King Size

By Max Mann


Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a young king named Gavin who was about to ascend the throne only weeks after his father met an untimely end. Gavin was an only child and had been doted on by the king and queen, and because he lived a luxurious life he had no need for hard work. He grew up to be quite beautiful, in almost a feminine way, with golden hair, brilliant blue eyes, flawless skin, and a perfect smile. His body was lean, with almost no muscle, and he had no interest in sport or athletic endeavors, prefering to keep company with the wizard Jonathan and his potions.

Unlike most wizards, Jonathan was relatively young, in his early thirties, but had apprenticed under the great Alcazar since his youth. He was also quite striking in his features: thick red hair, probing green eyes, a short beard starting to fleck with grey. And he was muscular, although that was an understatement. His shoulders seemed as wide as the gate to the castle, and as round as cannonballs. His arms were equally as big, with forearms the size of festive hams. His chest stuck out so far over his slim waist that even the most endowed of women were jealous of him, but with red fur covering it no one could confuse his chest with a woman's. His massive thighs were each larger around than his waist, with calves larger than a woman's waist. And no codpiece could completely cover the astounding penis between those thighs. He could no longer bathe in the river as an audience would gather to gape at his huge muscles and a manhood larger than any of the king's stallions.

He often felt like a freak when in public, unable to wear more than a sackcloth with a rope cinched around his waist. Religious people would point at him, claiming he'd made a pact with Satan. His sensitive ears could hear their whispers from fifty feet, but he couldn't let them know for fear of invoking more hatred. He often felt alone, with only his potions to keep him company. Those, and Prince Gavin.

Make that King Gavin. His coronation was tomorrow, and tonight would be the great feast to celebrate this event. Soon he would have more responsibilities as king, and would have less leisure time, even for their chats. Jonathan never felt bizarre before Gavin; in fact, it was one of the few times he felt truly comfortable. Gavin had once asked Jonathan if he enjoyed being so strong, so muscular.

"No," he had said. "I would not curse my worst enemy with this affliction. My body is a mockery of strength. I could easily rip trees from the earth, crack boulders into dirt, on a mere whim. And that's what the townspeople want to see me do. I am a joke to them. I spend my days creating potions and elixirs to help them and instead they laugh at me as if I'm a jester instead of a wizard. Or worse, they refuse to take my cures because they think I'll turn them into a toad or a devil...or me. No, Gavin, I wish I could be my old self again."

Gavin said, "I don't."

"I'm sorry, sire?"

"Please stop calling me that. In your laboratory, I am merely Gavin. I think you are as fine a man now as you have ever been. In fact, there are many times when I wonder what my body would feel like if I were as muscular as you. After you'd grown, don't you remember how many times I'd asked you if you'd remembered the potion so I could have even a taste of it?" Jonathan nodded; he did remember, but he'd lied that he'd blacked out and hit his head on the floor. "Now that I am to be king, I feel I could use that liquid strength more than ever. My father was a powerful man physcially, but I took after my frail mother. Will my subjects look at me as unfit to govern? Will my father's enemies try to overthrow me? If I had your strength no one would question me."

Jonathan shook his head. "Don't worry, Gavin. I'm sure you will make a good and righteous king. Just don't gorge yourself tonight on all the wonderful foods."

Gavin smiled as he left. Being with Jonathan always cheered him. He had been the one he'd turned to after his father's sudden death.

Two hours later, Jonathan was in the castle visiting the kitchen to eat lunch. After he'd eaten his fill, with several comments on saving some for the guests tonight, he'd passed by the throne room when he heard the word "die". He stopped in his tracks and listened carefully, soon recognizing the voices of the late king's courtesan and the Earl of Brack.

"Once Gavin is dead, nothing will stop me from becoming king."

"Just remember, dear, who has taken you this far. If not for me poisoning the king and making it look as though his heart gave out during a passionate moment..."

"My honeybee, when the time comes you will be queen."


"Oh, yes, ready to be sweet with your gifts, but deadly when attacked"

"How dare he try to replace me with some young strumpet. I showed him, didn't I? I do feel sorry for Gavin; he so innocent in all this, but he has to die...and won't it make a fitting end when we use one of Jonathan's potions to kill him?"

