Potent Potion, A

By Muscle Head

I was a skinny, short, 18 year old college freshman. It's not a good thing to be a skinny, short, 18 year old college freshman. I was the invisible man on campus. Even my professors couldn't remember my name even though I made straight A's in all my classes. I wasn't noticed by anyone.

I did make one friend, Fred. He was a great guy and my roommate. He was a fat, short, 18 year old freshman and faced the same predicament I did. It wasn't that we wanted all the attention, but to be ignored by the other nerds, all the girls (even the ugly ones), and the guys was depressing.

In our second semester we decided to do something about that and signed up for a weight training course. Boy what a mistake. When we walked into the weight room with the other students we both felt like grapes in a fruit bowl full of grapefruit! All the guys had apparently been lifing for a while and most had these huge muscles that bulged all over their bodies.

Fred and I looked like a bad Laurel and Hardy act. My arms were so skinny and so weak I could put my fingers around my bicep. I could barely curl a 15 lb dumb bell. Fred wasn't much better, he was bigger around, but it was all fat. When he tried to do some crunches it was a disaster.

We kept it up all semester and got a bit stronger, but nothing worth writing home about. I got the award for the most improved, but that meant I went from curling a 15 lb dumb bell to a 30 lb in the semester. No one else could claim that percentage of increase. However, I was still a skinny, short, 18 year old. Fred also got a bit stronger and even lost some weight, but no tremendous improvement.

Both of us were chemistry majors who were very good at what we were doing. We decided not to let this class deter us from our goal of getting more muscular. In fact we had both begun to read some body building magazines and were really desiring to have the bulging muscles we saw on the pages.

One day while looking in the library in the chemistry/biology section, I found an old book that was about muscle growth and development. I was intrigued by the writer who said that muscle growth was primarily a chemical reaction that could be enhanced by the right mix of minerals, vitamins, hormones, and other readily available chemicals. The author went on to say that the right mix hadn't been found to enhance muscular development.

I got real excited and took the book to Fred who was really into Bio-Chemistry. He immediately saw the flaw in the authors mix and said that we could get this to work for us as he would plug the numbers in the computer to get just the exact mix that our author could never find by trial and error.

We both poured over the work for the next few weeks. One night about 10:00 Fred shouted, "Eureka! I've found it!"

"Found what?" I asked.

"Found the right mix...at least that `s what the computer shows."

I looked and sure enough it was just what the Doctor ordered!

I asked Fred if he thought would work on us.

He said, "Probably, but I don't know how much, or if we would even notice the difference." There's been no one who's ever done this before"

We weren't sure what to do. If we took some of it what would happen? Was it safe?

I said, "Well I don't know about but I'm tired of being short and skinny and the but of everyones jokes"

Fred said, "YEAH! I know what you mean, you know how hard it is to be short and fat?"

So we both drank down a glass full of the formula...

At first nothing happened. We both thought we had failed and went to bed.

About 2 in the morning I woke up with my feet and calves in a terrible cramp. I had had a cramp in my leg before, but nothing like this. I got up to walk and take some aspirin when I noticed something strange. My feet seemed be a bit bigger and my calf seemed larger as well. About then Fred woke up with cramps as well.

We turned on the lights and couldn't believe what we saw. Both of our calves and feet were pulsing and our calves growing larger. Now not only our calves but my quads were beginning to grow right before my eyes! Because of the cramping I sat down and noticed I was getting taller in the seat as my but grew new muscle. I couldn't believe the size my legs were getting and veins started to pop out!

Then our stomachs started to cramp big time as did our lower backs. I saw Freds once large stomach disapear under his t-shirt. I didn't have a shirt on and saw my abs forming into bricks of hard muscle, my lower back hardened under my hands.

The growth continued as it climbed up to my chest and shoulders. Soon they were growing and large plates of pecs were beggining to stick out. Soon I noticed my nipples were pointing down as my muscles continued to grow. I had began to have canon ball sized delts. My Lats started to push out my arms as they began to look like wings.

Then my arms started to grow. My biceps and triceps began to beef up. I couldn't believe the shape they were taking. Large, hard, tear-shaped, shreded biceps and triceps that looked like Clydesdale horseshoes on my arms. My forearms got big covered with veins as did my biceps.

My Traps and neck thickened...even my face hardened and looked more handsome.

Fred slimmed down and also became very muscular....

After about an hour this growth stopped and we decided to measure what happened....

I had weighed in at 135 lbs, now I weighed 195! An incredible increase of 60 lbs in a few minutes. My arms had been 10.5 inches were now an incredible 18". My chest had been about 36 was now 49", my waist had been a small 28" had actually grown to 30 with large well defined bricks of muscle. My quads had been 16 inches were now 21", calves had been 12", now 16 diamond shapped. Fred's numbers were almost as good.

We stood looking in the mirror flexing our new muscles amazed at what had happened. Fred was beside himself! He hadn't taken off his shirt and it was split and torn all over. He raised his arms and flexed his biceps and the shirt sleeves were shredded!

We decided to go and take a shower and when we had taken off our underware noticed something else had changed. Both of us had been normal in the dick department, about 6" erect. Now our penis' were about 8" long limp. When saw this I freaked and it began to get hard. The same was true of Fred. Before we knew it our dicks were standing straight out and when we measured them they were a good 10" long and very thick. I couldn't help myself and began to jerk-off right in front of the mirror and soon Fred was as well. We soon shot off and covered the mirror with cum, lots of cum!

Even though we were more than excited, we went to bed so we could get out the next day (a saturday) and debut these new bodies.

The next day we faced a real dilima...what to wear? None our clothes fit us anymore. I finally got into a tank top that had hung on me limply before. Now it was threatening to pop at the seams any time. I found a large swim suit to get over my huge legs. My sandles still fit.

Fred had it a little bit easier as he had been overweght, but everything was threatening to pop out at any moment!

We left our dorm and started across campus to get into Freds car. We were going to a sporting goods store nearby to get some large clothes that would fit. What stares we were getting. What with our muscles and strange way of dressing was getting the attention! I didn't care and Fred didn't seem to mind either.

We finally got to the store and went and found some clothes, but they were the kind that only highlighted our muscles. The girl at the cashregister was drooling over us as made our purchase. The stock boy had a hardon he couldn't hide!

We decided to go to the beach. When we arrived the stares were really beginning. Some girls came up and wanted to feel our muscles. They oohed and ahhed rubbing our bodies. We both got hard-ons like you couldn't believe. Even some of the guys came over and wanted to see our muscles flexed.

There were two very good looking ladies who hung around and we got aquainted. Sally, a long tall blond, who the day before wouldn't have talked to me said she had a van in the parking lot and would we like to see it. We said "Sure".

We went to the parking lot and Sally's van was a camper complete with beds. We went in and she turned the A/C on and they began to feel us all over. Soon we were all naked and having the time of our lives. I had never kissed a girl much less had sex with one. It was an afternoon of bliss. As soon as we were done Fred and I left looking to see what else was coming our way.

When Monday came and we went to our weight lifting class no one could believe how big we were or how strong. I was amazed as well when I was able to press 350 lbs and wasn't even straining! Fred also wasn't struggling. Finaly we put about 450 and got a good work out.

We continued to work out and even grew some more. Maybe some more later! •

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