Apprentice, The (by ChangeRedhawk)

By ChangeRedhawk

“Hurry up with that sword, Boy!"

“Yes, Sir.” He always calls me Boy, even though I’m bigger and stronger than him. He also thinks I’m dumb too. Boy, isn’t he gullible.

I’m Roy. I’m the blacksmith’s apprentice. I just finished a sword for a warrior. I hope he likes it.

After a week of working the old man looks to me and says, “Ok, Boy. I’m going out of town for the weekend so you got the weekend off."

“Um, Sir. Could I work this weekend?"

“You? By yourself?? Hawhawhaw."

I’m not going to hit him. I tell myself. “I can do it."

“Boy, you make me laugh. Ok just this one weekend.

Don’t destroy the place, idiot boy!"

“Okay.” stupid old man.

He leaves and I get the shop to myself. Folks were amazed. “Didn’t Old Man Pars said that the boy was a nitwit?” They’re really starting to annoy me.

On the second day of the weekend I sitting around fixing something for my friend Sherm and his pet dog Redd.

“These folks think I’m an idiot, Sherm."

“You don’t help them think differently with the way you act."

“That’s all it is. An act, just to lure these folks into a false sense of security. I’ve all ready made 250 gold coins from it."

“You’re a cold man, Roy."

Someone walks into the front of the shop.

“I got to get to work. Here’s Redd’s new bell."

“Thanks. Roy.” Sherm and Redd leave out the backway.

I walk to the front to see a little moptop wearing robes. He, like most folks in town, is much shorter than me. I’ll think I’ll have some fun.

“What you what?” I gruffly say.

“ I... Um... I need 8 horse nails 2 horseshoes and 1 3 foot bar of cold iron and cold steel?

“You got money?"

“A little."

“Well,” I’m trying my best not to smile, “Its gonna cost ya 150 to 200 gold coins."

“What?! I don’t have that much!"

“Then you don’t get the stuff."

“But, I must have it! Could I pay with a spell?"

What did he say? “A spell? You’re a wizard??"

“Well, that’s how we pay for things?"

An idea. “Can you make me rich?"

“I don’t have that type of power?"

Huh? “But you said you were a wizard."

“Heh, I’m... an apprentice wizard."

An apprentice? So much for that idea. “ So you can’t do anything."

“I can do some magic." “Then show me."

He fumbles with his hands and then there is a bright flash.

I know something happened because the first thing I knew the wizard’s apprentice was saying.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry."

I notice that the front table was destroyed and there now is a hole in the wall. I’m sitting in it.

Before I knew it I’m standing up and have picked up the apprentice by his robes.

“What Have You Done?"

“I don’t know."

“What do You mean You DON’T KNOW??"

“I don’t know...” He just starts staring.

“What Are You Staring AT?"

He just points at my chest. I look down. Both of the buttons on my overalls have popped off. My big chest is bigger than normal.

“What did you do?"

“I... ‘gulp’ Where you that big before?"

Right when I said no the seems in my overalls give way. I remove my shredded overalls. The only thing keeping me from being nude is my undergarments, which is being filled by my ever expanding cock.

I look at the apprentice. He looks at me.

We both say, “It must have been a growth spell."

I smile at the little wizard. “Some payment huh?"

That’s when my undergarments giveway.

I look down. “Defiantly a good spell. I’m bigger down there too."

He’s speechless.

I’m normally 6’3” with a 10” cock at least. Now I don’t know how big I am.

The young wizard answers my unspoken question. “You are about 7’6” tall and your, ehm fleshsword is about 20 inches long."

Woah. “You can tell that by just looking?"

“Yes, can’t you?”

“Very funny. Do you think the spell increased my strength?"

“I’m not sure."

“Lets find out.” I lead him into the back of the shop.

I pull down one of the horseshoes I’ve made and straighten it with my bare hands. I was so amazed by that I ended up crushing the horseshoe into powder.


“Um, sir?"

“The name’s Roy."

“Roy, you have grown another 6 inches in height."

I look down. I do look bigger. He was short to me before. Now he looks like a very skinny dwarf.

I just saw him lick his lips.

I lean up against a workbench. “You want to taste my cock?"


“You can if you want."

He blink at me. Then he comes over and starts to suck my cock. He does it slowly and for a long time. I want the little guy.

Before I knew it his clothes seem to float off of him.

“You want me to do you?"

“Yes. Just be careful ok. You have grown 4 inches down there."

“Ok I will."

Then again maybe not. Soon as I got my cock up his asshole, I started fucking him harder than anyone I’ve fucked before. I don’t know how he was handling a 2 foot cock, but he was enjoying it. There where little sparkles firing off around us.

I keep humping and humping for who knows how long. When I came it felt like an earthquake.

I woke up to “Stupid Boy! Wake Up! We got a customer!"

I jump up to see Old Man Pars and the little wizard.

“This fella here needs some horseshoes and some metal.

Get it for him."

I walk to the back with the old man and the wizard.

The old man is just running off at the mouth.

“The boy’s an idiot. He has no brains in that head of his."

“I can help him.”, the apprentice wizard says.

“You? And who are you?"

“Ran, the Wizard."

“A wizard? You’re not gonna teach him magic are ya?"

“Of course not. I’ll just teach him to read and write."

“How much?"

“Lets just see how much I have to do before I set a price."

“I don’t have that much!"

Ran shuts the old man up with a flash of magic from his hands. “I think, I know what’s best."

I give Ran his stuff. “Um. here you go, Sir."

“Thank you, Roy. I’ll start teaching you tonight. I’ll meet you outside here. Ok?"


Ran leaves. I actually saw the old man shiver.

Night comes around and Ran returns as promised.

“How was your day, Roy?"

“It was a good day. The old man has never been that nice to me before. Did you do that?"

“Yes, I thought it would help."

“Thanks, Ran. I got a question though? What happen after the sex."

“Well I put a sleep spell on you and then repaired the shop and your clothes. I sorry about the sleep spell. I still haven’t learn to control the strength of my spells."

“That’s all right.” I guess.

“Oh before we go. 9 feet 3 feet."


“When we finished you where 9 feet tall with a 3 foot cock. I thought you might like to know."

“Is there a chance I can experience that spell again?"

“Sure. You know for an idiot you sure can use big words.” He winks and smiles at me.

Since then I’ve been subject to many more of his spells, but that is a tale for another time. •

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