"Perfect indeed. The way Gavin follows him like a love-starved puppy...disgusting. I can't wait to see his head on a stake once I've 'proven' he killed Gavin." The two laughed evilly.

Jonathan's heart raced as he hurried back to his home. He had thought of telling Gavin, or the guards, but who would believe him. How could he hear a conversation through iron doors as thick as his forearms? And the two were adept liars. He had to know what poison they'd taken in order to counteract it.

Within minutes he came across a vial that had been completely full two days ago, but now was filled half with the poison and half with water. He surmised that the person who stole the poison attempted to make it look as though it were full by mixing it, but due to the poison's oiliness the liquids separated.

He knew the poison was used to kill rats, vermin, and bugs, and he knew the proper way to administer it. He didn't know how much time he had to save Gavin's life. He began poring through his extensive journals which he'd written in a code only he would understand in order to find anything that might help. He started from his most recent and went back. This year, then last. Nothing. The year before. Still nothing. Minutes turned into hours, and sweat glistened on the wizard's brow.

The sun had begun to set when he finally found, in the eighth journal, what he'd wanted. And when he read the passage, his jaw fell in shock. Due to his fear, he hadn't remembered that the poison was one of three chemicals he'd left on a table, and when their fumes combined and he breathed them in...

He remembered the lightheadedness, and how his skin felt rubbery. Then every muscle in his entire body began to stretch, and grow, and GROW. Panic and euphoria jousted in his brain as his clothes were unable to contain his massiveness. His chest resembled yeasted loaves rising in a pan, and his legs swelled in their breeches like a rainbarrel in March. Then pop! POP! went the seams as his muscles grew to something godlike. He moaned as he experienced the intense sensuousness of his new body. He ripped the tattered top in two and caressed his powerful pectorals. Silky hair atop hard, tight muscle. His loins jerked, and suddenly his pants flew off and an inhuman phallus hit him between the crevasse of his chest mounds.

He gasped at the size of his new penis, then took it gingerly with his right hand. It leaked a fluid smelling faintly of salt. He slowly slid the hand down and felt testicles the size of melons. He placed his other hand on it and with the two could barely encircle the shaft. All he could focus on was the pleasure he gave himself as he slowly stroked his magnificent penis. More fluid oozed from the apple-sized tip, and the scent intoxicated him so much he needed a taste. He licked the head and tasted it. Sticky, salty, and sweet...delicious. He squeezed his mighty manhood, forcing more out. He slurped each drop lustily. Grip, stroke, slurp. He ran his teeth along the swollen purple head, sending shivers of delight through him. Finally, after several minutes, he could no longer hold back the flood and wrapped his mouth around the first few inches of his erection. It felt like cannon fire between his legs as volley after volley of thick semen shot up from his loins, through the shaft, down his throat, and into his stomach.

Although he took incredible pleasure the first hour after his transformation, the reality hit him soon after, and it frightened him. Sex was now an impossibility with any woman, for all would fear his size. Clothes, food, privacy...all would be affected adversely. Even as a wizard he still felt human most of the time, but no longer. He felt doomed to his new life, and since then he felt no pleasure in his body.

And now in order to save the king's life, he must doom him to the body Gavin wanted. His heart weighed heavily with this burden as he went to the castle for the dinner. Knowing the oiliness of the poison, he expected it to be placed in the king's food rather than drink. And he had to make sure no one else could possibly be affected but Gavin, so leaving any open vials at the table was out of the question. Fortunately the two other potions weren't toxic and could easily be drunk.

With minutes to spare, he found Gavin in his bedroom. As soon as he entered, he said, "I had a vision tonight of great danger towards you. I fear someone will try to kill you tonight."

Gavin trusted Jonathan with his soul and immediately believed him. "Did you see who it was?" His voice trembled.

"The vision was unclear, but I saw the method. Poison."

"Poison?" Gavin put his hand to his chest. "Then I simply won't eat anything."

"But if the assassins notice, they will try another way. I am sure they intend to keep you from being crowned king tomorrow."

"Then what am I to do?"

Jonathan produced the two vials. "Drink from these, sire, and I assure you you will not be harmed. These two together will serve as an antidote to the poison. This in the blue vial has a bitter taste, while the one in the green is very sour."

Gavin drank from each as they were handed to him, grimacing as he did. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and asked, "Are you positive the poison won't affect me?"

