By BoyTarzan

A few days after I found Mike shooting up, midsemester break began. I didn't see him until classes resumed. When I saw him again, I was impressed. He looked to have gained about 10 pounds. Maybe there was something to this "supersteroid" after all. We stood in the middle of the quad where we could see people coming, and spoke quietly. "Mike, dude," I said, "you got bigger!"

"Yeah," he said, "and I've gained 20-50 lbs. on all my lifts."

"Come on, Mike," I said incredulously, "you made those kinds of gains in a week?"

"Yeah, and you haven't heard it all," Mike said. "Over the past week, my time in the 40 yard dash has dropped from 4.0 to 3.2."

Now I knew he *must* be pulling my leg.

"Come on, man, you expect me to swallow that?", I asked.

"Dude, it's for real, and just wait. I have a feeling you ain't seen nothing yet."


Well, over the next several weeks Mike just kept growing and growing and getting stronger and stronger. It was amazing. I couldn't believe it. It seemed like every time we went to the gym Mike was setting another personal record in one or more of his lifts. His bench press went from 300 one week to 320 the next week, to 350 the next, and so on. He was just too strong for me, now, and we spent most of our workout using the power rack, because on most of his lifts I wasn't strong enough to spot him anymore. He was getting progressively bigger, and people started noticing the amazing changes. In a month he'd gained two inches on his upper arms, and I expected that a month after that, his arms would probably break the 21" barrier. "Oh, Mike, you're getting SO BIG!", the girls would say. Then Mike would flex his arm, and the girls would just go wild! Mike *loved* the attention. Most of the guys would look at him in envy, and some began to whisper about steroid use when Mike was out of earshot.


We always had a month off for Christmas break. Two days before classes resumed, I came back to an empty dorm. No one else had arrived yet, but Mike had said he would be returning to campus that day. I couldn't wait to see his transformation over the past month.

So then, after lunchtime, I was sitting in my room looking over the pile of books I had this semester. Total price: $200. What a rip off, I thought. Just then I became aware of a massive shape filling the doorway. It was Mike. I took one look at him and my jaw dropped.

Holy shit, he was HUGE! His upper arms must have been at least two feet around! At least! And his monster torso seemed almost as big around as he was tall. His thighs were bigger than an average guy's waist. His traps bulged up almost to his ears, and his neck was as thick as a bull's. His wide lats pushed his arms out at an angle from his torso. He was wearing an oversize sweatshirt--it had to be an XXXXL--and the size of his shoulders and chest underneath made me light-headed with awe.

I finally found my voice, but instead of saying "Hi, Mike", or "How was your break?", or something like that, I shouted, "GOD, Mike, you are MASSIVE!!!"

"Yeah," he said, grinning from ear to ear, "ain't it cool?" He popped a most-muscular pose that stretched his sweatshirt out until the seams burst, and his massive pecs, basketball-sized shoulders, and python-like arms burst through in all their supermasculine glory; the component pieces of fabric fell to the dorm room floor. His pecs were like two big slabs of solid granite. His abs looked like a brick wall, with his navel like a hole through the mortar. As I studied Mike's golden-tanned, incredibly buffed body, my dick began to bulge inside my pants. (I try not to get into situations like this, since I am still in the closet, but Mike just looked so incredibly studly and hot, I couldn't take my eyes off him.) I began to panic, trying to suppress my growing erection, but it was like trying to shut off Niagara Falls.

Suddenly Mike's eyes moved to my crotch. Oh shit, I thought, he sees it! Mike's face briefly took on an expression I couldn't place, then turned to a scowl. He shut the door and locked it, then came over to me and pointed at my bulge. "Dude, what the FUCK, are you a fucking faggot??!!" I didn't speak or move; his eyes had taken on a look I'd never seen him direct at me before. He looked *pissed*! For the first time since I'd met him, I was scared of him. And he was so huge and powerful now that he could easily crush the life out of me, or snap me in two like a twig. "Mike," I said in a small, frightened voice, "we're still friends, right?"

With his big right hand, Mike pushed me against the wall, and I had the wind momentarily knocked out of me. "SHUT UP, HOMO!", he shouted, sticking his face in mine. "I can't believe all this time I've been rooming with you, and working out with you, and all this time you've secretly been lusting after my ass!" He stared angrily at me. His eyes narrowed, and he continued in a softer (but no less menacing voice), "You know what I do to faggots?" About then I was sure I did not want to find out.

