By BoyTarzan

Mike wrapped his huge, powerful arms around me, arms that I now knew would never hurt me. He kissed me gently but passionately full on the mouth. Man, I was in heaven.

His muscles were like steel plates. "Oh god Mike, you're SO strong", I gasped, when he had stopped.

"I'm not just *strong* anymore," Mike said, "I'm SUPER STRONG! Not only am I built like a comic book superhero, I'm also as strong as one."

I just stared at him in disbelief. He was incredibly huge now, true, but he couldn't *possibly* be that strong, could he?

"You don't believe me, do you?", he said. "Well, dude, check this out." He went over to his desk. It was basically a laminated steel plate about 2-3 inches thick with drawers hanging from a support frame underneath, and rested on tubular steel legs. Mike lifted the desk completely off the floor and dumped all the stuff on it onto his bed, including the drawers. He turned and gave me an arrogant sneer as he placed his big hands along one side of the desktop. An inhuman growl issued from his throat as his enormous back and cannonball deltoids strained, revealing tiger-clawed striations, and with a shriek of rending metal, he ripped the steel desktop in half! My mouth flew open in shock; I felt as if I might faint.

" GOD, Mike," I stammered, " the hell did you DO that?!"

"I TOLD ya, the shit made me super strong," he said. "Maybe you need another demo. Come out to the parking lot with me." I followed him numbly.

We went out to his car. It was fully dark now on the still mostly deserted campus, and the automatic parking lot lights were still in "break" mode, so no one would see us. "Hold onto your ass, dude," Mike said, "this is gonna blow you away. I know I was the first time I did this." Mike grabbed the front bumper of his old Trans Am, and flexed his arms. The front tires rose two feet off the ground! Then his arms straightened, and flexed again! My mind reeled at the enormity of what Mike had just done, no, what he was doing. HE WAS CURLING OVER A TON! And he was making it look easy! My mouth slowly opened, and I spoke in a slow, awe-filled whisper, "Ho-ly... fuck-ing...shhhhit!" Mike responded by flashing me that killer smile of his. Cocky bastard.

Next Mike squatted down and shifted the massive weight of the car onto his shoulders, then hand over hand until it was balanced just over his bent, thick neck. Then with a guttural roar Mike stood up and PRESSED THE CAR OVER HIS HEAD! INCREDIBLE!

"Holy SHIT, Mike, you must be as strong as the Incredible Hulk!!!"

"Told ya," he said, flashing his cocky smile again.


Soon Mike and I had to stop training together; he was just too damn strong for me (although he was careful to keep his super strength our little secret.) By his senior year the fucker was 320 lbs. of rock solid muscle! And one night the summer just before that, Mike made me about cum in my pants when he lifted a tractor-trailer over his head and *threw* it about 100 yards away! Mike and I got an apartment off campus and made love every chance we got. After graduation he went into the Navy and I lost track of him; I heard he became a Seal. One thing's for sure--any bad guys who come up against Big Mike are gonna be in for one hell of a nasty surprise! •

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