"I swear on all that is good you will not die, you will sit on the throne tomorrow, and receive the crown. Now go to your party; I'll be there shortly." Gavin smiled as he left, but Jonathan fell to his knees and prayed that he would be forgiven for what he did and for what would soon happen.

Jonathan entered the hall where the feast was taking place. He could see everyone enjoying themselves, laughing heartily, singing loudly (and poorly, for some), gorging on meats, fowl, cheeses, breads, drinking ales and wines...and several seemed to be engaged in brazenly sexual acts even though clothed. He looked to the head table where Prince Gavin sat; he ate and drank cautiously, almost daintily, while many came to honor him. He smiled at each of them, but his eyes showed his wariness. He hated ruining Gavin's night, but he knew there would be a tomorrow for him rather than the afterworld.

An hour passed, then two. The earl had come up to Jonathan at one point acting friendly and praising him to the skies, but the earl was known to all as two-faced. Jonathan listened, smiled, and nodded at the appropriate times, telling the earl just what he wanted to hear. As he walked away, the earl said foretellingly, "I know you will never forget this night."

"Nor will you." Jonathan smiled smugly, thinking of ways to punish the earl.

As the party died down and guests started leaving, Jonathan saw the courtesan, Hermione, make her way to Gavin. From where he stood he could focus on their conversation.

"Prince Gavin, I know your parents are looking down from heaven and smiling. They must be so proud of you."

"Thank you, Lady Hermione. I'm sorry my father never got to marry you; you were a great comfort to him after mother died."

"You are so kind, Gavin. Is it all right if I hug you?" The two did, and the prince winced. "Oh, dear, I think my bracelet nicked you. I do apologize."

"That's quite all right, I...uh, I...ooh!"

"Something wrong, your majesty?"

"No, I feel a little...a little...ungh!"

The moan was audible, and others turned to look. Only Jonathan knw what was about to happen. The bracelet must have had the poison in it, and the effect with the other potions was immediate.

The growth began at his neck, where he was nicked. The muscles swelled so quickly that his collar began to choke him. The earl looked pleased, thinking the poison had taken effect. Jonathan sidled closer, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Gavin tugged at the collar, and as he did a bulging arm ripped through the fine cloth. The guests gasped, and Hermione screamed, but Gavin was lost in a haze of pure pleasure. He flexed his other arm, and it too burst through. His shirt couldn't stretch much further as his shoulders broadened, and those appeared between the splitting seams. His chest rose higher, fuller, prouder. Gavin inhaled and buttons popped like grease in a hot pan, exposing a brick wall of an abdomen and his jutting chest. Veins appeared under the paper-thin skin. He tore the remains of his shirt and stood before the fear-struck throng, feeling the hot skin and hard muscles, the deep ridges and crevasses where the muscles separated.

Meanwhile, the earl realized that his plan had gone awry and tried leaving, until something grabbed him by the neck and hoisted him off the floor. The something then whispered in his ear, "Think you'll be seeing my head on a stake now?" He was lifted higher as Jonathan yelled, "Prince Gavin!"

The roar startled Gavin, whose legs had now outgrown their breeches so that only a belt around his still slim waist managed to keep part of them on...and that part covered a growing penis that threatened to appear at any second. He saw Jonathan approaching him, holding the Earl of Brack by his neck several feet in the air. A large wet spot stained the front of the earl's breeches. Jonathan threw the earl in front of the prince and yelled, "Confess, or face the wrath of the man you tried to kill!"

"No, no!" the earl pleaded. "I merely went along with it. It was all her idea." He pointed to Lady Hermione, skin pale with terror. "She told me she had killed the queen thinking she would soon marry your father, but he spurned her so she turned to me, thinking I was in love with her. After she killed him, she told me after she killed you we could rule together."

"You sniveling worm!" They turned to Hermione, whose arms were streaked with scratches from the deadly bracelet. "I never killed the queen, and it was you who told me how easy it would be to kill the king and the prince. Yes, I loved the king, and it broke my heart when he said no one could replace his wife. If you hadn't seduced me and turned my heart's over now. I will be dead by sunup."

Gavin said, "And so will the earl. Guards! Take him to the dungeon and prepare him for his beheading tomorrow. And take Hermione with you. So orders King Gavin." The awe-struck guards scurried out with the prisoners, each hurling epithets at the other.