Suddenly Mike thrust his hand down the front of my jeans, and grabbed hold of my dick! I gasped in surprise. What the hell...?!?

Mike leaned over and whispered in my ear, "First I stroke their cocks until they are rock hard, then I suck their cocks so hard, until they are screaming my name in ecstasy! I do that because I dig chicks AND dicks!" He stepped back and grinned at me.

Holy shit, my roommate--the incredibly studly football star--was GAY! Whoa.

I felt a rush of relief, but was nevertheless a little upset with him. "Christ, Mike, you scared the shit out of me!" I said, after I'd recovered from my shock. I sat on my desk and shook my head. "I thought you were gonna kill me or something!"

"Sorry if I scared you, man, I was just yanking your chain."

"That was a mean thing to do", I said.

"I didn't mean it," he insisted. "And I'll bet you were real happy when I touched your dick and told you I was bi. I've seen the way you look at me sometimes."

I had to admit it. "It definitely was an awesome surprise. Almost as surprising as you when you appeared in the doorway."

"I'm gonna make it up to you right now, loverboy," he said, in a tender voice that I'd only heard him use with girls. His big hands reached for the front of my pants, and he ripped the crotch wide open--snap, zipper, seam, and all. He yanked down my underpants, as if he were giving me a reverse wedgie, and he cradled my dick in one hand while stroking it with the other. I was erect in a few seconds. I had had many buffed guys in my dreams, but until today I had been a virgin. And now here I was, being fondled by the studliest hunk in school!

"Mike," I begged, "please suck my dick, please!"

He kneeled down on the floor and stuffed my hardon into his sexy male mouth. He ran his tongue around and around my dick head, licking it as if it was an ice cream cone. I moaned from the intense pleasure. "Oooooohhh Mikey, suck me hard, you massive young hunk!" His head began to bob as his lips tightened their hold on my shaft. Oh god, it felt so awesome! I began to breath heavier, and Mike lifted me easily off the desk as he stood up, still sucking, his head oscillating faster and faster. He placed his hands against my ass, and tilted me back a bit so I was sitting supported in midair by his strong hands and powerful arms.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT, MIKE," I yelled, as he began to suck harder, "YOU ARE MY SHIRT-RIPPING SUPERSTUD! SUCK ME DRY, YOU SUPERMASSIVE HUNK!!!!!" Mike was now as turned on as I was. He began to suck even harder and was now moving his mouth along my shaft with breathtaking speed. Mingled feelings of intense pleasure and awesome power were now coursing through my body. I WAS IN HEAVEN! My cock was so big and hard in Mike's mouth now that I felt as if it would explode. I knew it wasn't possible without the supersteroid (or totally kick-ass genetics), but I now felt as big and as strong as he was. "Oh GOD, Mike, it feels SO're SO AWESOME, I'm gonna cum!" Mike removed my dick from his mouth and lowered me with one hand onto the desk; grabbing my throbbing member with his free hand he began to jerk me off with blazing speed. My head swam as I climaxed. "YES, MIKE! OH, FUCK YEAAAHHH!!!", I shouted. My cum shot blasted Mike in the chest; he reached down and picked up his tattered shirt and wiped himself off. I sat on the desk for a minute to catch my breath, while Big Mike ripped off his gym shorts and underwear, placing them on the chair. Then he lay down on my bed, springs creaking and groaning under his huge muscular bulk. I stared at his colossal manliness, and he gave me a smile and wink. Huge as he was, his face still had a boyish cuteness, and yet he was so gorgeously handsome! I jumped off the desk and onto him, and began to slowly run my hands over his massive rock-hard muscles. Suddenly his hardon poked me in the abs.

"Hey!" I said. "Looks like it's your turn now, big guy." "Suck *me* dry, then, loverboy," Mike said.

So I sucked him long and hard, stopping to jerk him off just before he came. (Good thing I did, or I might have choked on his massive cum load.) Mike seemed to enjoy it more than I had, uttering deep, animalistic roars of intense pleasure, that hot monster stud! •

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