though I

eventually learned how to read his face, Hall seldom smiled) and he kept his eyes on mine as he unzipped his own pants. “Now I’ve got a bone. What are you going to do about it?”

I had not yet seen Hall’s bare chest, much less his penis. Still, I was happy to see that he was endowed with a cock of above-average length and girth, and it was not circumcised. I preferred uncut men, so I was not at all disappointed. And Hall was right: he had a bone, all right.

I knelt before him to reciprocate. While Hall had had to hunch over in order to suck my dick (despite its extreme length) I on the other hand found I had to bend his dick downwards a bit in order to take it into my mouth. But take it in I did, and I not only found a thrill in sucking him off in my studmuffin’s body, but also, unexpectedly, in doing so with the thick handlebar mustache on my face. As I shifted my head and mouth around its thickness, I allowed the bristles of my mustache to rub against the sensitive thin skin of Hall’s shaft. Evidently, he found it painful but erotic, for he moaned with each prickly pass, but he didn’t stop me. I could just take all of his length into my mouth (as he, alas, could not do with me), and he was deep-throating me when he came, his seed going directly down my throat. I swallowed hard to send it on its way. •

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