Once they'd left, Gavin turned to Jonathan but before he could speak his eyes rolled upwards and he swooned into his arms. Jonathan hoisted the prince over his shoulder and said to the few guests still there, "He has merely fainted. I will take him to his room and see that no more harm comes to him." The prince's newly heavy body felt like a sack of potatoes and he carried him with ease to the bedroom.

As soon as Jonathan laid him on the bed, Gavin's eyes fluttered open. He looked into the wizard's concerned face and smiled.

"Are you feeling well, your majesty?"

"Well? I've never felt better." Gavin sat upright and quickly remembered his growth. He looked down to his beefy chest, then over his powerful shoulders to his cannonball arms. He jumped from the bed and ran to the mirror. He could barely recognize his old self in his new body, but the old self never imagined a new self could be even more handsome, more masculine than his wildest dreams. He turned to Jonathan and said, "You said you would never give me a body like yours. Why did you do this to me now, on the eve of my coronation?"

"It was the only way I knew to save your life. I knew what poison was going to be used, and when I looked for an antidote I found the potion that grew me. The poison was one of three ingredients. The other two I had you drink before the party. I don't know that I would have had time to find another antidote. I'm so sorry, Gavin, for burdening you with your new body. Please forgive me." Jonathan bowed his head.

"Forgive a man who saved my life? Do you think I hate you for this? If this is a burden, then you will teach me how to live with it. Jonathan, you've always been special to me, and you are even more so now." Gavin reached out and hugged Jonathan, and as their muscular bodies met a strange feeling took the two men over. A yearning, a need...a hunger.

They pressed their bodies tighter, muscles rubbing against one another. Their breathing started to quicken as their bodies responded to new stimuli. Hands caressing thin flesh and thick muscle, from shoulders to arms to backs. Gavin grew bold and cupped his hands around Jonathan's round buttocks, then pressed his expanding genitals into the wizard's equally aroused manhood. He drew his face away from Jonathan's; each man saw a look of fearful lust in their eyes.

"Gavin, I...I don't...oh, your majesty!" Jonathan threw his lips onto the prince's, and the two men kissed with a passion undreamed of by either. Their mouths parted, their tongues darted. Jonathan tore the belt keeping Gavin's pants on as Gavin lifted the wizard's cassock up and over his head. The two men stood two feet from each other, each in awe of the other's ultramasculine beauty, and each sporting mighty erections reaching as high as the tops of their chests.

Gavin stroked his new penis for the first time and moaned with ecstasy. "Oh, Jonathan, I'm so big. It's what I've wanted, ever since I saw you bathing in the river from my window. Your muscles so powerful, and your penis so heavy. And here you are before me, as magnificent and handsome as ever..."

"Handsome? Me?"

"Of course you. Your are handsome, and strong, and clever, and humble, and...and...and I love you."


"I can no longer deny myself. I have loved you for so long. How often my heart ached to tell you, but I feared your reaction. All the princesses my father would invite never stirred me the way you did. I kissed one of them once, but when I felt her lips on mine I imagined how yours would feel. And when you kissed me now, it was more than I had anticipated. Please, Jonathan, kiss me again, and don't stop. Make love with me."

Jonathan's head spun with emotions, all swirling into one undeniable fact. He had never been with a woman either; he had turned his great size into an excuse to never bed one. But even before his growth he'd excused his work, thinking that he'd have time for a wife once he'd established himself as a wizard. Now that Gavin had changed, the feelings he had when he grew had come back, and he could no longer deny where his true passions lied. The only one who could arouse him was a man just like himself. A man as brawny and endowed as he.

Gavin walked towards him, his proud erection swaying. He reached his right hand out and encircled Jonathan's towering phallus, forcing an excited sigh from the wizard. He took his left hand and did the same; they couldn't touch due to the girth. He slowly stroked it, marvelling at its heat and stiffness. A drop of clear fluid rose to the tip. Gavin bent his head down and said, "I have heard the whores of the town will please men sexually using their mouths." He kissed the fist-sized knob, tasting Jonathan's essence. Salty-sweet, and virile. He licked it until it shone with his spit. His hands travelled down until they reached the testicles big as melons. He caressed the hairy orbs gently, careful not to squeeze them and hurt Jonathan with his new strength. "Do I please you, milord?"

"More than you know, sire."

Gavin smiled and resumed his oral copulation. He needed to feel Jonathan in his mouth, and he opened it so wide as to surprise both of them. With unusual ease, he slid the tip past his lips and soon his gaping maw was filled with the head. Gavin bobbed his head up and down as he took in more, and the head soon reached the entrance to his throat. "If I can stretch my mouth this wide," he surmised - correctly, "then I should be able to do the same with my throat." Swiftly went the erection, inch upon inch, until over half was inside the young king's gullet.

Jonathan couldn't believe the sight before him. Gavin, now on his knees, giving him the most wonderfully forbidden sexual pleasure, sending euphoric shivers through him. His enormous thighs quivered like gelatin. "Gavin, my king...oh, this is heaven...oh, my...I...I beg you, milord, I will spill my seed if you continue." Gavin looked up and nodded. "You want to drink from me? Yes, your highness, take it. I can no longer hold back the flood. Oh, I feel it. Here it comes. Yes! Take it, take all of it!"

The first shot from it felt as if an arrow had zinged into the prince's stomach. In seconds his belly was full of the wizard's juice. He withdrew the spasming erection unti lonly the head was left in his mouth, still oozing copious amounts of semen. He savored every delectable drop, sucking on it as though it were a milk-filled teat until emptied. Done, Gavin stood, licked his lips, and smiled.

Jonathan said, "Upon my word, I feel drained. You have drunk all my strength." He looked at Gavin's penile tower, ready to burst. "And now I must drink yours." He dropped to his knees and began to fellate the young king but before a minute had passed, and before he could slide it down his throat, Gavin's penis exploded into Jonathan's mouth with volley after volley of his rich cream. Unable to swallow all of it, liquid sex seeped from the corners of Jonathan's mouth, down his beard, and dribbled onto his chest.

Gavin lifted the wizard up to his feet. "I'm so sorry, I could not control myself. Let me clean you." But instead of taking a towel he used his tongue, running it over the beard and tasting his own similarly flavored semen, then working his way down the chest, finishing on a nipple the size of a gold coin where a drop had mixed with sweat and dangled like a raindrop on a rose petal.

Gavin stood, but wobbled slightly. Jonathan reached under him to support him. He said, "It's been a long day, and your new body needs its rest. You have a very busy day ahead of you. Time for bed."

"Of course, and you must join me, for you must also be tired." Jonathan opened his mouth, but Gavin continued. "I won't hear of it. Haven't we just made love together? Shouldn't two lovers fall asleep the same way? Don't you love me?"

"Of course I do, but..."

"But what?"

Jonathan had no answer to that question. He loved Gavin. He had known his feelings were stronger than mere friendship, but he could not think of how to express his feelings otherwise. Now he had blurted out what was deep in his heart. He loved Gavin, and Gavin loved him.

" love." The words fell naturally and meaningfully from his lips. Jonathan smiled.

Gavin took his hand. "Come, love, and join me in slumber. You will sleep with a prince, and awaken with a king." The two men had just enough room for each other as Gavin spooned himself into Jonathan. They fell asleep to the sound of each other's breathing, deep and satisfied.

The first sound Gavin heard the next morning was an anguished scream from a nearby tower, then an axe hitting a chopping block, then the plunk of the earl's head falling into a basket. He quietly prayed for the man's soul, then realized something large was pressing against his back. He reached behind and found Jonathan's huge erection. He felt a tingle in a nether region never explored, and maneuvered himself in bed until the head of the mighty penis was poised to enter him. Slowly he forced the knob past his virgin sphincter until it was inside him. He experienced an intensely pleasureful pain that had him gasping for air. He needed more, so Gavin slid himself further down. Inch after inch of hard manhood disappeared inside the king, and soon he too was hard.

Jonathan awoke to whimpering and found Gavin impaled on him. Instinct took over as he threw Gavin onto his belly and began pounding his immenseness deeper into him. He roughly nibbled Gavin's ear as the two studs grunted like pigs. Gavin tightened his glutes around the shaft, which made Jonathan pump harder. And when he erupted his seed inside the king, Jonathan thought the force would send it shooting out of his mouth and onto the walls.

But Gavin hadn't yet ejaculated, and his scepter of love wanted to feel what Jonathan's magic wand had. Joanthan eagerly offered his rump to the king, and Gavin wasted no time plumbing the depths of the sexy, beefy behind. Jonathan bit his lower lip trying not to cry out ecstatically, but when Gavin rose to his knees and lifted him using nothing more than penis inside him he knew pure passion. His lustful wail was matched by Gavin's own as he shot so much semen into the wizard that it oozed out of his tender rectum.

A bath had been drawn, and the two men gently but thoroughly washed each other. Clothes had been made for the coronation, but Gavin couldn't wear them with his new body, and Jonathan had nothing befitting a royal ceremony. Gavin decided to go nude under his royal robe, which managed to cover his hugeness. Jonathan had time to run back to his house, put on a new cassock, and find his seat in the throne room before the ceremony.

Trumpets blew, the doors opened, and Gavin strode through with his head high, wearing the long, red velvet cape with ermine trim. His ears now picked up the slightest whispers of conversation, and he heard the court murmur about his transformation. "Shocking, horribly shocking," he heard one duchess say. They'll be in for a bigger shock soon, he thought.

The ceremony began with a mass from the bishop. Gavin sat on his heavy gold throne on a platform behind the altar. During the mass three pages presented the orb, scepter, and crown which the bishop blessed. After the eucharist, the bishop intoned, "Now is the time for Gavin to take his rightful place as our monarch." One page brought up the orb on a red velvet pillow. He took the heavy gold sphere, placed it in Gavin's left hand, and said, "This represents the world that you now rule over." A second page brought up the gold scepter, long and bejewelled. Placing it in Gavin's right hand, he said, "This represents the power you hold over your subjects." Finally, the third page presented the crown, heavy with gold and the finest gems, lined with ermine and red velvet as well. The bishop lifted the crown over Gavin's head and said, "With this crown, may you be blessed with God's grace, strength, and wisdom. I hereby crown you King Gavin."

Gavin felt the crown which once rested on his father's head now on his. He heard someone shout, "All hail King Gavin", and everyone in the room join in. The young king stood up and with a flourish threw back his cape to reveal his godlike body. The people quieted immediately, and one baroness was so overcome with shock she fainted.

King Gavin said, "My people. As most of you are aware by now, the Earl of Brack was put to death early this morning for his attempt to kill me and take the throne. Let this be a warning that I will rule swiftly, but I will also rule fairly. And since I am the supreme ruler, my word is final. Therefore, I would like to issue my first proclamation as king, and that is I cannot rule this kingdom alone."

A murmur went through the crowd as the king walked up several aisles to where Jonathan stood, then a gasp as Gavin dropped to one knee and took Jonathan's right hand. He looked up to the handsome, stunned face of his lover and said, "Jonathan, last night you saved my life and gave me a new one. Now I am giving you a new life as well. I love you, dear wizard Jonathan. If my love for you were liquid, it would drown the entire kingdom. If it were solid, no one, not even you or I, could lift it from the ground. I know I can never love any princess or queen with the passion or the honesty of how I love you. So what say you, wizard Jonathan? Will you be my husband? Will you be my king?"

Jonathan's mouth moved but nothing came out at first. His mind raced with questions and emotions which led to one conclusion; he couldn't imagine loving anyone else but King Gavin. A tear of joy trickled from his left eye as he quietly said, "Yes, your majesty, my love."

"Then let us make this official." King Gavin led his partner to the throne and asked him to sit. "Good bishop, please bestow a blessing onto my husband." The bishop prayed for God's guidance onto Jonathan. The king placed the orb in Jonathan's right hand and said, "This orb represents the world we will rule together." Placing the scepter in his left hand, Gavin said, "This will represent the power you will also hold." Finally, Gavin removed the crown from his head, held it over Jonathan's, and said, "I, King Gavin, hereby crown you, my husband and my love, King Jonathan."

King Jonathan reached up and touched the crown atop his head; it all seemed too dreamlike but this was real. A man exclaimed, "All hail, King Gavin and King Jonathan," and soon the room abounded with cheers. Jonathan stood from the throne and looked into Gavin's eyes lovingly. The two kings kissed, and through an open window came a rainbow reaching to the throne room doors. The two kings walked hand in hand down the aisle to begin their life together.

And they lived happily ever after. •

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